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4756th Air Defense Group

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4756th Air Defense Group
Air Defense Command.png
4756th Combat Crew Training Squadron Convair F-102A-90-CO Delta Dagger 57-818.jpg
F-102A of the group's 4756th Combat Crew Training Squadron at Tyndall AFB, Florida
Active 1955–1963
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Air Defense
Role Interceptor Training
Part of Air Defense Command
Patch with 4756 Air Defense Wing emblem

The 4756th Air Defense Group (Weapons) is a discontinued United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with the 4756th Air Defense Wing of Air Defense Command (ADC) at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, where it was discontinued in 1963.

The group was first activated at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, but moved to Tyndall when ADC assumed the interceptor aircraft crew training mission from Air Training Command. In 1963, its mission was absorbed directly to its parent wing, which was also located at Tyndall.

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from ancient civilizations to medieval kingdoms to our own modern society. conspiracy theories abound about those in control keeping powerful secrets from the people from all of us and while the allegations may vary the overarching questions remain the same what are they hiding why are they hiding it and where is it hidden secret government warehouses where are they and what secrets do they hold you can't apply federal laws to a non-existent place tonight an investigation to find out how other people get in here we'll travel the world looking for answers from powerful Washington insiders we don't know about at an abandoned military base in Montauk New York with investigator Richard Dolan in the skies above the legendary area 51 in Nevada with researcher Glenn Campbell all the way across the ocean to perhaps the biggest repository of history on earth the Vatican can we go into the end our investigation will reveal shocking revelations about secret government experiments on US citizens we were making human guinea pigs out of civilians cover-ups about the existence of UFOs I couldn't tell where I was done because it was top secret potential evidence from a secret base that may provide proof the government has been hiding the truth about extraterrestrial life for decades it's really not human it's so unusual it's like nothing I've ever seen before will speak to informants who divulge details about what's hid and where there's thousands and thousands of underground tunnels and for the first time on network TV bring you footage purportedly smuggled out of area 51 have an extraterrestrial travel with us on a global expedition to find a truth about government the secret government warehouse it's a concept portrayed in pop culture that has intrigued audiences around the world for generations officially k39 triple Z on the North American grid but I like to think of it as America's attic in the sci-fi series warehouse 13 two Secret Service agents are sent to a classified location in the middle of a desert there they are told they must protect a mysterious government facility full of historical artifacts that have potentially catastrophic paranormal powers which is supposed to do is hunt down whatever is threatening to ruin the world's day and bring it here it may seem like a far-fetched idea but we know there are locations around the world where governments are hiding things on military bases in government archives in underground bunkers many of them pertain to national security but are there other deep secrets inside these restricted areas what are they doing in Fort Knox or an area 51 what are they doing in the Vatican that I can't go in and see the mere fact about refusing to let people in makes the people on the outside question why are they being shut out and what is actually happening in that secret area or secret meeting are there facilities we don't even know about hiding things we should know about some say yes a large number of warehouse 13 type facilities everything's in its hidden compartment buried away very very secretly whether it deals with mind control or UFOs or maybe super biological weapons or what-have-you secrecy is the norm not the exception to answer these questions we began our investigation in Washington DC we've come to talk with John Podesta former chief of staff to President Clinton and a longtime advocate for government transparency to get an inside perspective on just how extensive government secrecy may be as a government and your knowledge ever gone too far in keeping something secret I mean of course that the government can go too far keep it secret and those habits kind of die hard we just need to be observant to ensure that that the public gets the maximum information that that that we can provide it is their sense sometimes that the American public can't handle this information people who are classifying information think the American public can't really handle it how much don't we know as a society there are sensitive operations that are kept secret that is critical to the success of those operations but having said that there's a lot that's swept into that zone which for reasons that really are not about security that could be done because if the public knew they wouldn't want it being run in their name one of the biggest sources of speculation is the existence of still classified UFO FILES why has the u.s. not been more forthcoming opened up more information about UFO sightings in approving or disapproving I think that's a question that I asked myself I mean that is there something really in there that the American people couldn't really be made available to maybe you know maybe it'll seem whatever the government was doing at the time might seem a little silly in retrospect and so what I mean I think public has a right to know that while the US government still keeps UFO documents stashed away at a government facility somewhere other countries are finally coming clean in 2008 the UK Declassified its UFO records and for the first time witnesses including members of the US military have been able to publicly come forward with their stories I couldn't tell where I was done because it was top secret Milton Torres is a retired US fighter pilot in 1957 while stationed in the UK a strange assignment came over his radio they informed me that this was gonna be an act of firing mission then they said this is an unidentified flying object we want you to shoot this thing down when Torres reached the designated coordinates a giant object appeared on his radar screen maneuvers that I couldn't follow it would stop and then take off right angles I got in within 20 seconds to go when all of a sudden it just disappeared I mean it took off something like ten times the speed of sound this is faster than anything we have another drawing board I was afraid for my life Torres returned to base and was ordered to never reveal what he saw the air they said that this mission has been declared top-secret you're not to discuss this with anyone not your wife not your commander not anyone who violated top-secret instructions you'll go to jail to this day Torres does not know what it was he saw on his radar screen but he has his suspicions I don't think we're alone whoever built that machine good stories like Torres's still be under lock and key within the US government's UFO FILES even some politicians believe the answer is yes former Arizona Governor Fife Symington who witnessed the unexplained Phoenix lights believes it was a UFO and that it was covered up by the US government I witnessed a a massive Delta shaped craft that silently navigated over North Phoenix we want the United States government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth and conventional terms an Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich says he witnessed the UFO as well I did it was unidentified flying object okay it's like it's not unidentified I saw something does the government know something about alien technology that it isn't telling us I am convinced that our government has physical evidence has answers as information pertaining to the actual existence of UFOs many believe if there is evidence of UFOs it is held deep underground here at the remote Air Force Base in Nevada commonly known as area 51 the heavily guarded base is so shrouded in security and mystery it wasn't even acknowledged by the government until 1994 even today it is hard to sort out who officially oversees it we filed a written request for access but weeks went by with no reply so we decided to call we've put in an official request to film at the government facility at Groom Lake also known as area 51 I do think that's there is some merit to be able to get on to a base such as yours and see what actually is there