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2013 World Games

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World Games IX
World Games 2013 logo.png
Host cityCali, Colombia
MottoFair play to the planet
Nations participating103
Athletes participating2,982
Events194 in 36 sports
Opening ceremony25 July
Closing ceremony4 August
Officially opened byVice President Angelino Garzón[1]
Athlete's OathJorge Luis CiFuentes
Judge's OathMarta Luz Vega
Coach's OathHugo Cotuaz
Main venueEstadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero
2009 2017  >

The 2013 World Games, the ninth World Games, were an international multi-sport event held in the city of Cali, Colombia, from July 25 to August 4.[2]

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Open-World games are getting more and more popular every year It seems that every e3 we get a look at new ways that developers are trying to one-up each other and create massive worlds for you And I to explore well we decided that we're going to take a shot at it and try to determine the best Open-World games ever released. What's up guys Jimmy your cows welcome to kaos top tens and today Yes, we are going to be counting down the top 10 best open-World games ever made now I fully understand that there are a lot of open-world games I am not going to be able to get them all on this list, so Let me know which ones. We don't get that you think deserve to have a spot on here Maybe we'll do an updated version later on and let's get into this turn on notifications Click that bell check that box so you don't miss a daily upload in a way we go at number 10 we have Assassin's creed black flag and starting off the list is an entry in the Assassin's creed series from 2013 while this may not be your favorite game in the franchise We thought it had the best open-world as it allowed us to live out our Assassin fantasies as well as our pirate fantasies Which a lot of people want to be a pirate you could get on land and do some hunting or you could go out to the seas and do some fishing or go pillage and Plunder as well as assassinate those who stand in your way Which is a given on any assassin's creed title it was a perfect way To kick off the list of open worlds probably not quite. What you expected but definitely deserved a spot at number 9 we have spider, Man 2 the Console version with the hype coming for the new Spider-Man game from Insomniac it seemed appropriate to revisit What many consider to be the best Spider-Man game and perhaps the best superhero game of all time all the way back to? 2004 with Spider-Man 2 based loosely on the Spider-Man 2 film from that same year this game was the first truly open-world Spider-Man game allowing you to zip around New York stopping criminals in their tracks, or just taking a leisurely Swing and enjoying the beautiful city the console version was critically acclaimed the PC version is a different Story as it was an entirely different game And it kind of sucked and has gone down in gaming history as the definitive spidey experience far at the number 8 spot we have Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas and Gta San Andreas Was a crazy game when GTA first win open-world with Gta 3 in 2001 it Transformed the gaming world as we know it it seemed with every new installment Rockstar was setting the bar for Open-World gaming But in many gamers opinions the best gTa game of this era was actually back in 2004 the same Year that Spider-Man 2 was released San Andreas Featured by far the most vehicles the largest map the better combat better visuals better Everything at the time San Andreas managed to Outdo the series and its competitors at that time in Every possible way making it more than worthy of being in addition on this top 10 the far Cry series is getting bigger and bigger Every year showing off gorgeous worlds and great storytelling And if you ask me it has the potential To be the next gTa should this trend of greatness continue in at number 7 we have Far Cry 3 Now Far cry 3 had just about everything you could ask for in an open-world game a beautiful overworld great gun playing character handling Memorable characters which is important fun missions and an intriguing story that kept you playing all the way till the end and made you want to play it again immediately After you finished it in October of 2014 ubisoft revealed that far cry 3 had sold over 10 million copies With all the Far cry 5 high building the game from what we've seen so far is going to be just insane I Highly suggest you prepare yourself by going back and playing any of the titles especially far Cry 3 Quite possibly one of the deepest rPGs in gaming history is our number 6 spot today in the witcher 3 wild Hunt with a massive universe and tons of lore the witcher is easily one of the most popular fantasy game franchises in the world With the best of the bunch in our opinion being the witcher 3 which was released in 2015 You play as Dorota Rivia a Monster hunter? Who is trying to save his adopted daughter from the wild hunt a force trying to kidnap her and harvest the powers that she possesses? Despite small criticisms for a somewhat You launch as many open-world games have it seems like every video game launches with bugs now and a lack of Innovation The game was critically acclaimed receiving near-perfect scores for just about every major Outlet and in case you're a witcher fan and haven't heard the news a netflix series based on the universe has recently been Greenlit, so you guys can go ahead and get excited there are many games set in a post-apocalyptic future but none, do