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Absolute Radio 90s

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Absolute Radio 90s
Slogan"The UK's only 90s Radio Station"
11D (England/Wales/N. Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
Sky: 0201
First air date21 June 2010[1]
FormatNon-stop music from the 1990s
OwnerBauer Radio
Sister stationsAbsolute Radio
Absolute Classic Rock
Absolute Radio 60s
Absolute Radio 70s
Absolute Radio 80s
Absolute Radio 00s
Absolute Radio Extra
WebsiteAbsolute 90s

Absolute Radio 90s is a spin-off service from Absolute Radio. Like Absolute 80s, this DAB spin-off service is a rolling music service which plays music from the 1990s. According to the website, tracks typically to be heard on the station include those from Blur, Oasis, Nirvana, Primal Scream, The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, Portishead, Guns N' Roses and The Stone Roses amongst others.

The station launched on DAB Digital Radio in London in June 2010 and on the Digital One platform on 25 August 2010 and was initially available for one month as a 'test'.[2] However, the availability of the station nationally continued beyond the end of September, and after a strong opening Rajar figure, it was confirmed that the 90s service would continue to be available on Digital One. It remained on that multiplex until January 2015 when its slot was given over to Magic. Ahead of this change Absolute 90s began appearing on a number of local DAB ensembles from 12 December 2014, replacing Kerrang! Radio in many cases. Absolute 90s continues to broadcast nationally via satellite TV and online, and from 29 January 2018 the station went nationwide on DAB.

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is everybody still on the line yes we are where we're running the credits right now, stand by. Hi everyone I'm Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and hopefully we are now broadcasting we've had nothing but trouble with this situation so I guess there's because Cody is a whistleblower and he has been out doing interviews I guess they have now marshaled their you know efforts to try to keep him silent so that's what the problem is that we're having here and the phones aren't working the new Skype is just dreadful and we've had to redownload an older version of Skype in order to get these guys on the phone at the same time here so welcome Cody and Olay are you there with us now Cody and Cody here yeah excellent okay so we are broadcasting live I'm being told that that people can hear us I hope you can hear me okay can you hear me okay Cody your signal five-by-five excellent okay so I'm gonna read just a brief introduction written by Olay about this situation so Olay says after 22 years of silence my friend and former independent black ops contractor Cody Snodgrass has decided to step forward as a whistleblower in 1994 he was offered 1 million dollars u.s. dollars by the CIA to bomb the Alfred P Murrah Building in Oklahoma City when he turned it down he went from being an asset to a liability and the age see then tried to kill him on several occasions he's died twice but the hospital staff managed to bring him back to life and we are going to be talking about Cody's experience with black ops and money mattered laundered through the Clinton and Bush crime families and that is on my website on Project Camelot TV in case you want to reread that and in theory you're going to be aware of this because you're on watching us live here this will go onto YouTube after we and the show so I want to welcome both of you what I like to do first oleh could you please explain how you got in touch with Cody how he you know contacted you with with regard to coming forward well about a year ago I believe it's a year ago now I was contacted by Cody by email and he was telling me this incredible story about the Alpha Team on rebuilding how he turned it down and how he had been in black ops for many many years and that he was after all of these years seriously considering taking a step forward but he knew that the risk were very very high and he he was just reaching out trying to find a way to to do this to come forward without being killed first and so I did what I could to support him morally because I think and I know what he's up against so I think it's extremely brave what he's doing and extremely important as well and then over the month year while Cody was sitting out sort of like a safety net with the information spread out and bits of locations around the world with little called dead man's grid also getting medical examinations by doctors and so on that told you confirm that he was have good health not suicidal all of these type of things that could help protecting him one team took this their bomb and then about a week ago the time had come and since then what we've been trying to do is get Cody on as many shows as possible to get this information out there all his shoulders and out there in the open as soon as possible to as many sources as possible for his security because at this moment he is up in the mountains in Colorado more or less he was more or less alone to start with now he's brought bodyguards around him that are helping him and so on and so this is where we are today and this is why we are on probably Camelot for you okay very good so what I'm going to be doing here is just up trying to put them on the screen so it makes some sense when you hear them what we have is just to clarify we've got both guys on a phone call this these are on they're not able to go into Skype they're not able to go into any computer it appears as far as getting the sound to work so that's why we're using these phone phones as part of this this broadcast so you can understand that so what this is fascinating now Cody can you explain why you decided to come forward at this time well I've been waiting a long time for this and I had to wait till President Clinton was out of office and also in Hillary Clinton was out of Secretary of State and they didn't have any more power in the governor anymore that way you don't have to fight the government power just their blackops hit teams basically and I decided to step forward at this time I feel like there's a spiritual awakening that there's a big swell of truth seekers and people that are are standing up now and moving forward I hope that by me standing up doing I'm doing it will inspire the other people in the black ops community and other keeping secrets you know to step forward and and get and you know stop the our country is at a crossroads and the forces of black the trees have to stand up now or we're going to lose our country forever okay well can you explain how how they how this came down as far as you being offered a million dollars to to basically bomb you know a US building and why did they did they you know I know you've been on so many radio shows and and whatever and I I don't want to repeat everything that you've already said on other shows so I'd like to go at this a little bit differently I'd like to find out why you think they wanted to bomb that building and when you turn them down who did they go to okay why I think they bombed the building I know why it was and I have to go back in time just a little bit during the iraq-iran or Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset back then but Iran enjoyed a ten-to-one infantry advantage and over the Iraqis and so Donald run Rumsfeld the Secretary of State who went over there in gate gave him satellite Intel and so forth and Saddam after that war he invaded clay and the Saudis didn't like that it made him real nervous or oil prices could be disrupted if he went ahead and invaded Saudi Arabia so they put pressure on our government and George Bush and the guys they all decided to go in and in Desert Storm which was 1991 in January now the problem is a lot of Americans don't know that during that war of the iran-iraq war we we were allied with Saddam and we gave him the Ames strain of anthrax which is a weaponized form of anthrax made at Fort Detrick Maryland has a small pore size and a different protein coat to make it weaponized make it more infect and so that data we needed an anthrax vaccine because they didn't have time to go in there dick Saddam out of Kuwait they had they had a whole lot of problems with it he was a six month course of actions and he had one a month and so what they did was do a crash vaccine make it down to one month and they squealing and they had bio-port produced some of that it was an experimental vaccine and they waived FDA testing so they gave it to all our troops in a big hurry well the autoimmune problems were related to this for causing a lot of things any later called it the Gulf War Syndrome and to make a long story short I mean how much how much time do we have here we have as much time as you need oh oh okay so our troops were getting these shots and going over there there's 28 nations that in a coalition to kick him out Saddam out and so our guys started getting sick over there all right and then another thing that happened in the in the Desert Storm was I was the first war that the US had used a depleted uranium munitions specifically the 238 uranium it's mildly radioactive and the two primary ordinances they use that in where the a-10 warthogs they were the tank Buster's the Jets and they use the 30 millimeter chain guns with depleted-uranium rounds they also used the m1a1 tank sabot rounds they had about eight or nine inch long column of depleted uranium and they came out of the tank barrels at about 50 to 100 feet per second Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were also in the same platoon and Timothy McVeigh had gotten a Bronze Star for confirmed tank kills over there but anyway these munitions were so powerful it never been used before and so they were forming new compounds they have enough kinetic energy to blow in 11-ton t54 Soviets but like you know way up in the air and so they were forming fireballs and there were new compounds being for uranium dioxide for instance and the particulate size of those compounds were about four microns now our standard mount gear in the US NB C gear they were using went down to ten microns so what was happening this has never been tried before in battle and these new compounds were getting up our soldiers were breathing them they were passing right through the filters in the in equipment and low-level radiation generally accumulates in various areas of the human body one of it is the thyroid and the other one is the ovaries or the testicles for men and so what happened our soldiers got done over there and they were starting to filter back and come back to the state and they had all kinds of problems medical problems so Cody all right let me let me just stop you there because I'm wondering are you seeing their medical problems came from the depleted uranium that came from several things when they received the anthrax shots these were experimental shots they used an adjunct called squalene it's like shark oil now normally in the flu shots we use over here they have Tarasov which was a mercury based I'd John and now jump is a chemical that enhances the autoimmune response of the body okay and so then they everyone was bitching about the mercury so they switched to aluminum based odd jobs but in this particular shot they had to use an adjunct that had basically never been tried before they had to use something very powerful because anthrax is a very virulent strain and it normally takes six months one shot per month for six months to build the immunity necessary to fight off of this weaponized strain of anthrax so Saddam had that and they we armed them covertly with that so we had to protect our troops he turned it back around on us okay and so they used squalene and that adjunct was a very powerful autoimmune booster and it started affecting people the first lot was given I think to the pilots at Dover Air Force Base they reported dizziness headaches blurred vision someone passed out a few of them along the line and some of them died actually I'm sure they covered those deaths up but anyway they had this very powerful auto immune booster in the vaccines that I caused a whole bunch of medical problems and then you had the secondary thing was the depleted uranium now it's just like the Agent Orange in Vietnam that was dioxin it was sprayed in operation ranch hand I think it was 69 to 71 in the Air Force and that dioxin made by DuPont it was all over the the mountains and washing down and through the rivers and the water and that would get in our troops and then the effects of this stuff didn't start showing up for ten twenty thirty years later and depleted uranium also is the same way it's a low-level radiation and you can get it in your body and not know you have it for several years and then it can start slowly showing up so what happened was all of our soldiers started coming back and by 1993 1994 there was a large reports in the VA hospital system of all these strange things and they dubbed it Gulf War Syndrome okay now senator Chris Shay's he was a Republican from Connecticut ugly he was on one of the Armed Services committees and they were having medical culpability hearings they wanted to determine what the problems were and get our veterans some money but here's the problem since his stuff had never been used before the depleted uranium when when the soldiers breathed it and they came back here to the state they made love to their wives or whatever and in their semen this Lola nation was being transferred into their spouses and in from their spouses into the children and then from those two turn into the next generation and so forth and soap so the Pentagon had this huge huge problem of multi-generational medical bills it had never been done before they didn't know how far down the line this was going to go and the further it went the more money they were potentially on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars over god knows how long this had I had no idea how long this was been in effect so basically Chris Shay's the senator ordered the records of approximately four hundred eighty thousand of our Gulf War vets from all branches to be gathered and collected and they were going to try to get the medical records and determine some kind of settlement much like the DuPont settlement that was arrived at for our Vietnam veterans and so those records were slowly gathered by the FBI and they were put in the Murrah Building and so in the murder baling blew up the Pentagon was off the hook basically for a lot of money they could also cover up to other things the covert arming of Saddam Hussein with the Angus Train anthrax and also the defective MOPP gear that was a big thing I mean all the contractors to make that mob here for our military that's a lot of money and so later on after the murder building was bombed on April 19 1995 they did have congressional hearings on Gulf War Syndrome one of them was on September 19th of 1996 and in that hearing this is all on record the DoD that department offense admitted that the hearings that over 400,000 of the Gulf War Syndrome medical records of our veterans had quote disappeared that's in the report so it was a stroke of luck I guess you know that the murder building blew up and and those records were destroyed but there's a problem here when amaura building actually was blown up about 9:03 a.m. April 19th of 95 the Ryder try quiz McVeigh came up so he was the patchy that was the cover for this black op but only one there were two more bombs that did not that night there were actually three in there and one of them did go off and there were two more that didn't and so now they had another problem if you're going to run a black op to destroy records and then some of the explosives don't go off and some of the records remain how are you going to get them out without people knowing and yeah oh wow you know the story once you tell the story of that with those guys in the blue suits well what happened was that first the service explosion went off or the to the city there was more than one but the the major devastation took place and lots