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2019 Dallas mayoral election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2019 Dallas mayoral election

← 2015 May 4, 2019 2023 →
Eric Johnson 2018 (1).jpg
Nominee Eric Johnson Scott Griggs
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
First round vote 16,374 14,901
First round percentage 20.31% 18.48%
Runoff vote 41,208 32,898
Runoff percentage 55.61% 44.39%

Mayor before election

Mike Rawlings

Elected Mayor

Eric Johnson

On May 4, 2019, the city of Dallas, Texas, held an election to choose the next Mayor of Dallas. The election began as a nonpartisan blanket primary, no candidate took a majority of over 50% of the total vote so the two top vote-earners Eric Johnson and Scott Griggs advanced to a runoff election on June 8. Incumbent mayor Mike Rawlings was unable to run for reelection due to term limits.[1] Dallas also concurrently elected all 14 members of its city council, and 3 of the 9 total members of the Dallas Independent School District. Johnson won the runoff with 55.61%.[2]

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the state does not give credence to the threat and we will communicate not given however the dome credibility antiterrorist gave credit to the notice police respond tonight legal Lefty day discussion a scam to democracy we will do things and act proportionality and intelligence tranquility and firmly for that we will welcome the good ana Samboal nights thanks for being with us mari pau domínguez good night They are those and some calm face of two are afraid conselleiro mariano rajoy had never been included in list the list or oak carmelo well well well fine and dandy and it is also with us beyond manuel belgrano turns out, he was able to credibility the interior ministry that notice CIA about the possibility of an imminent attack on the promenade will be part of the debate tonight as of course also we analyze and final stretch of independence challenge We enter the key week Wednesday may have already even a paper signed paper signed by the separatists for call the referendum only We can not possibly go further nobody knows what is in the head of independence which so far is True, they have avoided any leave any physical trace of the call for the referendum which already it is a sign that They also know that is illegal but of course not missing a contertulio more may be you can say course in question hello paula Sanchez de Leon nights and we propose the same truth itself a question as to thread the statements we have heard so much the prime minister as Pedro Sanchez whole issue today all Catalonia centered care has started the political course and we Following these statements that Below we will show what you want them to ask for involving all night is which of the two guarantees better Spain unit if the president pedro Sanchez and mariano rajoy praised President's first phone there you we have 90 585 5001 callable from now and throughout the program or If you prefer to vote or opt for pedro sánchez the other of our 905 85 500 numbers get two Memorized can vote and that the way the two protagonists both names of survey tonight have spoken today have spoken about the independence challenge Catalan and certainly the tone has been very correct and 2 and in doing them but have not voted yet today that if they want to vote Mariano and pedro sanz also can vote but for now what I say is that They have actually spoken between them and the tone has clearly been cordial and huge understanding to cope together and that is very important to face together the challenge Catalan independence immediately we go with that but I think before they should all be especially Catalonia is the most important research environment still research open around the attacks in Catalonia with 16 dead we have on the table developments among other important developments which We have seen that that the dome Interior gave far more credit far more credence to that notice CIA gave a possible commission of an attack on the boardwalk barcelona summer that notice that warning the CIA that He went completely sideways for mossos not give any credibility but effectively unfortunately finally met or ana It was fulfilled and we had to suffer mourn great room is 70 and still 16 people They are injured in hospitals to me what catches my attention all this is to give him credibility not you give credibility not put the necessary measures in case that Do not you telling you any he is saying and there is already another question I think we have to explain whether the interior ministry will gives credence to all that because no takes command It is true that they are mosos powers and that the Government has some skills but the ministry inside this law over all security Spain before a warning of a bombing it gives you credibility because she did not take It is that I think that's one of the faces serious I think there in that question is where is the base where the problem because of course there are not many yes but problems but we ana many days lunging at the version and lies not only version but also lies by the Government of Catalonia It has also included the body of the mosos the dome but of course if if that Notice also came to cn and came Also the Ministry of the Interior question and it was then and what happened with inside now when we know that inside itself gave credence face and It seems much more serious situation more effectively because they are transferred certain powers even though it is a body of a autonomous community in the end who should have control state security and return to Catalonia remember that today continues Spain still having the security responsibility state administration is that it is not a problem may be the answer to that question is very important that It is in this great controversy that has created around the issue of the letter and no alert I think you have to separate well two things first receiving the alert who deny despite the warning was received and they deny that there is a lie but one thing is the analysis did in the past there's something else He said policy was lying So the first thing we did was spend on deny that there was this warning and upload against the middle when he gave me the He had received information warning he had received from the own dome the Government and was saved by understand that there was no alarm then the population needlessly Another thing is that rightly or unwisely will despise the alert that is another story and can occur hears that both the Ministry of the Interior They say they gave more credibility as as the dome of the mossos understand that no warning that it was not necessary to attend to me seems to me and that I am with a warning ana comes from services intelligence information run the world on terrorism you always have to take it into account this I'm not investigate all by perhaps because this is the history but the problem is that as the demand for this sector This is like the call to call Belgian police at the mossos on the subject of VAT it filled not there in you hear it and you have taken a look at research topic because terrorism is to leave no fleco loose or none not leave without without check any avenue of investigation you can take to capture a skin cell is true that there are two slopes of different analysis one side is if credit is given not to the CIA warning is true for side is a very diffuse athlete does not explain any detail whether as might not be the attack does not say who could be behind that organization of the attack is a note fuzzy but it is also true that It comes from a very reliable source as is the body that brings together all the US intelligence Say this is a party a the other side of the analysis is that effectively three times initially reaches generalitat deny that there is such that note and true to say that the Government lied is neither hinder or dirty the mossos name analysis a political reality that there three times denied the existence of that because it is recognized amount is very important to distinguish distinguish Mossos d'performance of the esquadra agents that make up the mossos after the bombing d'Esquadra form to understand was an executive action We are spotless but at least effective and capable That is not in doubt and another thing the direction of the mossos in mossos address the act correctly when first deny information that was there and me to stay and that they then have I had to admit that to start and second whether to accept or not that's another controversy despising is this alert or homo leaving aside for considering that It was a farmhouse in the previous also We see if you could do more and better in the blast channel We will also discuss what we are going to do with the director of 'newspaper that This exclusive digital newspaper whereby they could employ Catalan police dogs trained in detection of explosives were preparing the challenge of the channel but we were in the notice of ocean is that effective police I honestly do not think you can measure based on the number of terrorists which folded once occurred attempt police efficiency and effectiveness of intelligence is measured previously measured in terms of effectively to prevent and avoid attacks and that if anything has characterized forces and bodies State security is its enormous effectiveness remember that they have arrested more than 600 suspects of Jihadism in Spain in recent years Remember that have been disabled countless terrorist cells They were even about to attack in different parts of Spain so the effectiveness of mossos in This case serves as a posteriori bit I do not recall any event that produced a terrorist attack in United States or Europe and once an attack occurs jihadists had not been killed arrested and absolutely void and imprisoned as happened in the case in the case of Catalonia The above problem is which They have been the chain of errors that has produced to reach and attack Note the cia it is true was in fact diffuse forces and security bodies They have been receiving an average of between two and three notes of these characteristics to the Diffuse week but still it is true that there was no last name to throw there was no clue as solvent which to investigate but there was a very specific location of the wadis Barcelona and a temporary space very Specifically possible attack in summer and I wonder what did the Mossos d'Esquadra to try minimize the possibility of attack ref they touched the police presence in the wadis that made the town hall barcelona to travel or not warn them the local police were not warned that That also just married well the version given to insist on Operational control of agents Mossos d'Esquadra and now you say no no We gave notice to credit notice cia but did say sotto voce but we take action immediately afterwards black saying no to urban guard does not but beware notify That is the excuse used which side to wriggle out of the problem but there remember that there was a notice Interior Ministry ships the defense would do if that we go to bollards where recommended to leave clear is that we are on red alert you manually correct a few things because I think it's hay 2 sin Accuracy is the first in what You're saying that the minister Interior warned to put bollards at Christmas put bollards in Christmas bollards get done case the recommendation of the ministry as it was done inside case Puerta del Sol in Madrid for the every New Year's Eve and put bollards heeds this as to what pointing josé luis she does not receive City Council here to Caesar what is Caesar's and God what is God she receives it does not receive the Town Hall and there is neither responsible barcelona security council They receive no alert has to do with the wadi is and This indication of the US secret services and therefore receives her first complaining that this warning will not reach urban guard but also saying is one thing that is the post is of little effectiveness I agree not like all which are included in this table you sure that what matters is the prevention and has failed This obviously has missed all mossos sides but especially that one had three warnings about the another alert magnet and the Xunta de alcanar that although they were 17 hours and peak of before the war could have they detected something and smelled were not the goal would be something else and this is that is that's obvious but also it serves the security post those five types that that preyed on in cambrils