and what kind of programs taxpayer dollars are paying for thank you so much we wait for a reply we focus about another location steeped in lore camp hero State Park in Montauk New York author and investigator Richard Dolan heads there to look into claims of covert and mind-control time-travel and teleportation experiments conducted by the government he underground facilities I want to find some kind of evidence to show that there may have been substantial underground activity around here if we get that from 1942 to 1982 Camp hero was a military base where servicemen were often on the lookout for enemy planes or submarines but according to Stewart Swerdlow the base also had a darker side he claims that from 1970 to 1983 the government experimented on him at Camp hero as part of a program he calls the Montauk Project it was actually begun as a project for mind control programming genetic manipulation and esoteric weapon range part of the longtime project involved time travel or opening up dimensional doorways from one point to another point Swerdlow says he along with thousands of other people were taken off the streets and from their homes and brought to an underground facility at Camp hero the Montag days on the surface was a derelict or old airforce base underneath there were nine levels where the operations took place there were centers where they would keep people sequestered Farfetch'd but the US government conducting secret experiments on Americans without their permission is not it has hidden programs from its citizens in the past and stashed away or destroyed the evidence like the medical research done for 40 years on poor black men in Tuskegee Alabama they were secretly mistreated for syphilis by the government in an effort to see how they would react it's only one of the insidious programs uncover over time at the height of the Cold War we now know that the United States military was using the American people as guinea pigs basically releasing radiation into populated areas to see how fast radiation would spread melter was experimenting on people without their permission injecting people with plutonium which is of course one of the most toxic chemicals known to science they even gassed the New York subway system but perhaps the most shocking programs involve mind-control experiments carried out from the 1950s to the 1970s the most infamous among them was MKULTRA MKULTRA was the top-secret project to see whether or not mind-control was a possibility the military and the CIA began to look into the possibility of LSD mind-altering hallucinating jugs that could brainwash people well the consequences of this of course are enormous because this was uncharted territory people went crazy we were destroying people's minds retired Army officer Michael Bailey says he was one of the military's test subjects Bailey was stationed at the Edgewood Arsenal military base in Maryland in the mid-1970s her after volunteering for what he thought was a program to test uniforms and equipment they explained that we will be testing equipment battlefields of the future and it sounds exciting but in fact Bailey says he and hundreds of other soldiers were injected with LSD and other harmful drugs were exposed to dangerous gases to see how they would behave we obtained this once restrictive training video shot by the military which shows some of the effects of the experiments conducted on their own men stationed at Edgewood six and a half hours after exposure time the confused volunteer needed help as he attempted to traverse part of an obstacle course at this point hallucinations and other mental disturbances were evident looking back bailey believes his government betrayed him more than 100 of these mind-control experiments were conducted at military bases in hospitals and at leading universities like Princeton and Harvard but these programs had some disastrous consequences there were a number of suicides a number of unsuccessful suicides one man dosed with LSD actually tried to commit suicide on his front lawn in front of his children and was in what's commonly called the flashbacks the truth behind MKULTRA was only revealed in the mid-1970s all the classified documents were ordered to be destroyed by the head of the CIA but about ten boxes of financial records were overlooked and a small portion of the dark truth was uncovered the thing about mkh we have to remember is that we have very little information about the specifics of the programs and that is because most of those records were destroyed without comprehensive records about who exactly was involved some speculate that MKULTRA victims may have changed the course of history the assassin of Robert F Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan has been speculated for a long time to be in a mind-control victim at Harvard it's interesting to note one of the students involved in the experiments there was the Unabomber if experiments like MKULTRA took place without public knowledge is it possible the Montauk Project is another example of a government program that to this day remains classified we only learned about the key ultra by accident it could so easily be the case that and all those records been properly destroyed to this day all MKULTRA would be rumor when I think about that in connection with something like mom talk it makes me think that it's just possible that the Montag project remains rumor because simply the guys running the security did a better job than they did with MKULTRA who the US government have been conducting experiments inside secret underground bunkers at this retired military base that's what Richard Dolan is hoping to find out if the claims about the Montauk Project are true that'll change everything about what we think we know about this world I have a secret program then Montag is a great place to have it in a lot of ways it's very remote I think that it's possible that there has been some strange activity going on under there since the phase is now a state park we asked park officials for permission to access any underground areas but they said they are not aware of any tunnel system in camp hero Dolan has heard otherwise I'm told that there are interesting structures in this area tunnels I've read about I want to see something and what he finds may change what we think about the Montauk Project a head I'll join Dolan at Montauk where we'll use cutting-edge technology to look below the ground there is something here that could be underground structure later I'll examine potential evidence that could prove the u.s. military has been covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life for years but first I'm heading to Rome Italy to try to get past the Vatican gates and into one of the most mysterious for posit orys in the world the Vatican Secret Archives no one is exactly what secrets are in Nevada can archives they are so huge all this went inside secret government warehouses continues our investigation into the world's most secretive warehouses brings us here to Rome Italy home to the smallest sovereign state in the world but also one of the most influential Vatican City it is the headquarters of a Catholic Church and it's 1 billion followers and although efz government rules over only 108 acres of land the reach of its power has extended around the world the Vatican is an intriguing place because it's the oldest continuously existing organization on the face of the earth you can trace it back to thousand years the Vatican's role in shaping history is well-documented and some of them like its support of the arts is proudly on display here it's one of if not the greatest repositories of art history tradition theology and written material in the world it is a treasure trove behind me are the hallowed halls of Vatican City and somewhere deep inside the Vatican secret archives 52 miles of shelves holding thousands of documents it is perhaps the richest repository of history in the world and yet it is off-limits to almost everyone for years scholars and citizens alike have wondered what's hidden inside is the Vatican guarding powerful secrets no one knows exactly what secrets are in the Vatican archives they are so huge and scholars are rather limited and what they're allowed to look at I don't know that we'll ever know everything that they the secrecy and lack of access have stoked the interest of academics writers and even Hollywood in the novel and later movie The Da Vinci Code it is speculated that the church might be hiding the truth about the bloodline of Jesus Christ while in the movie angels and demons an ancient document stored inside the archives holds the key to preventing a secret society called the Illuminati from exacting revenge on the Vatican this baby's the archives in the movie is a vast highly secure state-of-the-art facility filled with millions of documents the Chamber's automatic box oxygen is kept in