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Al Nahyan Stadium

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Al-Nahyan Stadium
Al Wahda Stadium
Al-Nahyan Stadium.jpg
Full nameAl-Nahyan Stadium
LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
OperatorAl Wahda FC
Capacity15,000 (2019)
Al Wahda FC

Al-Nahyan Stadium (Arabic: ملعب آل نهيان‎) is a multi-purpose stadium in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Al Wahda.[1] The stadium holds 15,000[2] people and was built in 1995. The stadium also hosted group games of the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship.

The stadium was renovated for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

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  • ✪ WGS17 Sessions: National Arab Youth Strategy
  • ✪ H.H Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan & H.H Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan visit ADIPEC


First, I'd like to apologize for the youth on the podium for going first. I don't know if you consider me one of the youth. Your Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum. Our esteemed audience. Peace be upon you. First I'd like to pass to you the greetings of His Highness the President. And his well wishes for this summit. Since the start of this session, there has been an increasing number on the screen. That number isn't the death toll of a war, nor does it represent the losses in the oil sector, or an international stock market, or the number of terrorist attacks in certain areas. This number represents the increase in the most precious resource in the Arab World, and our most precious asset, and that is the Arab youth. This number represents an energy an a beacon of hope every day. Why Arab youth? All numbers aside, and aside from today, why Arab youth? And why the Arab World? Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul, answered this question twenty years ago. "We are standing as one man, and we have a firm belief" "that we as Arabs share a common good and one common destiny." "There are no two destinies." "The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan - 1997" The Youth are the largest group in the Arab World. If we're talking about the future, the youth are the makers of the future. The Arab World has the largest percentage of youth in the world. If the subject is the youth, then the place is the Arab World. Your Highness, you have created a Ministry of Youth, and appointed the youngest Minister in the world. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, we have in this hall with us a Minister who was appointed when the confederation was formed as the youngest Minister in the world, and that is His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed. Esteemed audience, I'd like to reiterate that the best people to work on the youth strategy are the youth themselves. During the past two days, a forum for Arab youth was held with the participation of a selected group of youth to lay down a strategy for them. They suggested initiatives to work on and they are with us today on the podium to demonstrate the features of the Arab youth strategy. Ms. Sara. Peace be upon you. My name is Sara Manara and I'm from Lebanon. I graduated from Harvard University and founded and organization called "Empowerment through integration" where we work to empower and integrate the blind youth in the Arab World. As you can see, I'm blind. I can't see. I can't see your faces. But I can see and hear, I can see, hear and feel the energy, ambitions, and capabilities of the Arab Youth in this summit. And this gives me hope for the future as a young Arab woman. We've met for two days, 150 young men and women, from 22 Arab countries. We've had discussions and conversations about our ambitions, our dreams, our hope, and we knew that we were still in the beginning. We might not be the best or a role model, but we have a clear vision ahead of us. That vision is for the Arab youth to be a global model in building the human, in building countries, and in development with excellence. Thank you. Peace be upon you. I'm Jana Yamani from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I graduated from MIT. I worked at McKenzie and then I worked in Silicon Valley, and now I'm serving the Arab youth. During our discussions in the summit, we laid out a work model for Arab youth. This work model starts with our interaction. We must take initiatives and hold constant and continuous dialogue, and show curiosity and eagerness towards the issues that concern us. And through our interaction, we inspire each other, as well as other people, and we derive inspiration from others. There are many examples of that in our Arab World. For example, during the past two days, His Highness Sheikh Mansour, despite being busy with his meetings and other responsibilities, he participated with us and sat at our tables, listening to our ideas and attending our discussions. This is inspiration. In my country, His Highness Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, His Highness Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is leading the march towards the future. That serves as an inspiration for 13 million Saudi youth, and for youth around the world in general. In order to inspire each other, we must be empowered, armed with knowledge, and to build the culture of entrepreneurship. We must also be involved in making the youth-related laws. There are no individual success stories. As Arab youth, we must work together to make collective stories, and to derive power from our cooperation. We will accomplish things. Our actions speak louder than our words. We plan, implement and accomplish. In the end, we will celebrate our accomplishments and take pride in them. And that will give us strength and push us forward to keep going on our journey of progress and giving back to society. Peace be upon you. My name is Muhammad Saeed Al-Ghabra, I'm an Arab youth from Syria. My dream has always been to go to university. I faced many challenges and difficulties, but, thankfully, I was able to overcome them, and now I'm a freshman majoring in computer science. We managed, as Arab youth, through the youth forum, to identify the priorities on which we need to work. First, we found the number one priority is to have a healthy, secure life. A healthy life on the physical and mental level, and security in its comprehensive sense, as to be morally and mentally