could have gone down and have made a escabechina what and yet today claimed were and there kilo and then shot dead the guy who caught up to wait for the van also could He has done and yet he was He asked to and worked and that must be I recognize the official agents does not work from my point of view is the direction Rose's analysis the Mossos d'direction of esquadra of What is the real risk of jihadism and I think I sincerely believe but I say clearly that it was not a political priority Jihadism I say clearly I think it was not you think not They had dedicated enough time to this problem in Catalonia knew it was a greater risk than any Another point is the warning 4 is not you lent to 39 that is not reality but on stage in the danger of a jihadist attack was mayoral is that the territory percentage has increased concentration because it has brought they have been they who have sought greg such immigration why it has the highest percentage and so maybe as they thought they were attracting and it was his home there would not attempt because it is a failure that we have seen in other times and in other countries also in Belgium without going further If you have a home here how we are going to putting bombs here because they will put anywhere they can because it has They have been good not just end there They are making many end up creating a ghetto their own home and actually are reviewing security protocols for days already and practically shortly after the bombing they began aa review all protocols security I hope you are also reviewing protocols collaboration between different forces and security forces because I suspect the interior ministry after the mossos alerts and removed middle go unless you can generalitat annoy a situation political situation very delicate as we have and that conducive to the end of failures multiply and if now in which he taught I said he suspected it did if it's wrong because this is too big a risk Too dangerous cup per day and forwards them to You stop security refers you to the courts where the Government has very jealously protected their skills as regarding the division of powers I think in this case actually had knowledge of both note security forces and state as the Mossos d'Esquadra by competition in this case is transferred both general and now is the primary responsibility in line with what I said carmelo carmelo not I questioned the expertise of the agents abate when the terrorists said no tears sabbath only and should be tracked down I find if I want to remind carmelo remind you that the principal responsible for the deaths of wadi sauntered out the van once the ball He calmly walked down the Ramblas as reflected chambers security Boqueria market and car was caught after having stolen and its owner murdering and They not found until they found mostly what not unless it is trying to tell you is that I have not questioned the effectiveness agents when beating I insist terrorists as true has happened in all countries developed that have occurred and have been attacks has been arrested and it takes that been killed soon trincar or not trincar in mezcal volleyball paris france helmet in case Brussels is that if we as Belgian police reference better than best you forget it what I say is that they have been killed and also carrying the agents in that sense have been effective but little better and I think we all agree with that of I little value that terrorists are detained located and killed in his case once committed the barbarity they have committed and in this case the key is on prevention and if anything He has characterized the forces and bodies the state is by prevention and mossos have failed miserably because I know are the mossos the responsible for safety Catalonia discuss prevention so far We knew and let's focus on fusion in that house arganda wants win where he was preparing an attack even more because it's true They are going to the wadi but they have to improvise and have 17 hours improvise this attack can not be so deadly as lethal as it was initially preparing the chalet alcanar and dispose of those 17 hours because there actually occur a series of failures that everyone recognizes failures such as not give credit to the words of the judge judge who went to that fact said today they will see if this they are preparing here more than one hundred carboys to see if it will be an attack terrorist and the judge receives that and famous answer not overdo Honor until now we knew why and effectively it demonstrates that there was a failure assessment of what had occurred in alcanar but today we learned a exclusive moment ago that we mentioned Digital daily diary ok avoided also take the dogs of the Catalan police trained just two months before the attacks trained by the civil guard recognize exactly the kind of who they were preparing explosive terrorists in that house alcanar I think we can say hello to eduardo inda ok director of signing day that that exclusive may have used to dogs and thus eduardo have saved or have given more quickly in detecting what It occurred 17 hours after alcanar good night explosion that as we are this morning you and I agree that the truly seriousness of what happened in the hours prior to the terrible attack barcelona is basically why alcanar Why in alcanar was then 500 liters of acetone and there were 106 bottles that is not I know any Spanish citizen resident in Spain you have in your home 106 carboys and 500 liters of acetone and That's what I think is really serious about this story say that wild burst as is have let go as if nothing is saying it was not a no drug lab It was an explosion of butane and logical that the dogs had gone elite of the Catalan police that are these dogs as we have counted ok yesterday and today in daily because they are They have been trained to train in madrid to detect what they call Satan mother is explosive basically used the Islamic state and who were preparing Rambla terrorists for their initial intentions wants to fly Holy Family and other points Barcelona and make a real not a butcher butcher more from which they perpetrated on the promenade If I insist those dogs were trained exactly two months ago in madrid to detect the explosive used by the Islamic state that form other components with acetone in Canada were 500 criminal liters of acetone If those dogs had been winning because he had seen it a bomb blast You can immediately put up on alert all mossos d'Esquadra in Catalonia and gone by terrorists and maybe the since no attack had reached aa yy realize we climbed book He has experienced tremendous tragedy bar bar Celona Spain and the world in general as far as you know EDWARD mossos at no time use these dogs pose They were trained to from to detect explosive use terrorists even in that at which time the judge warns hear look to see if there is anything else and can be more at any time it pose good they are not not only not pose but these were neither dogs nor they expect or appeared in alcanar these dogs if the dogs had instantly gone there for their dogs They had detected the substance of which we are talking about is called the mother of untie called that apt and is a Explosive explosive is used by the Islamic State The reason is because it is an explosive it goes unnoticed if you go through as an office is much more complicated a normal explosive that detect Dogs need to be dogs specially trained for this thing yes it happens with four dogs of the Mossos d'Esquadra if those dogs they had taken to the town gala tarragona well maybe not at this point we would be talking of it this tragedy is not to say that is alcanar committed many mistakes first he said it was a laboratory clandestine drug then spoke of an explosion of gas bottles and what was it was for the preparation of wild explosives to cause damage It is terrifying to say to make a to carry out a much slaughter higher quantitatively than perpetrate We are ready and daughter in city Barcelona for surely perpetrate a crime one quantitatively similar to that Jihadists also conducted Unfortunately Madrid on March 11 2004 eduardo wants Also ask is with us Samboal ana eduardo because not even raise the possibility of take the dogs because they have adequate training to mossos terrorism because they had failures information or service information does not work because not they saw a potential threat that dogs could have confirmed or discarded What this basically because it ana Mossos d'Esquadra because in the end when when a body as the body national police it has dozens and dozens and dozens of years it has an experience that lacks one body that has as 30 or twentysomething years and then must be said also as I have and say nobody understands It is expected that the state Islamic will attempt to where you touch the sinister Chinese state Islamic yourself but I do believe that If you have dogs trained to state detecting explosives Islamic that the greatest threat the world western in case you have to take them and not bollards then I think it's a matter of jealousy ie the regional police because no If the police want the body National Police gives you a police indication not I meet because in the end because you are the body National police a matter of jurisdictional jealousies that go even beyond the independence issue is not but but here I think it's a as a matter of skill and professionalism not to say anyway is also some say that it would be logical to have killed a terrorists and not have killed if any directly if not left with life in parts not having shot vital for the body to have to interrogate them and subject them aa the Prescriptive questions that affected all police when he captured a terrorist and get more and information or if I think the Mossos d'Esquadra not They are to blame for this terrible tragedy I say the guilty from the first day of the attack are those oy perpetrated what the authors intellectuals but what is clear is that the mossos because finally they are a bit and pardon the expression and I will criticizing some pardillo not say no They do not have the preparation It has the national police and the civil Guard and then I must say also that that in this country is dissolving Mossos d'Esquadra I think that is a question that seems impossible but What one has to do to reform the law to be a single command police in this country and not mossos go it alone and go Ertzainta Free and national body Police go elsewhere and if someone He has experience fighting terrorism in this country Unfortunately that someone is the National Police and the guard civil and there must have seen a knob only that there is no dysfunction is so that we are no hidden data and so that there is no piques the end piques favor only one side and secondly that only favor to terrorists and I do not want you let rest because I was actually we agreed very early this morning and we are working but I'm here to my vera mari pau domínguez that also wants to ask a question that such eduardo good night I do not know if if the news that you have published and honestly it's good or bad I explain that you have known for two months Mossos d'Esquadra brought to Madrid dogs to be trained in that type of explosives is clearly one question means that the police Catalan regional no dogs trained to detect explosives Green terrorists using international has been left clues or it is dogs I dogs suppose that central administration we must have civil guard dogs and the national police of course trained in dogs all kinds of explosives us news that you have published really I do not know if it's good or bad you have news that you really it is that there were dogs in the master regional police man we will see in us always give good news when one man has as the case given the roldán garín Barcenas bonuses sms gold jewels war almost Falez the case Camargue granados not let me finish if you please in the Camargue camarga relations when he arrived For neymar Anyway when we counted the useful use of reserved funds buy the silence of the king's mistress bárbara rey juan carlos when we have told recording tapes He recorded the CESID to don juan carlos on surely we have some credibility more than others who speak a certain but that said all envy which Man A dog that is dedicated to will not detect explosives if shopping in a pet store you do not You go to the store nearest pet your home and defeat please give me a dog detects that the mother of Satan hear you say not look that's more complex than what we are talking a dog that detect