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2021 Virginia House of Delegates election

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2021 Virginia House of Delegates elections

← 2019 November 2, 2021 2023 →

All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates
51 seats needed for a majority
Eileen Fillercorn.jpg
No image.svg
Leader Eileen Filler-Corn Todd Gilbert
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 1, 2019 January 8, 2020
Leader's seat 41st 15th
Last election 55 seats, 52.7% 45 seats, 43.3%
Seats needed Steady Increase 6

Incumbent Speaker

Eileen Filler-Corn

The 2021 Virginia House of Delegates election will be held on November 2, 2021 to coincide with biennial elections in the U.S. state of Virginia. All 100 Delegates are elected to two-year terms in single-member constituencies. Primary elections are scheduled for June 8.[1]This election will coincide with the Virginia gubernatorial, lieutenant gubernatorial, and Attorney General elections. The upper house of the Virginia General Assembly, the Senate of Virginia, will hold its next election on November 7, 2023.


Following the 2019 Virginia House of Delegates election Democrats netted a gain of six seats. As a result, control of the Virginia House of Delegates flipped to Democratic control for the first time since 1999.[2] Following obtaining control of the chamber, House Democrats elected Eileen Filler-Corn as Speaker making her the first female Speaker in the history of the Virginia House of Delegates.[3]


Four incumbents are not seeking re-election either to retire or to seek other positions.


One Democrat is not seeking re-election.

  1. District 51: Hala Ayala is retiring to run for lieutenant governor.[4]


Three Republicans are not seeking re-election.

  1. District 7: Nick Rush is retiring.[5]
  2. District 66: Kirk Cox is retiring to run for governor.[6]
  3. District 88: Mark Cole is retiring.[7]

Special elections

There were two special elections in 2021 to the 161st Virginia General Assembly, listed here by date and district.

District Incumbent This race
No. Delegate Party First
Results Candidates[8]
90 Joseph Lindsey Democratic 2014 (special) Incumbent retired on November 10, 2020.[9]
New member elected January 5, 2021.
Democratic hold.
  • Green tickY Angelia Williams Graves (D) 63.5%
  • Sylvia Bryant (R) 36.4%
2 Jennifer Carroll Foy Democratic 2017 Incumbent retired December 12, 2020.[10]
New member elected January 5, 2021.
Democratic hold.
  • Green tickY Candi King (D) 51.5%
  • Heather Mitchell (R) 48.4%