and lots of people were killed and injured and when this happened there was a lot of civilians coming running trying to help all of these injured individuals they were lying there in the ruins and while they were trying to say these poor individual suddenly somebody started screaming secondary bones sounds like they're gone please clear the area everybody needs to clear the air area and so everybody cleared out and then in came a couple of bands with filled with people and do-over that ran straight into them what was left of the building and then came out with big file cabinets but they knew exactly what they were looking for when in there got them in the van and took off and then people were allowed back in on location and then saving whoever was still alive there but what they were carrying out were documents directly connected with Bill and Hillary Clinton maybe Cody can tell you more about that yeah and oh excuse me go ahead no you go ahead and I will have a question but continue please okay well as all I said you know don't go for syndrome' records okay that was only one of the things that needed to go away and be swept under the rug another thing was and we were involved in these off I went to work on degree Master of Science degree in physics at stephen f austin State University in Nacogdoches Texas in 1979 during that time I got the flight of space shuttle simulator at NASA on a field trip down there but I moved up to Tulsa Oklahoma and I was a petroleum geophysicist for Amoco production company that was my civilian front for operations and in 82 83 84 85 to that area we were involved in some of the operations over at Arkansas specifically Center Rose you know the code date for the Rose law firm but that operation was an OP to send arms down to Nicaragua you know there was uh let me ask you Cody I want to 100 to understand what your role has been with regard to all of this because you're saying what you're saying is you are a is basically a physicist just if I have that if I understand that correctly I was a dear physicist for Amoco production company what you were trained to be what I did black operations okay as what in other words were your soldier were you a scientist what was your actual skill set well my skill set was training martial arts for over 20 years and I also was trained by several Vietnam veterans who came back from Vietnam and they had some of them had worked for the CIA over there covertly and they trained me in a wide variety of things all the military stuff okay so did you you said you went to college or something for to be what a geophysicist I went to stephen f austin State University in a caduceus Texas to work on my Master of Science degree in physics I had graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics well okay so it's kind of strange that you would go from that to kind of what appears to be a lot more of a military role how did that transition happen I don't understand I wasn't in the military I understand better you said you were trained by Vietnam vets I said I assume they trained you in military procedures and oh yeah yeah all the hollow stuff yeah nothing to do demolitions right why did they treat trained you that way because I was working for him I started black ops in 1974 I graduated from high school and I scored in the top 1% in the SAT test in physics going into college so in 1975 in the fall semester CIA approached me to offer me a job you know to recruit me and I turned him down I told him I did not want to work for the government I want to work for myself ok and then what happened then I was already working with these Vietnam vets at that time and we were you know conducting operations there and that continued as I finished my master's degree in 17 1979's when I started and then I worked for Chevron a deal sciences and then went to Amoco production company in Tulsa Oklahoma and at that time they were involved in in those operations over in Arkansas with the CIA and they hired me to do specific jobs form ok now your jobs that you were doing were they involving your science background or were they involving you know I don't know combat types of things we were involved basically in moving equipment arms and supplying people over and Mena they would take your stuff down to the natural ones ok where are you flying are you are you a pilot no no I wasn't flying we did mostly ground stuff there was a guy that he was in the National Guard Armory down there in Little Rock and he was a supply guy and back then everything wasn't on computers like it is now and was a lot easier to move stuff but they were stealing arms out of there for the CIA and they had a farm down outside of town and they move them over there to cool off for a while and then we take them from there over to my friend's place between Tulsa and Oklahoma City they take houses there and we let them cool off until we were ordered to bring them back because there's always an investigation when a bunch of stuff disappears like that and then I was mostly the survivor moving ordinance okay so we're you under orders was this a part of the American military that was giving you orders or another group no these were black ops contractors who were people who had been in Vietnam as soldiers okay and had gotten out of the army a lot of more disgruntled that the way they were treated some of that Agent Orange and so forth but they were making good money and a lot of them were assets or contractors for CIA okay so were you employed by the CIA at that point no absolutely not okay who did you report to my associate and they paid me in cash that's the reason I reason they liked me was because I was a civilian I had a good job as a geophysicist with a respected oil company I had a perfect criminal record that way if I was ever caught moving all this black ops stuff they would figure I was just a criminal okay but in in terms of you know who Barry seal is right yeah and and the story you know the movies out right now called American made have you seen it no alright well it concerns this type of thing that he was moving arms you know back and forth from South America and Colombia to America and etc so we that in theory would be part of what this sort of chain that you were part of is that right well this was highly compartmentalized okay what my job was the for instance they would call me and say here's a truck we want you to take this truck and drive it to a certain point say a Walmart parking at parking lot in some town and you wear a blue hat and you drive this truck there I did not know what the cargo was in the truck when we first started later on as they began to trust me more and stuff and they would tell me what the cargo was but I really didn't want to know I was getting paid a lot of money and I would drive a truck and park it somewhere and then another guy would come up and he would be in a red hat I never knew who he was or never saw him we got a code I would open the hood of the truck I would walk over and act like I was working on it around a certain time and then he would walk up and say something like are you having car trouble and I say yes I am and he said well what is it and I said I think it's the starter and then he'd get in and say well I'll try it and that was the code that's how who I knew who my contact was that way I would I would shut the hood and walk off and disappear I didn't know where the load was going I didn't know what was in the load they have to compartmentalize these black ops like that in case you get caught there's going to be a lot of questions and I would not know the answers okay but you're a smart guy so for example back in those days and you said you're coming forward now because the Clintons have in theory lost power although Bush senior is still in power behind the scenes I would imagine although perhaps there's a group of behind Trump trying to take him down but nonetheless so you're as a smart guy you probably knew who you know that the Clintons were involved is that right or at that time or is this something you put together later business time I put together later at first we were operational okay and I knew there was a lot of high security I knew you know lucky said I am a smart fairly smart guy but um I knew that these loads were probably highly illegal I suspected they might have been drugs or weapons but and when I was in that op we tried to not ask questions you know I tried to know the minimum amount that I needed to do it's called need to know okay and you and that way if you're caught or you're tortured it gives the other people in the operation more time to clear out if you divulge information and then whoever it is it may be in a terrorist group / - I've been in the FBI or might have been God knows who anyone who's trying to hop the operation I've been Beach trying to steal the cargo you don't know who it is if you're caught and you're tortured then you can't give up anything and the other people that are in the OP that provides them protection plus time to change or move or find out where the leak was okay so you're doing this for how many years this kind of a situation a long time I started in 1974 actually when I was a senior in hospital that's when I started working with them and then I went all the way through the eighties all the way up into the 90s you know about that time we developed a lot of different contacts and the black ops community and different people gave us different jobs and so forth okay so so were you working okay you know it it's very interesting I really appreciate you coming forward in this way but I don't I don't understand exactly what was your motivation for working for black ops was just a family connection money just money oh yeah okay so you you had a career ahead of you though as a geophysicist of some kind right and you change you kind of changed your career direction if you want to look at it like that and you got involved in this these what you calling black ops and it involved the movement of in theory drugs and guns correct yeah okay now how did you go from doing that to being offered to bomb a building in in you know the the Morel growth building well I was a black operator and we had done several jobs and I was getting better and better over the years like anybody would and one day I was called by got him her Leonard he's dead now and he had the job for me it was an EOD job explosives demolition so sorry did you learn then from these Vietnam vets or where did you get your training on demolitions from the Vietnam vet alright and did you befriend them you know did they become good friends or were they just giving you training and then walking away no no we were very good friends and we counted on each other's you know we put our lives in each other's hands so they were part of the black ops as well of course we would all right and were they no longer in the military formally correct so were they working CIA some of them may have been may have been working for other people that was not my concern my concern was conducting the operations they gave me and getting paid minimum amount of blowback that's what black ops is right if I would be if I was captured or caught or tortured or otherwise made to talk if I didn't who's they were working for that's a lot ability that I did not need to know that these were need-to-know operations and all they give you the information that you need to know at the time to get the mission or the operation completed okay so when you you went from being an asset in essence to what who was kind of doing what he was told and during that time you must have stumbled on pieces of information that helped you put this puzzle together right oh yeah you know when you first start out it's a big trust thing and then whatever people you're working with after you conduct a few ops and and everything works you and I say that you're able to handle it then they'll usually give you a little more or a bigger thing and will give you something too big that you can't take care of the idea here is to minimize blow back and to keep things quiet and so over period of time Trust is developed and then different offs coming your way and different things happen but yah I saw a lot of things I learned real quick carrying up to what not to ask too many questions I learned real quick you just focus on my job and make sure I did everything correctly so that we can all get paid without any any problems well the reason you know you have to understand that I deal with whistleblowers my whistleblowers now generally come from a way call above top secret so they're people that are you know working for some of these people you you were working before I imagine but they were doing things like going into underground bases and they were probably bombing all kinds of things did you did you go into underground bases in your time there no were you aware of them yeah okay and did you go to South America Mexico you know did you travel around or did you stay only in the US no no I've been all over South America Mexico various countries around the world we false identities like passports in the skies and so forth right and so you must have been you see you weren't working directly for CIA you were a contractor but somewhere along the line did you get promoted like any kind of titles or you know what I'm saying no no no absolutely not that's why I was a perfect guy you know to be offered jobs upon the mother civilian cut out the other guys that they are to gave them to brought Timothy me right he would be an example of a ex-military cut out because he was in the military over in Desert Storm so in a blackops world when it's gonna pull a high profile off like that mother billing thing and there's going to be a lot of media attention and a lot of people looking at it I usually use ex-military cut outs or black ops contractors they don't have any ties that way if anything sours up and there's blowback it never gets back to any to the agents or case office or anyone involved in the up it's like a firewall in a computer system and the black ops world is like that you have to have that if you're going to maintain plausible deniability the idea is to conduct the operation whatever it is with a minimum above that right so what about the organization's you know we we know of organizations that were very much involved and you know like Blackwater and various organizations do you know the names of those organizations did you deal with those some people call mercenaries etc well you know AirPrint started that Blackwater thing later some of the guys that I worked with later on had been involved in that there were ex-military and then they wanted the money because contracting like I was doing by a cop's contracting you made quite a bit of money and I needed to cover the civilians throughout that was my thing and it works perfectly because you're basically invisible to any kind of law enforcement anywhere whatever country you're in you got a perfect cover with a perfect record and the guys that that I work for like that I didn't work with mercenary groups per se I mostly stuck to just you know the black ops guys the Vietnam guys and some other business associates and some scientists and people that needed some work done okay what kind of work would a scientist need well we had one guy he filed the first time ever filed for the GPS the global positioning satellite system he previously worked for the government at airborne instruments technology that's a big company that makes a lot of specialized radar equipment and microwave antennas so forth needs a scientist and he filed these patents and then the NSA about a week later came to his house and told them they were confiscating I'm under national security and so he hired me to do some work for him he was very disgruntled from US government stealing his property and classifying it under national security so he decided to go overseas and he had some other paths he was working on and he vowed never to be around the corruption in the US government or he went overseas in either bodyguard work and he needed logistical support since I had degrees in math and physics so that's another example of a scientist who