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Political party strength in New Hampshire

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of New Hampshire:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For years in which a presidential election was held, the table indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes.

The parties are as follows:   American (A),   Democratic (D),   Democratic-Republican (DR),   Federalist (F),   Free Soil (FS),   Independent (I),   no party (N),   National Republican (NR),   Republican (R),   Whig (W), and   a tie or coalition within a group of elected officials.

Year Executive office General Court United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Executive Council State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House At-large District
1631 Thomas Wiggin[1]
1637 George Burdett[1]
1641 ...
1776 Meshech Weare (N) Unknown
1785 John Langdon (N)
1786 John Sullivan (F)
1788 John Langdon (DR)
1789 John Sullivan (F)[2] Paine Wingate (AA) John Langdon (PA) 3PA George Washington and John Adams (PA)
1790 Josiah Bartlett (DR)
1793 Samuel Livermore (PA/F) John Langdon (AA/DR) 3PA, 1AA
1794 John Taylor Gilman (F)
1795 F Majority F Majority 3F, 1DR
1796 F Majority F Majority John Adams and Oliver Ellsworth (F)
1797 F Majority F Majority 4F
1798 F Majority F Majority
1799 F Majority F Majority
1800 11F, 1DR F Majority John Adams and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (F)
1801 F Majority Simeon Olcott (F) James Sheafe (F)
1802 9F, 3DR F Majority William Plumer (F)
1803 7F, 5DR 84F, 69DR 5F
1804 6DR, 6F[3] 87DR, 75F Thomas Jefferson and George Clinton (DR)
1805 John Langdon (DR) 8DR, 4F 92DR, 71F Nicholas Gilman (DR)
1806 10DR, 2F 108DR, 52F
1807 8DR, 4F DR Majority Nahum Parker (DR) 5DR
1808 9DR, 3F 99DR, 63F Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Rufus King (F)
1809 Jeremiah Smith (F) 7F, 5DR 99DR, 67F 5F
1810 John Langdon (DR) 7DR, 5F 91DR, 81F Charles Cutts (DR)
1811 8DR, 4F 98DR, 77F 4DR, 1F
1812 William Plumer (DR) 7DR, 5F 104DR, 79F DeWitt Clinton and Jared Ingersoll (F)
1813 John Taylor Gilman (F) 9F, 3DR 106F, 75DR Jeremiah Mason (F) 6F
1814 8F, 4DR 98F, 89DR Thomas W. Thompson (F)
1815 102F, 86DR
1816 William Plumer (DR) 8DR, 4F 105DR, 84F James Monroe and Daniel D. Tompkins (DR)
1817 11DR, 1F 107DR, 87F David L. Morril (DR) Clement Storer (DR) 6DR
1818 10DR, 2F 119DR, 75F
1819 Samuel Bell (DR) 11DR, 1F 124DR, 70F John Fabyan Parrott (DR)
1820 DR Majority DR Majority
1821 DR Majority DR Majority
1822 DR Majority DR Majority
1823 Levi Woodbury (DR) DR Majority DR Majority Samuel Bell (NR) 6Adams-Clay DR
1824 David L. Morril (DR) DR Majority DR Majority John Quincy Adams and John C. Calhoun (A)
1825 10J, 2NR 104J, 101NR, 5 vac. Levi Woodbury (J) 5A, 1J
1826 8J, 4NR 98D, 91NR, 18?, 4 vac.[4]
1827 Benjamin Pierce (DR) 11J, 1NR 89NR, 84J, 40?, 2 vac.[4]
1828 John Bell (NR) 10NR, 2J 92NR, 84J, 30?, 2 vac.[5] John Quincy Adams and Richard Rush (NR)
1829 Benjamin Pierce (D) 8J, 4NR 99J, 82NR 6J
1830 Matthew Harvey (D)[6] 9J, 3NR 111J, 101NR
1831 Joseph M. Harper (D)[7] 10J, 2NR 140J, 73NR Isaac Hill (J)
Samuel Dinsmoor (D)
1832 11J, 1NR 144D, 52NR, 26? Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren (D)
1833 125J, 42NR 5J
1834 William Badger (D) 12D 150D, 46W
1835 11D, 1W 150D, 58W Henry Hubbard (D)
1836 Isaac Hill (D) 168D, 46W John Page (J) Martin Van Buren and Richard Mentor Johnson (D)
1837 177D, 51W Franklin Pierce (D) 5D
1838 8D, 4W 129D, 116W
1839 John Page (D) 10D, 2W 154D, 91W
1840 171D, 69W
1841 161D, 85W Levi Woodbury (D)
1842 Henry Hubbard (D) 11D, 1W 166D, 64W Leonard Wilcox (D)
1843 10D, 2W 139D, 98W Charles G. Atherton (D) 4D
1844 John Hardy Steele (D) 11D, 1W 153D, 81W James K. Polk and George M. Dallas (D)
1845 12D 156D, 74W, 7 Lty. 3D, 1 Vacant