lowest possible levels it's the positive vacuum inside could the real Vatican Secret Archives be a facility like this one and could there be documents inside pertaining to explosive subject matter the church may want his knees like prophecies about the apocalypse evidence of a supposed bloodline of Christ exorcisms or secret societies information that might alter our understanding not just of the church but of history recent discoveries tell us yes vatican archivist Barbour Frawley found a document buried inside that is key to understanding the Pope's role in the execution of the legendary Knights Templar many people believe that pope clement v led the investigation into the Templar knights and disavowed them and led to their downfall you have found a document what does that document tell us about the story in 2001 we found in the Vatican a secret archive an original parchment belonging to pope clement v as for a secret hearing for the Masters of the Templar order absolving them as he was convinced they weren't heretics or smpm okay lucky now we know that the church never condemned the Templar order and that it was the king of France's act of violence and abuse to cause the closure of the quarter a point men because this document was filed in the archives in a strange way its existence remain unknown for hundreds of years this makes me wonder could there be other documents about other important pieces of history that have not been found a seasonal Leone there are still millions of documents which are yet undiscovered in the Vatican secret archives so what else might be hidden unintentionally or intentionally inside much of the speculation about what is intentionally withheld is about end of the world prophecies like the famous Third Secret of fátima it is one of the most well-known and important prophecies to Catholics around the world the story goes that in 1917 a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared several times to three small children near Fatima Portugal today a sight worth thousands of a faithful flock each year during her visits the vision is said to have shared three secrets about the future but the Vatican only revealed the first two the first one was a vision of hell the second one had to do with the end of World War one and the beginning of another great war shortly thereafter if Russia wasn't converted but the third secret was withheld leaving some like Fatima researcher Christopher Ferrara to wonder what it said 1960 for reasons unknown the Vatican let it be known that the secret was going to be placed under seal forever but in June 26 2000 the Vatican finally relented under mounting pressure and published a vision the announcement of a third secret made international news for years people speculated that the third secret was actually a prophecy about the end of the world today before half a million followers a Vatican official revealed the secret the vision showed a bishop dressed in white shot down by a burst of gunfire according to the Vatican the prophecy of the third secret was fulfilled on May 13 1981 that's when the Pope interpreted as the bishop in white was shot here on st. Peter's Square as he waved to the faithful from his vehicle but there are those who don't believe that explanation they believe the real Third Secret may still be hidden inside the Vatican and that it contains an even more startling revelation a revelation about a global crisis the secret involves a crisis in the church in some kind of apocalyptic scenario that affects every man woman and child on the face of the earth I've been dreaded rare permission to enter the archives with our cameras to see what's inside the first thing I'm shown is kept in the head archivist office and it exemplifies the kind of rich history that's stored here explain what this document is we're looking at mental this is the letter addressed to Clement the seventh from the Lords of the English Parliament in which they asked the Pope to annul the wedding between Henry the eighth and Catherine of Aragon this led to the Church of England breaking away from the Catholic Church did it not see but not all the documents get such a grand display most of them are buried deep inside the main archives facilities the archives secretary general Luca Carboni has agreed to meet with me and take me into the heart of it all can we go into the actual archive now we go to C D Street we arrive at the main facility and I'm instantly overwhelmed by the massive number of files that are before us we are standing amid the history of the Catholic Church but this is also an important part of the history of the world isn't it the Vatican archives is important in the world a unique because we preserve the continual chronological peace of over 800 years from 1119 Wars documents as buried as records of medieval families to letters from the brilliant astronomer Galileo who had famous battles with church leaders of his time live on these shelves so you have a correspondence from Galileo we have a simple letter to a cardinal from Galileo so this signal from Florence in Dayton of the December 16 2008 there was just so much here is it possible that there are things here that even the archivists don't know about yes each day we discover something new or something interesting when you use the term secret here okay secret means private secret in this case doesn't mean things that no one can know only private private but off-limits to all but about a thousand researchers handpicked by the Vatican each year it's not hard to imagine how documents can get buried in this vast warehouse either accidentally or on purpose the secrets of Fatima would we find something about the secrets of Fatima here if I don't remember if I remember well it's not here with then where is it are there others secure places within Vatican City even within this facility there are areas that are restricted like the parchment room holding some of the oldest and most important documents Ken's scholars and researchers come here no no no only this stuff of the Vatican archives all your parts meet are kept here we preserve 50 thousands of single parchment in this room on the floor the air feels different is that is the climate control here and what is in here here we have the famous Templar trials the three meters of parchment rolls but we can't see it no it's close there's no doubt that this repository is one-of-a-kind but the Vatican has not shown us evidence to prove or disprove the rumors of secret documents being stored inside the archives so we're headed to Montauk New York to look for clues into claims of underground mind control and time-travel experiments and later we're going to some of the most heavily guarded military bases in the u.s. to investigate reports that proof of alien life is stored inside all this when inside secret government warehouses continues we're on a quest to uncover the world's most elusive government warehouses and the secrets that may be buried inside our investigation returns to camp hero State Park in Montauk New York we're looking into claims about the so-called Montauk Project the story goes the radar tower behind me was once the epicenter of the Montauk projects dangerous mind-control experiments and that nine subterranean levels beneath the tower house top-secret technology that transported thousands of people through time and space but do those underground facilities really exist according to the United States government there are no underground facilities at Montauk of course you have to bear in mind does almost certainly have underground facilities that they don't wish to acknowledge author an investigator Richard Dolan has agreed to meet me at Camp hero to take a closer look can we establish there's something underground the thing that I've been thinking about is it's impossible to establish the veracity of the claims of the people themselves but if we can bring some kind of instrumentation to take a look below the ground I'm thinking ground-penetrating radar we might be able to find out one way or the other if there is anything that we can notice at least at least confirm some parts of the story according to Stuart's Wardlow he along with thousands of others were brought here to be programmed or mind controlled I was subjected to many types of experimentations interrogations and doctrine asians i was used in the time-travel experimentation to do this SOI blow says he was sequestered in facilities directly beneath the old radar tower deep underground he says there were nine levels of rooms and within those rooms was a device called the Montauk chair look kinda like a dental chair that the person would sit on there would be a headset that would go over them they were huge computer banks around that location and they would be the sidekick who would be sitting in the chair and generate thoughts electromagnetically into this device which would be amplified