secure and to be secure from war. This security must start from home, to the street, to the school, to work and to the society in general. The second priority that we identified is to compete with our education and to spread knowledge, for we as Arab youth must seek to develop our educational institutions on a global level that enables the youth to acquire the necessary skills in the 21st century. This can be achieved by improving the quality of education, and spreading knowledge to bring the Arab World back as a destination for knowledge seekers from around the world as it was in the past. Spreading knowledge isn't the job of teachers only. Any person, for example, I as a college freshman can help by teaching an illiterate person how to read and write. The third point is to be committed to pioneering and excellence at work. We as Arab youth must live with the spirit of pioneering, and to always strive to be number one, be it on the Academic or professional level, and in all fields. We must always try to create opportunities, as young people, to create opportunities for the youth, Not only to wait for the opportunities to come to us. We must have the mentality of excellence, which means that any work, any small detail in our daily lives, must be approached with perfection. For example, this is the first time I give such a speech in front of a crowd of such and such number. I'm trying to make it perfect. The fourth priority is to adopt charity and voluntary work. As Arab youth, charity and volunteering must be a way of life for us, a part of our daily life. It's something we all share regardless of our specialties, educational and financial levels, or any differences we might have. Each person according to their ability. We must always give back to our Arab society without waiting for anything in return, because it's our duty as Arab youth. The fifth priority, last but not least, to be proud of our Arab identity and culture. Thankfully, we as Arab youth with different educational majors and different professions, we have one thing in common, which is that we all have and we are all proud of our Arab values, culture and identity, which are an integral part of our DNA as Arab youth. Our goal is to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, and to give the Arab region back its status, that status and the achievements which everyone knows, and the inventions throughout history. This is our task and duty as Arab youth, to bring the Arab region back to that level and that status. Thank you. Your Highness and excellencies, peace be upon you. I'm Ayman Al-Musbah from Sudan. I'm a social entrepreneur, I work to empower and develop the youth in order to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Why? Because I believe that each one of us and that our real value as human beings is represented by the value we add to our societies, and the influence we leave behind us. I will talk to you about the dimensions of Arab youth strategy. The first one of these dimensions is initiative. There's an old Chinese proverb that says: It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Thankfully, in the Arab World, we have no shortage of initiatives. We have many different and distinctive initiatives, but the challenge is to amplify their desired effect and achieve their goals. This can only happen through cooperation between us, Arabs, to be able to achieve our common goals. The second dimensions for the success of the strategy is creativity. The challenges we face today which face the Arab world and the entire world, are diverse and complicated changes, and they require new and creative solutions. For what it's worth, when I was searching to prepare for this speech on the search engine Google about creativity in Arabic, the first and most recurring name that appeared among Arabs was Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum. This is a testimony not only from me or from my Arab brothers and sisters, but from the entire world to the pioneering role that you and your government play. So, thank you, you are an example to follow. The third dimension to achieve the strategy is flexibility. In this reality we live, with the rapid and accelerating technological and cognitive developments, the only constant in life now is change. So, we either learn to adapt to that change or die. Therefore, Arab youth must learn risk management as well as crisis management, and the management of unexpected events, in order to accomplish our strategies and ambitions as Arab youth. The fourth dimension is sustainability. This is a problem we face in all our projects and initiatives in the Arab World. The initiative starts with high energy and enthusiasm, but it dies as soon as it gets going. When we ask about it in six months or in a year, we find that it has vanished. So, as Arab youth we must try to focus our efforts to guarantee the sustainability of these initiatives and projects to achieve the desired effect. The last dimension is the values. Everything I mentioned cannot function properly without values and morals. Nations are as good as their morals are, once their morals are gone, they too are gone. When I say values, I don't just mean morals. I mean morals, professional ethics, social ethics, and all human values, such as cooperation, tolerance and the love of others, and all the values we can deal with, most importantly loyalty to one's country. We have set an excellent example of that yesterday when more than 150 young men and women gathered from all around the Arab World, putting aside all our religious, ethnic, sectarian, and intellectual differences, in order to agree on one vision that brings the youth together to reclaim civilization. Thank you very much. Good evening. I'm Hiba Darwish from Palestine. I'm a Masters student at Harvard University. There's an Arab consensus on the importance of supporting and empowering Arab youth, in order to release their potential, but this takes a collective effort. An effort that starts with us as Arab youth. An effort needs all of y We need the support of our government, our private sector, our society, our media. On the government level, we need governments that listen to us as youth. Ones that listen to our opinions and get us involved in making the laws related to our future and our destiny. Governments that have policies, legislations and strategies that put the youth in the center of these policies. We need a private sector