might need some black ops health okay now he was not he was actually working against the US government at that point is that no no he was working for himself he just if he if you have an intellectual property like a patent that's really powerful like the GPS is back before anyone ever heard of it they could they classified it for military reasons whatever the reasons were but he didn't get any money out of it and in pain and he wanted these money that they violated the law the NSA violated the law in this case okay and he didn't get any money or compensation for all of his work that he'd done to develop that and that was not fair he was disgruntled he wasn't working against the US government he just wanted to go somewhere to a country where he could file a patent can get paid for okay well so how did he find you another person you know told him about me so we know this guy that can help you it's worth you know word-of-mouth I didn't put out a sign in the papers right I'm a black operator caught me right okay are you aware of Halliburton I go to album yeah okay were you working for them no okay were you working for George Bush Senior no not directly okay but we're orders coming down from him that could very well be the case that's what I understood what from some of the people that we were working with but I don't have any actual intelligence to prove that it's just intelligence to prove you were working for the Clintons on some level no not really not in the blackops world we try to really stop that kind of thing if we if they order something and then they go to someone and then someone else goes to someone else and then I if the OP is real sensitive you know they have to watch who they hire and there's a lot of people and operators out there a lot more ex-military and they'll pick who they need offering the money tell them the parameters of the job and then hopefully it's conducted without any blowback okay but you said when you first came on that you're trying to avoid the Clintons for some reason so why are you trying to avoid the Clintons if you know if you're not whistleblowing against them so to speak well the Clintons were empowered as president and back when when he was president I'd been involved with ATF agent Blake Butler he was a ATF nation's top car Vice President Gore game is his plaque in DC but during that time we were in operation undercover operation in collar sprains called stingray and during that time the ATF had hidden cameras and it was right after the Columbine shootings up in DeMars the biggest high school shooting us April 20th 99 and I was over there with agent Butler I didn't know he was an agent and Bill Clinton and Janet Reno came on TV and he started talking he goes what do you know about them and so I we were alone and I told him a bunch of stuff about black ops and our control on all the stuff we did and so it was very inflammatory against the Clintons because I was talking about a lot of these ops and then they sealed everything the Yankee I mean the CIA came and took the tapes they planted me with fake evidence on September 16 1999 and then they threw me in federal prison up there right by Timothy McVeigh and so the reason is because they know that I know all this stuff and when I talked this undercover agent had it on tape so they had to bury the tape that's all part of this story all right so you were in a cell next to Timothy McVeigh or or they're in the same you know you in the same were you able to I never saw him but we were about three cells down the reason I know that those things are like bank vaults and whole orderly his name is Gerald two bulls he's a Lakota Indian he was there on a charge and his job was to clean up and he could get out of those cells and he came and told me he said the guy's three shows down right and so did you how did you get like an ongoing dialogue with McVeigh at that point no no one was allowed to talk to Timothy me right at all for any reason you had to be lieutenant grade or higher which they generally have about 15 years and the BLT that's the Bureau of Prisons you have to be and even Gerald the whole order he walked by one day mopping the floor he told me this later he said all I said was hey and he said my baby was at the window and said hey through Gerald and he sells for almost a week just for just for saying hey and they told him dump talking no one's allowed to talk it's not even the regular prison guards were allowed to talk to me just the lieutenant grades were hard very very tight security okay so how does being in a prison near him how did that give you information I didn't expand the question well you saying you were McVeigh was in a prison cell next near you and are you just saying well that's just a coincidence but you never learned anything related to that or how does that factor into the story I don't understand what you're talking about I do not understand you all right so you never spoke to McVeigh but he was in a cell down down the corridor from you is that correct yeah good all right so what is the meaning of that what are you trying to convey when you tell us that are you trying to I'm trying to convey to you that we were in a very high-security facility it was a Supermax facility and I had an absolutely perfect record with no traffic tickets never been arrested and judge Nottingham who was appointed are nominated to his position the Tenth Circuit Judge by director Central Intelligence George Bush he court ordered me to go there okay in the most super place they had now this is very strange it is points to pardon me in that with McPike probably two months all right but I was I was in that facility though FDC facility for 18 months okay and did they tell you what your charges were yes they had an indictment against me including the planted evidence that bite Butler had planted on me for talking about the Clintons and everything okay so you were what what year was that that you were in that prison let's see from 1999 all the way through 2003 and I had gotten a bond for a little bit at that time you had gotten to what a bond a bond okay so you got out of prison briefly mm-hmm and so when exactly with you know you were set up you were thrown in that prison McVeigh was down the hall when did the bombing occur in relation to all that it occurred years before why can I throw nineteen to 1990 time all right so that's that is very now this Supermax facility where is it is it in Colorado or what yeah it was up in Denver Colorado in a suburb called the Englewood and it's called the FBI that's the Federal Correctional Institute and there they had the SDC which is a Federal Detention Center where they held inmates that were pending trial and so forth and then they had the shoe the part of that unit which was a special housing unit and that was a Supermax unit there okay did you happen to come across any other interesting prisoners while you were there I certainly did like uh well one of them was a mad who was from Pakistan and he sold about a hundred pounds of heroin to another cover DEA agent there in New York and they had put him in the pod there and he was my ping-pong partner for a while and he told me they guys would come getting the guards and he disappeared for kerja time and he come back and he said well I was a CIA Kohi and he was really spooked and I said what are they doing were they talking to you and he said well my son he's a he's the he's my connection he's the guy that has all the heroin over there in Pakistan and he decided been in Afghanistan and had dealt with Osama bin Laden and so what they wanted was for a mess in exchange for leniency on his sentence to use his sons connections to set Osama bin Laden up over there so they could get to him and I'm mad was worried about Diddy's family's protection over there and he was trying to cut a deal to get all his family all of them I mean all the nieces cousins sons daughters everybody but and he said if you bring him all the united states and grant me pulling me energy drop charges and we'll try to do this but they couldn't come to any kind of agreement so you know he's worried about them all getting killed over there once he tried to set up in a member there was other guys and never like Ron Cole who was the Branch Davidian compound guy and so forth alright so are you are you aware that Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset I have been told that yes okay well did his did this Ahmed and did his him and his son know that I suspect that they did that's their main job their main job was to sell you know the heroin the opium crops come in and they have a lot of stuff over there in Afghanistan and their job is to get the money in and deal it there were drug dealers right okay so let's get back to this story about Oklahoma so you end you got framed in what year after the Oklahoma situation you were offered then then some people tried to kill you a couple times and then somehow you were offered or framed for and thrown in prison as well right yeah yeah I usually go through the timeline but he said that we were going to repeat all that from other okay you know I just wanted to now I've kind of asked you a few surrounding questions so I kind of know the lay of the land you want to go through your timeline I'm happy for you to do that okay well basically after the murder billing was bombed in 1995 April 19 I went black for a while I knew I had operational knowledge of that I figured I was gonna get killed or something to shut me up a new surgery cover-up and then in nineteen nineteen ninety seven ATF DEA begin at an undercover operation stingray in Colorado Springs and I was involved with that and on April the 22nd 1999 that's when me and Blake Butler was sitting over there talking and he asked me about Janet Reno and Bill Clinton who Ron TV they were in Colorado at the time and I talked about ops and everything I told him about the job to bomb the murder building I didn't know at the time that ATF agent bite Butler had actually been working at the Murrah Building on April 1995 the day it was bombed that had not showed up for work I found out later that he was at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas when that fiasco happened and then he was also up in Ruby Ridge and Idaho where the Randy Weaver fiasco happened where Vicky Weaver was shot up there so about this operation I want to know Blake Butler and operation stingray you called it right right now what exactly was operation stingray operation stingray was started by jointly by the ATF and DEA in a Colorado area they were principally targeting the sons of silence motorcycle club which was one of the big five motorcycle clubs in the country and they were ATF was looking for gun violations and DEA looking for drug violations so it's a an operation okay now this guy Butler what exactly was his job I mean he was that was he an NSA I said or what no no he was an ATF agent he was he had been one of their undercover agents we found out later at several of these things and his task he was tasked with infiltrating the Sons of Silence motorcycle club pretending to be a club member and his job was to gain intelligence and try to you know catch him in violations and stuff like that okay but he was also involved in framing you correct oh yeah I had been at one point from 91 to 93 I had class three machine gun licenses and I had one of the biggest machine gun dealerships here in Colorado we sold machine guns silencers sawed-off shotguns and the name of the company was scientific nikhyl Road and so I had a lot of contacts in the area that that shop was a front for what we were doing with the black op stuff so um that's how I met him was through the gun business all right so so you were you were selling were you selling guns or we're just delivering them I was selling them by the time by the time 1997 rolled around and ATF DEA operation stingray was operational from 97 who 2 years to 1999 I had already dropped my licenses and had finished what I was doing and but I still was selling guns on my private collection when I turned on my records over to ATF many of the guns we had in our inventory it was a great big shop we just transferred them to myself personal and he was on legal transfers and then we mailed all our books and all of our licenses and everything back to ATF that's a standard procedure when you're turning in your licenses or stopping a business so I got records of all that stuff sure so were you at that point you kind of changed I mean I don't know if you call it professions but if you were you know selling guns were you like in a different line of work then kind of the black ops side would you so no no I was a black operator the front in this in this time was selling guns back any IDs around Center rows and those other option was being a geophysicist all right so that's very interesting so they use sale of machine guns as a front for black ops you bet that's a perfect cover because we had we dealt with we were building prototype guns for the Navy SEALs hoping to get some contracts we had class 2 manufacturing license which allowed us to build silencers machine guns it was a perfect front my handlers and people my principals loved it because we dealt with a lot of guns we had licenses to carry machine guns in any of 52 States we were always having you know guns being sold in and out in fact when the Branch Davidian compound was hit in 93 back to you know February 8th February 28th 1993 I was still operational scientific systems with my cover and Doug Miller he was the ATF field officer out of Denver office and he came down to my shop one day for surprised compliance check and I said what are you doing here Doug and he says did you hear about all that big thing and like oh you know and I said I heard someone who knows what's going on he says well they evidently got a lot of weapons there's been four ATF agents shot Shakespearean civilians dead so far and we're trying to figure out which gun shops have sold them stuff we want to know what's down there can we look at your books and my biggest distributors of time with RSR out of dallas and so I was dealing with Texas a lot in my gun shop and so we opened up the books and he looked through everything he did the sell a mini machine gun do they have any silencers whether they got down there and I said I've never even heard of them I don't even know anything about them but you're welcome to look at the book so they went around checking all the records just to try to find out what kind of ordnance they had down there before before anything else happened they'd already had four agent shots well they're pretty nervous okay well did they find out that your guns were used at Waco no no none of my guns were down there I didn't have any dealings with them whatsoever with the guns alright did you know Janet Reno did you know that the the Waco thing was a setup that was yeah oh yeah yeah I had a friend from Vietnam and I go ahead and use his name we don't want to you know violate that 1982 intelligence identities Protection Act that's a yes code 50 sections 421 426 where you can't you know spill the beans on any operative you know that John Kerry aku that CI officer he got 30 months in federal prison and January 2013 for fuckin and given somebody's name out who was still operational in the CIA's RDR programís or rendition detention and interrogation program so we don't want to use any names but they might want to give you the guy that's dead now and his name is Captain Glen Wilson and he did two tours in Nam and then when he got out unarmed he went down to Dade County Florida it was a head of no-knock narcotics there that's back in the 80s with all the cocaine cowboy things stuff was going on with Danny Marino she was the district attorney there and so captain Wilson was a good friend of mine we had done some contract work with attention television sighs you see both of us he planned some of that stuff in taped Iran in 1979 when they had to rescue our guys after the ayatollah khamenei commands forces overthrew our embassy there but back in Florida there he worked with her and they would go out and make this is what he told me straight to my face okay