1846 Anthony Colby (W) 7W, 4D, 1I 124D, 107W, 32I, 11 Lty.[8] Benning W. Jenness (D)
Joseph Cilley (D)
1847 Jared W. Williams (D) 11D, 1W 146D, 136W John P. Hale (FS) U.S. House District 1 U.S. House District 2 U.S. House District 3 U.S. House District 4
Amos Tuck (I) Charles H. Peaslee (D) James Wilson II (W) James Hutchins Johnson (D)
1848 10D, 2W 159D, 121W Lewis Cass and William Orlando Butler (D)
1849 Samuel Dinsmoor, Jr. (D) 11D, 1W 158D, 107W Moses Norris, Jr. (D) Amos Tuck (FS) Harry Hibbard (D)
1850 189D, 86W George W. Morrison (D)
1851 10D, 2W 114D, 114W, 54 FS, 10 vac.[9] Amos Tuck (W) Jared Perkins (W)
1852 Noah Martin (D) 141D, 101W, 32FS, 4I Franklin Pierce and William R. King (D)
1853 11D, 1W 178D, 92W, 34FS Charles G. Atherton (D) U.S. House District 1 U.S. House District 2 U.S. House District 3
George W. Kittredge (D) George W. Morrison (D) Harry Hibbard (D)
1854 Nathaniel B. Baker (D) 10D, 2W 160D, 145W, 1?, 5 vac. Jared W. Williams (D)
1855 Ralph Metcalf (A) 11A, 1D 227R, 79D, 2?, 5 vac. vacant John S. Wells (D) James Pike (A) Mason Tappan (A) Aaron H. Cragin (A)
John P. Hale (R) James Bell (R)
1856 8A, 4D 168R, 146D John C. Frémont and William L. Dayton (R)
1857 William Haile (R) 8R, 4D 196R, 128D, 4 vac. Daniel Clark (R) James Pike (R) Mason Tappan (R) Aaron H. Cragin (R)
1858 9R, 3D 196R, 119D
1859 Ichabod Goodwin (R) 8R, 4D 199R, 126D Gilman Marston (R) Thomas M. Edwards (R)
1860 10R, 2D 206R, 121D Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin (R)
1861 Nathaniel S. Berry (R) 200R, 121D Edward H. Rollins (R)
1862 9R, 3D 203R, 120D
1863 Joseph A. Gilmore (R) 190R, 141D Daniel Marcy (D) James W. Patterson (R)
1864 210R, 123D Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson (NU)
1865 Frederick Smyth (R) 214R, 114D Aaron H. Cragin (R) Gilman Marston (R)
1866 208R, 114D George G. Fogg (R)
1867 Walter Harriman (R) 202R, 128D James W. Patterson (R) Jacob Hart Ela (R) Aaron Fletcher Stevens (R) Jacob Benton (R)
1868 194R, 138D Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax (R)
1869 Onslow Stearns (R) 194R, 140D
1870 11R, 1D 201R, 126D
1871 James A. Weston (D) 6D, 6R[10] 165D, 164R Ellery Albee Hibbard (D) Samuel Newell Bell (D) Hosea Washington Parker (D)
1872 Ezekiel A. Straw (R) 8R, 4D 210R, 150D Ulysses S. Grant and Henry Wilson (R)
1873 9R, 3D 204R, 144D Bainbridge Wadleigh (R) William B. Small (R) Austin F. Pike (R)
1874 James A. Weston (D) 8D, 4R 177D, 164R
1875 Person Colby Cheney (R) 7D, 5R 191R, 182D Frank Jones (D) Samuel Newell Bell (D) Henry W. Blair (R)
1876 9R, 3D 211R, 180D Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler (R)
1877 Benjamin F. Prescott (R) 8R, 4D 224R, 155D Edward H. Rollins (R) James Frankland Briggs (R)
1878 216R, 170D
1879 Nathaniel Head (R) 20R, 4D 168R, 100D, 11G Charles H. Bell (R) Joshua G. Hall (R) Evarts Worcester Farr (R)
1880 Henry W. Blair (R) James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur (R)
1881 Charles H. Bell (R) 16R, 8D 179R, 114D Ossian Ray (R)
1883 Samuel W. Hale (R) 17R, 7D 188R, 121D, 1I Austin F. Pike (R) U.S. House District 1 U.S. House District 2
Martin Alonzo Haynes (R) Ossian Ray (R)
1884 James G. Blaine and John A. Logan (R)
1885 Moody Currier (R) 16R, 8D 183R, 122D Jacob Harold Gallinger (R)
1887 Charles H. Sawyer (R) 15R, 9D 169R, 138D Person Colby Cheney (R) Luther F. McKinney (D)
1888 William E. Chandler (R) Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton (R)
1889 David H. Goodell (R) 18R, 6D 169R, 144D Gilman Marston (R) Alonzo Nute (R) Orren C. Moore (R)
1890 William E. Chandler (R)
1891 Hiram A. Tuttle (R) 14R, 10D 185R, 170D Jacob Harold Gallinger (R) Luther F. McKinney (D) Warren F. Daniell (D)
1892 Benjamin Harrison and Whitelaw Reid (R)
1893 John Butler Smith (R) 15R, 9D 209R, 149D Henry W. Blair (R) Henry Moore Baker (R)
