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2020 Oklahoma House of Representatives election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2020 Oklahoma House of Representatives election

← 2018 November 3, 2020 (2020-11-03) 2022 →

All 101 seats in the Oklahoma House
51 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Charles McCall.jpg
Virgin, Emily (1).jpg
Leader Charles McCall Emily Virgin
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat 22nd-Atoka 44th-Norman
Seats before 77 24
Seats after 82 19
Seat change Increase5 Decrease5

Speaker of the House before election

Charles McCall

Elected Speaker of the House

Charles McCall

The 2020 Oklahoma House of Representatives election took place as part of the biennial 2020 United States state legislative elections. Oklahoma voters elected state representatives in all 101 House districts. State Representatives serve two-year terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Republicans went into the 2020 election with a supermajority of seats in the state House over Democrats: 77 (R) to 24 (D). To take control, Democrats needed a net gain of 27 seats.

Following the 2020 election, Republicans expanded their supermajority by a net gain of 5 seats, shifting the balance of power to 82 (R) to 19 (D).

Flipped Seats

Five seats flipped party in 2020. Those flips were all losses for Democrats and wins for Republicans.

Republican Gains

  1. District 4: Matt Meredith (D) to Bob Ed Culver Jr. (R)
  2. District 7: Ben Loring (D) to Steve Bashore (R)
  3. District 56: David Perryman (D) to Dick Lowe (R)
  4. District 83: Chelsey Branham (D) to Eric Roberts (R)
  5. District 95: Kelly Albright (D) to Max Wolfley (R)


Nine incumbents did not run for re-election in 2020. Those incumbents were:


  1. District 1: Johnny Tadlock: Retiring
  2. District 28: Zack Taylor: Retiring
  3. District 52: Charles Ortega: Retiring
  4. District 57: Harold Wright: Retiring
  5. District 59: Mike Sanders: Retiring
  6. District 96: Lewis H. Moore: Retiring


  1. District 7: Ben Loring: Retiring
  2. District 56: David Perryman: Retiring
  3. District 89: Shane Stone: Retiring
  • NOTE: In district 7, Ben Loring (D) retired and did not seek re-election. The only candidate who filed to run in district 7 was Republican Steve Bashore, guaranteeing a flip of control of the seat from Democrats to Republicans.

Incumbents Defeated in Primary Elections

Three incumbents were defeated in their party primaries in 2020. Those incumbents were:


Oklahoma House District 3, Republican Primary Election, 2020
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Rick West 1,854 53.97
Republican Lundy Kiger (incumbent) 1,581 46.03
Total votes 3,435 100.00
Oklahoma House District 11, Republican Primary Election, 2020
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Wendi Stearman 3,098 55.51
Republican Derrel Fincher (incumbent) 2,483 44.49
Total votes 5,581 100.00


Oklahoma House District 88, Democratic Primary Election, 2020
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Mauree Turner 3,036 52.13
Democratic Jason Dunnington (incumbent) 2,788 47.87
Total votes 5,824 100.00

Incumbents Defeated in General Elections

Three incumbents were defeated in the 2020 general election. Those incumbents were all Democrats.