it quite as well as fallout Specifically fallout 3 that takes our number 5 spot on this list Developed by Bethesda and released in 2008 Fallout 3 follows you as you venture out to the Nuclear Wasteland that is 2277 America to find your father after he goes missing despite a few negative things about it like somewhat repetitive enemy types in somewhat poor real-Time combat Fallout 3 does so much in the right book the overworld is amazing and the eerie look at an outcome of a nuclear apocalypse is Stunning the world is massive and manages to feel empty yet Populated at the same time further adding to the feeling that something horrible has happened here and is yet To happen here the game at this moment has sold over 12.5 million Copies And is cited by many as the best in the entire franchise and by some as one of the finest games ever made Okay, I know some of you are going to laugh, but this game has to be on here you can't not put it on here at number 4 we have Minecraft and one of the most popular games in the world right now and has been for years in the go-to game for Creativity and world creation is my graft it was initially released in 2011 for the PC. I can't believe it was that long ago I remember watching Seananners very first video on building a house and went relatively unnoticed for a while But it was later ported to consoles when it truly hit its stride Minecraft was praised for its simplicity and emphasis on creativity as it's a game where you are literally given free rein over a world That you create as of February 2017 Minecraft has sold over 121 million copies making it the second best selling game of all time beating only By tetris, but if you ask me it won't be long until Minecraft takes that number one spot At number three we have red Dead redemption - I'm kidding I'm kidding the hype train for Red Dead redemption - is insane but we're going to focus on Red Dead redemption I mean I know the sequel is going to be crazy red Dead redemption was developed by Rockstar of course and released in 2010 and good God, it's a fantastic game I've done a playthrough on this in the past it's western adventure puts you in the shoes of John Marston A Former Outlaw who has been tasked with hunting down the members of his old gang in Order to save his wife and children and to gain amnesty from the state he just wants to live the Game featured a beautiful Wild West Open-World That you could ride around on your horse and chase enemies through towns and have shootouts with a dead I feature Allowing you to go into slow motion to blow away as many enemies as possible Within a split second with a heartfelt story in amazing world and an Incredible replay value Red Dead redemption is considered by some to be rockstars finest creation and I Don't know about you guys but I am beyond hyped to get my hands on Red Dead Redemption - and Number two could have been number one probably number one in a lot of your hearts We have Grand theft auto 5 rockstar just knows how to make great games period Coming in at number two is yes Gta 5 released in 2013 and rereleased the following year on the eighth generation of consoles the game Has it all a huge open world to explore boasting over 81 square kilometers of world to explore bigger than Red Dead redemption? Gta 4 and GTa San Andreas worlds Combined a great story with memorable characters great gameplay - many weapons of vehicles to count and a huge online mode that lets you do Whatever the hell you want with players around the world as well As some objective based games in this massive world like heist and races Gta 5 has sold over a whopping 75 million copies making It one of the best-selling games of all time, it's no secret. Why Gta 5 is so successful. It's just a good game Ok here. We go number one spot Did you guess what it was let me know in the comments section or on Twitter if you guessed and guessed correctly and we have? Elderscrolls V Skyrim coming in to number one on our list is today is but that 2011 masterpiece Skyrim the Fifth Entry in the elder scrolls series Skyrim is set in a fictional province and tasks you the player with hunting down and defeating I'll do in the world either a dragon that has been prophesized to bring the end of the world Skyrim features a huge and gorgeous open world filled with nPCs to talk to you and send you on quest to level up your skills You can do the main story right away Or you could never touch it if you don't want to and just do all of the side quests as they're arguably just As fun as the main storyline as well as a perfect display of what gamers expect from Open-World games Skyrim also introduced new features such as dual wielding weapons and Magic and the removal of the character class system Which was used in previous elder scroll games and is still used in many rPGs today? So far skyrim has sold over 23 million copies And is seemingly being re-released every year with something new thanks to the overwhelming praise and the critical acclaim Skyrim is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made and today for this list We're going to call it the best open-world game out there There you have it my friends those are 10 of the best open-world games ever created Let us know where we got it right and wrong in the comments section There is a link in the description if you want to go give your suggestions for future top 10 ideas it could end up being a video on the channel and as always there is a playlist below with Every Top-10 we put up, and there's a new one every night. Hope you guys enjoyed be sure to subscribe, and I'll see you tomorrow