1895 Charles A. Busiel (R) 21R, 3D 264R, 99D Cyrus A. Sulloway (R)
1896 William McKinley and Garret Hobart (R)
1897 George A. Ramsdell (R) 22R, 2D 291R, 66D Frank Gay Clarke (R)
1899 Frank W. Rollins (R) 250R, 109D, 1ID
1900 William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (R)
1901 Chester B. Jordan (R) 23R, 1D 300R, 97D Henry E. Burnham (R) Frank Dunklee Currier (R)
1903 Nahum J. Bachelder (R) 20R, 4D 257R, 136D
1904 Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks (R)
1905 John McLane (R) 21R, 3D 286R, 105D
1907 Charles M. Floyd (R) 18R, 6D 262R, 128D, 1I
1908 William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman (R)
1909 Henry B. Quinby (R) 20R, 4D 269R, 117D, 1I
1911 Robert P. Bass (R) 16R, 8D 220R, 173D
1912 Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R. Marshall (D)
1913 Samuel D. Felker (D) 14D, 10R 207R, 195D[11] Henry F. Hollis (D) Eugene Elliott Reed (D) Raymond Bartlett Stevens (D)
1915 Rolland H. Spaulding (R) 19R, 4D, 1 Prog. 250R, 153D, 5 Prog. Cyrus A. Sulloway (R) Edward Hills Wason (R)
1917 Henry W. Keyes (R) 16R, 8D 246R, 157D, 1I Sherman Everett Burroughs (R)
1918 Irving W. Drew (R)
1919 John H. Bartlett (R) 19R, 5D 244R, 160D, 1ID, 1I Henry W. Keyes (R) George H. Moses (R)
1920 Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge (R)
1921 Albert O. Brown (R) 21R, 3D 294R, 109D, 1I
1923 Fred H. Brown (D) 16R, 8D 220D, 196R, 2I William Nathaniel Rogers (D)
1924 Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes (R)
1925 John Gilbert Winant (R) 19R, 5D 273R, 147D, 1I Fletcher Hale (R)
1927 Huntley N. Spaulding (R) 20R, 4D 286R, 131D, 1I
1928 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R)
1929 Charles W. Tobey (R) 19R, 5D 273R, 148D
1931 John Gilbert Winant (R) 254R, 163D
1932 William Nathaniel Rogers (D)
1933 16R, 8D 225R, 193D Fred H. Brown (D) Charles W. Tobey (R)
1935 Styles Bridges (R) 15R, 9D 213R, 208D, 1I, 2 vac.
1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner (D) Green tickY
1937 Francis P. Murphy (R) 16R, 8D 230R, 187D, 1I Styles Bridges (R) Arthur B. Jenks (R)
1938 Alphonse Roy (D)
1939 18R, 6D 269R, 158D Charles W. Tobey (R) Arthur B. Jenks (R) Foster Waterman Stearns (R)
1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace (D) Green tickY
1941 Robert O. Blood (R) 16R, 8D 229R, 194D
1943 17R, 7D 276R, 167D Chester Earl Merrow (R)
1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman (D) Green tickY
1945 Charles M. Dale (R) 15R, 9D 266R, 163D, 1I Sherman Adams (R)
1947 19R, 5D 273R, 126D, 1I Norris Cotton (R)
1948 Thomas E. Dewey and Earl Warren (R) Red XN
1949 Sherman Adams (R) 18R, 6D 254R, 145D
1951 263R, 133D, 3I
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (R) Green tickY
1953 Hugh Gregg (R) 276R, 122D, 1I
1954 Robert W. Upton (R)
1955 Lane Dwinell (R) 264R, 135D Norris Cotton (R) Perkins Bass (R)
1957 276R, 118D, 3I
1959 Wesley Powell (R) 264R, 136D
1960 Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R) Red XN
1961 259R, 139D, 1I
1962 Maurice J. Murphy, Jr. (R)
1963 John W. King (D) 19R, 5D 253R, 146D Thomas J. McIntyre (D) Louis C. Wyman (R) James Colgate Cleveland (R)
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey (D) Green tickY
1965 14R, 10D 216R, 183D Joseph Oliva Huot (D)
1967 245R, 155D Louis C. Wyman (R)
1968 Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R) Green tickY
1969 Walter R. Peterson, Jr. (R) 15R, 9D 255R, 145D
1971 253R, 147D
1973 Meldrim Thomson, Jr. (R) 14R, 10D 263R, 137D
1975 13R, 11D 234R, 166D Louis C. Wyman (R)[12] Norman D'Amours (D)
vacant [12]
Norris Cotton (R) [12]
1976 John A. Durkin (D) Gerald Ford and Bob Dole (R) Red XN
1977 12R, 12D[13] 220R, 180D
1979 Hugh Gallen (D)[14] 225R, 175D Gordon J. Humphrey (R)
1980 Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (R) Green tickY