Detailed Results

District Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1st Republican Johnny Tadlock Retired Republican Eddy Dempsey Unopposed 100.00%
2nd Republican Jim Olsen Re-elected Republican Jim Olsen Unopposed 100.00%
3rd Republican Lundy Kiger Lost Party Nomination Republican Rick West 9,501 69.25%
Democratic Mike Sullivan 4,219 30.75%
4th Democratic Matt Meredith Lost Re-election Republican Bob Ed Culver Jr. 7,499 55.16%
Democratic Matt Meredith 6,095 44.84%
5th Republican Josh West Re-elected Republican Josh West Unopposed 100.00%
6th Republican Rusty Cornwell Re-elected Republican Rusty Cornwell Unopposed 100.00%
7th Democratic Ben Loring Retired Republican Steve Bashore Unopposed 100.00%
8th Republican Tom Gann Re-elected Republican Tom Gann Unopposed 100.00%
9th Republican Mark Lepak Re-elected Republican Mark Lepak Unopposed 100.00%
10th Republican Judd Strom Re-elected Republican Judd Strom Unopposed 100.00%
11th Republican Derrel Fincher Lost Party Nomination Republican Wendi Stearman 12,333 67.77%
Democratic Emilie Tindle 5,866 32.23%
12th Republican Kevin McDugle Re-elected Republican Kevin McDugle Unopposed 100.00%
13th Republican Avery Carl Frix Re-elected Republican Avery Carl Frix Unopposed 100.00%
14th Republican Chris Sneed Re-elected Republican Chris Sneed Unopposed 100.00%
15th Republican Randy Randleman Re-elected Republican Randy Randleman Unopposed 100.00%
16th Republican Scott Fetgatter Re-elected Republican Scott Fetgatter Unopposed 100.00%
17th Republican Jim Grego Re-elected Republican Jim Grego Unopposed 100.00%
18th Republican David Smith Re-elected Republican David Smith Unopposed 100.00%
19th Republican Justin Humphrey Re-elected Republican Justin Humphrey Unopposed 100.00%
20th Republican Sherrie Conley Re-elected Republican Sherrie Conley Unopposed 100.00%
21st Republican Dustin Roberts Re-elected Republican Dustin Roberts Unopposed 100.00%
22nd Republican Charles McCall Re-elected Republican Charles McCall Unopposed 100.00%
23rd Republican Terry O'Donnell Re-elected Republican Terry O'Donnell 6,894 62.13%
Democratic Susan Carle Young 4,202 37.87%
24th Republican Logan Phillips Re-elected Republican Logan Phillips 8,518 66.11%
Democratic Steve Kouplen 4,367 33.89%
25th Republican Ronny Johns Re-elected Republican Ronny Johns Unopposed 100.00%
26th Republican Dell Kerbs Re-elected Republican Dell Kerbs 9,885 69.01%
Democratic Bryce Barfield 4,439 30.99%
27th Republican Danny Sterling Re-elected Republican Danny Sterling Unopposed 100.00%
28th Republican Zack Taylor Retired Republican Danny Williams 9,595 73.14%
Democratic Yasminda Choate 3,523 26.86%
29th Republican Kyle Hilbert Re-elected Republican Kyle Hilbert 13,461 81.98%
Democratic Rick Parris 2,959 18.02%
30th Republican Mark Lawson Re-elected Republican Mark Lawson 12,878 77.15%
Democratic Chuck Threadgill 3,815 22.85%
31st Republican Garry Mize Re-elected Republican Garry Mize Unopposed 100.00%
32nd Republican Kevin Wallace Re-elected Republican Kevin Wallace Unopposed 100.00%
33rd Republican John Talley Re-elected Republican John Talley Unopposed 100.00%
34th Democratic Trish Ranson Re-elected Democratic Trish Ranson 6,145 52.54%
Republican Aaron Means 5,551 47.46%
35th Republican Ty Burns Re-elected Republican Ty Burns Unopposed 100.00%
36th Republican Sean Roberts Re-elected Republican Sean Roberts Unopposed 100.00%
37th Republican Ken Luttrell Re-elected Republican Ken Luttrell Unopposed 100.00%
38th Republican John Pfeiffer Re-elected Republican John Pfeiffer Unopposed 100.00%
39th Republican Ryan Martinez Re-elected Republican Ryan Martinez Unopposed 100.00%
40th Republican Chad Caldwell Re-elected Republican Chad Caldwell Unopposed 100.00%
41st Republican Denise Hader Re-elected Republican Denise Hader Unopposed 100.00%
42nd Republican Cynthia Roe Re-elected Republican Cynthia Roe Unopposed 100.00%
43rd Republican Jay Steagall Re-elected Republican Jay Steagall 13,337 72.56%
Independent Cassie Kinet 5,043 27.44%
44th Democratic Emily Virgin Re-elected Democratic Emily Virgin Unopposed 100.00%
45th Democratic Merleyn Bell Re-elected Democratic Merleyn Bell 9,850 51.64%
Republican Phillip Hillian 9,224 48.36%
46th Democratic Jacob Rosecrants Re-elected Democratic Jacob Rosecrants 10,332 50.19%
Republican Nancy Sangirardi 10,253 49.81%
47th Republican Brian Hill Re-elected Republican Brian Hill Unopposed 100.00%
48th Republican Tammy Townley Re-elected Republican Tammy Townley Unopposed 100.00%
49th Republican Tommy Hardin Re-elected Republican Tommy Hardin Unopposed 100.00%
50th Republican Marcus McEntire Re-elected Republican Marcus McEntire Unopposed 100.00%
51st Republican Brad Boles Re-elected Republican Brad Boles Unopposed 100.00%
52nd Republican Charles Ortega Retired Republican Gerrid Kendrix Unopposed 100.00%
53rd Republican Mark McBride Re-elected Republican Mark McBride Unopposed 100.00%
54th Republican Kevin West Re-elected Republican Kevin West Unopposed 100.00%
