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473d Fighter Group

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473d Fighter Group
Air Defense Command.png
62d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron F-101B 57-0386 1968.jpg
62d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron F-101B Voodoo 57-0386 at K.I. Sawyer AFB
Active 1942-1944; 1956-1959
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Fighter
Role Air Defense
Part of Air Defense Command

The 473d Fighter Group is an inactive United States Air Force (USAF) unit. Its last assignment was with the 30th Air Division at K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, Michigan, where it was inactivated on 30 September 1959.

During World War II, the unit was programmed as a replacement training unit for P-38 Lightning pilots but never became operational. It was disbanded in a general reorganization of the Army Air Forces into base units to make more efficient use of manpower.

The group was reactivated as the 473d Fighter Group (Air Defense) in the spring of 1956 during the Cold War under Air Defense Command. The group opened K.I. Sawyer for use by the USAF, and after 1959 was responsible for air defense in the upper midwestern United States. Its mission, personnel and equipment were transferred to the 56th Fighter Group (Air Defense) in 1959 and the group was inactivated.

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  • 3D Matrix: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiadians (Taygeta) (4)


Good morning to everyone! I am sorry for publishing this video a bit late but we were very busy with the Ufology Congress here in Barcelona, which happened Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so it was why I took longer to present you this new video. Well, today we will talk about an important subject. About the 3d Matrix. How the 3d Matrix works. What it is based on. It is an important subject so that then we can try to understand more and more of it all. This subject in particular interests me a lot, because it is something that I always sensed. I always felt that it´s not only that there is something wrong with the society as it is, with our beliefs, lifestyle, but I also felt as if my awareness of the physical objects, for example this ugly comb over here, is not the only reality of this comb. The comb which I am touching now and of which I am aware right now. I am touching this plastic now and my brain interprets it, projects it in this way. But I always felt that it is some kind of programming, of why I am aware of this object in this form. I sensed that this form exists on some other vibratory plane as well to which I don´t have the access now, I don´t know why. And I always felt trapped within the physical perception of the objects. Inside the 3d perception, inside the physical reality. But I always felt it wasn´t the only way in which this physical dimension exists. And it´s not interior panick that I felt but frustration and the sensation of being very trapped within this limited 3d perception which I felt was imposed upon me, and that it wasn´t natural. It was not natural. I saw a tree for example. And felt: why am I being limited to perceive this tree only in this way, and perceive only pieces of this tree´s existence? I felt that this tree exists in some other fuller way, beyond. But I don´t know I am like trapped, something in my brain stops me from having access to other planes of the existence of the tree. So in this video it will be understood why it is this way. Because it IS this way. It is this way. Swaruu confirmed it to me, it is this way. So....a lot of things which they explain fit so much in with my own intuitions which I always had since I was small. And now everything starts to make more sense. And the pieces of the puzzles fit in. So this is an important video. Let´s begin to understand more about the 3d Matrix. Ah, one more thing. I will see you at the end. Because at the end I will make a short summary of the video of today. A short summary of the most important points. Well, let´s begin! Here at this point the Original Matrix was mentioned. Something she refers to also as Initial Matrix. The Original Matrix is another layer of the Matrix. We are living in a sort of a matrix inside another matrix. Where they reside, they call that Original Matrix, or Initial. It is also some type of a program, of a game, but it is closer to the Source. It is a more elevated frequency and they are more conscious from there of the operation of this game, and they can influence it in a more conscious manner. With their minds. Why? Because the Original Matrix reacts to the mind. It is programmable with the mind. It acts based on our beliefs and ideas. It is just that we here are not conscious of that, and that is why we allow ourselves to be taken to manifest the kind of reality, based on our beliefs, that they, the negative ones, impose upon us. So when the Matrix 3d began, there were Lyrians here. So the Reptilians used the Matrix, and the mechanics of the Original Matrix, to impose the limiting ideas and beliefs upon the race that was here, the Lirians. They began to control that society, and they began to generate the reality the results of which we can witness right now. And this Reptilian manipulation of the Matrix we will call Reptilian Hack. And I will talk about it in the separate video too. Thank you for listening to the video, and thank you for getting to this part. I would like to make a short summary now of the most important points. So that it can be understood very well. First, the 3d Matrix was installed here on Earth upon the Earth 5d that was already here, about 12,500 years ago. It was installed in order to capture the Reptilians principally. Because the Federation was very weak at that point to keep fighting against