and stored on the computer so that it could be amplified and transmitted but mind control wasn't the only concept being tested at Montauk Swerdlow says according to him they were also experimenting with time travel and teleportation using strange technology it's like a huge mirror frame and in the frame there is technology that creates a vibrational frequencies that can match points and time and space and you literally walk through and that is how they transported people from Montauk ifs were those claims are true it would completely change the way we see the world up to this point time travel and teleportation have simply been concepts explored in pop culture good movies like the Philadelphia Experiment and Back to the Future but were teleportation and time-travel experiments like these taking place at Camp hero we asked the military about the existence of these experiments and underground spaces at this former base after speaking with several different departments and officials we still didn't get a clear answer but theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says time-travel and teleportation are not possible with current technology teleportation time travel let's be blunt about this the United States military the most powerful military on the planet Earth simply does not have enough energy to bend space and time into knots still we know the government does have a history of experimenting on unwitting Americans especially with mind control so we've brought in the latest technology to help us determine if there's underground here Jamie Harmon and Dan Welch are ground-penetrating radar technicians the technology they have should be able to detect anomalies underground I know this is ground-penetrating radar but explain to me what you can do with this this orange box here this is the radar pulse of the cone down into the ground when they meet something with a different material property like stone or or something metal will get a reflection which will bounce back to the surface so if you see a man-made tunnel or something it would be would show up pretty clearly on that piece takes a little interpretation but it will show up on the screen today the area around the radar tower is completely off-limits fenced off with warning signs the park says it's because of concerns about falling debris but Swerdlow says otherwise the reason there's a fence around the radar tower is because underneath there is the main part of the montauk base they don't want people going and the entrance is sealed but the park has granted us rare access to the restricted area surrounding the radar tower with a stern warning not to get too close to the rusting satellite dish production our time here is limited so we decide to split into two teams Dolan goes to do a quick pass with his Geiger counter to see if there are any anomalies around the radar tower nothing strange he goes to search for potential entrances into any underground spaces meanwhile our ground-penetrating radar team gets to work surveying the area beneath the tower and right off the bat we start to get some strange readings so we know it starts here and it's pretty strong they were looking about 10 feet so it's a very distinct to start to it yeah in the meantime Dolan is canvassing some of the surrounding wooded parts of the park according to Swerdlow there's an entire network of underground tunnels throughout the area on the old base you do see manhole covers or just even entrances that are covered by metal plates of allegedly some of them they say are for sewer systems or rainwater draining and that kind of thing but those were once escape hatches for the underground area one of the many manholes that's said to be in this area has some water the water pipe a ladder going down looks like it's been backfilled regret this I'm sure I want to they could have been designed as a watered water drainage Dolan finds several of these uncovered manholes but they lead no further than seven feet down so he returns to check on me we are getting compelling readings it's rather flat it's about ten feet below us and if there are nine levels we would always see the top low that's great so there's no way of knowing what the GPR technology has uncovered maybe just a first step to determining there's anything underground but without the parks permission to start drilling there's no way to be certain but that doesn't mean our investigation ends here we still have one more place to look for proof of underground facilities in the area the tunnel systems that exist interpretive on top at Montauk Manor still exist these locations have tunnel system to go towards the Mon top base we've come to the Montauk Manor an old hotel built in 1927 to see if we can find these supposed underground tunnels and whether they lead to camp hero five miles away let's go for quite a ways Jimmy Hackett works at the Manor and has been exploring these tunnels for decades big portion of it but there's still some unexplored sections back there have you ever explored camp here oh yeah I did actually we were young and we played up there while it was actually a working Air Force Base we found I don't know what you call but the tunnel like would climb down metal rebar ladders into these square tunnels there's the manholes these will cement square with yes yeah I've heard they were filled with cement yes we start to make our way through these tunnels they quickly get lower narrower and harder to navigate with no end in sight we finally get to a point where it is no longer possible for two people to keep moving forward he's got ahead a little bit to see exactly how far it really goes I can't believe it goes this far neither of us can figure out why you would have a crawlspace of this length under this building Richard can you hear me I couldn't find a dead end but then a branch is often it goes into several different directions these seemingly never-ending tunnels and another dimension to the montauk mystery and keep the story alive we may never know the truth about the Montauk Project or about what may have taken place here at Camp hero what we do know of course is that military bases here in the US and around the world are ideal places to hide classified projects and that's exactly where we're headed next to two of the most secretive heavily guarded military bases in the country our first stop is wright-patterson Air Force Base in Ohio could the potential evidence we uncover there prove once and for all the base has been engaged in a cover-up of alien life he says forget you ever seen this forget you ever worked on it don't talk about it and later we'll head for the skies in an effort to get the closest look possible at area 51 where alien technology and life is said to be stashed away all this went inside secret government warehouses continues our search for the truth about secret government warehouses has taken us on a global journey we've been to Montauk New York to explore allegations of mind control and time-travel experiments underneath an abandoned military base and we've traveled across the Atlantic to delve into the depths of a Vatican secret archives in search of answers to age-old mysteries as our investigation deepens we check in and our nation's capital where we are still looking for answers and access we've been calling the air force requesting permission to get inside wright-patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and what may be the most secure military base in the United States the legendary area 51 oh you've never allowed visitors out there after phone calls to multiple government agencies we finally reach an Air Force representative who agrees to review our request one more time thank you so much I would appreciate that the Pentagon's reluctance to let us into these military bases only fuels our curiosity could they be hiding more than military secrets inside and are there other bases or even where houses like the one depicted in the sci-fi series warehouse 13 that we don't even know about and that is exactly what we do here take the unexplained and we just safely took it away in this super-sized Pandora's box Washington insider John Podesta says the idea of a central warehouse is a myth there's of course not one single place that the classified information distributed across the country across the globe could there be military bases we don't know about could there be places underground if we don't know about it how do we know officials at wright-patterson Air Force Base declined our request for an interview but we are able to speak with congressman Michael Turner who represents the Dayton Ohio district where the base is located or I Patterson Air Force Base is known as the largest air force base in the world it has over 20,000 people who work inside the fence largely in research and development and has been involved in every plane for the military starting with the Wright