he said they would go out and make drug busts around the area lot of drugs coming through Florida at that time mostly cocaine sometimes heroin but mostly cocaine and he said that they would go into the evidence room and tag and bag all the evidence after their race at night and then he got coffee with Janet Reno there think they would go over all the paperwork and that stuff and that he I witnessed her go down there and she would take out cocaine and sometimes heroin mostly cocaine and it was to be used for her you know her lesbian girlfriends and then he also said that on certain prices they would bring in large quantities of drugs and they tagged him and bag them and get all the evidence evidentiary procedures out of way out of the way and then he she that would be politically connected they're sensitive people that got busted and Janet Reno would order him to destroy the evidence and get rid of it all because those people didn't need to be prosecuted so he went ahead with you you know the corruption and all because he could get him paid and everything but he told me later on when he was back here in Colorado he said she was horrible for us and that's what he saw himself I'm sorry to quite catch that he said she was what horribly oh I see that's interesting so the situation at Waco what was what was the reason for that op do you know the reason for that yeah why'd they frame that I why'd they kill all those children do you know any of that I don't know the actual reasons what I heard from Ron Cole who was he was a branch davidian i'm not a branch davidian but i met him after all that happened and he said that he was there with Koresh David Koresh the leader of the day about I think two days before maybe the day before that thing had his mother had gotten sick in Florida and he flew down there and take care of her and then the very next day there was a he heard it on the news you know that the place has been hit there was a shooting and he called every crash immediately and was talking to him on the phone and David Koresh told him what had happened and he had been shot at that point and then the phone lines were cut they s behind them cut the phone and then by the time Ron colony Utley left Florida and came back up and he said that by that time there was a large perimeter they were calling in all kinds of police and all kinds of people and there was Branch Davidians out there in the town that had been shopping and so forth and so he he bundled up with all the people that were not caught in that and inside that perimeter fence and then they set up camp and they watched at night over a period of several days wondering what was going on in there with their friends and at that point he still doesn't explain why yeah I'm you know I don't know the real reasons why all that happened other than the ATF was covering up a bunch of the illegal activity what Ron told me was that when he called David Koresh immediately after you get to know that I told him that they were all sitting around in the Branch Davidian compound that day and a couple of trucks with the shuttle trailers behind him pulled up and there was no markings no no message no nothing and the dogs ran out and started barking at the truck and the ATF agents in there shot the dogs and then they opened up on the compound now that was their story and later on there were two steel doors in that compound and the question that the trial was which way did the bullets come from the inside or the outside and the whole compound was burned down and those stores were those stores were evidence they subpoenaed them and in the ATF said they were lost out of the evidence from them it was two four by eight foot steel doors and there were two Texas Ranger Bros who had actually went after the fire and they'd seen those doors laying in there too hot to touch but they said that the bullet holes were coming from the inside out like someone had went up there and shot the place up and they were subpoenaed to testify later and then they found kiddie porn on their laptops and under Texas law if you're under indictment for a felony like that you're not allowed to testify so there was a big cover-up there and I'm telling you what I was told by Robyn cold out of his mouth you know I I was not there and I don't know the real reasons I know what he told me they saw while they were there at night and if you want me to tell you that I can tell you that I well he said that they were night after night they were there and they had binoculars and a little telescope different things trying to see because the perimeter is pretty far back and then at night they heard helicopters and they were racked out with you know black helicopters no markings no lights and they would circle the compound and they would see streets alight these were civilians they really didn't know what they were seeing they were seen these streets a lot going down different colors green orange and because they were all talking you know what is this what I wonder what is that and there was a guy down there and they said you know we wish we had some night vision so we could look at it and a guy walked up and he says I've got some night there's just military night vision you guys look and see it so they could see the helicopters and they realized at that time they said what are those streets alive he says well those are machine guns he said I just got back from Desert Storm and we used them like that all the time those are tracer routes were seeing at night and they go oh who are you and he said I'm Timothy McVeigh stayed with them shared the night vision and they watched and the standard tactics of a you know Delta Force ruining anything is to if you have an insurgents then they're all inside a building then what you do is deny the high ground in other words if you have shooters up on the roof they can shoot operationally very far but if they're down on the lower floors on ground level they can't shoot that far and so that allows the surrounding people to collapse the perimeter so by by taking away the high ground and machine-gun enough all of that it pushed the Branch Davidians down low which would allow the federal agents to collapse the perimeter even further and that's what he explained that Tyrone and he said that's what they're gonna standard military tactic that's like a softening up of the target yeah you know when people are up on top of a roof so I can shoot a long ways but when they're down on the ground I can't they can't shoot a lot it allows the permanent to collapse the closer in right but you said they're shooting from helicopters that's even higher than the roof no the people in the helicopters were the government the people on the roof for the Branch Davidians so are you trying to say that they were the Branch Davidian the helicopter shooting Connaughton in the buildings to force them to go down on a lower level okay the shooters being the Branch Davidians shooting the at the helicopters no the other way around all right so what was McVeigh's role exactly at Waco and do you think that that had something to do with him being turned into the patsy for oklahoma yes it probably did you know McVeigh had one bar over there and when he got back he'd been tank commanders and when he got back he went to Fort Benning I believe it was and he had joined Special Forces he wanted to continue his training and there was a big class of over a hundred people in that class and they did their standard psych profiles and so forth and then McVeigh was singled out the CIA picked about ten of guys out of that class and they had a covert meeting with them and they said look we want you guys to be operatives for us you know you'll be working for us but your front is going to be each Special Forces so you just keep doing your army thing but we want you to do covert bombings assassinations drug running so forth a McVeigh he told them he didn't want to do that he didn't want any part of it and we know this because right after that time McVeigh wrote the letters home to his sister that was Jennifer and he explained in the letters what the CIA had offered him and how he just wanted to be a soldier even want to get mixed up in all that black ops stuff and he quit and went away and later on I think the FBI confiscated a lot of those letters from Jennifer because she was called the tribe to trial up here at the Tenth Circuit in in Denver and a Richard makes with the judge on that trial but I have copies of those letters and we put some of them in the appendage of the book but after that the penguin up to a company called cows Bannon in Buffalo New York and that was a security job this is civilian security job but when you start digging around carry this is pretty interesting gossip and turned out to be in that redstone program with the Air Force they were involved in a lot of real high-level classified electronic research tronic countermeasures Micheltorena three stuff microchips archives a real high level stuff and it's there that we believe that McVeigh was approached with the offer to go down there and do the Ryder truck and and he probably didn't know he was part of a parallel off you know the building was going to be wired by other operators and that is when he was supposed to pull up there the whole thing was supposed to be detonating he's going to be the cover for it so yeah there's a lot of stuff with McVeigh needed a lot of people don't know he had plenty of reasons you know after Waco and seeing what happened there's plenty of reasons why he may have decided to turn against his own government all right well children were murdered right we're at you lyin Waco oh yeah there was when that thing ended Terry about it was April 19 1993 was the day they had that big fire and there was 54 dead and 21 children there that's just a sad thing okay and just curious do you think that those kids were were being held against their will well this is what Ron called tota told me because I had read all the stuff in the paper you know and I wasn't at the compound but I'd heard all that stuff and about him being a PDF file and and methamphetamine labs and as it turns out the ATF cooked that lie up about the drugs because they went to governor and Richardson of Fort Hood that's where my dad took his his his basic training in the army and 25th interview vision but at Fort Hood they had those tanks and that's what the ATF needed was the military hardware when they went to burn that place down so they they were violating the Posse Comitatus Act which forbids you know military equipment be used in law enforcement stuff so they lied to her and later on she admitted you know she believed it first then they found out after his burn there's no evidence of drugs whatsoever and realizes she been do and she got mad about that No and Richardson the governor said yes he had to oh okay the military equipment to be taken off Fort Hood so the ATF got it and they burned the compound down here's what Ron told me about that I said I bet all this stuff in the paper about David Koresh being a PDF file and being a bad to the children and all that and he just laughed he said there's nothing further than from the truth he said the children used to follow him around it was a great community there was never anything like that it was a Christian based thing there was no sex no drugs all of that was smears and lies that were generated to cover up the ATF's crimes that's what he told me okay and did you ever hear that David Koresh was a CIA asset I never heard that I don't know did you ever hear of a guy named Gordon novelle I've heard that name but I don't know much hardly anything about I've just heard the name that's all right yeah he was one of my whistleblowers he's died now but he apparently was quite involved in Waco and what did he what what was the basis I mean you know what did he say I mean what's the key point well he didn't say a whole lot you know he was a CIA asset basically oh okay and he was down there yep apparently okay I just wondered if you knew about him okay that's cool um so to get back to this whole McVeigh thing you know your story is is kind of centered around this the whole thing that happened you know where you got this offer and so and so forth but I'm just wondering is that really what you were you know I mean that building I get I get the link up with you know with I don't know you want to call it Gulf War Syndrome and hiding records there have been other buildings that have been bombed in order to get rid of Records in fact I heard that some of the buildings in New York and I forget the name of it was it wasn't Sandy Hook but it was seen Andy there was another sort of bombing of some a government building that had a lot of Records in it they wanted to get rid of and also move a lot of money's under the cover of a bombing so are there other things that you were involved in there a lot more I know it sounds like Oklahoma City is a big thing but um you know you know what I'm saying that how I know yeah I know exactly what you're saying and the answer is yes and there you know there was only City bombing was was one operation go ahead Oh like I just say since I we spoken for a year and I've heard you on many interviews as well it was because you wanted to do it in a different way carry and take away the timeline that's why this until you got a bit computing because on the contrary maybe it does but you know I'm trying to fill in some of the gaps where I hear other people interviewing and they don't really get into the nitty-gritty of what's going on I am not so interested in Oklahoma City what I'm interested in is the other operations the Cody wasn't you know involved in well I was involved in several of them one one thing we were this in the book we put in there was down in Guatemala City if you recall there was a staff sergeant in Vietnam his name was Barry Sadler and in 1965 he wrote The Ballad of the Green Beret that was a number one hit back in those times and Barry had got out of the Special Forces he he also trained with the 20th Special Forces Group and Fort Benning with Barry seal and some other guys and they all kind of went over there but Barry had gotten out of the army and he was working down in Guatemala you know in black ops mostly arms deals and helicopter deals and he there were some threats made on him he was stepping on some toes or some pretty big people and so did Flagler he's deceased now he was also two tours and Special Forces in Vietnam he was one of my principles or people that offered me jobs for men occasionally and he called me and he said he we have a bodyguard job for you down in in Guatemala and it was for Barry and two weeks before I was deployed to go down there a CIS fastening Robin shot him in the back of the head as he was leaving a bar Glock City and Robin had been with the Phoenix project Vietnam and Robins deceased now as far as I know unless they do teach identity and moving somewhere else but if you don't actually see the body on these things as it's a very black ops world and nothing as appears as comes out as it appears you know so that was what he had stepped on some toes and some international arms feeling that they were doing down there such as you know because I know that no no no no no no no my job was to bodyguard a target principle okay why why the bodyguard needed to be done and what he was involved in that is not need-to-know information my job was to keep him alive okay now he was shot two weeks before I went down there and Duke fleed Atlanta and he told me he said Barry's been shot and I said yeah I heard I said a part of it down there that wouldn't happen he said I know that's why we hired you and Barry didn't die though that bullet hit the back of his head and went around and came out Bubby's high and they put him in a civilian hospital in Guatemala City and he faked a coma because he was worried that CI guys would come down there dressed as doctors and give him a shot so there's Ron Brown God in the Quran the soldier of fortune thing and Duke they went down there and extracted him covertly and brought him back here this day can we worried about him being you know assassinated and killed and