explosives at You can workout Mossos d'Esquadra but a dog satán detects mother is explosive more unknown and between more advanced use quotation marks terrorist bands and especially the Islamic State That's got to be because the dogs know-how is united states and that obviously not only know how to Mossos d'Esquadra is the dan le minister defense would give civil guards They are the national police and It is making the national police Civil Guard and Minister of defense is to make available to skilled in the art that for the Ertzaintza and Mossos d'Esquadra post have to prepare aa dogs in these tasks I insist this is not no go to the nearest pet store to your house and say it to see the ss apt to be the mother of Satan for what I want and how much it costs 1,000 euros because this dog for me and Talos certainly more explosive sophisticated and above all more for unknown forces Western security and well and This is a process that takes time and the great specialists are in madrid are especially Minister defense and national body police and the national center canine intelligence department It is the best in Western Europe By the way congratulations on the eduardo information for that scoop they say now modern and rest which He is also the owner of the newspaper you can afford big hug if not but I have to also say and marc and pau I say especially anyone He has denied the news that already He can be considered poor in the eduardo that the ministry of defense and the government of Spain but not he had irony but now with the intention was the opposite children other public and that seso Of course it has all the credibility of World's missing that restless because then it supposed to be that there had previously trained dogs to me that Bone concerned has taken taste for ie opposite to me restless evil seemed clear where the distance the distance makes no It means the iron and I apologize but but in any in any case if what to what to highlight It is that they insist ie the dogs who are specialized in this matter insist are not normal dogs are dogs requiring training very important and until you find a dog that has those such training and those skills that do not have all dogs spend a lot of dogs on the road ie that there are many who disposed in those in those tasks and those means the end as they are can have in my defense the national intelligence center It has a very important unit in matter Civil Guard or the national body said that unfortunately what we We see you soon a huge hug and Congratulations uu thank everyone a hug or not indeed it is true that matches this don inda morning that We are probably talking about the fact most important throughout the investigation because from that time after the explosion of alcanar is when terrorists improvising a plan on the fly and people just rolling in rambla but those 17 hours are lost We're not saying we could have avoided the attack is not good because it is impossible to know and also do not we can say and should not say because the attack that they improvised we must not give much to the coconut real time to catch the van and bulldoze people in the Rambla is no longer the result is 14 or 15 but not dead but the reality is that if something unsophisticated and that You can concoct in five minutes That's what made him the man to be which then they brought down on to subirats we can not really say that see another canal treatment I would have solved the problem because go namely what they had done but revealing reveals that the fight terrorism does not benefit all opportunities or all information It was in the midst of war is not that they are also three vertices one alcanar other vertices other vertex ripoll vertex with the magnet that had a record that stayed with that History can not be giving classes children's on-demand because that's another story he says it was confident and a third vertex is the famous alert states United What is the key indra has said something that it is absolutely hate and however this does not happen is that the fight against terrorism has as little the fight against terrorism have a single command but command only non I mean hear and you bring the information you want that's how It is working now everyone turns at the National Counterterrorism Center There dumps the information you want not all information is obviously not neither make nor Civil Guard mossos police or national police National does not handle the same information that water is everyone has their Information water and there enters its so fast between official police forces secure and there is also happening classic and it's a classic that in the sewers of Madrid has there guys between between units of the soil of the Civil Guard and the federal police is this the move these things can not be and but good to see if this this event and this this terrible attack that puts ap manifest these deficiencies today shows us that there is not that this that act of solidarity that we can not leave without checking any data that It is the purpose for which spoke to the investigation of the attacks to Fish will prevent us life in to prevent this stay and was not particular situation in relation to the absence of four who hide information and that is a matter of competencies but in this case has not He has been just that and also commented eduardo has also been a case of lack of expertise when assessing the true gravity of what happened in alcanar when raising the hypothesis following the explosion although no doubt realize that you in alcanar hurt and there was no question or why it has occurred java explosion not because they suspect the side or otherwise I spent they were doing I do not think to start investigating how to take drug lab was not injured sing may be to avoid touch it was for lack of expertise zoncera and unfortunately I think that They were not what had to be I sincerely believe that give us partner in the fight against terrorism daughter fight the anti far rings her quality was not a priority the line of the counseling inside the generalitat but ready to From there some agents do every day at last not believe and therefore good because when we It is overturned on what needs to be and it is in other things and does not iu spend a minute at most ten important when you are growing a rhinoceros in the room when you do not say this can happen but I think These confusions do not recommend you Today the job portal France unfortunately violence because there is no warning or preparation for a huge profit but it has is ending the concept is a lack of expertise when the call Belgian police says and there you have one mirage magnet not hear it because we do not leaves are not likely to and SOAT follow the and stays in nothing I was lucky but lack of interest or lack of interest or lack of attention to it assists in our version of mortality of interest intelligence warnings before value interest but seeing the explosion and the remains of the villa you have to have sufficient capacity to know how to evaluate the aspect that Today he has brought to light ok daily it makes you think actually is a mixture of two or like you you told me or if possible is Another possibility that the lack of interest will lead to lack of expertise say but not because they have experience but because good as not very interested in the topic I do not think we are moving purely the Speculation that today still they do not have to give many things but this same detail of dogs I would say now is that if dogs were sent to Madrid for two months and it is not my neither even the dogs do not use it nobody had bothered taking Spain Alert 4 nobody had worried that In addition to the agents they had to have dogs trained in that no one previously he had worried the had good and not so subtle for two oasis months but but before those two months two months ago and previously how long it took with the letter k on July 4 but three have to go for someone suddenly a day stand up and say if further we need sniffing dogs officially the LED type and prepare the amazing knowing that a day today is that there were only a dogs two months ago came to be madrid trained to give all chain of errors oo good to say to say no to soft errors They have occurred in this in this Research the topic to the channel for me I is the most serious agree with carmelo that there are three major tips which they say have made mistakes serious one is the issue canal others theme of the magnet and other theme of the note but within each within each of these chapters in turn they have made mistakes also very important in the issue of channel we must be aware of what is there was preparing what is preparing it there was a real Killing the largest massacre which has suffered or have suffered if Europe should commit commit is as I had planned we are talking of several pumps with shrapnel different parts of the city and one of them in the holy family is visited by thousands of people every day therefore I do not want to imagine what It would have happened if they fail to make that ruling and explodes them explosive above Having said that if they have committed serious skill problems I think that if you have been serious errors expertise to the call is started by the explosion and the first thing I did in the mossos is question and so came tickers and it was kind of an explosion gas well surprised that statement when the explosion apparently has mushroom that is does not happen in a gas explosion at the same time as also discussed experts gas explosion I would never have produced the collapse of alcanar house How it was reduced so huge that not He had produced those features second serious error view expertise hey if they are so adept at this kind of issues how can a judge the investigating judge in the case was not an expert on issues of unexploded But she simply observing the He said scenario hear this will not be a possible attack would not have to investigate man not overdo it lordship lordship not overdo man third point seems to me produced remarkable housing any one squat occurs that is, a squatter house was known by the villagers that even He had been denounced by a neighbor because we must remember that the bottles did not leave a Center station it is not the they robbed is that much of the bottles They were stolen by around the area there were reports it was known that the house had been occupied it is belonging to a bank and the authorities did absolutely nothing and to end related to the eduardo inda training and daily ok also it seems much more serious beyond the fact that they had used or specialized dogs EOD skiing civil guard They offered aa go home to analyze the well the housing and hears and see if there was something beyond a gas explosion or possible drug factory hears many mistakes is not one or two many mistakes whenever there actually is when say good mossos say no and we in it and tells the Civil Guard do not need to come to its experts you because you come we're at it what you put in today revealed that news daily is that they were not very well because neither even the means at its They put him effectively available They not put having means for what they can get by having him I hope I am but were without But because they did not love communes as no not a matter of gravity I've really was mentioned in two German demolition and sometimes it get given the brain that makes the leader whole process chemotherapy indeed the rest of the terrorists committed by the attacks Well you eat you should know that a journalist named jordi barbeta who wrote a tweet in which It comes to ask the Spanish government I explained if something is true as he is running According to this information the magnet ripoll would actually be a confidant I cn police know what has written insist that journalist we can hear what he has left for written on the social network twitter the Spanish government should clarify whether as point data and indications the magnet Ripoll was a confidant protected the police or cn and that is that indeed in certain circles I was in Barcelona shortly after that the attack was committed and the day following last just twenty 24 hours and started circulating so that he and could actually bad being a police informer Jose maría benito welcome good night Jose Maria josé maría benito spector of police and want ask him if he is satisfied that possibility that the brain attacks in Catalonia obviously no more than one frivolity but I think now no longer Listen josé maría benito has come