1981 14R, 10D 240R, 160D Warren Rudman (R) Judd Gregg (R)
1982 Vesta M. Roy (R)[7]
1983 John H. Sununu (R) 15R, 9D 242R, 158D
1985 18R, 6D 298R, 102D Bob Smith (R)
1987 16R, 8D 267R, 133D
1988 George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R) Green tickY
1989 Judd Gregg (R) 282R, 118D Charles Douglas III (R)
1991 13R, 11D 271R, 129D Bob Smith (R) Bill Zeliff (R) Richard Swett (D)
1992 Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D) Green tickY
1993 Steve Merrill (R) 5R 256R, 140D, 4L Judd Gregg (R)
1995 18R, 6D 290R, 110D Charles Bass (R)
1997 Jeanne Shaheen (D) 15R, 9D 254R, 146D John E. Sununu (R)
1999 13D, 11R 245R, 155D
2000 12D, 12R[15] George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (R) Green tickY
2001 13R, 11D 256R, 144D
2003 Craig Benson (R) 18R, 6D 278R, 122D John E. Sununu (R) Jeb Bradley (R)
2004 John Kerry and John Edwards (D) Red XN
2005 John Lynch (D) 4R, 1D 16R, 8D 249R, 151D
2007 3D, 2R 14D, 10R 239D, 160R, 1I Carol Shea-Porter (D) Paul Hodes (D)
2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) Green tickY
2009 225D, 175R Jeanne Shaheen (D)
2010 224D, 176R
2011 5R 19R, 5D 298R, 102D Kelly Ayotte (R) Frank Guinta (R) Charles Bass (R)
2013 Maggie Hassan (D) 3D, 2R 13R, 11D 221D, 179R Carol Shea-Porter (D) Ann McLane Kuster (D)
2014 213D, 174R, 13 VC
2015 3R, 2D 14R, 10D 239R, 160D, 1I Frank Guinta (R)
2016 Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (D) Red XN
2017 Chris Sununu (R) 217R, 176D, 3L Maggie Hassan (D) Carol Shea-Porter (D)
2019 3D, 2R 14D, 10R 234D, 166R Chris Pappas (D)
2020 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (D) Green tickY
2021 4R, 1D 14R, 10D 213R, 187D
Year Governor Executive Council State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House District 1 U.S. House District 2 Electoral College votes
Executive office General Court United States Congress

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  1. ^ a b Governor of the Upper Plantation of New Hampshire.
  2. ^ Resigned to take a seat in a federal court.
  3. ^ A Democratic-Republican, Nicholas Gilman, was elected as President of the Senate.
  4. ^ a b A Jacksonian, Henry Hubbard, was re-elected as Speaker.
  5. ^ A National Republican, James Wilson II, was elected as Speaker.
  6. ^ Resigned to take a seat on the United States District Court for New Hampshire.
  7. ^ a b As president of the state senate, acted as governor for unexpired term.
  8. ^ A coalition of Whigs, Independent Democrats, and Liberty Partiers elected John P. Hale, then an Independent Democrat, to be Speaker, and they organized the chamber.
  9. ^ A Democrat, Nathaniel B. Baker, was elected as Speaker.
  10. ^ Elected George W. M. Pittman, a Democrat, as Senate President
  11. ^ A coalition of Progressive Republicans and Democrats elected a Progressive Republican, William Britton, as Speaker.
  12. ^ a b c After having apparently won election to the Senate, Wyman was appointed to serve out the last 4 days of retiring Senator Norris Cotton's term. However, Durkin contested the election results in the Senate, which resulted in the seat being vacant for seven months until an agreement to hold a new special election between Wyman and Durkin. Cotton was reappointed to his old seat in the meantime (from August 8 to September 18), and Durkin, having emerged victorious in the special election was finally seated on September 18.
  13. ^ Republican Senate Presidents, first Alf E. Jacobson, then Robert B. Monier, were chosen in 1977 and 1979.
  14. ^ Fell ill and yielded his powers to the president of the state Senate; died on December 29, 1982.
  15. ^ In summer 1999 a Democratic senator died and was succeeded by a Republican elected in a special election.

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