so he was deteriorating in his condition and the story they told me was that they took him over to Memphis his mother someone's over there and he actually died over here back in the stage that's a true story but my job was to go down there and guard a principal okay and keep them alive all the rest of it if case I was captured or tortured I was not told and I did not want to know it's all need-to-know these are black ops okay understand that but I also think that sometimes there is a need to know because how can you protect someone if you don't know what the hell they're being targeted by or why well from a civilian viewpoint I can certainly understand why you'd think that from my viewpoint I had a job to do and that was to keep someone alive it didn't matter who was after him it didn't matter what he was doing we were given the operational parameters that the threat levels were very high at the highest level and that's all I needed to know okay so do you know that the Israelis were we're also you know a lot of if you were in the gun business I mean I know as a cover but you must have known guns are coming from certain places and going certain other places you're aware that the Israelis were supplying guns to you know down there in South America and all that well when I was in Tokyo I was training in martial arts for a while and one of my roommates was an Israeli Mossad agent but I didn't we you know learn anything from him and as far as the Israelis selling guns down there I don't know anything about that okay so in terms of other operations that you were part of because you're you know in other words what you're kind of painting is a picture of being involved in I don't know how many years 30 years of black ops right yeah from roughly 1974 growing up to 1994 that was when I turned the job down for the Moreau baling because by that time I was getting I had PTSD real bad and I was drinking real heavily I having bad dreams at night it was reducing my operational effectiveness I'd also sustained several injuries and had some broken bones and nerve damage and so forth and so I was I wasn't at the peak of my game and I was about to retire and I did retiree and let's see March of 1995 I turned that job down for the Murray building and I was on my way out and then the bombing went off and I didn't take that job I just I did it on paper out of grounds I didn't want to do that to her own people you know all right I understand so you you were doing all of these operations though for all those years and then you had some health problems did you feel that that you were being mind-controlled at any juncture during those years yes September 18th to 22nd of 1991 we took about 50,000 dollars worth of machine guns some stuff out to Las Vegas through the soldiers portion show and I was meeting a CIA agents wives who had just been poisoned in Bogota and they were sending some things for us over to Tokyo and so that soldiers portion show was a good cover is a good place to do our meaning but I had been targeted in what project clamor which was with psychics they were doing high-level psychic attacks they were in trying to influence people or kill them at a distance using using psychics they used microwaves these various things and I had been targeted for that we had a guy that was working with us at the time and he lost his life several agents in fact died and he lost his life Dada's agent in Thailand in Bangkok and they buy me for the death and I was targeted restricting to get out anyway I was I was nearing my end of usefulness by that time and I knew too much and I was a liability because they can't control me with the national security of that's what a independent contractors they have no way to control you shut the plant you and throw you in prison or kill you I didn't have a VA loan on my house Rina they can't control you that way so they targeted me with that stuff and I survived that and we can talk about that okay so you're talking about project slammer and it looks like they started that around 1990 according to a report I'm looking at right now no that's not correct all right go ahead that project was actually begun in 1985 it was a ten-year study project and the FBI Behavioral Science Division along with CIA were the principles but also involved in it was the NSA and the DIA Navy and Air Force intelligence and it was so basically to Congress as a way to develop psych profiles for some of our spies of the term you know care you probably remember altar change he was a CI station chief over Moscow and he had turned evidently to the KGB and was selling secrets and so they set up on him and caught him and then there was the FBI counter-terrorist I think he was 26 years Robert Hansen he had turned also for the Soviets and I think that guy's name was Scott Walker in the Navy he was selling secrets to the Russians so they had a spate of guys defecting and they they were trying to you know figure out why and that was the above board off and there was a back off underneath that using all this mind-control stuff to be able to kill people at a distance using psychotronics that's psychological manipulation of a human being through electronic means like modulated microwaves or e.l.f ways and so forth absolutely so how did you find out about that project clearly yeah oh I was told about it with microwaves on like three or four different occasions and I have these fillings in my teeth they're they're the old kind of feelings you know and I would always get pain you know wherever we are ops I'm learning that we're using microwaves I get these terrible toothache and I didn't know what it was at first and then I started asking around and I said oh yeah they're using microwaves there that's why your teeth were hurting because the Marilyn in the feelings they have a higher coefficient of absorption of electromagnetic radiation and the standard tissue around you so they would afford that stuff and heat up a little bit put pressure on the nerve and you get the tooth back so absolutely so do you can see yourself psychic psychic I'm highly psychic that's why I'm still alive okay that's what I would figure so if you're highly psychic did you always know you're psychic or is this something you realized after you know several years no no I I had it for a long time and then when I died in Project glamour I was had in Las Vegas at the soldiers reports and show and they hit me with it they're a the psychic attack and I can explain all that how that works but I lost consciousness and they took me to surveying hospital and I was I hadn't coming out of both hands I was throwing up you know and everything and it what it does is it it simulates pyloric stenosis it's a restriction of the duodenum and how this happens is when psychics attack you okay over period of time it generally occurs at night and it disrupts the circadian rhythm okay in the pineal gland the pineal glands like the antennae the third eye chakra thing and so when these psychic waves come mental mental projections they start slowly changing the melatonin and serotonin production in the pineal gland there's melatonin sulphate which is the transport mechanism for melatonin to get out to the rest of the body because it can't next would be absorbed in the body that way so once your circadian rhythm is disrupted over a long period of time okay then your body gets out of whack you're in Durkin system gets out of whack your hippocampus hypothalamus amygdala all these various glands in the endocrine system began to malfunction and what happens increased serotonin levels can cause duodenum restriction between the stomach and the small intestine and when this reaches a critical point in your food you know starts to putrefy and your digestion is shut down and that's I suppose why the see I wanted to study that was because you could cause death at a distance with symptoms that look like food poisoning that way when a target of this attack would go to a civilian hospital like I did the doctors would look at it they would do the blood test they'd find on drugs they couldn't understand what was going on and plausible deniability would be maintained so they were studied this psychic attack they studied directed the energy weapons you know like when the Soviets hit our embassy in Moscow they were there building a machine they were doing all the bombing our guys with with microwaves and then our basher all them got back and they were having leukemia and all that that's documented they were they were developing all these weapons different weapons to kill at a distance so you wouldn't have to send in any physical assessment okay and then when they found the body they could perform all types of standard forensic autopsy technique and they of course on high-level targets people that real famous it's some politician or something they found their body they could take a tissue sample and standard forensic autopsy requires that a GC mass spec before that's a gas chromatography mass spectrometer and then gasify had the TC samples and separate them and run a spectrographic analysis and then they can tell what exactly what poison was in the body and so once I found out a guy's poison then I know where Blackhawk was committed but if you have a weapon that can kill at a distance and leave no trace at all then the people don't know what happened it looks like natural causes and therefore there's no blowback in the black operation that's why they were studying this stuff absolutely now did you know about project Stargate I knew about it with David Morehouse and those guys and I read that book that he had what was it psychic warrior I think it was yeah yeah I read that and all of that stuff is absolutely real and I use remote viewing myself there were times when we were doing black ops that we didn't have actionable intelligence sometimes the intelligence we were given was bogus it wasn't worth a damn and I didn't want to get killed because I was reading something you know from somebody and I used the only way to gain intelligence was with the remote viewing now but that's called science that's the psychic intelligence and as a scientist as a you know I have degrees in math and physics as a scientist Carrie I want empirical data I want proof I want pictures I want all this stuff but in the black ops world you don't have that luxury if there's any proof it's lost if there's any pictures they disappear it's it's hard so science becomes even more important in the black ops world and you Remote View targets if your fictions go in and hit a house or something you certainly like to know what's in there he's in there I mean we couldn't call CIA Langley and go hey we're on a backup can you guys send this to satellites eat tell us everything you know and yeah so yeah that does needs the psychic and remote anything it's very very real and yeah yeah and but the problem with it is Carrie in LA is that it's not reliable like you know if you had a telephoto lens and to take a clear digital picture I'd rather have that then use you know for instance a psychic vision or a remote viewing thing it's you know but when you don't have any intelligence at all then a psychic thing yeah you use whatever you got well you said that you say you psychic and you say that it saved your life right yeah so do you think I mean do you think that the people that hired you knew you were psychic because that's kind of obvious absolutely that's exactly why they hired me that's why did Flagler called me there's a lot of operators there's a lot of ex-military cut outs there's a lot of black ops guys in the community other guys like me you've never heard of and I could have called any number of them and said they wanted to go bodyguard Barry Sadler but the reason that he called me was because he knew I was psychic and he knew that I had this power I had actually demonstrated it to them on a number of field ops and when I when they knew that I had this thing and by the way I wanted to tell you carry a lot of people know this I read a report I don't have a copy of it but I read it once and and the see I was doing genealogy studies and they said that when you'd look at all the different races you know Asian black American Indian why Caucasian they found when they were doing psychic tests that the race combination that has the highest natural degree of natural psychic ability or psychism is a Caucasian and Cherokee Indian that that mix the Feeny ology for some reason had the highest height and that what I am see on some I've some of that as well and so does Miriam Delicato someone I interviewed and the people will know and also have to say that duncan o'finioan who's a piece what you call a super-soldier did you ever see my interview with him no I haven't duncan ofenham in the u.s. he has that combination and that's what kept okay so I'm you're right on about that well that's very interesting so in in terms of what you did and we had started this conversation at this part of the conversation talking about you being mind-controlled so when you were at this gun show down in Vegas they targeted you and psychically you knew that you were being targeted is that correct yeah and what had actually been happening Carrie was over a period of months after the death of that guy that was working with us they had started talk targeted me with you know the standard psychic attack and they were sending telepathic hypnotic suggestions through the psychic mediums and they began you know they would wake me up I'd be woken up every night like from 2:00 to 4:00 that's when you're in your REM sleep patterns you know where your your brains down in the theater the Delta that deep sleep and so they were began disrupting my deep sleep patterns they also sent these were very powerful psychics you know I never saw any badges and they come up go high where psychics working for the CIA and we're going to be telling you here soon so I don't have any proof of that but they felt it and they would plant telepathic suggestions while you were sleeping they read this was high-level mind control and like my girlfriend she she always slept with a Glock 19 a Glock pistol and she would wake up and go wow we get these really deep dark chills you know the feeling he needs called at which handi the Lakota workers with job you that's the spirit chills and wake up and she said man I just had a dream some woman was telling me to pick up this Glock could kill you and I said yeah that's the psychics they're they're hitting us and so we put eggs in all the corners of the room and every morning those eggs would all be broken the psychic energy was so strong from these professional psychics these were psychic assassins okay yes they were strike yeah you know are you aware that the government and a lot of the psychics out there the ones that are on this sort of circuit speaking they lie about the fact that they they can kill somebody at long distance they say they can't do they you know they've said oh yeah I see what you're saying Carrie yeah yeah and I've collaborated this with several people there's a lot of people Carrie I'm I'm really glad you're brave to talk about this because there's a lot of people who when they get out on the air they this is a taboo subject I mean they don't even like oh man if we start talking about this I think we're crazy but that you're absolutely right this stuff is very real and I appreciate the opportunity tell my story because they get me excuse me I gotta drink some anyway they hit me with his stuff and it's very very real David Morehouse gentlemen money though all those guys INGOs want all this stuff very very real it's at the highest level of their covert stuff and so anyway they hit me it takes a period of time and begins to slowly change the inter consistent balance of all your hormones and then you get sicker and weaker time goes by people you get drained down we had our dogs we had two icky two dogs from Japan and when they would hit us with this stuff the dogs would stand up they start looking all around and go around in circles in the room and then sit down and pee themselves they didn't know what it was these dogs were how strange there's no way they pee in