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Four frames from "Diagonal-Symphonie"
Four frames from "Diagonal-Symphonie"

Absolute film is an experimental film movement that was popularized by a group of artists in Germany in the 1920s: Hans Richter, Walter Ruttmann, Oskar Fischinger and the Swede Viking Eggeling.

These artists present different approaches to abstraction-in-motion: as an analogue to music, or as the creation of an absolute language of form, a desire common to early abstract art. Ruttmann wrote of his film work as "painting in time". [1] They used rudimentary handicraft, techniques, and language in their short motion pictures that refuted the reproduction of the natural world, instead, focusing on light and form in the dimension of time, impossible to represent in static visual arts.

In 1926, Hans Richter stated that the absolute film originated in the scroll sketches that Viking Eggeling made in 1917–1918.[2]

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So we're all familiar with the Despicable Me movies, yeah? Yeah? If you're not, then- then get out of here, you Philistine. What not many people know, is... ...the absolute SIZE of Gru! Like, this lad, this lad... enormous. Also, hi pimple, it's grown since last time. How ye doin'? So, Felonius Gru. Felonius. Yeah, that's his first name I didn't.. I didn't know either he was named after the word felony like his parents were just setting you up Anyway, he's a pretty tall dude. How tall you might be asking: pretty tall. Okay, you have to repeat myself again. So the average height of a minion, the official average height is 3.5 feet now our Boi Gru, our Boi Gru - stands up for minions tall make him 14 feet, um **daddy Gru biggg** *Contemplates life* Sorry what? just for reference, Okay. Here's the average man and woman and Here's Gru Ok? He's a big boy. Aight, here's Shaquille O'Neal - And here's Gru. Here's the world's tallest man to have ever lived and here's Gru. So upon discovering this I thought you know Let's take this a bit further. Okay, how about his signature weapon - the freeze ray? How BIG's that let's see where we can take this cartoon logic. Ah, so using his height of 14 feet I determined that the guns height his um his his roughly the size of an average man. It's fairly large... I'm not sure what the point in this video is but it's big, it's a big gun **wink wonk** but you might be asking okay You may be asking I know you are asking how about his most noticeable feature? his nose (squidwaaaaard) How big's that and now I couldn't find or it couldn't be bothered to find a full image of him with his nose in enough detail So I used this shot and I found that it takes roughly 2.1 of his nose to make up for his head Let's just make it two for convenience sake. Going by this we can find that it takes seven and a half of his head to Make up his full height **issa big nose, y'all know what that means** So that's around 15 nose lengths to add up to his height and so we can just divide that to find that his nose is about 0.93 feet or eleven point two inches So for reference his his nose next to the world record holder for longest nose, and here's it next to a footlong sub It's a formidable weapon from someone with the king-size schnoz **wink wonk** to another I can I can give him respect. Okay, you know he's World record holder GRU and now a giant, a Goliath like Gru needs a big house to live in let's see how big the Gru's height of 14 feet is uh, Let's give him one foot of wiggle room between his head in the door So using that I can measure up against the house and I can see that his house is a 125 feet tall That's around 12 average stories his random picture of the 12 story building. I found on Google Images and Here's his house. It's the same height like it's it's unbelievable **bewildered Slazo noises** His car that's also an important piece of the puzzle isn't it? His car How big is that using the same reasoning as his house? Let's give the door 15 feet Okay, we can use that to find out the dimensions of the car which is two point six five doors high and five doors long or 39.7 five feet tall and 75 feet long putting this into perspective the tallest legal height for a truck is four point three meters unless it's holding cattle or other vehicles, in which case it's 4.6 **damn ya boi Slazo out here with the FACTS** Meaning that his car is 12.1 meters high Might be breaking the law I'll be on hone- And the average length of a transit bus is about 40 making his car about about twice that length Yeah, what do you do with this information? I don't know, but now you have it **thanks Slazo for blessing us with this KNOWLEDGE** And now for the question on all of our minds his rocket, how about that? But in the first movie, there's no direct side by side of guru standing next to the rocket But there is this shot in which screw takes around around like roughly. It's very rough It takes around two-and-a-half Grus to make up the height of this pod given his 14 foot height We know that the pod is around 35 feet and measuring that up We can see that the rocket is around 18 and a half pods high making it around 647.5 feet that's about a hundred and ninety seven and a half meters and now to put this into perspective The tallest rocket ever made was by NASA. It was the Apollo wait no **oh no m8 ya done messed up** was the Saturn 5 I suck.. conveniently for us was also a lunar mission, which was a massive 111 meters high but to scale, um Gru's one is a little bit taller and also a bit girthier, umm. Oh Gru~ **one Daddy acknowledging another, the days of competing Alpha Males truly are behind us** Yikes, um, I'm the guy who made a Gru dick joke. Um, yeah, that's my legacy And now for those of you who don't remember the events of the movie, I don't know how you don't Disgusting through Gru tries to get the project to steal the moon Funded by the Bank of Evil - but they reject him - so to fund the project He just sells things lying around his lair and I'm here to ask the question - the much needed, very important question - How much did he have to raise to fund that rocket? Well, the entire project costs of Saturn 5 was about 6.5 billion, but the actual craft itself was about 165 million of their dollars so adjusting for inflation that's around 1.2 billion dollars just Just lying around in Gru's lair. Um He's he's a wealthy man **not just a Daddy, but a Sugar Daddy** given how quickly and easily and how little cost it has on Gru's personal life He's most likely a multi billionaire as well as a complete and utter unit. So You know, we know that now we know that very very CRUCIAL for life information Uh, so now we know that GRU is extremely rich and an utter Unit but what's the use of such size, such massive scale if you can't use it? Yeah, it's what you do with it, right and now in this unforgettable