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Akira Kamiya
神谷 明
Born (1946-09-18) September 18, 1946 (age 73)
Years active1970–present
AgentSaeba Shoji
Height163 cm (5 ft 4 in)

Akira Kamiya (神谷 明, Kamiya Akira, born September 18, 1946) is a Japanese actor, voice actor, singer and narrator.[1] His most prominent roles include voicing Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star, Kinnikuman, Ryo Saeba in City Hunter, Shutaro Mendou in Urusei Yatsura, Shun Mitaka in Maison Ikkoku, and Kogoro Mori (Richard Moore) in Case Closed. In super robot anime, he voiced Ryoma Nagare in Getter Robo, Akira Hibiki in Brave Raideen, Sanshirō Tsuwabuki in Gaiking, Roy Focker in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and Sincline in Beast King GoLion.


Early life

Kamiya was born in Yokohama. After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Commercial High School, he became a freelancer after being affiliated with Theater Echo, Aoni Production, Production Baobab, Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society and Ups. Kamiya then founded his own company called Saeba Shoji.

Background to becoming an actor

His father ran a furniture manufacturing factory, but ti suddenly closed and his parents divorced. Adopted by his mother, he grew up with his mother and brother. His mother worked desperately in search of work, and Kamiya also helped her buy and work on her own. As a result, schools have changed, from Aoki Elementary School in Yokohama to Higashidai Elementary School in Tsurumi and Aioi elementary school in Ota-ku, Tokyo. The presence of actor Shoichi Ozawa as the eldest of Aioi Ko was leading Kamiya on the road to drama.

After that, he entered the Tokyo Metropolitan Tateshiba Commercial High School via Misono Junior High School. When Kamiya joined the drama club in a form of being invited by a friend in high school, he was told that "I think Kamiya has a good voice". At that time, it was a time when it was more difficult to become an actor than before, and it was a position where you could not originally adventure, but when he told his mother "I want to be an actor", he said "I will do my best because it is the path I chose myself" was done. Later, he recalls, "If he were his mother, he might have stopped crying."

After graduating from high school, he joined the amateur theater company Kanza in Yokohama.

Activities as a voice actor

In 1970, Kamiya debuted as an anime voice actor in the role of Senkichi in the TV anime Mahō no Mako-chan during the Theater Echo study period. The first regular is Sasuke Yashima in Akakichi no Eleven. He starred in the role of Koichi Furumi in Babel II, and also learned his trademark "scream" with this work. Since then, he has been in charge of many leading roles mainly in robot animation works, such as Ryoma Nagare in Getter Robo. He was called "Screaming Kamiya" in part because he kept screaming his special moves. One of the indispensable voice actors in the Super Robot Wars video game series, Kamiya himself appeared on TV commercials when Super Robot Wars F was released.

In the 1980s, he appeared in a number of animated manga series serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. He starred in Kinnikuman, Fist of the North Star, and City Hunter, and was also known as one of the voice actors familiar with Jump anime. Since many of these Shōnen Jump anime have become long-running series, the works that appeared during this time are often introduced as Akira Kamiya's masterpiece.

He often narrates commercials and variety shows. A representative one is currently the hero show commercial of Tokyo Dome City Attractions (former Korakuen Yuenchi), which is broadcast mainly on the Super Sentai series frame, and has been in charge of narration for over 20 years since 1986.

He has won the Grand Prix a total of 11 times in the Anime Grand Prix Voice Actor category (male) held at Animage.

On January 9, 2017, the program was broadcast on TV Asahi and was ranked 22nd in "200 Popular Voice Actors Seriously Selected! Voice Actor General Election! 3 Hours SP".[2]

Other activities

Kamiya was initially a bass player with the popular voice actor's musical group Slapstick, which was active in the 1970s and 1980s. However, he expressed his concern that his schedule was busy and that the performance activities he had enjoyed as an amateur band in a harmonious manner would be produced as professional singer activities, and he offered to withdraw.

He has worked as a radio personality for All Night Nippon, and Akira Kamiya is the first regular personality as a voice actor. In the same program, he made a corner called "Guinness!". He knew what he was doing at MBS Young Town, and he still has friendship.

In 1979, he played personality with Mitsuko Horie on a Sunday afternoon radio program called "Mitsuko and Akira's Deadly Handgun," and released a duet single, "Oh! Sunday Youth is Sunday."