brothers plane going straight through to stealth Turner acknowledges right Pat's classified research has inspired theories about extraterrestrial technology stored on base whenever you have a basis 8,000 acres and only 10 planes there's a lot of research and development that's going on there's a lot of speculation speculation in part by right past role in the infamous Roswell incident of 1947 the government has issued at least four different official explanations about what actually crashed into the New Mexico desert and while theories may very certain facts are indisputable a Declassified FBI memo dated July 8 1947 indicates the wreckage purporting to be a flying disc was secretly flown 1,500 miles to right field by special plane for examination after the Roswell incident wright-patt became home to project Bluebook an official government investigation into UFOs I think people who work were interested in UFOs I certainly looked to the Air Force to have some kind of greater knowledge about what had occurred than merely those who had witnessed them and what their beliefs might have been the Air Force he investigated more than 12,000 600 UFO sightings 700 of them remained unexplained when the government terminated the project in 1969 UFO author Donald Schmidt says Blue Book was flawed from the start the true hardcore cases were going upstairs were going up on Blue Book to something that we'll never know about retired Air Force captain Robert Collins spent 22 years in the military six of them at wright-patt I had a top-secret STI or special compartment and information Clarence honorably discharged in 1988 Colin says he has come forward because he wants the military to stop covering up the secret UFO research he believes it has been conducting at wright-patt for decades it deals with all the black programs that the Air Force has including all the classified super secret reverse engineering programs for UFOs there are witnesses who support Collins's claim and say they had access to extraterrestrial evidence on the base according to one account officials at wright-patt revealed the Roswell wreckage to an elite group of men from the prestigious air for college that were sent there on assignment among them was a lieutenant colonel named Marion Magruder he said they were trying to determine whether they were going to make public is something that had recently happened a fighter pilot in the second world war Magruder known by his combat moniker black Mack was no stranger to military operation but this mission was unlike any other it was so highly classified the only reveal it to his family fifty years later when he was dying he said I want to tell you that we're not alone Magruder spoke vividly of a shocking encounter was an extraterrestrial being he had quite a bit of empathy for him and he said he was more humanoid than he then alien but he had a much larger head larger eyes long slender arms thin little legs he appeared to my father to be very sad Magruder struggled silently with what he saw until the last days of his life my father said we killed him because of the experiments and stuff that had an incredible impact upon him and it may be that his memories weren't all that haunted him there would be some people come to visit him to discuss that situation with him whoever it was and I never knew who it was was very interested in making sure that secret was kept the air force referred us to it's 1985 fact sheet that addresses persistent UFO rumors it says there are not now no ever have been any extraterrestrial visitors or equipment on wright-patterson Air Force Base yet over the years questions have grown suspicions sparked by testimony from former employees including Robert Collins who says underground facilities are strategically hidden throughout the base never find it unless you knew weren't where to look coming up reports of a complex labyrinth deep underneath right pen and physical evidence allegedly from the base that may prove a government cover-up of alien life on Tools word of their reputation and later travel with a summative added desert for an unprecedented investigation into area 51 the public ever really knew what happened at area 51 they want to burn the place down all this and more went inside secret government warehouses continues we've come to wright-patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio to investigate the truth about what may be hidden inside is this base ground zero and a government conspiracy to cover up evidence of alien life many UFO researchers believe so they have the proof they have the physical evidence to this day everything still points to wright-patterson Air Force Base according to retired Air Force captain Robert Collins next building the 620 these civil engineering drawings show entrances to a massive complex of tunnels and falls located under the base which leads to stairs combining data from 25 years of research with information leaked to him by unnamed sources Collins describes what he believes he's under the surface all these tunnels and bolts are completely independent of anything else in the wright-patterson Air Force Base 60 feet down below ground and then there's a limestone rock bed which is anywhere from 10 to 15 feet thick so you may be as far down to 70 feet you're looking at the probably the size of a couple football fields at least in length there's roughly four big vaults here about 100 by hundred feet in size they got carpeting on the on the floor of the tunnels and you could drive a pickup truck Collins says the most remarkable secret is in the underground complex itself it's what he says the Air Force was and possibly still is hiding inside the things that were stored in these hoods for first bodies alien bodies the cryogenic women used to support and maintain them preserve those bodies and medical examination tables and biological testing equipment the Air Force denied our request for an interview with a representative from the base but local congressman Michael Turner says plenty of classified information is at wright-patt and it's all with good reason a lot of the things that are going on at wright-patterson Air Force Base are secrets that need to be protected there are things that are in development or research that we're doing possibly for capabilities for us in the future or even how we're looking at our potential adversary a statement issued to us by the base as the evolution of virtually every Air Force aircraft flying today can be traced back to Wright Patt they tell us troit developments include material that can sense and then heal its own cracks as well as bird and insect sized aircraft capable of swarming one of the few reporters allowed on base to investigate the legends of UFOs at wright-patt is Emmy award-winning newsman carl day but awful lot of unanswered questions and tonight we're gonna try and sort out facts from fiction they said well come on and look and see if you find anything this was the invitation of the Air Force aware of reports about underground chambers des asked to be escorted to the lowest level of building 620 the tunnel that I went through was certainly not big enough to drive a truck through and we had to duck out of these tunnels because they were very good while des didn't find hidden tunnels he uncovered something even more shocking it was a small mandible which is a bull of the lower jaw of something in the course of his reporting day met a dental technician from a Veterans Affairs hospital 15 miles outside of wright-patt the city had worked on a strange impression of a mandible brought from the base at the time the man was so afraid to tell his story that he didn't reveal his name or face never seen it like this before in in human or animal neither one today at 81 years old John Musgrove speaks undisguised for the first time I'm not gonna be around too many more years and I'd like for the story to be out you know because I don't think the federal government is ever gonna come out and say yes there are aliens and they are Musgrove stands at in October of 1979 two uniformed men he recognized as officers from wright-patt came to the VA hospital to obtain a cast of a dental impression there was no blood and saliva it was just dry as a bone and I noticed right then and there I had something unusual I thought myself my god what have I got here when musgrove finished the assignment his boss made it clear not to speak of what he saw ever again he raised his hand a ficus but the impression pissed at me and crushed it and threw it into the trash and that's when he says forget you ever seen this forget you ever worked on it don't talk about it the impression was broken but Mozgov done the pieces out of the trash and put it back together so he could duplicate the cast convinced the mandible came from a skeleton stored at wright-patt Mozgov gave a copy of the cast to Carl day to investigate but the case went cold