Well goodnight Mary is carmelo really impossible if not I believe Well I'd say it's more than just a frivolity I think that this is the Typical is the typical information It is released with every intention on a given time and runs and runs and How good and how and what is Fortunately I am sure that circulates in these playing fields nothing to draw political gain yes it is clear that these aldermen and 6-2 body to another it is that the Better option I'm much better that we are the National Police will have to explain to see what truth there is in this I understand that is zero and if so this man will have to ask some liability and this is not it It is a slander accusation is a very serious I think it is such a serious accusation that what I think is frivolous dispatching it in a tweet saying if you You're a journalist as well the case Jordi barbeta who has spent many years in journalism in Barcelona and you that hint of nonpublic information are tui because it is not an information second or third category is very serious of all is what I guess I should not have done that I know if you have done I guess not because if there would brought on information as journalist is to investigate and when you javi have already staves little but something is confirmed then already Aeschylus throws spears through a Internet is not a social network smooth and choice I think I think what is not clear exactly what has done is that it is frivolous but It is also very responsible because it is this so as not to throw classic stone stone and hide the hand and journalist can never throw a stone and hide a major problem jorge nanclares the problem is that young ana Bleep Do you think I'll try for the third time to say good night people who are crossing their fingers crossed josé maría benito me now nights that as good as best as possible some say is we are analyzing the tweet of a journalist in particular ripoll the magnet is the mastermind of the attacks would confident not clear whether the cn or the side of the police you think You have to say Well I'll Catholic faith would deny most difficult were true it would have been a confidant of both I do not care police guard civilian fene precisely that person would be the more controlled person that is on the face of the earth somehow produced so we understand informers police or civil guard cen and people absolutely not only confidence but absolute confidence but they are also people perfectly controlled and controllable therefore hard for me to believe and we will therefore deny without having extensive knowledge of which can be but I know the world of informers so I say that I deny that this man I could be confident of both the police as he has that kind of information such suspicions obviously political interest we said that take several days circulating the table such that I said of course if it is not true as obviously it seems that is not true the police will have to ask for some responsibility you believe the national body Police should be asked accountable those responsible for these it should slurs what happens that the police are very accustomed to that and nobody out the face and say and iniesta statements are not used to that you usually pour statements I think it for free on many issues not only on this and that good finally to the police because not to look out and say because you are not it was really confident our not I know they do not know what the reason is but I that communication policy the police in this case leaves much to be desired because it makes sense to be yy immediately but deny most Now we are clear as usual such as denying a tweet person of a journalist or 15 to when it published so through a kind tweet because we would have to all day belying claims It has pig and and situations being public through social networks what do you think is behind this Overture interest beyond besmirch the name of the police national I guess it was a bit of everything is say how this person had been a habit of the Belgian police Mossos d'Esquadra as addicted has finally everything has come and everything that is said by estimate or It has also a good deducted person of these feature with this potential with the cape rial danger that has has not been detained has not been investigated not been been put in neutralizing gives is that something had to hide because indeed it was a confidant police but I insist I know the confidants world and the world confidants of people with confidants of the police people have had more controls Fortunately there is certainly all it said separating this month He born specifically fortunately has many good confidants that truth is not easy in this world the anti daughter of this have those Jose Maria information sources benito police inspector graces we have achieved the third force noel unserious that is what the tweet because it says that information or not that information is not how to call certainly it not for me is not information known why they have data and evidence is not a fact that does not provide course brings but not but data are or have because of course you have signs can have evidence of something but if you there is no evidence data and Ayazo exactly and there is no confirmation data that you against these that This confirms that there is a source foreign then he channels plus basic parameters of journalism the load is going to a social network iva back at about 00 to 40 characters but in a very flippant way and this is almost dd dd those of people does not give and I know this because I have cash and man and himself clear but first we have something else turns out then they have a revenue man but but this is the cornerstone of this bellamar history no history call information this story He has a funny story or a very serious lance journalist this because there chaos and crazy on social networks there are handfuls we already know not but I think a journalist to talk something disclose something so serious become so important I think as I said before you have to do it by others methods already invented it is not we have been discussing so far the debate of the day the last thing is known investigating these attacks and We insist with the sole purpose of learn from mistakes never to because basically it will commit us dear life and that analysis of the that could have done better you have got the four in a phrase in what they were thinking while It is committed to such errors when we were also on alert 4 by the terrorist threat and not They noticed some more evidence some more than indications that indeed he was forging a they were planning terrorist attack our analysts were saying what best thinking of independence in the independence process that we go immediately we enter key week Wednesday in theory at least Catalan Parliament will approve the Law said the referendum today Deputy Prime Minister we will stop I can not tell you how but I will stop going to stop them in that attempt to give a legal body or a legal norm it would still be illegal to that good referendum will see if a former Vice President of the Court constitutional helps us because the government does not want to say whether this ex Vice President of the Court constitutional helps us at least learn to understand what the instruments available to the government in the attempt to curb referendum what we now willing to continue loading are the pillars basic democracy that is in means a scam this week the law will be approved if nobody prevents referendum all keys with former President Constitutional Court Arribas and Ramon Rodriguez tonight in daily discussion to hold a referendum hold a referendum It can never be called a scam opposite the scam would prevent their celebration with the polls never ever coups are made coups are given blows They would prohibit state That is absurd a scam to democracy we will do things and act proportionality and intelligence tranquility and firmly as and incorporates our analysis table and we appreciate greatly ramón Rodriguez Arribas former vice president Welcome constitutional court very good night so much investment because the moon for the referendum 1 October would a coup vocabulary admits everything and you can say any nonsense and it turns out It is founded let's see what it is serious It is to believe that voting is always legitimate because it can be a form of legitimacy and this causes some print put an example imagine that a Spain government state government as they say agreed to hold a Spain-wide referendum to see if deletion or generalitat to that It would be a coup because it will against the second article of the constitution guaranteeing autonomy of the nationalities and regions of Spain and the court Reverend annul constitutional or let's celebrate not say the same This is the problem with that company guarantees are lost all and that is very serious state law is a balance of power and balance of rights and obligations when someone believes that every man has rights and break with its obligations ranks as the west American outlaw and how is the referendum would be me outside the law put the empire there to stop it today we have been commenting vice president soraya sáez said Feverfew not You will organize the referendum we know how to avoid it but not yet we can give the details of how help we will listen and I ask you immediately as you think which it is the government thinking avoid it have been adopted by different measures for state institutions that the referendum can not materialize I do not I'll tell you is the Mr. Lung what I will do to withdraw the polls the vice president has not said that not to give clues to the president of the the generalitat but what instruments available to the government for try to stop it with the law in hand First although vice president say neither one nor other I heard a few days ago someone said no It is to use 155 no not that you can not say you can say that it will be used nor can that not only tourists said there was no time to apply yes but not even said that it is Another issue is an opinion type Legal on time but still from an instrument of war Parliamentary not think about it that does not You should never do That's like one day I think it was well himself set an example that if someone It arrives at a police situation and says but you have peace of mind that no we will never expand the frames not You can tell told Nor name and last name remembered the name did not want the same but also not the opposite and that Nor we can say now let's not shoot that's crazy those things have to be maintained for instruments for their moments seems to be there are 31 statements alarm emergency and siege situations I honestly think that has the many problems the first alarm because it would be for that same time and I do not know to what extent serve to except those purposes because it requires a parliamentary debate in Congress Members with a system now majorities and minorities I see very difficult to say nothing of sites I think that this is not another which it seems to be talking about is the national security law indeed security law It allows national situations extreme can the government provide the instruments of national security and those instruments could be put under the direct command of the Ministry of Inside the Mossos d'Esquadra could be that one hour I invite anyone is to read Article 155 of the Constitution third possibility reflecting the reality and then we'll see when an autonomous community comply with the other obligations that the Constitution laws imposing or threatening seriously the general interests of Spain hear if this is happening is not that and we will see either not treated as everyone says I am here not I get tired of repeating that we must not to suspend suspend anything not Article 155 says what will those competencies to intervene They are exercising bad for you have served well and that's one of the formulas and I think those three faculties have the government will choose which at all times I think it's better but I repeat what 155 is as they say in book college is Now before I do not know if it was out of screen or screen you've gone to has said someone has It said it has no long time there time for less time because of course it is not possible is to get October 1 and that everything remains as It is now that is not possible I do not know everything the world even those thus causing time there's to read Article 189 of Regulation Senate to see that although a little apply well adjusted times you