the house and I just peed themselves are they relaxing there and then I just lay down on their sides and just breathe real heavy and every time we did this the eggs roll all broken and everything so we enlisted the help of several Indian medicine women some emergere key women others Lakota Lakota Sioux up at Standing Rock reservation and they all joined together in this psychic battle for my soul basically and this went on for four to six months and then it culminated out of the soldier of fortune show where it finally overwhelming and I died in a civilian hospital there the doctor civilian doctors of course had no idea that they were looking at some kind of covert mind control program totally outside their paradigm and so yeah and I wasn't eating drugs in Inked I wasn't drinking much at that time but yeah these programs were real and I died from one of them and when I came back I decided that I was going to change my life I had a near-death experience at that point I've been out of body and I looked down and watched the doctors and everything and I realized at that point that the spirit was real and that we were spiritual beings of light and it was a complete transformation to me I'd had a near-death experience in the real world and decided to come back and do light work and to use my psychic powers for goodness and healing and helping people rather than telling them or hurting them like we did in the black ops so I used my power back then to make money and I was good at it my base plate was 20,000 a month and over in Saudi Arabia they offered this job for 50,000 a month but I let one to leave that world I teamed too much stuff I was it was horrible and I did then I came back to write this book years later and helped expose the truth and trying to get treats out and so that's basically what happened ya know I'm here yeah well I can tell you that I've been targeted the same way and so I understand this kind of targeting I'm very psychic on that level and I know exactly what you're talking about so it's great that you're bringing it forward you know what did what did they do to you I yeah all right you know I don't want to you know oh I got his stories too I mean when you start talking you had an interview with Jeff France last night yeah and so after the show of course he called and talked and we did Jambi well too and we talked after that and there's a lot of thought that's why I'm talking about this out front like just a lot of people don't want to put it on their show so we talked about this stuff you know but what happened to you Kerry what was it well you know this show isn't about me so uh my my audience doesn't know I was targeted I got some I was on the way to interview a whistleblower and all this kind of stuff happened it's a few years ago and I did recover but I know exactly what was going on and all of that so you know I also read more houses book and I know that certain psychics out there certain remote viewers try to dis you know discredit him and that he actually told the truth in that book and that most of the like I say most of the remote viewers won't talk about this so it's great that you're bringing it forward I'm very glad that we sort of unearth that found that you know got you to talk about that so what I'd like to do though is find out you lived through a couple other life death experiences how did they target you in those times okay and like I said a 22nd of 1999 is when we made those types about the Clintons and centaur rose and all that and operation stingray and so after that the black butler men had planted me with psych evidence to shut me up and invite had been executed and so I was never gonna carry James gigan who was given c4 to take down on some guards he was all part of that off for the Murrah Building and he had been sent he was arrested planted with evidence just like me and sent to the Federal Correctional Facility in Springfield and the nut Hut basically inside the last one left and four years had went by my case was just sitting there they didn't want to touch it and we had hired a tape expert named William Valentine he had coffee with three sitting presidents he had worked for the CIA before bugging and debugging ops like the White House and stuff so he was real high level we hired him and he had absolute forensic proof that the ATF and them had cut the tapes and planted evidence everything and he told me if we go to court you're going to take down the whole ATF division and this is high-level corruption and he said they're never gonna let you do it and so judge Nottingham appointed by George Bush of course nominated by George Bush has to say he said okay we're gonna have a hearing it's been four years this guy's been sitting here we're going to have a final hearing and no more delays if if the prosecution then bring the evidence we're dropping the case and so that's hearing was scheduled on July 24th of 1999 well on July 14th of 1999 I was at a Walmart parking lot in Colorado Springs cleaning my wife is shopping I was cleaning the windshield leaning over the hood and I never saw it this is two weeks before we're fixing to take down the whole 80th division for tampering with tapes and so forth and we had him on perjury took perjury obstruction of justice all kinds of stuff so two weeks before then I'm cleaning and a car comes I never saw it all I heard was a motor Rev and the wheels squealing and it struck my Crown Victoria Ltd from the front nose to nose and it knocked it back about 60 and it knocked me back into another car and I hit that car rolled over the hood bounced off the trailer of another one and then hit a concrete live pole in the parking lot so I was in the hospital for quite a while my doctor told me that I was very lucky to be alive a couple of weeks later I was physical therapy treatment center walking on a cane very slow and I came around I was going to a car in the back of the parking lot and on a road there was a Colorado Springs police cruiser with a motor in it and they floored the car it jumped the curb sparks everywhere was about to be crushed and at the last minute he turned sideways about four feet away from me and shook he finger at me and it was ATF agent Blake Butler the nation's top cop threatening me not to go to court so I go home that night and I was watching a movie with my wife and kid here and I was really shook up I was really hurt I had internal injuries and all kinds of stuff and another vehicle an SUV pulls up in the front yard this is two weeks before the big hearing and I walked down there but it was Harold Leonard the guy who offered me the job four million dollars to bond the Murrah belly and I figured he was gonna kill me and I didn't care I just didn't want my young son to see his dad get shot so I went down there unarmed and I walked around and he rolled the window down and he had his hands on the steering wheel and I said Harold what is it what the hell is going on he said look he goes you know we've been ordered if you go to court and go to talk we've in order to kill you and then he pointed up at the house and he said we've also got orders to kill your family and so after all that aside I thought about had it and I realized this game was too rigged at the time and I called my attorney harvest-time was in Denver Broncos attorney next day and told him I said look we need a meeting and we had a meeting I said I'll plead guilty anything I got to get these guys off of me I got a wife and kid and I can't take this anymore and so he went to Greg Goldberg the assistant US attorney and the Tenth Circuit at that time and we had a little short meeting and Goldberg said look your case we're getting a lot of heat on and she said the US attorney has Tom Strickland who was a point nominated by built by Bill Clinton I mean I had the US attorney by Bill Clinton the judge by George Bush there's no way they had the CIA shield up the tapes that I made everything was a cover-up and there's no way to win the game so he just said pick a charge any charge we don't her which one and this whole thing's over and so I just pointed at the paper I didn't even I didn't care I didn't know what I was pointing at it was dealing firearms without a license which is a real small thing but I played guilty to that and then I was out of there and done with that and then years have went by and a way for Clinton to get out of office and in Hillary to get out from Secretary of State and then I wrote this book it took four years to ride a Ty Lee document I have all the records of the car racks and records of all kinds of stuff in here to provide circumstantial proof but Terry I just want to say one thing a lot of these things in the blackops world there is no proof there is none and and so yeah and so people go well how do we know you did that Cody and I said you don't I said I can tell you the truth and stand here and tell you and and that's the truth I know it it's like I love my mother but I can't prove that to you it doesn't change the fact that it's true and you know yeah the psychic attack stuff I mean how do you prove that there's no record if you take a bullet and you shoot somebody in the head they can say oh that's an assassination so but if a psychic attacks you where's the proof and then everyone goes oh you're crazy and you're an egghead and you know always does yeah exactly well you know it's really amazing that you're still alive so is your family okay yeah they're okay my wife of 31 years had a massive heart attack and she's gone from here and my son's grown up he's like I don't know 19 or 20 now so uh that's why I came out now with his book because I don't have a family to protect now and I'm 61 years old and I'm totally 100% totally permanently disabled with severe PTSD that's what my medical file said and there's ol I mentioned earlier right before I came forth last week with these interviews we had one scheduled with Olay on that day about an hour before the deal my computer got completely act and shut down and then I went to my doctor and I told him I'm fixing to go out with this Oklahoma shitty book and I want you to know I'm not doing any drugs except what you give me because I I've got diabetes so I take that and I said I through any puncture wounds or strange things you know I'm not going to commit suicide I'm not suicidal I want you to know that I'm doing this book and I'm coming forward and I'm not going to print suicide so I have cover and I we took also inside the United States Attorney's office I set up surveillance and in their equipment through all their x-ray machines and everything and I got types of them in there I have the nation's top cop there were two CIA agents and some other people and I have all those tapes they've never before been made public and so I have some documentation and some proof of all this we have 20,000 pages of discovery evidence I have ATF DEA copies of the surveillance tapes and operation stingray we have we have all kinds of evidence me and from Army Ranger guys went in did counter surveillance they said surveillance up on our place so we went and did counter surveillance on them and took pictures with them watching us I have all those pictures I have a lot of stuff but on some of the key issues you know carry it's just in black ops you know we don't have any proof okay but you know your testimony is a kind of a proof because your knowledge the level of knowledge that you have and when you tell your stories you know they can do people who do this sort of thing can you know test your your your voice and your course we don't see your body language but even psychics can duplicate that and whatnot so you know there is a level of testimony here that's very compelling now you didn't release your book yet and you're talking about your book and I get that but how are you going to release your book and when yeah we have a we're gonna do it through Amazon inside some guys working on that as we speak they're gonna put it on a PDF file you know with Amazon I think they're gonna sell it for like $9.99 or something so all that's being shut up we had some copyright thing issues and stuff to take care of but Carrie this was not a standard publishing deal you know most guys they'll publish a book first then go out and do the interviews well I couldn't do that I was afraid if I turn this book in any publisher are they rat me out to the CIA and then I get a bunch of heat and get shut now and I guess someone would maybe buy the book so they could squash the right okay I appreciate that you know but at this point you know you're out there talking so I mean even the CIA would be surveilling you no matter what right you can not only are you surveilled by psychics but electronics and probably the CIA all round the clock right well I I can't speak to what they're doing we we have been under surveillance many times captain Wilson was trained by CIA counter electronics agents and he taught me a lot of what he knew he had a cans of thousands of dollars worth of real high-level equipment but he since passed on and that equipment was sold but yeah I know this phone probably tapped and they may be watching here but we are in yeah yeah so I have a Deadman switch we took all the tape recordings and all the stuff and I put it around to different people there's no crisis we hand delivered the stuff there's no records but I think we're over the hump now thanks to oh lion shows like yours and Jeff ransom guys there's been a lot of exposure here real quick and the more exposure generally the funnier it looks if I slip on a banana peel or you know fall off and you know shoot myself eight times with a revolver that has shit shots in it it's going to look pretty silly and so it'll just lend credibility to the story but the thing way that Kerry is not the Oklahoma City I'm with you on that this is a little thing this off was old this is an old thing oleh he knows a lot more than me about all the different there's been so many attacks so many different things what I'm trying to do is put my knowledge forward so that we can blend it in with these pool of things and find the pattern to these false flag events and hopefully prevent some Oh at the same time wake people up civilians you know that near they're working their jobs they don't know about all this black ops stuff and psychics and all this stuff and and wake them up to the fact that that world is real like David Morehouse it's absolutely real you just don't see it absolutely I want to ask you some of the black ops you know what we call false flags and there's a whole slew of them that it's been happening for quite some time now there was let's see I'm trying to it was Aurora was it Aurora Colorado you were in Colorado you know about that story right I don't know I knew about Columbine he's about this high school shooting or a mind control watch a mind control with a son he was neuroscience major in college and got involved these two financial sort of giants which had to do with I guess FICO and this other one which is called um gosh what is this called anyway it all happened the theater in Aurora Colorado that was at the Batman movie and a shooter oh yeah you know that was another false flag and he was framed that kid was framed as a patsy and for all evidence he didn't even you know pick up a gun but you know and of course Sandy Hook etc I mean you must be able to watch you know what's going on well Vegas for that matter just recently right yeah I did you know did you know Jerry did dr. Julian last who's in a CI isn't a ultra program that was he was associated with Sirhan Sirhan you know well he guess where he showed up he showed up after Oklahoma City after the bombing was detonated he was sitting down there as part of a science team to judge the emotional fallout and the effect on the civilian population and so forth and that part of that's in my book of a chapter 10 which is about CIA mind control and more of a you know the monarch program with cathy o'brien and MK ULTRA we trace it back from the 1947 paperclip thing and how they morphed it and then I tell my story about the project glamour thing and so the are doctors dueling with the same players show up across all these events