when nobody day showed it to could identify its origin I didn't want anything to happen to it just in case so it's in a safe deposit box and I've got the key they agreed to retrieve the mandible from his personal repository this is the first time it's ever been shown on national television I would love to know if this is indeed representative of true aliens lower jawbone it can imagine how small the head must depend 30 years after the cast was made pressing questions remained could this be the smoking gun that we're all looking for final proof by aliens coming up does this mandible hold the secret to extraterrestrial life a leading dental anthropologist weighs in and that's not even close but first join us in the Nevada desert let me can wonder what's in there there has to be so secret that they kill as we examine exclusive video that may expose what happens inside the most secretive military base in the United States when inside secret government warehouses continues now global journey leads us to one of the most mysterious military facilities on earth the legendary area 51 area 51 is a black facility which means it was created to deny its very existence you can't even approach it it's so heavily guarded so it's really hard to know exactly what the government is doing government secrecy surrounding area 51 has made the base so notorious that it's even depicted in blockbuster movies like Independence Day in the film area 51 is portrayed as a massive UFO research complex complete with flying saucers and alien bodies after repeated requests for access to area 51 or a representative we're turned down that's why we're being denied access the Air Force issued a statement saying the areas used for testing and training for operations critical to the effectiveness of US military forces and the security of the United States and some specific activities and operations both past and present remain classified and cannot be discussed undeterred we hit the road to find out as much as we can without breaking the law I'm now driving to the Nevada desert a couple hours north of Las Vegas heading to the legendary area 51 a place that perhaps holds some of this country's biggest deepest military secrets and what exactly goes on there has been the source of a lot of speculation as local tourism shows most of the speculations centers on extraterrestrial projects reports of warehouses dug deep into the mountainside there's some sort of earth-moving activity taking place from that area where some claims scientists are conducting reverse engineering on alien spacecraft there was hundreds of thousands of years ahead of our technology and most shocking of all potential evidence that may confirm extraterrestrials exist and may have been held on the base all claims we'll look into in the course of our investigation here area 51 has been veiled in secrecy since its inception established in 1955 as a covert test site for the u-2 spy plane its purpose was to hide military projects it was a place that was preoccupied with maintaining total secrecy and secrecy then became its mission the remote desert location labeled number 51 on this 1950s map seemed to be the perfect place for a black facility but as the base infrastructure an activity grew information began to leak out the u-2 spy plane yes our 71 spied various stealth aircraft we're all tested at this facility and everything that we can see from the ground in the air indicates that this base is for aircraft testing despite full-scale air force operations on site the government refused to acknowledge its existence not just initially but for 40 years area 51 investigator and guide Glenn Campbell has been studying the facility since the early 90s start like going to a drive-in movie you could drive up and look down on the pond the secret base of the government didn't acknowledge I'm gonna meet up with Glen Campbell's go in and I first met up 16 years ago when I came out to this same desert trying to get answers about area 51 heading to being a bridge in this report I did back in 1994 we simply drove up a nearby peak and the entire facility was revealed from our mountain vantage point dreamland is a collection of unremarkable buildings today the military has expanded control over land around the base so getting a good view won't be as easy or will be able to see today well from the ground we're not gonna be able to see much and I know you've brought some that we recently haploid photos increasingly better satellite imagery over the years this is some of the stuff is incredibly good look at these runways and things it's still the best way to see it as well yeah yeah the security this place is part of the intrigue that that's what continues to raise the level of curiosity and even you know the conspiracy theories the security here is intense look around it's a good place to hide you know there's a damn fine place to hide area 51 first gained public attention in the late 80s with an explosive claim made by a physicist named Bob Lazar he said he'd been working on a top-secret project to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft at a classified location near the base he says no John he said I was in it I touched it it's real it's et's I think that we could have produced odd Lazar declined our request to be interviewed for this program but referred us to his good friend John Lear a retired pilot who flew missions for the CIA I was the guy that exposed area 51 Lear says he pushed Lazar to do a television interview revealing the government cover-up of alien technology he said yeah as long as I do it in shadow the interview took place had Lear's home and it captured the setup in this exclusive video game pictures that's Bob that's his life in the interview Lazar claims to have worked on flying saucers in a secret facility called s4 so covert it's camouflaged by a mountain south of area 51 John Lear describes s4 as Lazar explained it to him as foreign an underground base it just looks like a slope of a mountain but actually they're hangar doors and they slide up so it looks like just part of the mountain is sliding up then it would lead into a laboratory and there was a set of hangers there nine hangers altogether and there was a flying saucer in each different one of them and they were all different straight down the road if the reports of flying saucers and reverse engineering are true then could the government be using area 51 as a warehouse for alien technology regardless of what kind of secrets the military is hiding inside area 51 it's clear visitors aren't welcome this is a fart as far as you can go on public land that's the first thing that strikes me there's no offense just a pair of signs at first look security at the base doesn't seem impressive but soon the complex layers of defense become apparent I noticed tripods on the hill those are watching us cameras they're looking down at us they're looking at the road over there you can't sneak by on this road and if you miss that you don't miss my friends up here on the ridge right in this pickup truck these guys are here 24 hours a day ground sensors remote cameras and private security around the clock yet the desert itself may still be area 51's best protection you know we came here I just make it to see a 15-foot barbed wire fence there's no offense just a series of these orange posts these posts are the only marker that you're required to have in Nevada to mark a boundary line they don't need a fence here they've got 13 miles of empty desert to protect the base signs pretty typical warning restricted area to get to the bottom use of deadly force authorized so we're actually three feet from being in a situation where we could be killed doesn't make you wonder what's in there that that it has to be so secret that they kill could it be true alien visitors are being held at area 51 airing for the first time on network television this video purportedly shows a live extraterrestrial on the base he's apparently being observed by military workers through a glass partition the source of the tape is a man who goes by the name of Victor they won't reveal his identity for fear of retribution Victor says the video was smuggled out when material from the base was being converted from analog to digital he discussed the video with an altered voice in this 1996 interview walk slowly towards the bug fisted it down for such as the generally last three to five hours Victor claims the alien arrived on earth in 1989 and was subject to regular interviews in this session he says the alien becomes distressed at his tribute from Richard around the are softens Victor believes the alien died in the mid 90s we have no way to verify whether the video is authentic but we'll take it to a creature effects expert in Los Angeles to test its plausibility in the meantime we scale a mountain in search of any sign of structures inside the restricted area point is