scene that will invariably go down in cinema history vector sends an array of missiles towards group where GRU Were Gru easily just so it just weaves between them like it's nothing at all, let's see how fast he was going ~ He just runs through them - like, this man's unstoppable, this man's unbelievable - god I wish I was him ~ why can't that be me? ~ **your nose isn't strong enough for that kind of responsibilty fam** Can I go through surgery to be to be Gru.. is that a thing? Is science there yet? And now the first thing we want to find out is what type of missiles are these and how fast are they going? So we want to determine if these are subsonic or supersonic Missiles and this can be fairly easily Determined by seeing if the Rockets break the sound barrier or not if they go faster than the speed of sound. Um which we we don't see a sonic boom, so easy and so from that let's say that they're about the standard subsonic missile, which is about 0.7 Muck mach MAC? Mark... I'm well-educated. Anyway, that's around 232 meters per second so still not slow and now when he's dodging the missiles the movie goes into slow-mo so we can follow what What this man is doing a legend at work and now for this for this Game Theory Because we know the the speed of the missiles and gurus height week we can see we can see what's going on I I put away too much effort into this video because the footage is 30 frames per second I went and took a 30 frames slice out of the footage to see how far each of them traveled and so I took a frame at the beginning of the 30 frames and end of the 30 frames I put one over the other adjusted for camera movement and so using grooves 14 foot height I determined how far each of them went. I have a life. I swear. I just this is important research. OK?!!**yo chill bruh, drink some water** Because we know the total number of meters per second that the missile travels we can just divide that by the number of meters it travels HERE to see how slow the slo-mo is and by my calculations It's about 140 fourth of regular speed. And so we can just multiply the distance grew travels in this slowdown second which is 19.18 feet by 44 and find out that Felonious Gru the man, the myth, the absolute unit-the legend, really is capable of moving at speeds at or upwards of 257 meters per Second that's pretty quick. Like that's that's not slow IS IT?! Felonious Grus many things He's a criminal he has no regard for human life He launches the biggest rocket known to man, in the suburban area ruining people's homes Breaking their window. He doesn't care. He's a terrible man, but he's not a slow man or a Weak man **He's a whole Alpha - one singular Alpha** In fact if we speed it up to his normal speed so multiply the speed by 44 The the encounter with the Rockets in real time goes like this Also in conclusion ... GOd I wish that was ME!! and there's plenty more logic that can be twisted against this movie like The fact that this girl is around seven foot. Um, Shaquille O'Neal next to this girl, it's yep. It's It's a spectacle there's the massive underground layer underneath this house, which is so much bigger than his house which is already a massive house like Earth is also the fact that the minions are just actual slaves like they are just Slave labor for him and there's also the fact that I bothered to make this video. Why did I do that? I hope you've enjoyed I guess can can this be enjoyed this video was inspired by a copypasta? Which is kind of inaccurate the rocket, they didn't get the right rockets. It's not that fast So I thought I'd fix it and add upon it improve it. So **That's right bb, right the wrongs of those Cretin** You've got this video But I just loved the idea of like taking a TV show or cartoon taking its logic and turning it on itself I love it too much. It's It's kind of unhealthy But I hope you guys have enjoyed this video as much as I've enjoyed making it which is just too too much I shouldn't have really if you want more like this for some for some weird reason then Then comment about it I guess but yeah, my conclusion is Gru is bigger than you. Okay, there's no way you're bigger than him He's faster than you. He's smarter than you and dr. Nefario is definitely smarter than you and he's richer than you Unless like Jeff Bezos is watching this in which case? Hi. Um, **Thirsty for Sugar Daddy Bezos** Do you want my paypal? Anyway,um think that about does it for this weird ass, weird ass concoction of a video. I Don't know what it is: if you enjoyed it. Be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you're new **Slazo short-circuits** Oh and as always thank you to my patrons over on patreon You guys are legends like in the flesh if you would go donate over there. It'd be great But if you don't want to or can't then a like or subscription is appreciated What else is there social media Instagram Twitter is down below as well. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and Are okay with me experimenting with a lot of weird stuff because I like doing this a lot and it was funny So yeah, but I'll be back with more normal uploads very soon like tomorrow of the next day at max So look forward to that. But anyway rambling is over I think that's enough of it.. Um, I hope you've enjoyed this video. And without further ado. I will see you guys in the next one bye. (Lemaitre - Not Too Late: Then some guy says it, Not too late my friend! Too get up and try again! Ill stand right-)



Absolute film was shaped by early 20th century art movements such as Cubism, Expressionism, Dadaism, Suprematism, Futurism, and possible others.[3] These art movements were beginning to gain momentum in the 1910's. Many authors have described abstract film as visual paintings because of their resemblance to art.[4] It wasn't until the 1920's that abstract artists began connecting art with cinema and created the Absolute Film movement. Absolute film pioneers sought to create short length and breathtaking films that used elements such as art, film, movement, and music. [5] Some of the earliest and most influential absolute films include the Opus series (1921–1925) by Walter Ruttmann, and the Rhythmus series (1921–1925) by Hans Richter.[6]

Musical Influence

Music was an extremely influential aspects of absolute film and Other than art, one of the biggest elements used by Abstract Film directors. Absolute film directors are known to use musical elements such as rhythm/tempo, dynamics, and fluidity.[7] These directors sought to use this to add a sense of motion and harmony to the images in their films that was new to cinema, and was intended to leave audiences in awe.[8] In her article "Visual Music" Maura McDonnell even compared these film's to musical compositions due to their careful articulation of timing and dynamics.[9]



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