55th Republican Todd Russ Re-elected Republican Todd Russ 11,283 79.77%
Democratic Austin Gipson-Black 2,861 20.23%
56th Democratic David Perryman Retired Republican Dick Lowe 8,680 67.03%
Democratic Craig Parham 4,270 32.97%
57th Republican Harold Wright Retired Republican Anthony Moore 10,275 70.36%
Democratic Juan Garcia 4,328 29.64%
58th Republican Carl Newton Re-elected Republican Carl Newton Unopposed 100.00%
59th Republican Mike Sanders Retired Republican Mike Dobrinski Unopposed 100.00%
60th Republican Rhonda Baker Re-elected Republican Rhonda Baker Unopposed 100.00%
61st Republican Kenton Patzkowsky Re-elected Republican Kenton Patzkowsky Unopposed 100.00%
62nd Republican Daniel Pae Re-elected Republican Daniel Pae 6,107 55.13%
Democratic Larry Bush 4,970 44.87%
63rd Republican Hurchel Caldwell Re-elected Republican Hurchel Caldwell Unopposed 100.00%
64th Republican Rande Worthen Re-elected Republican Rande Worthen 4,823 54.17%
Democratic Kyle Emmett Meraz 4,080 45.83%
65th Republican Toni Hasenbeck Re-elected Republican Toni Hasenbeck 9,850 79.13%
Democratic Jennifer Kerstetter 2,598 20.87%
66th Republican Jadine Nollan Re-elected Republican Jadine Nollan 10,010 65.15%
Democratic Greg Laird 5,355 34.85%
67th Republican Jeff Boatman Re-elected Republican Jeff Boatman Unopposed 100.00%
68th Republican Lonnie Sims Re-elected Republican Lonnie Sims 11,194 66.77%
Democratic Michael Ross 5,570 33.23%
69th Republican Sheila Dills Re-elected Republican Sheila Dills Unopposed 100.00%
70th Republican Carol Bush Re-elected Republican Carol Bush Unopposed 100.00%
71st Democratic Denise Brewer Re-elected Democratic Denise Brewer 8,042 54.30%
Republican Mike Masters 6,767 45.70%
72nd Democratic Monroe Nichols Re-elected Democratic Monroe Nichols Unopposed 100.00%
73rd Democratic Regina Goodwin Re-elected Democratic Regina Goodwin Unopposed 100.00%
74th Republican Mark Vancuren Re-elected Republican Mark Vancuren Unopposed 100.00%
75th Republican T. Marti Re-elected Republican T. Marti Unopposed 100.00%
76th Republican Ross Ford Re-elected Republican Ross Ford Unopposed 100.00%
77th Democratic John Waldron Re-elected Democratic John Waldron Unopposed 100.00%
78th Democratic Meloyde Blancett Re-elected Democratic Meloyde Blancett 9,315 59.05%
Republican Paul Royse 6,461 40.95%
79th Democratic Melissa Provenzano Re-elected Democratic Melissa Provenzano 8,301 51.81%
Republican Margie Alfonso 7,721 48.19%
80th Republican Stan May Re-elected Republican Stan May Unopposed 100.00%
81st Republican Mike Osburn Re-elected Republican Mike Osburn 10,705 62.36%
Democratic Jacob Baccus 6,461 37.64%
82nd Republican Nicole Miller Re-elected Republican Nicole Miller Unopposed 100.00%
83rd Democratic Chelsey Branham Lost Re-election Republican Eric Roberts 10,655 51.87%
Democratic Chelsey Branham 9,886 48.13%
84th Republican Tammy West Re-elected Republican Tammy West Unopposed 100.00%
85th Democratic Cyndi Munson Re-elected Democratic Cyndi Munson 11,037 56.37%
Republican Bill Robinson 8,543 43.63%
86th Republican David Hardin Re-elected Republican David Hardin Unopposed 100.00%
87th Democratic Collin Walke Re-elected Democratic Collin Walke 8,333 60.24%
Republican Valerie Walker 5,501 39.76%
88th Democratic Jason Dunnington Lost Party Nomination Democratic Mauree Turner 9,610 71.36%
Republican Kelly Barlean 3,856 28.64%
89th Democratic Shane Stone Retired Democratic Jose Cruz 2,606 66.43%
Republican John Hutton 1,317 33.57%
90th Republican Jon Echols Re-elected Republican Jon Echols 7,055 61.93%
Democratic Wayne Hughes 4,336 38.07%
91st Republican Chris Kannady Re-elected Republican Chris Kannady Unopposed 100.00%
92nd Democratic Forrest Bennett Re-elected Democratic Forrest Bennett Unopposed 100.00%
93rd Democratic Mickey Dollens Re-elected Democratic Mickey Dollens 4,475 57.53%
Republican Mike Christian 3,304 42.47%
94th Democratic Andy Fugate Re-elected Democratic Andy Fugate 6,984 59.65%
Republican Lauren Rodebush 4,724 40.35%
95th Democratic Kelly Albright Lost Re-election Republican Max Wolfley 6,444 51.23%
Democratic Kelly Albright 6,135 48.77%
96th Republican Lewis H. Moore Retired Republican Preston Stinson Unopposed 100.00%
97th Democratic Jason Lowe Re-elected Democratic Jason Lowe 11,462 71.33%
Republican Ben M. Janloo 4,607 28.67%
98th Republican Dean Davis Re-elected Republican Dean Davis Unopposed 100.00%
99th Democratic Ajay Pittman Re-elected Democratic Ajay Pittman Unopposed 100.00%
100th Republican Marilyn Stark Re-elected Republican Marilyn Stark 8,860 55.08%
Democratic Summer Wesley 7,226 44.92%
101st Republican Robert Manger Re-elected Republican Robert Manger 12,137 63.61%
Democratic Madeline Scott 6,127 32.11%
Libertarian A.J. Bailey 815 4.27%
  • Official primary results can be obtained here,[1] official primary run-off election results here,[2] and official general election results here.[3]

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