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Alas Administrative Post

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Alas Administrative Post lies in the centre of Manufahi District, which lies in the centre of Manufahi District, and is divided into five sucos: Aituha, Dotik (Dotic), Mahaquidan, Taitudac und Uma Berloic (Uma Berloik).

The Southern Lacló, the largest river in Manufahi, flows across the Alas plain and into the Timor Sea. In the centre of Alas, to the East of Alas town, the river is joined by a tributary and forms a large lake with many islands. The Clerec river forms a border to the East, where the administrative post of Alas meets the administrative post of Fatuberlio. Fatuberlio then continues on, past Alas, to the North. Shortly before the river mouth, the Clerec forms a lagoon known as the Lagoa Mapliu. A number of further lagoons are to be found on both sides of the Lacló and Clerec estuaries. The most southerly point of Alas, Ponta Metibot[1] is located some distance East of the Quelan estuary, to the West of Same administrative post.

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In this section real deal with creating a single user looking at things as a tribute deleting suspending and restoring users modifying users and creating multiple users with CSV files hello everybody and welcome to G sweet formerly known as google apps in this lesson we're going to go through as I mentioned previously user management basic user management and for that need to click on the user icon now the purpose of these videos we're going to be administering a company called C&D cakes a bakery and bespoke cake making outfit that has decided to use google apps as its business software solution it'll give people email it'll give people cloud file storage the ability to collaborate with google plus access for calendars a group structure and a security process behind it securing that companies IP you've got a few users already created we'll take a look at with Alexander Jones we can see the status is never logged in where the status of my account here shows me being logged in quite recently we have icons to quickly reset passwords and you can see you can type in the new password or select Auto generate typing in a password of a week strength password for example comes up this week not enough letters too short or a complex password or sure it is strong and you can also set the tag to require that user to change their password in the next sign in making that password and user account their own you can also rename the user account you might want to be known as Alex Jones for example and that you can also change the primary email address it depends on the company and whether or not you want to take exactly what's on that company's tax information that users tax information or their birth certificate or go with nicknames either way you can make an amendment here and with email addresses you could even add an alias and we'll tell her that a little bit later on then finally on this line we have the menu button and clicking that we're giving quick links to delete the user suspend the user or send that user an email on the left-hand side we can see a rear beings we are filtering by active users we can also show suspended users usually data transfer in progress where they may have been deleted then reinstated and the information is then being restored from another user where there's been a problem with a data transfer or users that has been recently deleted and we'll cover that later on first though let's look at creating a user and get create a single user you move your mouse down to the blue button and it immediately gives you a menu we want to add a user users first name is going to be Caitlyn a last name the family business Jones a primary email address I'm not going to keep these email addresses the same as well go through changing email addresses in a future lesson Kaitlin Jones at C&D cakes they'll be assigned a temporary password by the system we can add additional info like a secondary address a phone number for home you can have a phone number for work select work and then also a mobile number the address we can add the bakery C&D cakes it's like that as work then select next the employee ID what will make a number six you'll make sure she's an employee and the title can be pan washer you're going to find the managers email what department there in and we'll put her in the bakery and what cost Center she's got will assign or a cost center of one and then create that user account now this screen here shows the information that you can send or print out and physically give to the user and they say well how can I send them an email they haven't got a user account yet not to worry because typically you would say to the user and what email can we contact you want either in the HR process or have that on record or print it out give them a piece of paper you're also prompted if you want to click another user account in this way this way is very good and quick to creating individual users and later on the lesson we'll talk about creating bulk users using a CSV file now as an administrator you are typically going to be put into a position where people are going to be leaving the company either of their own choice by natural attrition or they'll be sacked you just some sort of dispute or they may go on sabbatical or and not be involved with the company for a period of time but still remain actively employed and remain on the company's books gee sweet can handle it effortlessly so you've already mentioned the reset password the rename or the menu button I me touch on this briefly shows where we can delete the user if we say we're going to delete Kaitlin Jones selecting delete brings up this screen now you can have the option to transfer data to another person who would be associated to that person's role whether it needs a manager the person replacing Caitlin in job or just another department head that way then the information is not lost Caitlin for example comes to you and says right either hand in my notice and no worries it comes to the end of a notice period I'd be two weeks for 30 days you say right fair enough no problem we're going to transfer all that information now to your manager that way then the new person coming in and share the benefit of all the work that you've done during your time with the company so you can transfer drive and docs also data that's not shared with anyone so all depending on the company policy for maintaining data and most companies stipulating their terms and conditions that they own the data plus their Google+ pages you then click the fire new owner for example will type in my name and then select transfer data and then delete account we're not going to do that yet now Kaitlynn perhaps may have gone on holiday or maybe fortunate to have a baby and we'll have six months away from work well she still an active employee on maternity leave not a problem because we don't delete her account in ER to lose all her work that she's gained over a working life we can simply suspend her now suspending means as it states here they will not be able to log in because they could be on maternity leave they're not going to be able to access services like email the drive the calendar and has a company data but the date is not going to be deleted and they want to receive invites to