all these different times and there's a pattern and oleh is a master at at correlating this vast amount of information about these ops and then picking out the patterns so maybe even to do some predictive analysis and and find out where the next one is the idea is to get the truths and the lied out and to stop the shadow government rape of our country and our people and you know and I know we're keeping you for a while and I really do appreciate your patience with all my questions but just want to know what do you know anything about 9/11 that you've been able to piece together on your own yeah on the day of 9/11 when it happened I was down at Captain Glen Wilson's house in power Springs what's been the chief of police in Manitou Springs and I hear Annie's on Pikes Peak Investigative Service I have some stuff in the book about that this is after he'd been with Janet Reno and all that dia stuff and anyway I was at his house because he passed away by Agent Orange cancer and asked me to take care of his wife we were down there talking and I was telling her about some of the ops and the blowback you know the American civilians don't realize the government's pulling dirty stuff overseas and wonder why we get bombed then attacked and I said we've got a lot of heavy karma here from all this dirty shadow government stuff and the day of reckoning is coming and that was that was the morning of 9/11 I came back to heard it on the news and I don't have any operational information I didn't I don't I was getting towards the end of my game a lot of guys would work with her dead or gone and I didn't know anyone it actually worked or was at the 9/11 thing like Ron Cole was down there at UH at the Branch Davidian so I had no first-hand knowledge that most of my stuff I learned was fucking researchers like Olay and in different ones and I heard they they could use nine of nano-thermite and so forth but I never believed that official story not for a minute not for a minute I knew it was an optominute I saw it right sure now I want to ask you about project Phoenix you know project Phoenix you talked about it in South America and some people being involved in that were you familiar because you dealt with these Vietnam vet vets and my understanding is project Phoenix actually originated in Vietnam yes it did and I knew one of the operatives he worked with his son Trey's name now he's deceased but his name was Captain Robert dukes his front was being any army but he'd been recruited out by the CI just like they were trying to do McVeigh at Fort Benning you know after he got back from Desert Storm and anyway dukes we did a few things together as good friend of mine and he was in the Phoenix project he was one of their assassins and he was using the army as a front and they would fight these DoD files as to where he was you know been while denying or wherever Pleiku and put a bunch of false stuff in there for cover and then he told me this stuff straight out of his mouth so this is a good eye witness he said that he would stage through Laos and Cambodia and he stayed with him out in yards you know those uh either like Native Americans over here you know they're they just live out in villages and stay away from everything they didn't like the Viet Cong much and so he straight there and he had a message drop or he could get out and get his assignments and then they would go into North Vietnam covertly and his assignments were to fascinate the families of a high-ranking North NBA army officials like Colonels or generals and the idea was a science by the CIA what they wanted the North Vietnamese Army to know was that while they were coming troops in the field against our American soldiers that their families weren't safe at home and so they were hoping this would cause some defections in the higher ranks of the NDA structure and then he would commit and you know he was specifically targeted with killing women and children the operational parameters in this case were to do it real messy and leave a real messy signal so that it would get back to the commanders in the field and hopefully disrupt their operational effectiveness so that was part of his off and then he would go back and cool off for a while evidently they had a number of assassins like rouse and a few other ones and they had his team is all covert they didn't want to tell the people back here in the States of course that they're murdering women and children deliberately but that was part of the SIOP against the NBA army and I guess I guess it was pretty effective I mean if I was out leading troops and I found out someone murdered my wife and kid it was certainly messed me up okay but did you ever hear about targeting using psychic abilities in Vietnam I did never hear about that I had a lot of friends and different people we worked with that told me all kinds of things about that they work with us for intelligence all different branches Marines army and all but that stuff's generally higher classified and backed in theory you in the 60s mid 60s late 60s I don't know if they had morphed the programs that much into the psychic stuff it was mostly opiate based psychedelics with a you know the MKULTRA type stuff and they were splitting people's minds bill in The Manchurian Candidate with sexual ritual abuse trauma and so forth you know all that that's all old stuff but I never I never heard of that where they used psychics no one that I talked to you that was over there and I told me things in confidence like Captain Dukes he never mentioned that he just said his restraint assassination office where they went over there and used guns and stuff and then left they ever tell you that project Phoenix was also a sort of a sociological game that they had then they were testing it in Vietnam and now they've imported it to the United States and that it that's that it's a yeah yeah yeah I know I guess your question and field I said you know field assets like captain Dukes using the army for the front were generally never allowed to know the higher up parameters in any overall operation they would not as a matter of course have that as need-to-know information because if they were ever captured by the North Vietnamese as you can well imagine they would be tortured extensively so the the uppers in that program that knew how it was all being really used I would never tell a low level field asset like that that's like me I'd be a little level field I said and I was never told what was going on on top because you don't want to black the beans if you're captured right okay so you know I'm not going to keep you too much longer but because I deal with this area of underground bases and secret space program etc do you ever feel that you were sort of trained even in other ways to be sort of a what we call them super soldiers but they are soldiers that use psychic abilities as well as sometimes they're augmented with various things and you certainly have the profile for it so did you ever feel that you were abused for some of these much more what we call deep black operations um yeah I was never super soldier thing I was independent I told the CI I don't want to work directly for you I don't want to be an agent I don't want to get a pension I want to stay the hell away from you I work particularly for money and that's what I did it for I didn't have a lot of political objectives and stuff I would just take bodyguarding ops like Barry Sadler or whatever but when it came to the Murrah Building I wanted nothing to do with that there was a Pearl Harbor when it was bombed in Guadalcanal I was patriotic and I told her Oh Leonard when he offered me that job I said I want nothing to do with it if you guys have went too far this time I can understand it's going to Saudi Arabia or somewhere and doing some of this stuff but I am NOT going to do it in my own country this is our home this is our own country and I'm not going to kill women and children you guys are nuts and so I was I was very upset that they'd even consider me for something like that and a million dollars I would never consider a bombing off like that for that kind of money I knew it was a patsy I've been in the operation for a long time I knew what they were doing and I didn't know at that time though that it was the Gulf War Syndrome and the Clintons cover up all the records so I I was never a super soldier I was never approached by any assets to be a super soldier I was just an independent but I was highly psychic and part Cherokee Indian and we do any medicine and stuff and I was very attuned and aware sometimes we owned or not we could open go to open the door and I get this weird feeling sick too dense proximity sense feeling like just my hand would jerk back automatically and we find out later after they filed after-action reports and stuff that there was a sniper team over there I didn't know and I had no way to know it I just felt it and so that's what kept me alive I know some guys didn't on that before they step on a booby trap or something they just get a weird feeling out in the jungle you know and they they told me these stories over and over that they just stop and drop down and then then a ambush would come off and they didn't know how it worked or why it worked and they didn't talk to their CEOs about it they just had the sixth sense that shaped them okay and I totally agree you know I'm sure that's going on all the time you know especially when you're a soldier you have these abilities you're going to use them to save your own life and the lives of the people around you if you can I imagine yeah okay so let's fast-forward to today because you're still psychic and you're still alive you live in Colorado where I great so you must have on a psychic sort of level and don't have to reveal a whole lot to me I don't mind you can just say yes or no but you wear stuff goings-on psychically in Colorado the Sun degree I use my psychic abilities now to do healings we work on veterans with PTSD I gave a talk at VFW post 11 for oh and one here we worked with the weasel' warriors the dog you know to get service dogs for veterans and I use my powers now to heal and to help and we do certain ceremonies here I run the Starlog healing center here and we try to use our psychic powers to help relieve the trauma from battlefield or injury some of these times have really had some bad memories and bad things we try to get them out stop the dreams and get them off the you know carry all the VA crap they give them all those serotonin reuptake inhibitors and all those new drugs are given our guys we try to get them back to a more organic diet and off of all those pills and more in touch with their spiritual self there's a coping mechanism you know instead of alcohol and drugs for all their trauma and so that's how I use my power now is in a good way you know not to make money we don't never we've never charged money I just do this as a donation thing to help our guys cuz I know what it's like okay so one last question and then Olay if there's anything you want to add I want to have you you know speak about that but at the moment just wondering if if you're aware of anything in terms of the future you know do you use your your abilities for the future and to look at the future around yourself and and so on yes and I'm actually a master remote viewer you know like mcmoneagle and David Morehouse we worked with several psychics that were involved in that uh you know the aftermath of the Philadelphia Experiment when I rebooted all that stuff up later on after they shut it down first I work for some of the guys but yes I do have my own psychic visions and I do have dreams sometimes and I'll dream something and then about two weeks later it happens just like in the dream and it's very difficult for science to understand this but we know I've studied a little science about how the pineal gland works is like an antenna the oznas Center the third eye and so I do have my own feelings of the future and in fact I'm using them right now with this interview because I have bodyguards driving around in cars out there I've also got guys out in the woods I live four feet to the National Forest we're in a remote location I have physical surveillance around this property right now while I'm doing these interviews and then I'm also using my psychic ability as we speak to feel around to feel if I feel anything because sometimes that six-inch stuff is right and then sometimes it's not fair enough all right well it's been great talking to you Cody and I really want to thank you very much for coming forward being such a brave man to do so it's not easy definitely no no and we all we all need to stand together know like there's a darkness in our world there's a lot of shadow government stuff I feel like if we don't do something now we're kind of like head up to us you know there's a it exists it really sawed off we could all end up with microchips in us you know and then all those new world order Horrors in police state no prison planet and all that so I'm hoping by stepping forward that other piece people in will come for and go hey I did by cops and I did this and I was mind-controlled you know down there in Florida and all this happened to mean we get more and more people to you know it makes me nervous I get nervous talking about this stuff just like anyone else but we need to get it all out in the open and and and share information you share your story Terry and I share mining all right and he's got his own you should hear some of his stories - I mean there all kind of stuff going on in people afraid to talk about it that's right exactly right well thank you very much for your service to humanity at this time again oleh are you still with us sure okay so do you have any you know things you'd like to touch on you know we have a little bit of time here I know we've been going for a while but any any thoughts one thing I just want to ask Cody you said that at the local building there at the shootout that they were there was this steel door and you said that it was very important from what direction the bullet hole the bullets were fired and I think that yet there was a little confusion here could you please me because it's a very important detail could you just please repeat where they're certain where the shots were fired from from the outside or the inside okay what Ron Cole told me he was on the phone with David Koresh immediately after the shootout happened and Koresh was bleeding and before the FBI cut the phone lines Koresh told him that they were all sitting around in a compound and those two trucks came up with cattle cars the dogs went out running and the ATF shot the dogs then they started shooting at the compound so the Branch Davidians then returned fire but the bullets were coming from the ATF into the compound after they shot the dogs so that's what that's the story he told me exactly because I think that you said the other way around just by mistake so I just wanted to make that clear what I would like to point out since the carry we've had quite a few shows where we've been looking at these very strange bizarre patterns that are sort of combining different operations and we're the same team are being used in many different operations that are ordinated I just want to point out that last year this time it was a whole series of false flag operations in Europe and in the u.s. that had the theme of Santa even DARPA had also their operation that were called Santa and hohoho and and so on so there was this bizarre Santa anything from the saint polka treated to this very strange in with at the Fort Lauderdale the false flag operation at the airport this guy Santa Paul boobs giving bizarre antonio's and there was different things with the around Christmas and Santa Paul and so and so on and at this moment there's a whole lot of fires in California in Santa Santa Lucia Santa Rosa Santa Rita you know I'm in California so I'm surrounded by fires right now and you know thank God I'm in a place that is not being affected but it's all around me and I think you mean actually Santa Monica is on the road to what you're talking about the Getty there's a there's a fire that