In addition to singing songs in numerous works such as Purin Purin Monogatari and Fist of the North Star, he also performed in the early 1980s with Kazuyuki Sogabe, Ryūsei Nakao and Naoya Uchida.

In the aftermath of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, he formed the unit WITH YOU as a charity. Acting as a leader, he was also active in the Fureai Concert.



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1970 Akakichi no Eleven Sasuke Yashima [4]
1970 Mahō no Mako-chan Senkichi [4]
1971 Marvelous Melmo Taro Kato
1972 Pinocchio: The Series Narrator [4]
1972 Moonlight Mask Azerander
1972 Triton of the Sea Seabird
1972 Gatchaman Romina [4]
1973 Babel II Koichi Furumi a.k.a. Babel II Debut major role [4][5]
1973 Fables of the Green Forest Tommy from Shiyuu
1973 Kōya no Shōnen Isamu Isamu [4][5]
1973 Zero Tester Shin Fubuki [4][5]
1973 Miracle Girl Limit-chan Jun Kurimoto [4]
1973 Casshan Android No. 5 [4]
1973 Karate Master Shingo Ariake / Susumu Adachi
1974 Getter Robo Ryoma Nagare [4]
1974 Space Battleship Yamato Saburo Kato [4][5]
1975 Brave Raideen Akira Hibiki [4]
1975 Getter Robo G Ryoma Nagare [4]
1975 Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures Ali Baba [4][5]
1975 Time Bokan Prince / Isochi
1975 Grendizer Boys Command Corps Einz
1975 Ikkyū-san Tetsuji
6 – 7 episodes [4]
1976 Gaiking Sanshirō Tsuwabuki [4][5]
1976 Machine hayabusa
Will · Plague
1976 Gowappa 5 Gōdam Ichiro Togawa
1976 Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster Ichiro Ueta
Episode 13 [4]
1976 Dokaben Satoru Satonaka [4][5]
1977 Yatterman Sasuke
1977 Jetter Mars Adios
1977 Mechander Robo Jimmy Orion [4][5]
1977 Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace Ichimonji Takuma [4]
1977 Attack on Tomorrow Ichiro Fushima
1977 Glacier Warrior Gaislugger
Mito Kaya
1977 Nobody's Boy: Remi Markano
1977 Super super car game
ja:超スーパーカー ガッタイガー
Eric Bergen
1977 Angie Girl Howard [4]
1978 Majokko Tickle Saburo [4]
1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock Tadashi Daiba [4][5]
1978 Tōshō Daimos Kazuya Ryūzaki [4][5]
1978 Red peacock
Ubu sleeper / Kotemoku / Kumagoro
1978 Galaxy Express 999 Pliers
1978 Treasure Island Papy [4][5]
1978 Space Battleship Yamato II Saburo Kato [4]
1978 Captain Future John Walker [5]
1979 Do your best! Our hit end run
ja:がんばれ! ぼくらのヒット・エンド・ラン
Ao Lu
1979 Purine Princess story
Bon Bon / General Rugi / Zero Zero Seven Henna Kivun
1979 Animation Kikou Marco Polo no Boken
ja:アニメーション紀行 マルコ・ポーロの冒険
Chapandu [4]
1979 Tomorrow's Braves
Ichiki Kota
1979 King Arthur Arthur [4][5]
1980 King Arthur: Prince on White Horse Arthur [4]
1980 Space Warrior Baldios Douglas [4]
1980 Astro Boy Zeus [4]
1980 Space Battleship Yamato III Shiro Kato [4]
1981 Beast King GoLion Prince Sincline [4][5][6]
1981–86 Urusei Yatsura Shutaro Mendou [4][5]
1982 Patalliro! Tamanegi [4]
1982 The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Roy Focker [4][5]
1983 Future Police Urashiman Claude Mizusawa [4][5]
1983 Skyward Operation
1983 Kinnikuman Kinnikuman (Kinniku Suguru), Tatsunori Kinniku [4][5]
1983 Manga Japanese history
Mori Ranmaru
1983 Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger Ron Good
1983 Nine Kentarō Yamanaka 2 seasons [4][5]
1983–84 Plawres Sanshiro Bill Thomas [4][5]
1983 Igano Kabamaru Shizune Mejiro [4]
1984 Oyoneko Boo-nyan
Oyoyo (Boo-nyan) [4]
1984 Car graphic TV
Narrator [4]
1984 Hokuto no Ken Kenshiro [4][5][7]
1984 Sherlock Hound Engineer [4]
1985–86 Mujigen Hunter Fandora Kue OVA series [4][5]