calendars or other stuff that comes through email they're still licensed users though because they are suspended and G sweet is still maintaining their data then when they come back they send you simply rien VOC their user account and they go back to normal all their data is there they may have to change their password at your password policy has got to a point where their password have naturally expired so a less severe way of getting people not to access your systems for example a user may be going through a dispute with HR or the company and may be dismissed or put on to leave suspending that account until that situation is resolved could be a prudent course of action let's take a look at deleting a user and we touched on this briefly so we'll select delete will select the data will assign a new user for the data and I'll be the recipient will transfer the data and then delete the account now this isn't as permanent as what you'd imagine it to be yes the user will not be able to access the account as soon as you click that button however if there's a change of heart if they decide they're not going to leave or they're not going to be forced to leave or do the change of circumstance you can still recover this data up to five days from pressing the button after that five days however the account does get deleted and you can see the account now has been suspended and the data transfers being started and you as a super user or super admin will be notified once that's done now you can see she's been removed from the active users list and will turn up either in a suspended users depending on where the processes or recently deleted users and there she is Kaitlin Jones now Caitlin that's a sluggard she may be on a temporary contract and then be high as a permanent employee you select the user you select the under Lee to user section and the restore is therefore then be initiated and it states it may take two hours for a complete restore changing the cells are back now to suspended users we see Kaitlin Jones and another user currently suspended because the system is now reapplying all the appear for tributes to the user account and Riaan vokoun it then when ready the user account will turn back up in the active users section now we've seen how we can create an individual user let's look at how we can create multiple users click on the plus the bottom select multiple users now you're given the option to pre-populate with existing users a CSV file or just download the blank template we're going to download the blank template and it's downloaded we can open this csv file in either Google sheets or Microsoft Excel so here we are we're now given certain options we can use to input bulk data now you make a bet data from another system at HR system which you can then put into a format such as CSV and manipulator finish a program for Excel or Google sheets so we're going to add somebody in we're going to call them Dennis Jones the email address is going to be Dennis Jones at C&D okay and work phone out and a home phone of and a mobile phone of a work address the bakery now you could cut and paste this if you would populate with other other users though I have found that if you do pull the information in populating that CSV file with other users that with the password field if you leave it as it is it overwrites the password and prompts all users them to change their passwords this could cause havoc if you're initially setting up google sweet then not a problem because everyone would have the same password and no one would be using it so we can employee idea 11 employee type of employee title and we'll call him a stream washer Department is in the bakery and its cost center of one so we'll save this will keep the same format just a bit so we can see we haven't listed the password so by default gee sweet we'll give them an auto generated password so that's Dennis let's load that into the bulk user creation app so we've loaded a CSV file and attached it to step 2 it couldn't be easier upload so we'll get sent a report when it's complete but it is one user it won't take too long in fact there is Dennis Dennis Jones imported by a CSV so a CSV felt very quick way of entering data on bulk if you have a large user community always want to take it up with some unified information straight off the bat let's select his user account now we can see how much mail storage is used how many docs he's owned and that will be the initial email and getting started and we can send him getting started information from this section we're going to print it out or send it to a predefined e-mail that we've got it obviously he hasn't got access to this one so this might be a personal account that you might have registered when he joined the company selecting on account we're then given the option that we can edit any information that we've entered on an individual basis we can add their Google+ profile we can require the changes passes at the next sign in or view the password as a super admin we can reset the password we can reset the sign-in cookies this will reset all active sessions and prompt you to sign in again so if for example there's a problem with that user you can reset the password reset the phone in cookies as soon as that browser refresh is or anything happens with that browser it'll prompt for a password before performing any option you can add an email alias now an alias is another way of addressing the same person Dennis may be preferred to be called Dan Jones to add an alias click Save that gang gets added as an alias that way what will happen is all male be sent out by a dennis jones but you can receive mail as Dennis Jones or den Jones we can also see what storage the shoot is using as a newly created user so you won't have used any storage we can also take a look at what sweet services are enabled and we'll cover this in a future lesson but you can see whether you have calendars enabled contacts drive gmail google+ keep what groups for you do is assigned to and will cover groups in the next section and the group administration you can show more indeed and see security whether two-step verification is being used do they have any admin privileges to backup the single administrator that we currently have in this organization are any additional services enabled and by clicking this you can see you can add a company store the busy to blog analytics a lot of stuff you may not want your people to use within your company it may detract from actually doing their work for example who in a bakery making bread or cakes is going to want to know all about google google adsense or Adwords or analytics you may not want them on YouTube for example that concludes our first look at the G sweet consult in particular focused on the user section of G suite g sweet as I mentioned before is the rebranded version of Google Apps thank you very much for watching please look out for more videos in the series


The population of Alas Administrative Post as of the 2010 census was 7,179,[2] rising from 6,485 in 2004.[3] The average age among inhabitants was 17.4 years [4]

The most commonly spoken language is Tetum Terik, a dialect of Tetum.

49% of households in Alas grow cassava, 51% grow corn, 48% grow assorted vegetables, 43% grow rice and 27% grow coffee. 53% of households own coconut palm trees.


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