can get because it regulates specifically the alleged April making the medical center also It has been said that there is no development Of course there in Article 189 of the Senate rules is tightly regulated and even the intervention times in plenary are 20 minutes each for a favor or against the kilos of directing require parliamentary groups relatively short time to do what happens is that the time has Time always eat us three can come a time effectively either impossible or more difficult I think right now this I wondered morning in others did in a radio station do not you think the government has had do I say one thing in this moment is very serious for Spain has time that we all have sense of responsibility citizens to institutions and I told a joke that I'll repeat he likes that the government has this government has done right or wrong and already see but as they said tip and coll This is not the time to talk government will unite all opposition government institutions out of this predicament best of truth fact we discussed the beginning of the program is very important conversation has kept the prime minister and opposition leader this afternoon in which evidently They have pooled among other things how to deal with this this challenge was telling us these three these three possibilities have probably that we have all taking notes as if we were making a lecture at university International goes but those three alarm possibilities statement exception and site security law national that seems to be where is first thinking the government and the Article 155 says it would be time 155 to apply let's put ourselves in Wednesday morning when first the Catalan parliament after much bickering after delay after not take a vote and yes it seems that Wednesday will approve the referendum law From that moment you can do the government immediately take the law constitutional and what happens pp naturally constitutional is prepared'm sure you have all instruments to hold a urgent meeting and the pit and at that meeting it is logical that declared admissible unless he had committed a error if declared admissible and that it is sufficient that action on a Article 161 No. 2 Constitution states that It is therefore constitutions is that is suspended application that law for a period of five months in which the court can either solve on the merits or ruling on the continuity or wave lifting her suspension at the time in which the Constitutional Court admit process which I signed that decree call will be outlawed Today is already at this time President of the Government outside the law I have been saying and I also believe that I give my life as I repeated one they do not know where he has made things are going to see two planes ONE plane purely constitutional in there must be a legal act for a legal act so you can be challenged law is challenged when or whether there is when I think I've I been trying to avoid so far but otherwise it is the responsibility penalty that can be corrected because If it turns out, this is the preparing a sedition Sedition can make in grade conspiracy before performing and Then if you were going on is that all this time would be a preparing the statement and the fiber moment there is a will confirms the alleged crime Conspiracy is a crime and the thing that he could forgive is a cry what I say is that now not pursued this crime has not been materialized in pursuit but precisely in the code previous criminal codes to 1995 which it is in force in Spain conspiracy a general form of crime was punishable conspiracy in all cases or in code 125 are cases of what it says specifically but it is giving happened in the rebellion and The penal code issue also punishable kitchen said Joseph dawn and the three possibilities posed and three does appear that the most apparently possible wave that can the issue of national security law and the possibility that mossos d'Esquadra the direct command pass Interior Ministry not this is what worse is how it is done is forgive him ask something so so so leads to the pest has given the ball as it to use a sports term as how it is done is replaced or disables the conseller indoor disables the CEO of mossos that like those true because it is Perez disappeared Soler is that we give worth all Spaniards as replacing the sap replaced in acb above a month ago because the previous albert valle that takes three years was not enough independence If this then this pérez soler because it is not then as cocoa where is where you run say if ingests it is this direct command in the interior conselleria mossos own address here on his street in whom is removed middle as done good will 10 year place figuratively still ask where was his office and does not send a pepper let's say all Anyway all this as we have seen how there is not a room because it is a pity that killed a pepper the Minister of Interior or principal of the eyes I think neither but that It is all that this course is so this is bad politics fiction that I liked the fiction script but very little political fiction and not what happens I feel we forgive them all as logical as it seems to me very well discretion of the government but everyone we are turning something as something it has in mind what you can do or what not going to know what you can do at least know and how it would stay to occur circumstances requiring the application the national security law one of the things that the law says is that It will provide the necessary elements who have to designate separate about the problem Then all that naturally has to perform in the council of ministers and there must be a provision to whatever level I think it would decree so I would not decree law and a decree that the application be established the precepts of security law national force in the event of these circumstances it is necessary to provide instruments address the Mossos d'Esquadra and then all Mossos d'Esquadra are under the command these things is very common people play chess and when someone says and if the Mossos d'Esquadra not not obey and if the head of the squad that's playing chess salt new film the tower will not see what happens and then we'll see because of course if He wants to end it consciously or unconsciously I am not saying that is an intentional thing what it that you get in the end it is checkmate which is the clear strength is the difference between morality and law It's what I when he gave a conference boys would finish his studies and will start career and wanted to know what was the said the essential difference right between law and morality is that It proposed and moral duty is imposed so that if labor is imposed for example to make jihad It becomes a political way apply the law and instead when the law is not imposed against the who does not want to attend the meeting the laws and the obligation to take what the courts say when that not done the right is diluted then the end it may be necessary to get to use the minimum legitimate force but that provided the proportionality has to be that the thing is very common we talk of professionalism as it seems always be very short popularity is as roads double meaning if the offense is a mild infection for example, a company traffic by Mr. untying I do not have even in an accident you can not as a chase with an excavator to dump the car That would be a disproportion but if is intended is from Spain and separating a piece of national territory Breast homeland we must use the procedures fraud for the purpose of Christmas and It will be required where that is avoid as when herein has responsibility to do that I would I pity you have it but not only has the right but the very serious and apply that obligation and I assure you it's not nice I been judge for 16 years SAMUR this function I have had many times did use the strength and is very painful and very hard but It is also known that if they do not smother lack or surplus certainly is not no nothing simple and effective ballot was completed proportionality which more employs the prime minister When asked what will be or how it will be that answer online with what is beginning I give me I think the feeling like me many Spaniards there is a kind of double standard is not in the citizens on the one hand are the Politicians on the other is nothing I very surprised as to hear better for these two taxes as you like because as you take Mr. montoro you You can crack and not only can you ruin lives but also you You can drop several years in prison for tax evasion or tax fraud simply charge in black as a kite a traffic violation or so you can fall grave several years jail ie the law is very hard with option walk but it is not so much with politicians and gives me the feeling that is producing a double rod to measure with Catalan politicians for example we have Mrs. forcadell and some other political Catalan good Mr. artur mas flames face penalties of disqualification disqualification for disarmament performance of public office or small fines which are not very large in comparison with the huge heritage they can get to accumulate these politicians for many years career nobody talks about jail and me this very surprised it is also true that They have not been so foolish or have been Smart why they have refused to now to sign and capture on and his signature role in laws that are knowing clearly illegal Well this week we will discover the It entrusts Wednesday have exhausted announced that the government in the generality they will sign the law the referendum is also one law totally illegal My question is this is evident that if that law appealed to the constitutional Court the signatories may face penalties of disqualification as artur mas as forcadell and others but if running an illegal law ie They should be held even though that law is overturned be held on referendum on October 1 correct me if I'm wrong is They face to an offense of sedition and therefore we are He is talking about 15 years in prison and that prioritization does not have sorrier Apart from the economic sanctions but pity that matters is the no prison rehabilitation jail maybe there is to consider whether if it is well done is wrong because race disobedience if you can have prison and he certainly does not fit doubt that it is a very serious crime is the sedition and what beats below is to what extent there sedition or because also the definition of sedition It gives rise to some doubts what was not For me there is no doubt that you can not consent is a part of the national territory cut off from the territory of the other Spain that is unacceptable as is the problem is posed because then they will pay the consequences from the criminally court electoral criminal prosecutors but currently there is to do is to It does not happen because I do He settles very little if that were to produced it is then someone He paid the consequences Point personally I care much more people Spain territorial unit that displeases challenge because it is that we to see what can happen is something that we do not realize Today I see no feeling gravity in the street youth worst that can happen to a state is that impairment of its sovereignty and try to maul his territory that above that more grave that's merely a invasion of a foreign army Who would think of the hypothesis that limits us to have a imaginary story that began drop paratroopers over on a piece of Spanish territory and take we wanted for that is an assault on our territorial unit the other is an aggression that is said dresses like that is not cruel it is not violent as if they comply with the laws mock court and do what one wants against what it has in the law was no longer a form of violence what happens is that there is no clear violence as it does not stick to nobody but I think that not only commit violence breaking windows and burning containers which are other violence consequences can be even worse I do not know how everything else dresses like purely democratic under the fallacy that put it in the polls and democracy is itself when democracy is much more than put some urns but cleared finally if needed it is the possible use of force impose to impose law and that there I put it in the context of what is He is living in Catalonia and for that FAO welcome back Nights for that we must listen to what they are saying the puppies antisistema the coop CV that basically they are those with in your hands now the government generalitat and who among other things They will force the Wednesday firm that