that adopts and supports the Arab youth. A private sector that provides job opportunities, provides training and qualifying opportunities. One that invests in Arab youth, especially the marginalized groups, women, people with disabilities. on the societal level, we need a society that believes in us, that believes in our capabilities as young people. A society that pushes us forward, encourages us, supports us, towards success and progress. A society that provides us with opportunities for charity and voluntary work, and that guides us and leads us. On the media level, we need positive media, influential media. Media that conveys our dreams and ambitions as Arab youth. This is what we need. Ladies and gentlemen, we've discussed for two days our strategy for the coming period as Arab youth. Nothing is impossible. We're in a country that doesn't have the word impossible in its dictionary. We shall work... We shall work over the coming years to accomplish this ambitious vision, and we will be an inspiration for the world, for we as Arab youth can do it. Yes, we can. During the coming years we will be the best example and role model for building the human, building countries, and for development with excellence. May God help us achieve that. Thank you. Our hope is to be number one, and for that we are counting on these good young people. May God help us with our endeavors. Arabs have a tremendous amount of energy and of enlightened ideas. Your Highness, these young people are our consultants. They are the best ones to lay down their own strategy. Today, it's the Arab youth's responsibility to work on their strategy and their initiatives. We entrust you with our future and our children look up to you. It's your responsibility today to create hope for the coming generations. This is the least we can do for our countries to return the favor. It's also our responsibility in Arab governments to open the doors of hope for them, and provide them with job opportunities, and support, and the best system for entrepreneurship. Therefore, we shall announce seven initiatives today for the Arab youth on which we will work together. The first initiative: We announce the creation of a center for Arab youth, a center which will work on Arab youth initiatives as well as studies on Arab youth, and which will convey an honorable image of the Arab youth to the world. The center will be led by the youth and the initiatives will be carried out through the efforts of the youth and it will have branches around the Arab world. The center will work on the second initiative which is the Arab youth forum, an annual forum where Arab youth are hosted to exchange ideas, experiences and ambitions. Minds will meet to cooperate for civilization, not to clash with each other. The youth will meet to build their countries and create hope. It will be an annual meeting for hope, with God's will. The second initiative, we will announce a platform for Arab youth opportunities, which enables the youth to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them, be that skill development programs, grants, awards, competitions, business incubators or others. We are optimistic about the great opportunities in the region, and we must utilize these opportunities for the benefit of the youth. I hope all the institutions in the Arab World will participate to provide more opportunities for the youth. We will work on an annual report for Arab youth. It's very important to know the dreams and aspirations of Arab youth, in order to work together on realizing them, realizing the youth's dreams. It's the Arab dream come true. This report will automatically answer all the annual questions, and will be a reference on activating the role of youth. The fifth initiative is announcing academic scholarship for Arab youth. The President's scholarship produced leaders and sent our youth to different universities. By the way, Ms. Shamma graduates from the President's scholarship. The sixth initiative: There will be youth seminars under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed. It has become the best platform to interact with the Arab youth. Your Highness have always directed us to listen to the youth, and to interact with them to create solutions, and today, youth seminars will be held all over the Arab World. A comprehensive guide has been developed to hold the seminars in all Arab countries and to listen to the Arab youth wherever they are. Education in the Arab World started in the form of seminars, and today, the future will have seminars. The seventh and last initiative: A crowd sourcing platform. Through the efforts of the youth the future economy will depend of the youth's productivity and on volunteering. The work style is different today. The crowd sourcing of skills is the future model, And through the efforts of the youth we will have a crowd sourcing platform, and a testimony to the productivity of the Arab youth. Today, just like the world remembers the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, which was founded in 813 A.C. and was a center for research, innovations, and translation for many of the world's scholars. At that time, history will remember this summit and the Arab youth strategy. And just as we remember our pioneering ancestors Al-Khawarezmi and Ibn Sina, history will remember these Arab youth. History will remember that the Arab youth were the first ones to work on a probe to Mars. History will remember the Kingdom's 2030 strategy and the Arab youth's role in it. Just as we remember the Egyptians who won the Nobel Prize, history will remember the young Egyptians and the young Arabs who will win this prize in the future on behalf of all Arabs. History will remember the work of Arab youth on solar power projects In Morocco. History will remember Expo 2020 and World Cup 2022. The Arab youth will make a better future, with God's will. Thank you.

2019 AFC Asian Cup

Al Nahyan Stadium hosted five games of the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, including a Round of 16 game.

Date Time Team No. 1 Res. Team No. 2 Round Attendance
6 January 2019 17:30  Thailand 1–4  India Group A 3,250
9 January 2019 15:30  Japan 3–2  Turkmenistan Group F 5,725
12 January 2019 15:00  Vietnam 0–2  Iran Group D 10,841
16 January 2019 17:30  South Korea 2–0  China PR Group C 13,579
22 January 2019 20:00  Qatar 1–0  Iraq Round of 16 14,701

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