Host city allocation history

The 2013 World Games were initially allocated to the German cities of Duisburg and Düsseldorf. However, at the end of 2008, Duisburg withdrew and Düsseldorf dropped out because both cities could not secure enough funding, partly as a result of the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the subsequent Great Recession.

Two alternate cities came forward to the IWGA to bid for these Games: Pretoria, South Africa and Cali, Colombia. During The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, the IWGA announced that Cali has won the right to host The World Games in 2013.


There were 32 official sports (dependent upon grouping) and 4 invitational sports.[3]

Artistic and Dance Sports[4]

Ball Sports[5]

Martial Arts[6]

Precision Sports[7]

Strength Sports[8]

Trend Sports[9]

Invitational Sports[10]

Garden of Sport

The "Garden of Sport" events were held in the neighboring towns of Buga and Jamundí. These demonstration events served to showcase these disciplines for potential inclusion in future games.

Two of the competitions were held at Coliseo Mayor in Buga:

The other two disciplines took place in Jamundí:

  • Coliseo Alfaguara y Plaza Mayor - Frontball
  • Estadio El Cacique - Hapkido


  • 2013 World Games Event Schedule
  • Note: Due to concerns about temperature and air flow at the Del Pueblo Gymnasium, where the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics was taking place, the Ribbons event was cancelled at the last moment.[11]

Key:      Invitational sport

 OC  Opening ceremony  ●   Event competitions   Event finals  CC  Closing ceremony
July/August 2013 25th
Ceremonies OC CC
Acrobatic gymnastics 2 2 1 5
Aerobic gymnastics 3 4 7
Air sports 3 3
Artistic roller skating 4 4
Beach handball 2 2
Billiard sports 4 4
Boules sports 8 8
Bowling 1 2 3
Canoe polo 2 2
Dancesport 1 2 3
Field archery 3 4 7
Finswimming 5 5 10
Fistball 1 1
Flying disc 1 1
Ju-jitsu 7 6 13
Karate 6 6 12
Korfball 1 1
Lifesaving 8 8 16
Orienteering 2 2 1 5
Powerlifting 3 3 2 8
Racquetball 2 2
Road speed skating 4 4 8
Rhythmic gymnastics 2 1 3
Roller inline hockey 1 1
Rugby sevens 1 1
Track speed skating 2 4 4 10
Sport climbing 2 2 4
Squash 2 2
Sumo 6 2 8
Trampoline gymnastics 1 3 4
Tug of war 1 2 3
Tumbling gymnastics 2 2
Waterskiing and Wakeboarding 4 4 8
Total gold medals 27 28 13 14 19 17 11 10 14 18 171
July/August 2013 25th
Canoe marathon 3 3 6
Duathlon 1 1 2
Softball 1 1
Wushu[a] 6 2 6 14
Total gold medals 1 1 1 3 9 2 6 23
Grand total of gold medals 28 29 13 14 20 17 14 19 16 24 194
  1. ^ Although originally scheduled, apparently no medals were awarded in wushu for the Men's Gunshu and Women's Qiangshu events.

Participant countries

Parade of nations at the opening ceremony of the World Games in Cali 2013
  • 2013 World Games Participant Countries[12] Note: Number of athletes in brackets. However, those nations with a question mark means that these nations have sent a delegation to these Games, but the number of athletes is unknown at this time.