to hug these orange markers don't see me but murder there's no the orange markers are to our right here we're losing daylight and only have orange posts to guide us one wrong step into the invisible border means we could be arrested I see a structure up there that's the actual guard house that's the actual gate within the Nellis range so if you were to keep driving on the road past those signs and you've got to that guard house you'd be arrested we continue to climb upwards until we can't go any farther well this as high as we can get it looks like we're at the end of our journey because I see your will you call them camel guys yeah the camo dudes are here that's some orange markers here this is as far as we can go this is where the border changes I think I'm really option is is to get in the air during daylight and maybe I'll be able to get a glimpse get some idea what's in area 51 but we're gonna need daylight and a chopper coming up join us in the skies above the Nevada desert and we take you as close as you can get to the most infamous military base in the country is area 51 the epicenter for a cover-up of alien life or is the base concealing earthly secrets that are much more disturbing find out what happened at area 51 and what humans did that's scary enough when inside houses continues the only people who know what happens inside area 51 are the employees and their identities even down to the cleaning staff are kept secret that white bus with the darkened windows were told ferries local workers from area around area 51 who come here to work each day those not bust in are flown in shuttled back and forth on special unmod planes they fly on a private airline known over aircraft frequencies as Janet every morning from Las Vegas to a 51 this surveillance video shows workers returning from area 51 on private 737s these are jets without any company monkeys they just have a red stripe down the side signing on to work at the base means agreeing to a covert lifestyle no one can even admit that they work there jonathan turley a litigator in national security cases first learned about area 51 in 1994 when he was contacted by employees who were gravely ill they're basically told to go die and they weren't supposed to talk to a lawyer and they weren't supposed to talk to a doctor despite having signed non-disclosure agreements some workers told Turley they've been exposed to toxic materials on base one of them was a sheetmetal worker named Robert Frost he couldn't tell the doctors where he was working or what he might have been exposed to they could've put him in jail for it in 1994 I conducted this interview with Frost Widow Helen she told me about the first day her husband came home with symptoms he walked in the door and he was screaming I looked at him his face was bright red and all the skin was peeling off of his face lawsuit accusing the military of poisoning area 51 workers through blatant negligence by recklessly disposing of hazardous waste they dug a football-field-sized trench and they would fill it every week with all types of hazardous and toxic wastes and then they would just dump jet fuel on didn't set it on fire though the base was operating in secret Turley says the impact on some workers was difficult to hide many of them developed a strange condition that looked like fish scales on their body this was taken now just before he quit in March of 89 and then he had these large sores on his back he had those all over his body Shirley's clients wanted to know what they were exposed to but suing for information was a Kafka s task at the time the government denied area 51 even existed at one point I just told the judge your honor I can take you there I can point you to it you can see it how can it not exist as a matter of physics let alone the law it wasn't until he obtained satellite photos of the base that the government finally acknowledged some operations in the general area they believed that they lived in a special place that was not reachable by federal law than even killing someone it was just simply not something to be held accountable for eventually Turley filed several lawsuits on behalf of sick workers the legal battle lasted for nine years some of his clients died during this time the lawsuits succeeded in prompting the government to start conducting environmental inspections on the base as required by law and as a result the court found one of the cases to be moved another one was dismissed for reasons of national security in the end Turley's clients got no answers and disclosure of the legal inspections prompted by the lawsuit was deemed subject to a presidential exemption this means they can be kept from the public and they have been to this day this is a failure of immense proportions it goes not just from the Air Force command at the facility but extends all the way to the president themselves these were Americans they need to be protected from their own government Shirley says all these stories about aliens at the base have provided the military with an ideal smokescreen if everyone's looking for some galactic presence they're not looking down on earth for simple crimes so the government never really did try to kill the alien stories they just wanted to kill the crime story and so public interest in area 51 in its alien legends has endured tourists come from all over just to get a glimpse inside the border there's all the signs and all the cameras watching you up in the hills and the guys and the trucks it's like okay what do you really not want us to see that's back here like what is it that you want hidden so wet major land restrictions in the 1980s and 1990s have closed off nearly every reasonable land-based vantage point into the facility so we concoct another plan we really couldn't see anything from the ground and we have another option we've hired a helicopter and we're gonna go up and try to skirt around the restricted area and see what we can see the sky is also now the focus for investigator Glen Campbell as he prepares to monitor activity in the restricted airspace above the base with high-powered surveillance cameras have three cameras recording 72 hours with this video these three specialized cameras will record continuously and capture anything unusual overhead day or night the idea is have bald mountain on one side have this small peak on the other side that's nicer as we await the result I head off to do some aerial surveillance of my own on top it takes several calls before finding a pilot willing to take us anywhere near area 51 well these are restricted areas and why they're restricted areas they don't tell us how close can we legally get it's recommended that you don't get closer than about two miles to the border what we're doing no no we're not gonna tell them we're just gonna tell them we're gonna be doing some fine looking over if they ass during our set we overhear communications between air traffic controllers and the unmarked government commuter jets once we flown over the highest mountain area 51 creeps interview but just as soon as the base is within sight a warning comes over the radio it's clear that again like on the ground we're being observed we are as close as we will be allowed to go to area 51 this place it is so restricted that we legally can't even point our cameras in the direction of the base we're in a little over 8,500 feet it's a beautiful clear day this is absolutely the best view that anyone will be able to get of area 51 from outside the restricted zone I'm gonna be able to tell you what I see as I look out there there - it must be very very large buildings aluminum roofs they shine that they shine very brightly I can only surmise that their hangars of some sorts there are a number of lower lying buildings all of it seems to be along the edge of a dry lakebed there is what appears to be a very long long runway our investigation has revealed as much visible evidence of the base as legally possible from the ground and from the air and if we've learned anything it's that the government is intent on keeping what's hidden inside this legendary military base a secret after 72 hours monitoring the sky our video surveillance captures some anomalies an eerie desert storm sweeps through the area a bright light floats along the horizon after dark and then we discover this glowing disc in the corner of the screen upon examination the light turns out to be a car driving on the desolate road the disc however remains unexplained Campbell says it could be the moon you come to the desert and you look up at the night sky you see more stars than you would ever see anyplace else we look up at all those million points of light you gotta be crazy to believe we're alone in the universe our investigation continues as we travel from coast to coast to analyze the evidence we discovered on our journey what will the purported alien interview video from area 51 