firm in parliament Catalan referendum that law and They are saying cubs the anti CV is to be He noted Paola who is not in favor theses referendum and independence especially the Independence also tell we will openly teach no it seems complicated forgiving smile because it seems really a bit unusual is that They are getting more aggressive every day Indeed this is the last of its occurrences read to ram continues its campaign intimidation now asks those who do not support point the independence Well this is an unusual campaign being carried out these posters these we will see in which can be read in Catalan that to indicate the word or what is the same point out the though of course we The question remains how they will do if every house or directly on the street the case is that it is not the first this aggressive initiative organization one of the most radical within the ACUP last Friday for example as they unfurled a large Wake gives that they see on the bridge segovia madrid but which almost We all remember for pictures as violent like these pricks painted wheels rounds with flares a restaurant and even threats with knife to the driver of a bus Tours in Barcelona all this to end tourism is one the objectives of this new and radical youth organization extremists that was created in 2012 and which already has five hundred activists extend Catalonia and the Valencian Community Balearic also because at that environment in this context and these same are the you are calling to vote but not me You like to see this as a point of we will approach the referendum or we will put pressure on the street intimidate you do not want us to leave or who are voting against this voting or independence Catalonia This is part of a process that has been developed over many years in point people was what did when it identified the traders not labeled in Catalan Pointing to those who are not independentistas to those who are not Please note process in the Children in schools that ask them They taught in Castilian as these are violent yes they are pointing and intimidating itself but is no more the culmination of a process that takes years and that by action or omission It has missed but there is also another twist more about the coop as a public diary today again no no hereby published He says the coop youths have issued a statement and already I me seems the height exercised know that it is assumed that they support mossos independentismo that they will not support them accuse one thing accuse them and this other truth is that it is quite virulent because it affirms literally the Mossos d'Esquadra occupation forces are serving the Spanish state are repressor antisistema systems exporting t clear for anything fear that the regional police of what who they fear fear fulfill its mandate current constitutional orders judges to withdraw the polls and I It seems the height of the day it is feared that a police force compliance with law not amazing oral decides not recognized in the constitution Clearly good position in their hands of the government of Catalonia what passes in Catalonia and a pressure psychological of independence on entire population and they only chair explains the fact that there is a Most Catalans and lenses This is the reality as little most generous surveys independentismo logical tell you the 50 percent of the population Catalonia's independence is the We see on the street we see we will see in the guide will come out with expected will be a festival of excel Dallas where the other 50 I'm talking about surveys Catalan cis own handling and made to us I do not talk about something which is that we invented here the other Spaniards there just one percent of survey and is Catalan staff areas and then There are other surveys which say that independence now 50 and 50 let for 6 where the other 50 50 to callao holding shrapnel gee holding it and holding silent because it endures because it has been accident created a climate of pressure atmosphere Psychological where it is not independence or not cool or must marginalize or is a traitor not know what thing is really and this has a lot to do with the media Catalan with a series of means Catalan communication have been used propaganda organs and the psychological pressure unjustified doubt because institutions must be all and are and kidnapped clear that this is one thing and one party is the thing and the information is no longer all there is a problem and I think it's huge freedom of expression because that's 50 percent as some say that 50% is not According to independence it is with their freedom of expression is capitidisminuida obviously for that brutal pressure exerted by the propaganda machine that machinery voracious propaganda that independentismo has launched and they have these too are you in these good pseudo violent expressions as those of a point finally ran is that we must point out it is that they are like as if they were pariahs as if they were génave carmelo at this point is eludes mariano comas society president civil Catalan Marian welcome him goodnight Good thing I have much interest in ask in this climate that we are talking about have of that campaign Youths of cv saying I point out that I do not agree him as saying the referendum ana Samboal and said very rightly that the end is at fault action of a very long process the violent combination of the process long I say in that context in this weather you fear there on October 1 some kind of showdown Catalonia good I do not know the first thing I have to mean is that the most likely yy where the general cross ensenyament one Crosses I carry I ie relieves me what you They were talking now of that silent society that society not is the independence that is not 50 percent as service is 65 or 70 percent because there are two types corporate one is silent and another is muted at the time the silent society and society Silenced join to get muscle we are here to say here This theme will change much will change radically as to what you tell me give it to really have ran buenon fed to a number of puppies aggressive and aggressive those puppies have They are trying to learn the kale Basque borroka and at this time because we are suffering the consequences of these dalliances that there may be possibly some slap violence escaping is a shame because this You can trigger something like much more complicated what seems to me It is truly shameful that political parties which have You state you talking about cv and even though the government itself is let that feeling in her womb is growing that kind of pack because this can become dangerous for coexistence in Catalonia I'll ask Mr. rubber is you think will happen 1 October polls will be in the street if some Iran to vote if it is prevented as we were talking with former Vice President of the Court constitutional I asked him answer me immediately so far because if your disk is not juanes because if it comes out that we were not a very low participation then the song is more sovereignist It is parked a good season a good season statements artur mas the disabled btw artur mas this afternoon saying if out there is a very low turnout but he says about 15 would be the issue of independence he says It would be parked for a while but we are in a day thinking about the debate Mariano gum is the president of the Catalan civil society Marian goodnight again told him the question is what do you think it will occur October 1 we are saying a side insists that the government will achieve stop he does not say how but insists that you will achieve stop organization of the referendum and Moreover, the Government says it will to take effect putting the polls on Street what will happen if they let me you talk a little key humor and I say that referendum 1 October 1 October fell google some referendum is not to see us we are in the Catalan society with the usual spirit of being Catalan and Spanish think this referendum is absolutely illegal and do not have any no sense to us and not has room in our in our case us you look they have always said they are the Revolution Smile and I will I invite you are here or bringing me to see every time they leave the faces of these gentlemen if they really are Revolution smiles or are sadder and more serious than people and power in my life But we who we are in the resistance as we are with all the normalcy and joy the world saying of what That is not going to celebrate not know why will not celebrate because there we are politicians but what we are We are legal and democratic and any which is neither Democrats nor nor legal for us there is therefore We see what happens it is possible that look suppose you have met Jardiel poncela or mel brooks is not They may arrive on 1 aa October as well as to organize a pantomime a little style or mel brooks jardiel poncela for people to one staff for fun but all this will have absolutely no impact neither national nor just goes to show international ridicule again in a series people who are truly sick and that they would have to instead of making laws to protect disconnect and laws for transition and all kinds of laws which would to put yourself in the hands of a specialist to give him some antibiotics and lower them a little this disease to have been overwhelmed us all in kind of shiver when you arrived the terms in which what you have to talk to you're saying resistance in Marian rubber president of the society civil Catalan civil society thanks tonight for being with us a big hug and much you transfer maripa the same question you do you think which will happen on October 1 we have seen have put on the table all possibilities have analyzed what are the instruments that are the government has to stop that referendum We have heard the last speaker artur mas let's say take effect already talking as if it were a Indeed if this result if not reaches sufficient participation I think what he was doing in the fund was calling participation artur mas says that if there is no participation participation gain enough or not park the referendum as those who are going to vote yes at the end there that sort of operetta are those given by referendum what artur mas is doing is calling the vote but you do think will occur in Catalonia see I want to believe that all mechanisms that have not been spoken a ramón will be able to get in up to 1 October these polls are not in any school Catalonia I want to believe that's what what will happen if that does not happen the truth is I'm not really to say what I really think which can happen because watching They are heating up the environment cubs coop and we talked for advertising what barbarity that the end is getting even among families own people fight all That's kind of magma as it has Gone warming warming and growing and now it has become a volcano and if not stopped on the tracks through legal channels because I think can could be a conflict in major street so I do not want not entirely give my opinion because I do not like to be alarmist development always says uses the term also employed former Vice President the term constitutional proportionality also because some in something he said we will not fall in the provocation provocations or what will surely give some It would possibly be those daily violent acts and makes me the same question and pau marc already neighboring you then to me It seems that when the government talks about proportionality speaks of acting on the logistics of the referendum that is, a referendum is not mount a referendum is not riding a birthday party referendum polls need need Census need about local and external public officials to make that control needs money to make another decline the census they say they have but You census the census have a reliable census and if reliable where it drew another because there is a law protecting data While the issue of the polls the ballot box no They hide in the under a ladder or two million or three million or 4 million ballots They have to do not have to be two or three thousand ballots as little or not does not It lurks anywhere intelligence more or less they know this is an investment is which it is a research and indispensable and then there are good locally sourced because the trick mayors risk the disqualification if they give local municipal ridicule this notice asking the Mosques put this already absolutely ridiculous to have them said drug which then public officials must check that they have to control History is not that what Well we talked before there yes