1985 Shonen Jump Special: Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo Keiichi Nakagawa
Screened at "Shonen Jump festival" sponsored by Shueisha [4]
1985 Button Nose Chikutakubon [4]
1986–88 Maison Ikkoku Shun Mitaka [4][5]
1986 Animated Classics of Japanese Literature Mizushima (student) [4]
1986 Saint Seiya Perseus Algol, Dubhe Alpha Siegfried [4][5]
1986 Outlanders Nao OVA [4][5]
1987 Elf 17
Mascot Tyler OVA [4][5]
1987 Hokuto no Ken 2 Kenshiro [4]
1987–99 City Hunter series and specials Ryo Saeba [4][5][7]
1987 Ox Tales Booth [4]
1987 City Hunter Ryō Saeba [4]
1987 Tekkamen wo Oe: "d'Artagnan Monogatari" yori
ja:鉄仮面を追え 「ダルタニャン物語」より
TV special prior to TV series [4]
1987 Maps Abe Edinburgh OVA [4][5]
1987 Dangaioh Roll Kran OVA [5]
1987 Norakuro-kun Prince [4][5]
1987 The Three Musketeers Anime Athos [4][5]
1987 Phoenix: Yamato/Space Chapter Goro Makimura OVA [4][5]
1987 City Hunter 2 Ryō Saeba [4]
1988 Doctor Chichibuyama
Chichibuyama [4]
1988 Starship Troopers Sgt. Charles Zim [4]
1989 Legend of the Galactic Heroes Bagdash OVA [4][5]
1989 Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Shinnosuke Kazamatsuri [4][5]
1989 Time Travel Tondekeman Prince Dandarn [4]
1990 Mōretsu Atarō Nyarome 2nd TV series [4]
1990 Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijō Akira Yokkaichi OVA [4][5]
1990 Masuyama High School Koshien Hen version
ja:緑山高校 甲子園編
Kenji Sadamaru
OVA [4]
1990 Happyakuyachou Hyouri no Kewaishi
ja:八百八町表裏 化粧師
Shikitei Kosanbaspace
1991 Getter Robo Go Highway
1991 Hyoutako gourd island (remake version)
rearview mirror
1991 Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne Kinnikuman (Kinniku Suguru) [4]
1994 Sailor Moon S Prof. Tsuchiaki, Suichi Tomoe [4][5]
1994 Otaku no Seiza Indora OVA ep 2 [4][5]
1995 Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Gammajin
1995–96 Yamato 2520 Richard OVA series [4][5]
1995 World Classic Children's Story Series Wow! Fairy tale
ja:世界名作童話シリーズ ワ~ォ!メルヘン王国
Sinbad [4]
1996–2009 Detective Conan Kogoro Mori Except for Ep. 553 where replaced by Rikiya Koyama, later replaced by Koyama in 2009 [4][5][8]
1996 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Professor Tsuchiaki
1997 Cutie Honey Flash Takeshi Kisaragi
1998 All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Kyusaku Natsume [4][5]
1998 Twilight of the Dark Master Kaoru (Huang Long) OVA [4]
1998 Change!! Getter Robo: The Last Day of the World Narrator OVA series [4]
1999 Voicelugger Shogun γ (Gamma)
Tokusatsu [4]
2000 Platinumhugen Ordian Masaki Yayoi
Ep. 16 [4][5]
2000 Brigadoon: Marin & Melan Custon Brown
2001 The Family's Defensive Alliance Mamoru Daichi [4][5]
2001 Great Dangaioh Roll Kulan [4][5]
2002 Macross Zero Roy Focker OVA [4][5][9]
2003 Rumic Theater Toshio Furuta / Shinonome
2004 Arkue and Gachinpo
Santa Boss
2005–06 Angel Heart Ryo Saeba [4][10]
2006 Hey! Spring of Trivia
Silhouette of Kenshiro [4]
2010 Kobe and Ai Special guest appearance for short film for City of Kobe Tourism [11]
2011 Ojarumaru Moroboshi [4]
2012 Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki Shigeru Satou, Ba [4][12]
2013 DD Fist of the North Star Ryuken / Mamiyarinzo / Ishihara Ryu Jiro
2015 Kamisama Kiss◎ Priest bishop
2015 DD Fist of the North Star 2 Ryu Ken
2016 Katsushika-ku Kameari Park front faction place THE FINAL Kamitsuki Yoshitsuki The last day
ja:こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所 THE FINAL 両津勘吉 最後の日
Kidnapper's leader
Dog Soldier John Kyosuke Hiba [5][13]
1990–1991 Record of Lodoss War Ashram [5]