Medal mistake

This particular edition made the laughable mistake of putting the words "word games" instead of "world games," on one thousand medals.[13] This fact was reported by Colombian news organization Noticias Uno.[14][15] Several athletes smiled and were surprised upon seeing the typo.[16] According to the representative of the firm that engraved the medals, several authorities had seen and approved the medals' design without noticing the mistake, including Coldeportes director Andrés Botero, and the head of the Organizing Committee Rodrigo Otoya. The representative also stated that, according to a corporate policy, "... any mistake after the art has been approved (by the client) will not be responsibility of the Firm" [17] Regarding the medals, Rodrigo Guerrero, Mayor of Cali, unabashedly stated that "This mistake in no way undermines the value of the medals, and the spirit of the games. People are making a tempest in a tea cup out of this situation" [18]

Medal results

Official sports

Key: Medal tally of the 2013 World Games' Official Results website, which includes road speed skating:[19]

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1 Italy (ITA)18131849
2 Russia (RUS)17241253
3 France (FRA)16111340
4 Germany (GER)157830
5 China (CHN)146222
6 United States (USA)114419
7 Ukraine (UKR)910928
8 Colombia (COL)*8131031
9 Great Britain (GBR)66315
10 Chinese Taipei (TPE)55818
11 Brazil (BRA)5319
12 Japan (JPN)51410
13  Switzerland (SUI)4408
14 Denmark (DEN)3227
15 Sweden (SWE)3159
16 Belarus (BLR)3137
 Mexico (MEX)3137
18 Netherlands (NED)26513
19 Belgium (BEL)24410
20 Spain (ESP)2428
21 Chile (CHI)2305
 Poland (POL)2305
 Romania (ROU)2305
24 Slovenia (SLO)2103
25 Finland (FIN)2002
26 South Korea (KOR)1269
27 Austria (AUT)1236
28 New Zealand (NZL)1203
29 Croatia (CRO)1124
 Venezuela (VEN)1124
31 Hungary (HUN)1102
 Vietnam (VIE)1102
33 South Africa (RSA)1034
34 Mongolia (MGL)1023
35 Azerbaijan (AZE)1012
 Lithuania (LTU)1012
37 India (IND)1001
 Malaysia (MAS)1001
 Moldova (MDA)1001
 Turkey (TUR)1001
41 Canada (CAN)0369
42 Norway (NOR)0347
43 Argentina (ARG)0325
 Egypt (EGY)0325
 Thailand (THA)0325
46 Czech Republic (CZE)0213
47 Australia (AUS)0134
48 Ecuador (ECU)0123
 Portugal (POR)0123
50 Greece (GRE)0112
 Iran (IRI)0112
52 Luxembourg (LUX)0101
53 El Salvador (ESA)0011
 Ireland (IRL)0011
 Israel (ISR)0011
 Morocco (MAR)0011
 Peru (PER)0011
 Philippines (PHI)0011
 Serbia (SRB)0011
Totals (59 nations)176169169514

† In the men's middleweight sumo event, Istvan Kalmar (HUN) was stripped of a silver medal because of a positive doping test.[20]

Invitational sports

Key: As of August 3, 2013, from the Games' official Invitational Sports Medal Tally.[21]

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1 Hungary (HUN)5207
2 China (CHN)5117
3 Iran (IRI)4004
4 France (FRA)1326
5 Vietnam (VIE)1203
6 Germany (GER)1023
7 Japan (JPN)1012
 United States (USA)1012
9 Belgium (BEL)1001
 Cuba (CUB)1001
 Hong Kong (HKG)1001
 Indonesia (INA)1001
13 Malaysia (MAS)0224
14 Russia (RUS)0202
15 Italy (ITA)0112
 Portugal (POR)0112
 Turkey (TUR)0112
 Ukraine (UKR)0112
19 Brazil (BRA)0101
 Canada (CAN)0101
 Chile (CHI)0101
 Czech Republic (CZE)0101
 India (IND)0101
 Spain (ESP)0101
 Venezuela (VEN)0101
26 Argentina (ARG)0011
 Colombia (COL)*0011
 Mexico (MEX)0011
 Netherlands (NED)0011
 Poland (POL)0011
Totals (30 nations)23231864


Host broadcaster

International Broadcasters


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