there will be a serious warning that the officials have to submit to the law well then from my point of view acting on the logistics you'll neutralize the referendum but they They have your plan before the update which it is the street stirring street ie people take to the street has in the rehearsal dyad 11 September will bring people on the street I threw their hands to the head that has a risk they handle well Street has shown that this will also they handle always do with that festive tone like a pilgrimage and it is with them and finally shirts everything is fine but when a day which calls out to the street eye process this is something that I is primarily because this term there are elements like these you have done or benz as it They can give some keys with which should seek people saw then yes it's serious thing and also so what matters is not not reach that date and having to go to the polls remove or search your take control mossos This week is crucial because these weeks in which it will handle the call the referendum is in that maybe it is processed also law of impermanence this would have a supposed period constituent who speaks the last week I think this week is decisive for off all that because reach 1 October without having done anything to I understand that the government will everything in its power but They will arrive on October 1 without being able to have done anything and having to be raised in the schools are municipalities to remove more can be tragic so far to do rather little but not told us the ex vice president of the constitutional just the time to apply 155 but There have been a moment to apply from that from before we say there has not signed any absolutely they have not signed document anything that allows us to act even that would open the way 155 and the time expires or not We do not confuse appeals before the Constitutional Court demanding that has signed laws tell them about the Application 112 Article 105 is a guarantee quasi federal is just what is or copy virtually any ghana regarding Article 37 of the bonn fundamental law of Bonn and what It is intended only to avoid precisely and therefore greater evils is a decision essentially based policy legal and personnel policy it is the government which has to require the chairman of the community It is producing autonomous disobedience to the laws or aside Subject to the general interests of Spain is the government and that is their responsibility and opportunity and successes and I said this morning also This is a problem that as the football matches depends on the result He clarified that the only notice that you expect much and is true and leaves all well because everything was wrong and 1 Gravity is terrible because it has not lost but I must say that He wished he guesses right and I am certain extent it is, but I think if anything if something has shown rajoy during his long political career is who drive like no time I believe that in this regard would be the first to fail in this area I sincerely hope there will not be natural referendum put as Put this to pass it the independentistas own private they themselves are aware that not there will be a referendum But how will you avoid I think which depend heavily effective government action I think the government is like there Rajoy himself said today acting with proportionality stepwise so that when approved is approve and begin the process of law referendum will be used to court Constitutional and paralyzed when begins the process of law Transient be resorted to court Constitutional and be paralyzed and They encausarán those responsible and signatories of those laws at the time which are launched what will happen on October 1 I think we say that the big bomb the great atomic nuclear weapon has the government is using the law national security I do not think it will Article 155 arrive because the PSOE are not these but you can use the national security law directly catch the competition Mossos d'Esquadra because it seems as most likely likely to avoid three possibilities of the three instruments of which Ramon was not spoken that it seems that right now is thinking of use the government is to implement the security law with the law in hand They can take control of mossos d'Esquadra can avoid calling urns care in public buildings no longer he ruled out a new pantomime 9N style I think what will happen finally say that a group a society an entity key aunt the exact association aa association funded with money tunas caught the public with a cardboard boxes as we can either us and put yourself in a a street corner say the people vote that serves not become another once said that nothing the headquarters of the National Assembly of Catalonia now a grandmother one branch question especially since It has been speculated with the possibility of the new president generalitat if there anytime if all members of the Catalan government signed the decree are all responsible legally or is only President of Catalonia in firms had a man who said no first level change have to pay for fertilizer that the agents involved in this case Here are answers where everyone is can enable everyone would severally liable in principle because besides why do it because many still believe that for distributed data is not much less so crimes but have many Predators and end all hacienda theoretically pay has ambitions difficult in the EC avenues It is taking responsibility for organize the referendum talking to our game does not work against Members of PDK certain that artur has also said that more simpecado as in the hypothetical independent republic of Catalonia would select judges He said he wants already requested a under artur mas he has done here would be representative president who will would be president to go home Arribas presiding judge Constitutional thanks for being this night with us analyzing these instruments such possibilities that are available government that the government does not want That is also understandable not want bring out earlier to between other things do not give clues to the generalitat before it is concluded that or the endorsement of October 1 They say we did not have enough with what It is in Spain to go to angels also seek some figure because in Los Angeles United States there is also some figure is a group he has achieved has achieved that delete the name of columbus day to call the day of indigenous we will talk with my family rocca barea author of this extraordinary book it is imperative phobia and black legend I think it goes quite a change important in this United States renounced its origin Columbus at the bottom originally talk I told her that in all parts and baked beans in There are also some enlightened angels but in this case there is a lighted He has made the name change the columbus day of columbus day that they say that from now that festival which incidentally effectiveness US federal pass called the day Indians indigenous people Today there is a column in the newspaper elvira barea rock world ends and each and every one of those who have voted for the deletion of columbus day Columbus Day owe the Italian and Spanish Queen columbus isabel owes his life they have and when one owes something to someone if not Animal is an ignorant thing to do elvira says barea rock is show elvira gratitude rock barea welcome Goodnight hello good night said this to in the background it is silly but it makes sense and is not trivial you have caused him pretty good really say this is part of This process mental dissolution which we find in which anything is possible and we have already not be surprised at anything but the case namely the adoption of this motion presented by a councilor micho farrell in the municipality of a councilor Angels Angels because it worked very well why having achieved an enormous notoriety from this proposal becoming an analysis in a defender of indigenous Bragado has It has been far to seek their enemies and jumping over the centuries and all the logic that has gone to find in colon and not by example in the most immediate causes They caused the disappearance of indigenous populations in territories where the video has not been searched friend who is very well look for a enemy and found a fault a part of society American is easy to find that enemy and it is easy to thrive attacking enemy which is for example Latino obviously not in the convinced that neither the world Hispanic or Latino world's Catholics You will defend this is a constant through centuries and as far unchangeable proves not Mr. o'farrell such that he said belong to the community a note It is a branch of ferrets is relatively easy You say that one is given define themselves himself as belonging to a community Indigenous because the law states States lets you define so if you can show you have an eighth of Indian blood not for all of them together they do not reach 4000 yy Mr. o'farrell say would have been fatal and he would have ended his career politics if he had happened report because circumstances this particular very many people in 2017 has only four thousand understanding that individuals must be a quarter of blood that is one-eighth forgiveness to be considered this ie how many good marks They left in the world is really spread It provides none is very easy for him I lash out in this case I say that is more than symbolic attack against the Catholic Latino community elvira step barea rock and took who is with us tonight to congratulate him on this extraordinary book that his empire phobia and legend Black a big hug thanks a lot thanks to a book to read that indeed the ship still Paola already it comes with all the front pages of newspapers today and tomorrow are not We know 26 minutes of the night basically it is encountered view to making a quick review and raudo We started with the world dominating its cover page the news they see the Gober says he ready to keep taxes state also highlights the meeting between the If that dialogue to form rajoy a commission of Catalonia in the congress We continue with the reason leading entitled Compute the moon to sign 1 October stress advice parlament and furthermore also regarding Barcelona says terrorists barcelona closed security appointments with its dynamic in France We continue with this unique cover of ABC titled rajoy opened the Sanchez proposal to review the territorial model and its second cover we were with a couple of holders unemployment rises in economy 46 thousand 400 people in August for that end of the summer season and here Spain cell needed alcanar more than one month to prepare 100 kilos ATP explosive 91 - is that it is not easy is not no easy first gather the materials ay bottles which was not They were many who were they had to detect that at the chalet It is being manufactured for a month next to you what I can say is it seems to me that these combos the level of technology they had as terrorists was painful adviser heavyweights like they have very easy the polar wave that we have already also analyzed the table or come Sticking with the country in this case the colau streets of Barcelona says is willing to give local for referendum and also bears on the cover the end of the summer slams job creation Finally we were ahead with this another headline that of Montoro warns that not paying taxes to the state It is a crime if you only done practically Are you the liquid you are very Free to liquidate who want to the Catalan agency presents lung or the tax agency yet you can do what you want but if they were not going to pay dearly said said can pay once where they play or may even go to jail if they pay where they will perform we do not let you choose premiere right now there is no truth behind or patricia betancor good night ricardo altable after the truth I have not patricia said anything good that we have know the outcome of the survey were asking who better guarantees the unity of Spain and rajoy have the Marian result for 71% of you guarantees Spain 29 percent of you think they would do better pedro sánchez I stress how important Today is the two protagonists that question They have spoken agree and seems they will put on the table one strategy to some common point to try to avoid this challenge in the that we already in the final stages of this week it's the challenge of manuel independence in Catalonia Grace is a pleasure as always have state soon oaks that I know the house has got to travel and you too but of course rest after see the truth behind this morning God