cropped up on the Getty the the mountain on where the Getty Museum is and we've got a whistleblower who talked about the underground base under the Getty this is the modern Getty not the old one and and and that's where a fire is right now so what did you want to say about all that no I'm it's not the Santa Monica I'm talking about there's 10 different fires at the moment very very odd fog is where it is when you look at the devastation where houses are hit but the trees are are not on fire cars are melting you know Angie blocks on everything but right next to them there they're just green grass not on fire at all little bit something that shows like quite possible evidence of directed energy weapons used we had the exact same thing going on in Portugal as well and while these things are going on also they're things hello can you guys hear me at all no I think it must have called him back on them hello are you there LA I am okay we obviously they cut us off they cut my internet connection and dropped us off I'm going to try to add Cody again to the call here but no guarantees obviously I know we've been going for a while anyway but actually kind of concerned that we might lose the recording of all of this so I don't know what's going to happen when when I click try to close this down just saying I don't know what's going to go on I hope you know we've been recording it on another device so we if we lose the video then then that's what's going to happen I am live again now at this moment I believe double-checking that my audience hello hello there oh hi what happened I was standing you listen to all I talking in the phone just back out right what happened is they they actually dropped us off and to be honest with you I don't know what's happening with the situation here I don't know if if this is working I I hope that this is a recorded everything that came before we did recorded on another device in case we have to in case they try to erase it what they did is they knocked my internet completely off when we when I mentioned Santa Rosa and we were talking about the directed-energy weapons that were happening with the fires up there like I said there was there's been plenty of proof even Richard Alan Miller has said those fires you know he has I agreed he's a physicist in case you don't know who he is you know there's so much evidence that they're using kind of a directed-energy weapon and they used one in Santa Rosa there now appears to be evidence here in Southern California and some of these fires and oleh I think that's what you're trying to reference is that correct before we got not done exactly Santa Rosa in Santa Clarita I think there's another fire fastest ten fires around in California at the moment around you that are not connected they say that they are connected but the distance between them are too big for them to sort of spread naturally yes and and we have this unit gentleman has been going on in in Portugal as well very very weird fires you know like you well I'm sure you have it on your program but I treat burning from the inside out and all kinds of very strange phenomena very similar to what's happening around the Twin Towers with these melting cars and so on around when that when the towers went down hi can i interject just something real quick one of the stories I forgot to tell you killer when he asked me about some of the black ops stuff we had it in this book and it's about Army Ranger Seaquest he was down Central America and in witness he was on a black ops team for the agency down there and he they witnessed a SDI test back in the Reagan thing and it was one of these particle beam weapons and the stories in there of what happened and how they saw it all but that they were testing that stuff way back in the day and now fast forward here's these fire in California man born in Santa Monica out there in these modulation dishes are they saying absolutely well I've lived here for most of my life at this point and I can say that they are I do believe some of these have been again started on purpose and they they have no relationship to each other there are certain strategic areas where I think that they're doing this for example one of the things we found out in Santa Rosa in Northern California someone had done a survey before the fire started as it was just a serendipity a woman had studied the map she found that there was a certain area in which the the land there was a sort of a land grab going on that they they had a lot of old structures and that poor people lived in those structures they couldn't get them to move or anything and then when the fires came along they found the fires followed those exact zoning areas where these that they wanted to repossess the land and the same thing I am thinking now is going on in Ventura County which is north of me that the Ventura fires is again a very you know a rather poor area interestingly enough there is a number of military bases right in that area including Vandenberg so you've got a really interesting situation going on up there then you've got these other fires that are happening at the same time again oh they are correct there is no connection between the fires and and there no excuse me a minute and we've got overtime on this and I have another interview I have to do so I've got to cut out but I want to thank you guys thank you very much and I appreciate all questions and any time you guys want to talk I'll be very happy but I gotta go I'm sorry that's okay no problem Cody we've really enjoyed having you on the show and and please do come come back again okay okay thanks a lot Godspeed you guys bye bye are you still there early and okay so I just wanted to give you a minute or two to go ahead and talk that was the idea here we were wrapping up as it was and I wanted you to be able to finish what you had to say so you're right on about the fires but go right ahead no I just want to point out because I think you're very very right on correct with what you talked about because if you look at the Granville Tower fire in London and how that fire was used as more like less like ethnic cleansing in many poor areas or getting rid of poor immigrants and so on out of very luxurious areas of London real estate where the prices are really high but where they had a problem with these minorities still being there and how these fires and the risk of similar fires I mean that was a total awesome you know they dust it was a staged fire but they used that to cleanse many many areas and these towers and the hungers where people have been evacuated out of them and I think there's a similar thing going on in California as well where there's this cleansing of people in certain areas and combined these directed energy weapons were very heavy chemtrails praying before I can almost guarantee that the last week or two in California you will have had very heavy tensions brain to prepare for this and I just want to come compare it with in Sweden some years ago there was a there was a very very violent storm very bizarre where thousands of square kilometers which is the abhorrent were just leveled in one though it just thousands and thousands of trees just broke off I mean there were there environments and everything the exact same area where they had been planning for digging down what he called an ADSL high fiber optics for internet access you know but the road problems were getting that done and then after the storm boom all the forest was over and down and then go I think there's a lot of these things in operation as well these so-called and natural disasters but with too hard technology directed energy weapons these turbines can training so that they could get the areas really dry beforehand and so on yes important to look at very very important thank you for that yes we also are aware just so you know as I mentioned the Getty Fire has no relationship to the other fires and under the cover of a fire you can appreciate that a lot of things can happen they can do a lot of things they can conduct operations and there is reason to believe that that's also what's going on here and I'm still investigating the locations of the various fires and why they're located in certain areas and not others and you know I have to say logically it makes absolutely no sense why it's in one area and not another you know and you can see certain areas are protected and and so on and that's a it's a whole mystery as to what they're really doing and they targeted it looks like they think that their operation in Northern California was a success and so that now they've come down to Southern California to to do what it whatever it is they they have been in mind and that's what we're we're watching at this time so yeah very very crazy times we're living in but we need to stay white yeah I think it's very important to look at what areas were burned what buildings with that but also what buildings were not and like if you're talking about military bases on that in that area were there are there gonna be any fires there or are they somehow miraculously going to be saved I want to suggest the possibility for the better alternative and if so that will show a lot of proof and who's behind it as well absolutely well we could do a whole show on this subject alone and and there will be more evidence coming forward I think as as this situation progresses here in Southern California so thanks a lot of you all a want to point out this this code name that they seem to be using with Santa Santa port santa pola santa all of these Santa's and see if this pattern will continue absolutely I agree with that and I just want to say one little thing I was in Vegas to do an interview I I don't know if I'll ever be able to release any of that interview so I can't say anything more about it but I can say that I was at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and there's a very interesting situation there that people may not be aware of I don't think it ever showed up on anything but you can tell me if you came across it the Mandalay Bay has a special little exhibit you might call it it's part of the the design of the lower gardens around the front of the hotel and what you get are the wing and Dragons these huge statue in front of the Mandalay Bay Hotel of wing and Dragons and you can't miss him and I don't know that they showed up on any of the reports but that tells me a lot about why that particular site was chosen for the Vegas operation there is a link up obviously with with the Dragons and and you know all of that Draco and and so on so for people that might find that interesting just throwing that out there some some more food for thought I just want to point out also that I'm going to do a webinar with Cody on donation on the 17th of December where people can be in direct contact with him and giving him their own questions and so on it's you can find details about on night on conspiracies calm my website and anybody who wants to sign up once and $400 whatever everybody is welcome so I think it's going to be really interesting Union all right well great to hear and you know we can help you try to get the word out about that upcoming also want to extend my offer to to both you and Cody you know whenever his book is ready to go whatever we can help him get a free ad on Camelot to help bring direct traffic over to buy his book maybe help him also financially so just keep me in the loop and we'll be glad to help I'd really appreciate it thank you so much Gary all right all right well thank you Ola I'm going to let you go and sign off here everyone so good night I know it's night time where you are LA and thanks again for bringing this wonderful whistleblower forward you most welcome we made it technical stuff we made it in the end yeah and I hope the YouTube is is survived but just everyone know that if it hasn't we will be able to upload the audio so we will do that if there's any problem so when they knocked me off off the internet yeah so it remains to be seen whether it's there or not but we'll see we hope we hope so all right take care goodbye bye bye but okay so that's that's the show for today and thank you everyone for listening and for your patience hope those who have missed the show it's a boy it contains some very important information let me say that especially about the the remote viewing and all of that and what how they can kill people at long distance because this is a carefully hidden area of remote viewing that never gets talked about it's great to have somebody testify in that area so thanks again for watching and for listening and we'll be back tomorrow with a paladin is going to be on the show tomorrow night and we're going to be I think it's 7 p.m. Pacific if I remember correctly and he's going to be talking about the history of the white hats the documentation they came across that documents the black project money and and all of the fraud that the Cabal has been involved in etc so that that'll be a fascinating show so plate please do stay tuned for that tomorrow and I'll be putting that out there tweeting it and so on on my site so please do support our work we do need funding to keep going and you can always donate on the donate button on Project Camelot dot TV so please consider doing so just to keep us operating there's a lot going on a lot that needs to be covered and obviously we're having some up some pretty strong obstacles crop up every now and then it helps to have support out there and so thank you again and take care and have a great day bye bye you



The station was announced in May 2010 when Absolute 80s launched on the Digital One national multiplex.[3]


The service was launched on Monday, 21 June 2010 by Christian O'Connell at 10 am with the Oasis song "Roll With It" the first song played on the station. It was then followed by a 90s mixtape.

Like its other digital spin-offs, Absolute Radio 90s also carries the breakfast show from Absolute Radio. During the 2013 season, Absolute Radio 90s was the UK's broadcaster of National Football League (American football) games, taking over in that capacity from BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. (Absolute Radio abandoned NFL broadcasts in 2014.)


The service, which replaced Absolute 80s, was at launch available to the Greater London area via the Switch Digital platform (12A/223.936 MHz) via the following transmitter sites (Transmitter Power in brackets):

  • Crystal Palace (2.10 kW)
  • Bluebell Hill (2.00 kW)
  • Reigate (1.51 kW)
  • Guildford (1.00 kW)
  • Zouches Farm (0.35 kW)
  • Hemel Hempstead (0.25 kW)
  • Otford (0.17 kW)
  • Alexandra Palace (0.10 kW)
  • Arkley (0.10 kW)
  • Mount Vernon (0.10 kW)
  • Stoke D'Aberdon (0.01 kW)
  • Shooter's Hill - Thamesmead (0.01 kW)

In addition, the station replaced dabbl in Bristol, Essex, London, Newbury, Reading, Swindon and Cardiff.[4] The service is also available on Sky (channel 0203).

Absolute Radio 90s launched on the Digital One platform in August 2010, initially as a test due to run until 30 September 2010.[2] This used the broadcast capacity of Absolute Radio Extra during that station's downtime. The trial was subsequently extended, and in November 2010 it was confirmed that the station would remain on Digital One, sharing with Extra as before, on a permanent basis, and that a new station, Absolute Radio 00s ("Noughties") would launch on DAB in London in December (in the former 90s slot.) As a result of its national launch Absolute Radio 90s has now also been removed from the other local DAB multiplexes it broadcast on (Absolute Classic Rock took over the slot on the Cardiff local multiplex).

As a result of sharing its Digital One slot with Absolute Radio Extra, Absolute Radio 90s was off-air on DAB between 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm on Saturdays. However, the digital TV and internet broadcasts of the 90s station were uninterrupted and continuous throughout this period. Following the closure of Absolute Radio Extra, Absolute Radio 90s regained a full uninterrupted service on all platforms.

From 29 January 2018 the station went nationwide on DAB.


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