them. Second, the way it worked was by putting up the etheric barrier around the Earth, beyond which it was impossible to go. But most of all, it was a perceptual barrier. They have closed in a way a certain range of frequencies of our perception. So it was impossible to access the perception, the consciousness of the reality in its 5D state. Our perception got limited. Also, of course, objects could be inserted. Including the events, holographically. And we will talk about this with the girl who is more specialized in this type of programming and in the insertions of different holographic objects and events here on Earth. We will talk about this in a separate video. Later we have the Reptilian Hack. The Reptilians who were present at that time on Earth have used the fact that the Lyrians at that time had their perception a bit closed off, through the 3d installation, and they used the law of the Original Matrix, the Law of Attraction, which basically generates the reality which we are proyecting from within, and I will also talk about this separately. They used this mechanics, they used the ¨computers¨ on the Moon, and they took control of all this beginning to manifest the reality that sirves only them. They used the Matrix in their own interests against the races that were present on Earth. And this is, again, what I call the Reptilian Hack of the Matrix. They hacked the ¨computers¨, what we can call the computers in our language, on the Moon, but most of all, they hacked our consciousness. Our programming consciousness. Now, it is important to mention that right now these computers, the mechanisms on the Moon, are not under Reptilian control anymore. They are under the Taygetan control, and the Federation. The Hack basically worked through limiting the beliefs of the people. They have imposed certain ideas and certain realities upon the races that were here and they basically limited their reality. They made them feel powerless, inferior, they took their power away. It is as in that famous photo of the elephant, it is a big animal, super powerful, but it is attached with the chain to the chair, to the chair that is nothing to the elephant. If it moves one step to the right, that chair will move too. That chair means nothing, it doesn´t have any power over the elephant. But the elephant is guided, through the training, to think that the chair is more powerful than the elephant itself. But the reality is that it is totally the opposite. And it is THAT reality that we need to keep recovering because it is our right. It is who we are. Its not even our right. It´s just the way it is. This IS the reality. We are powerful. We are everything and we are creators ourselves. We are the Source. And they cannot have any control over us. It is time to reprogram our beliefs. And by the way, this begins with the DEprogramming of all of our beliefs. The reality is something that Swaruu always, but always repeats, ¨the only thing that limits you there is the idea that you are limited¨. And we are not. We are not in any way. We are not even limited genetically. And I want to talk about this in greater depth in the future too. But Swaruu told me very clearly: You are not interfered genetically to be limited. It was all a consciousness manipulation through the ideas. We have been limited mentally. The genetics does not have the power over our consciousness. It is totally the opposite. It is the consciousness that dominates the genetics. So it is time to wake up to this fact. Let´s not be slaves of our genetics and of our own belief that makes us think that it is genetics that governs us. And that we have been interfered with genetically by the negative beings. So ¨what can we do? Nothing. They have closed us genetically and we can´t change that. Oh poor victims¨. No. Yes, poor us in a certain way, but it is time to discover that we are not victims and we were not intervened genetically. The genetics reacts to our consciousness. To our mental programming. And not the reverse. Now, if we raise our frequency high enough, and if we start to liberate ourselves little by little from all these limiting beliefs, automatically, Swaruu told me this, well...everything that I say is from Swaruu, its not mine, but yes, she told me clearly, if this happens, if we elevate ourselves, if we begin to get liberated little by little, this will adjust the Matrix automatically to 5D. Because it was programmed this way. To react to what our consciousness generates. If our consciousness begins to vibrate at the 5d consciousness, outside of all these limits, the Matrix will automatically adjust the reality to 5D and will liberate us this way to our more natural state. Because 5D is our more natural state. And I mean...more natural in the material plane, because there are also more etheric planes, as I already said in the first video. Yes, with the help of the Taygetans and other races that are out there helping, with their help from up there, and their ¨little¨ adjustments of the frequencies, and with us here, and our efforts and work from within, manifesting new beliefs, together we will mark a new way, together we will get free, and we will reunite with them. We will go back home. Because it is what they want. Swaruu always tells me: Wake up already! Come back home! It is your home. We are being missed over there, and, as we know, we too miss being that more elevated state. So it is time time. It is time. And it is a very exciting time. Well, until next time! In the next video we will talk a little bit more about the 3d Matrix with our expert in the mechanism 3D. I will also explain the Original Matrix, the Matrix Hack, and later we will begin with the keys, more practical keys, to get out of the Matrix. Thanks a lot to all of you for being patient with this video, a bit long perhaps, and see you next time!