List of voice performances in film
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1975 Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo Ryoma Nagare [4]
1975 Boy Tokugawa Ieyasu
又五郎 [4]
1975 Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: Kuchu Daigekitotsu Ryoma Nagare [4]
1976 Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Kessen! Daikaijuu Ryoma Nagare [4]
1977 Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace tai Konchu Robo Gundan
惑星ロボ ダンガードA対昆虫ロボット軍団
Takuma Ichimonji [4]
1978 Ringing Bell Chirin [4]
1978 Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Saburo Kato [4]
1980 Toward the Terra Seki Ray Shiroe [4][5]
1980 Be Forever Yamato Shiro Kato [4]
1981 Devil and Princess Mimi
1983 Urusei Yatsura: Only You Shutaro Mendou [4]
1983 Final Yamato Shiro Kato [4]
1983 How to enjoy professional baseball 10 times fun
1984 Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer Shutaro Mendou [4]
1984 Ninja Huttiraku + Perman Superpowers Wars
ja:忍者ハットリくん+パーマン 超能力ウォーズ
Psychoman [4]
1984 Macross: Do You Remember Love? Roy Focker [4]
1984 Kinnikuman Kinnikuman [4]
1984 Great Riot! Seigi Choujin Kinnikuman [4]
1985 Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love Shutaro Mendou [4]
1985 Seigi Choujin vs. Ancient Choujin Kinnikuman [4]
1985 Kinnikuman: Counterattack! The Underground Space Choujins Kinnikuman [4]
1985 Kinnikuman: Hour of Triumph! Justice Superman Kinnikuman [4]
1986 Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever Shutaro Mendou [4]
1986 Fist of the North Star Kenshiro [4]
1986 Kinnikuman: Crisis in New York! Kinnikuman [4]
1986 They Were Eleven Tadatos Lane
1986 Kinnikuman: Justice Supermen vs. Fighter Supermen Kinnikuman [4]
1988 Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter Shutaro Mendou [4]
1988 Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth Atlas of Karina
1989 City Hunter: .357 Magnum Ryo Saeba [4]
1989 Peacock King 2 Phantom Castle
孔雀王2 幻影城
1989 Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone Garlic Jr. [4]
1989 Garaga
On Boo / Robo
1990 City Hunter: Bay City Wars Ryo Saeba [4]
1990 City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy Ryo Saeba [4]
1991 Urusei Yatsura: Always My Darling Shutaro Mendou [4]
1993 Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N-cha! From Penguin Village with Love Dr. Mashirito [4]
1993 Tōi Umi kara Kita Coo Tony Bottoms
1994 How to enjoy the J league 100 times fun!!
Ramos Wu Wei
1994 Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N-cha!! Excited Heart of Summer Vacation Dr. Mashirito [4]
1994 Pom Poko Tamasaburo [4][5]
1995 Legend of Crystania Ashram [4][5]
1997 The Puzzling Challenge Letter of the Mysterious Thief Dorapan Dorapan [4]
1997 Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper Kogoro Mori [4]
1998 Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target Kogoro Mori [4]
1998 Slayers Gorgeous Lord Culvert [4]
1999 Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century Kogoro Mori [4]
2000 Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes Kogoro Mori [4]
2000 The Aurora
ja:The AURORA 海のオーロラ
Ou Dragon
2001 Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven Kogoro Mori [4]
2001 Kinnikuman Second Generations First Kinnikuman (Suguru)
2002 Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street Kogoro Mori [4]
2003 Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Kogoro Mori [4]
2004 Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky Kogoro Mori [4]
2005 Detective Conan: Strategy Above the Depths Kogoro Mori [4]
2006 Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem Kogoro Mori [4]
2007 Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure Kogoro Mori [4]
2008 Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear Kogoro Mori [4]
2009 Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Kogoro Mori TV film [4]
2009 Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser Kogoro Mori Final Detective Conan film role as Kogoro Mori [4][15]
2013 Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya Future Elizabeth [4]
2019 City Hunter the Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes Ryo Saeba [16]