General election

District Incumbent This race
No. Delegate Party First
Incumbent Status Candidates[11]
1 Terry Kilgore Republican 1993 Incumbent running Terry Kilgore (R)
Christopher Tomlinson (D)
2 Candi King Democratic 2021[12] Incumbent running Candi King (D)
3 Will Morefield Republican 2009 Incumbent running Will Morefield (R)
4 Will Wampler Republican 2019 Incumbent running Leslie Merris (D)
Andrew Rose (L)
Will Wampler (R)
5 Israel O'Quinn Republican 2011 Incumbent running Matthew Matsunaga (D)
Israel O'Quinn (R)
6 Jeff Campbell Republican 2013 Incumbent running Jeff Campbell (R)
Lily Formato (D)
7 Nick Rush Republican 2011 Incumbent retiring[5] Sherri Blevins (R)
Lowell Bowman (R)
Derek Kitts (D)
Marie March (R)
Tara Orlando (D)
8 Joe McNamara Republican 2018 Incumbent running Joe McNamara (R)
Dustin Wimbush (D)
9 Charles Poindexter Republican 2007 Incumbent running Bridgette Craighead (D)
Charles Poindexter (R)
Wren Williams (R)
10 Wendy Gooditis Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Nick Clemente (R)
Wendy Gooditis (D)
11 Sam Rasoul Democratic 2014 Incumbent running Charlie Nave (R)
Sam Rasoul (D)
12 Chris Hurst Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Jason Ballard (R)
Chris Hurst (D)
13 Danica Roem Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Danica Roem (D)
Christopher Stone (R)
14 Danny Marshall Republican 2001 Incumbent running Rhett Deitz (D)
Danny Marshall (R)
15 Todd Gilbert Republican 2005 Incumbent running Todd Gilbert (R)
Emily Scott (D)
16 Les Adams Republican 2013 Incumbent running Les Adams (R)
17 Chris Head Republican 2011 Incumbent running Chris Head (R)
18 Michael Webert Republican 2011 Incumbent running Douglas Ward (D)
Michael Webert (R)
19 Terry Austin Republican 2013 Incumbent running Terry Austin (R)
Dean Davison (L)
Wendy Rowden (D)
20 John Avoli Republican 2019 Incumbent running John Avoli (R)
Randall Wolf (D)
21 Kelly Fowler Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Kelly Fowler (D)
Tanya Gould (R)
22 Kathy Byron Republican 1997 Incumbent running Kathy Byron (R)
Greg Eaton (D)
Isaiah Knight (R)
23 Wendell Walker Republican 2019 Incumbent running Natalie Short (D)
Wendell Walker (R)
24 Ronnie Campbell Republican 2018 Incumbent running Ronnie Campbell (R)
Mark Reed (R)
Sam Soghor (D)
25 Chris Runion Republican 2019 Incumbent running Jenni Kitchen (D)
Chris Runion (R)
26 Tony Wilt Republican 2010 Incumbent running William Helsley (D)
Tony Wilt (R)
27 Roxann Robinson Republican 2010 Incumbent running Debra Gardner (D)
Roxann Robinson (R)
Henry Staruk (I)
28 Josh Cole Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Joshua Cole (D)
Tara Durant (R)
29 Bill Wiley Republican 2020 Incumbent running Bill Wiley (R)
30 Nicholas Freitas Republican 2015 Incumbent running Nick Freitas (R)
Annette Hyde (D)
31 Elizabeth Guzman Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Ben Baldwin (R)
Elizabeth Guzman (D)
Rod Hall (D)
Idris O'Connor (D)
Kara Pitek (D)
32 David Reid Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Nicholas Allegro (I)
Scott Pio (R)
David Reid (D)
33 Dave LaRock Republican 2013 Incumbent running Dave LaRock (R)
Paul Siker (D)
34 Kathleen Murphy Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Jennifer Adeli (D)
Kathleen Murphy (D)
Gary Pan (R)
35 Mark Keam Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Mark Keam (D)
Kevin McGrath (R)
36 Ken Plum Democratic 1981
Incumbent running Mary Barthelson (D)
Matthew Lang (R)
Ken Plum (D)
37 David Bulova Democratic 2005 Incumbent running David Bulova (D)
38 Kaye Kory Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Holly Hazard (D)
Kaye Kory (D)
Tom Pafford (R)
39 Vivian Watts Democratic 1995 Incumbent running Vivian Watts (D)
40 Dan Helmer Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Dan Helmer (D)
Harold Pyon (R)
41 Eileen Filler-Corn Democratic 2010 Incumbent running Eileen Filler-Corn (D)
Entifadh Qanbar (R)
42 Kathy Tran Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Ed McGovern (R)
Kathy Tran (D)
43 Mark Sickles Democratic 2003 Incumbent running Brent Hammond (R)
Mark Sickles (D)
44 Paul Krizek Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Paul Krizek (D)
45 Mark Levine Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (D)
Mark Levine (D)
JD Maddox (R)
46 Charniele Herring Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Charniele Herring (D)
47 Patrick Hope Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Patrick Hope (D)
Matt Rogers (D)
48 Rip Sullivan Democratic 2014 Incumbent running Edward Monroe (R)
Rip Sullivan (D)
49 Alfonso Lopez Democratic 2011 Incumbent running Alfonso Lopez (D)
Karishma Mehta (D)
50 Lee Carter Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Mike Allers (R)
Lee Carter (D)
Michelle Maldonado (D)
Steve Pleickhardt (R)
Helen Zurita (D)
51 Hala Ayala Democratic 2017 Incumbent retiring to run for
Lieutenant Governor[4]
Tim Cox (R)
Jeff Dove (R)
Briana Sewell (D)
52 Luke Torian Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Maria Martin (R)