Thirteen candidates declared campaigns for Dallas Mayor ahead of the filing deadline. One dropped out voluntary, while three failed to qualify, which left nine candidates for the May ballot.[3]

Qualified candidates

Did not qualify

  • Heriberto Ortiz
  • Miguel Patino, resident of Oak Cliff[14]
  • Stephen S. Smith

Dropped out of race

  • Larry Casto, former Dallas City Attorney[15] endorsed Mike Ablon[16]


Eric Johnson
Scott Griggs
  • Jessica Gonzalez, Texas State Representative, District 104[36]
  • Ana-Maria Ramos, Texas State Representative, District 102[37]
  • Angela Hunt, former Dallas City Council Member, District 14[38]
  • Philip Kingston, Dallas City Council Member, District 14[38]
  • Adam Medrano, Dallas City Council Member, District 2; former Dallas Independent School District Trustee, District 8[38]
  • Omar Narvaez, Dallas City Council Member, District 6[38]
  • Mark Clayton, Dallas City Council Member, District 9[39]
Mike Ablon
  • Larry Casto, former Dallas City Attorney[41]
Regina Montoya
  • Hillary Clinton, 67th United States Secretary of State; Former United States Senator from New York; Former First Lady of the United States[42]
Jason Villalba


Dallas mayoral election results, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Nonpartisan Eric Johnson 16,374 20.31
Nonpartisan Scott Griggs 14,901 18.48
Nonpartisan Lynn McBee 11,309 14.03
Nonpartisan Mike Ablon 10,859 13.47
Nonpartisan Miguel Solis 8,640 10.72
Nonpartisan Regina Montoya 8,428 10.45
Nonpartisan Jason Villalba 5,440 6.75
Nonpartisan Albert Black 4,205 5.22
Nonpartisan Alyson Kennedy 469 0.58
Total votes 80,625 100
Dallas mayoral runoff election results, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Nonpartisan Eric Johnson[2] 41,208[2] 55.61%[2]
Nonpartisan Scott Griggs[2] 32,898[2] 44.39%[2]
Total votes 74,106[2] 100[2]


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