World War II

The 473d Fighter Group was activated at Grand Central Air Terminal, California in late 1943.[1] It was originally assigned the 482d,[2] 483d[3] and 484th Fighter Squadrons.[4] A month later the 451st Fighter Squadron was activated and assigned to the group.[5] The group was a Replacement Training Unit equipped primarily with Lockheed P-38 Lightnings,[1] but its squadrons flew a variety of aircraft.[2][3][4][5] Replacement training units were oversized units which trained aircrews prior to their deployment to combat theaters.[6]

However, at the time the 473d was being organized, the Army Air Forces found that standard military units, based on relatively inflexible tables of organization, were proving less well adapted to the training mission. Accordingly, it adopted a more functional system in which each base was organized into a separate numbered unit.[7] In the final days of March 1944, the group and three of its squadrons moved to Ephrata Army Air Base, Washington, while the 482d squadron moved to Moses Lake Army Air Field, Washington. The group and squadrons acting as RTUs were then disbanded.[8] The units at Ephrata were combined into the 430th AAF Base Unit (Fighter Replacement Training Unit-Single Engine).[9] The 482d formed the basis for the 431st AAF Base Unit.[10]

Air Defense in the 1950s

The group was reactivated in April 1956[1] during the Cold War by Air Defense Command to open K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, Michigan. The 473d was initially assigned to the 4710th Air Defense Wing.[11] The group was the host for all USAF organizations at K.I. Sawyer and was assigned several support organizations to fulfill this responsibility.[12][13][14][15][16] In July, the 4710th wing was discontinued and the group was assigned directly to the 37th Air Division. The operational squadron assigned to the group was the 484th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, which was authorized Northrop F-89 Scorpion aircraft. However, these aircraft were not delivered before the squadron was inactivated in February 1959 and the squadron did not become operational.[4] In fact, it was 1959 before the K.I. Sawyer runway was completed and ready to accept modern aircraft.[12]

In August 1958, the group became host to a Strategic Air Command wing, the 4042d Strategic Wing. Although the 4042d was initially activated as a headquarters only, it would be the framework for a forward based Boeing B-52 Stratofortress equipped bombardment wing.[12] The following August, the 62d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron moved to K.I. Sawyer, was attached to the wing, and equipped with McDonnell F-101 Voodoos.[17] The squadron had moved from O'Hare International Airport, where there was local resistance to maintaining a regular USAF presence at one of the world's busiest civilian airports. Security for the Voodoo's nuclear armed MB-1 Genie at a civilian location was also a concern. Two months after the arrival of the 62d, its parent group, the 56th Fighter Group and its support units moved on paper from O'Hare to K.I. Sawyer and assumed the mission, personnel and equipment of the 473d, which was inactivated.[18]


  • Constituted as the 473d Fighter Group on 12 October 1943
Activated on 1 November 1943
Disbanded on 31 March 1944
  • Reconstituted and redesignated 473d Fighter Group (Air Defense) on 8 July 1955
Activated on 8 April 1956
Inactivated on 30 September 1959
  • Redesignated 473d Tactical Fighter Group on 31 July 1985[19]




  • Grand Central Air Terminal, California, 1 November 1943
  • Ephrata Army Air Base, Washington, 28 March 1944 – 31 March 1944
  • K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, Michigan, 8 April 1956 – 1 October 1959


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