reveal and could this mandible support theories of extraterrestrial life it's like nothing I've ever seen before answers coming up next on inside secret government warehouses Oh investigation into secret government warehouses culminates with analysis of the potential smoking guns we've uncovered does this video of an alleged alien interview at area 51 reveal the truth about life beyond Earth and this mandible proof alien remains have been hidden on bases like wright-patt for decades we'll explore all the possibilities with top experts starting with one of the most sought-after creature effects artists in Hollywood I'm looking for that one piece of footage that is undeniable in that eye I can't look at her other people can analyze the death Kevin Yeager designs creatures aliens and humans for a living most notably Chuckie from child's play and a Nightmare on Elm streets Freddy Krueger the acre agrees to analyze the video using 25 years of experience in puppeteering and film the first thing they saw you know was an alien it actually looked like he was alive if you look closely you can see there's a small little mouth it kind of looks like it's you know person and moving like a natural mouth would it's got big doughy eyes it's got a big head and it moves in a pathetic way and you want to take care of it you know and suddenly your heart is involved just as Yeager starts to identify with the alien he spots questionable movement there's some quick charring movements that every now and then see this old shirt bobblehead that happens here right there's kind of a jerk and the shoulders move as well a telltale side he says that the alien is a puppet it's the head movement that tipsy acre off and he uses this animatronic doll to explain that he goes slowly like it was first moving very slowly you can kind of take all the baubles out but then once he began to get kind of tired or go into his mystic state he began to wiggle and jiggle like this and then that's what it kind of gives away but when dealing with a life-form we know nothing about Jaeger admits anything is possible maybe the atmosphere here is different than the pressure and they can't handle it and it's at the gravity it's too hard on them so they do bobble still Jaeger says it looks like this set up he's hiding something the darkness of the videotape the fact that the alien is sort of back behind a desk I believe that that is too obscure a possible puppeteer behind there Jaeger thinks the alien and the video are a hoax but he says it wasn't a bad try there's certain organic elements to it I can totally see why people would think this is enough hoaxes do nothing but undermine efforts to get to the truth with that in mind we head to New York City to visit NYU dental anthropologist shower Bailey she has been studying the mandible we obtained during our investigation at wright-patterson Air Force Base doll shape is what struck me first because the shape of the straw is very narrow in the front part enik and then it kind of dips in here and then it's very wide in the back and and this is very unusual I mean it's this curve that comes out yeah it's kind like an s-curve I guess you might call it and certainly our Artie's don't than Josh don't do that they don't dr. Bailey has 2,000 primate castes one of the largest collections of the nation and she's compared the mandible to every single one can you say with any fair amount of certainty that this is not from a primate yes I I would I would put my career on it but it's not from a primate although Bailey can't match the mandible to anything she's ever seen her examination of the cast does reveal new information the cast was made from a skeleton and this is a living person see the gum you can see the gum and you absolutely can't see they come here the creature lost its teeth after it died and they're also crypts you can see that where where the teeth might have been the remaining teeth show it was an omnivore something that eats both flesh and vegetables and dimensions of a jaw indicate the size of the creature itself this is a macaque but it has a dog jaw similar in size to this and so whatever this creature was it was the size of a small dog and the skull size would be similar as well to match this yes there's a very good correlation between jaw size and skull size the cast has some characteristics that strike Bailey as peculiar including signs of being scraped with a tool it's definitely been modified so that I can tell you whether it's authentic and it was modified for some other reason I know it's very hard to tell she also questions the apparent human-like dental pattern which could disprove the notion that the cast came from an alien skeleton or an alien they evolved on a different planet totally separate from us why would we ever expect it to have the dental pattern the same number of teeth and the same types of teeth as a human it's just it's very odd if in fact this came from another planet how would you begin to really compare it to find out what it is all I can do is is is compare it to living things on this planet this mandible is not of any creature that comes from our earth that's for sure this alleged alien artifact tied to our nation's most complex Air Force Base may be just the tip of the iceberg of what the government doesn't want us to know could this be one of the many secrets locked away in classified government warehouses around the globe and is there a real warehouse 13 in the end we can't say for certain what's below ground or hidden behind closed doors what we do know is that there will always be information those in power don't want us to know about and as a society we have the right and the responsibility to keep asking to keep pushing to discover what they don't want us to know and why I'm Lester Holt thank you for watching



The 4756th Air Defense Group was organized at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia in February 1955 as a tenant of Air Training Command's 3550th Air Base Group, an element of the 3550th Combat Crew Training Wing, which trained interceptor pilots, in order to improve Air Defense Command's (ADC) rocketry proficiency program.[1][2][3] The group was assigned two squadrons, the 4756th Air Defense Squadron (Weapons), which was already stationed at Moody and assigned directly to the 4750th Air Defense Wing,[4] and the 4757th Air Defense Squadron (Interceptor Weapons School), which was organized at Tyndall Air Force Base in 1957.[4]

At Moody, the group trained aircrew and aircraft controllers and evaluated ADC tactical units.[5] The group and the 4756th squadron moved to Tyndall when ADC assumed the crew training mission for ADC's interceptor crews from Air Training Command and Moody became a pilot training base.[2][6][7]

In April 1961, the group participated in Operation Southern Tip, deploying six Convair F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft to Homestead AFB, Florida in a two-week test of a contingency plan to augment air defense forces in Southern Florida in face of the potential threat from an unfriendly Cuba. Two of the F-102s were maintained on armed five-minute alert status. However, on 17 April the Bay of Pigs Invasion occurred, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed that Southern Tip continue indefinitely. However, the group's contribution to this mission was reduced to three aircraft in mid May because of the impact of the extended deployment on its training and testing mission. The 482d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron then assumed the mission from the group.[8]

On 15 Nov 1962, the 4756th Air Defense Squadron was redesignated the 4756th Combat Crew Training Squadron.[4] The group was discontinued in 1963 and its personnel, equipment, functions, and subordinate squadrons transferred to 4756th Air Defense Wing.[2]


  • Designated as: 4756th Air Defense Group (Weapons) and organized on 18 February 1955
Discontinued on 1 January 1963[2]


  • 4750th Air Defense Wing, 18 February 1955 – 1 July 1957
  • 4756th Air Defense Wing, 1 July 1957 – 1 July 1960
  • 73d Air Division, 1 July 1960 – 1 September 1962
  • 4756th Air Defense Wing, 1 September 1962 - 1 January 1963[2]


  • Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, 18 February 1955
  • Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, 1 July 1960 – 1 January 1963[2]


  • 4756th Air Defense Squadron (Weapons) (later 4756th Combat Crew Training Squadron) 18 February 1955 - 1 January 1963[9]
  • 4757th Air Defense Squadron (Interceptor Weapons School), 1 July 1957 – 1 January 1963[9]


  • Col. Herschel H. Green, July 1956 - April 1957[10]
  • Col. K. L. Berry, Jr., 1958-ca. 30 June 1958[11]
  • Lt Col. Carl W. Stewart, ca. 1 July 1958 - 1958[12]
  • Lt Col. James E. Anderson, 1959[13]
  • Col. James H. Hancock, 1960[14]
  • Col. R. W. Holmes, 3 Aug 1962 - unknown[15]

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