Cydny Neville (D)
Luke Torian (D)
53 Marcus Simon Democratic 2013 Incumbent running Marcus Simon (D)
Sarah White (R)
54 Bobby Orrock Republican 1989 Incumbent running Eric Butterworth (D)
Bobby Orrock (R)
55 Buddy Fowler Republican 2013 Incumbent running Rachel Levy (D)
Buddy Fowler (R)
56 John McGuire III Republican 2017 Incumbent running Blakely Lockhart (D)
John McGuire, III (R)
57 Sally Hudson Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Philip Hamilton (R)
Sally Hudson (D)
58 Rob Bell Republican 2001 Incumbent running Rob Bell (R)
Sara Ratcliffe (D)
59 Matt Fariss Republican 2011 Incumbent running Matt Fariss (R)
Ben Moses (D)
Louis Scicli (I)
60 James E. Edmunds Republican 2009 Incumbent running James E. Edmunds (R)
Daryl Haskins (D)
61 Tommy Wright Republican 2000 Incumbent running Trudy Bell Berry (D)
Joe Paschal (L)
Tommy Wright (R)
62 Carrie Coyner Republican 2019 Incumbent running Jasmine Gore (D)
Carrie Coyner (R)
63 Lashrecse Aird Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Lashrecse Aird (D)
Kim Taylor (R)
64 Emily Brewer Republican 2017 Incumbent running Emily Brewer (R)
James Taylor (D)
65 Lee Ware Republican 1998 Incumbent running Caitlin Coakley (D)
Lee Ware (R)
66 Kirk Cox Republican 1989 Incumbent retiring to run for
Sheila Bynum-Coleman (D)
Mike Cherry (R)
Linnard Harris (D)
Katie Sponsler (D)
67 Karrie Delaney Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Karrie Delaney (D)
Bob Frizzelle (R)
68 Dawn M. Adams Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Dawn M. Adams (D)
Mike Dickinson (R)
Mark Earley Jr. (R)
Kyle Elliot (D)
69 Betsy B. Carr Democratic 2009 Incumbent running Betsy B. Carr (D)
Shelia Furey (R)
Michael Jones (D)
70 Delores McQuinn Democratic 2008 Incumbent running William Hawkins (L)
Delores McQuinn (D)
David Vaught (I)
71 Jeff Bourne Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Jeff Bourne (D)
Nancye Hunter (R)
Richard Walker (D)
72 Schuyler VanValkenburg Democratic 2017 Incumbent running Tom Gardner (R)
Christopher Holmes (R)
Schuyler T. VanValkenburg (D)
73 Rodney Willett Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Mary Margaret Kastelberg (R)
Rodney Willett (D)
74 Lamont Bagby Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Lamont Bagby (D)
75 Roslyn Tyler Democratic 2005 Incumbent running Roslyn Tyler (D)
Otto Wachsmann (R)
76 Clint Jenkins Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Michael Dillender (R)
Clint Jenkins (D)
77 Cliff Hayes, Jr. Democratic 2016 Incumbent running Geoffrey Burke (R)
Cliff Hayes, Jr. (D)
78 Jay Leftwich Republican 2013 Incumbent running Jay Leftwich (R)
Robert Stuart (D)
79 Steve Heretick Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Nadarius Clark (D)
Steve Heretick (D)
Lawrence Mason (R)
Dante Walston (D)
80 Don Scott Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Thomas DuBois (I)
Don Scott (D)
81 Barry Knight Republican 2008 Incumbent running Jeffrey Feld (D)
Barry Knight (R)
Jeff Staples (I)
82 Jason Miyares Republican 2015 Incumbent running Scott Flax (D)
Victoria Luevanos (D)
Jason Miyares (R)
83 Nancy Guy Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Tim Anderson (R)
Nancy Guy (D)
Phil Kazmierczak (R)
Chris Stolle (R)
84 Glenn Davis Republican 2013 Incumbent running Glenn Davis (R)
Tracie Liguid (D)
Kim Melnyk (D)
85 Alex Askew Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Alex Askew (D)
Karen Greenhalgh (R)
86 Ibraheem Samirah Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Julie Perry (R)
Ibraheem Samirah (D)
Irene Shin (D)
87 Suhas Subramanyam Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Greg Moulthrop (R)
Suhas Subramanyam (D)
88 Mark Cole Republican 2001 Incumbent retiring[7] Rich Breeden (R)
Holly Hazard (R)
Tim Lewis (L)
Phillip Scott (R)
Ashton Spencer (D)
89 Jay Jones Democratic 2012 Incumbent running Hahns Copeland (R)
Jay Jones (D)
Hannah Kinder (D)
90 Angelia Williams Graves Democratic 2021[13] Incumbent running Angelia Williams Graves (D)
Sylvia Bryant (R)
91 Martha Mugler Democartic 2019 Incumbent running A.C. Cordoza (R)
Martha Mugler (D)
Charles West (L)
92 Jeion Ward Democratic 2003 Incumbent running Benjamin Siff (R)
Jeion Ward (D)
93 Michael Mullin Democratic 2016 Incumbent running Jordan Gray (R)
Michael Mullin (D)
94 Shelly Simonds Democratic 2019 Incumbent running Shelly Simonds (D)
95 Marcia Price Democratic 2015 Incumbent running Marcia Price (D)
96 Amanda Batten Republican 2019 Incumbent running Amanda E Batten (R)
Mark Downey (D)
97 Scott Wyatt Republican 2019 Incumbent running Sarah Sams (D)
Scott Wyatt (R)
98 Keith Hodges Republican 2011 Incumbent running Keith Hodges (R)
Ella Webster (D)
99 Margaret Ransone Republican 2011 Incumbent running Linwood Blizzard (D)
Robert Easingwood (I)
Zach Filtz (D)
Margaret Ransone (R)
Jolicia Ward (D)
100 Robert Bloxom Jr. Republican 2014 Incumbent running Robert Bloxom Jr. (R)
Finale Norton (D)

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