Video games

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1989 Red Alert
Guy Kazama PC Engine [4]
1993 Tengai Makyō: Fuun Kabukiden Sangue PC Engine [4]
1995 Dragon Knight & Graffiti Yamato Takeru PC Engine [4][5]
1995 Linda Cube
Hume PC [4][5]
1995–2000 Fist of the North Star games Kenshiro [4][5]
1996 Tobal No. 1 Gren Kuts PS1/PS2 [4][5]
1996 Langrisser III Grafting
SS [4][5]
1997 Super Robot Shooting
Ryoma Nagare, Hibiki PS1/PS2 [4]
1997 Tobal 2 Gren Kuts PS1/PS2 [4][17]
1997–2003 Macross games Roy Focker [4][5]
1997 Momotaro Street Book
Commentary / Great devil
SS [4]
1998 Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die
ja:サクラ大戦 2 ~君、死にたもうことなかれ~
Kyougoku Keigo SS [4][17]
1998–2007 Detective Conan games Kogoro Mori [4]
1999 Getter Robo Great Battle! Ryoma Nagare, Narrator PS1/PS2 [4]
1999 Continuation · Ogaku girls detective team ~ Final version ~
ja:続・御神楽少女探偵団 ~完結編~
Shogo Tokoname
PS1/PS2 [4]
2002 Kingdom Hearts Iago PS1/PS2 [4][17]
2002 Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs. Legends (Kinniku Suguru) GC [4]
2003 Gekitō Pro Yakyū Satoru Satonaka PS2 (From Dokaben) [4]
2004 SEGA AGES 2500 Series Vol.11 Hokuto no Ken
SEGA AGES 2500シリーズ Vol.11 北斗の拳
PS1/PS2 [4]
2006 Kinnikuman Muscle Generations (Kinniku Suguru) PSP [4][5]
2006 Another Century's Episode 2 Roy Focker PS2 [4][5]
2007 Another Century's Episode 3: The Final Roy Focker PS2 [4][5]
2008 Macross Ace Frontier Roy Focker PSP [4]
2009 Macross Ultimate Frontier Roy Focker PSP [4]
2010 Another Century's Episode: R Roy Focker PS3 [4]
2011 Macross Triangle Frontier Roy Focker PSP [4]
2019 Jump Force Ryo Saeba PC/PS4/Xbox One [17]
Space Battleship Yamato games Saburou Kato [5]
Yawara! Kazamatsuri Shinnosuke PC Engine [5]
Raijin Pin Pon Raiji Arcade [5]
Popful Mail Blacky PC Engine [5]

Drama CD

List of voice performances in drama CDs and audio recordings
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1988 The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi
Kosuke Kindaich Cassette book, 2 vols. [4]
1993 CD Theater Dragon Quest III Kandata (male fighter)
1994 CD Theater Dragon Quest V series Papas [4]
Record of Lodoss War Ashram [4]
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Kyusaku Natsume [5]
City Hunter Ryo Saeba [5]
Macross Roy Focker [5]
Maison Ikkoku Shun Mitaka [5]
MegaMan NT Warrior Mega Zaurus, Narrator [5]
Sangokushi DX [5]
Tengai Makyou [5]
Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijō Captain Yotsukaichi [5]

Other dubbing

List of voice performances in overseas dubbing
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1989 Glory Colonel Robert Gould Shaw Matthew Broderick [18]
1993 Aladdin Iago [4]
1995 The Return of Jafar Iago [4]
1997 Aladdin and the King of Thieves Iago [4]
1997 Face/Off Sean Archer John Travolta [19]
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond Pierce Brosnan [20]
2015 Pixels Eddie Plant Peter Dinklage [21]
2019 Nicky Larson et le Parfum de Cupidon Monsieur Mokori Jarry [22]



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