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2005 West Sussex County Council election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elections to West Sussex County Council were held on 5 May 2005. The whole council was up for election and the Conservatives held overall control.

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have time to experiment and starting to look to look for effective practices he would like to have this information readily available for us idea and that's what the clearing house as they said can tell us that both about uh... which program is effective in which practices effective and i'm going to start with programs so hopefully before school it has look into second program discourse has uh... completed needs assessment that identifies needs of improvement to inform what components of programs are desirable uh... and it is useful once did he says it has been completed to look for some research information and that can include scope of use that can tell us something about the program replicability uh... the evidence basic contest i'm thinking about number and times of studies that um... had three sixty program something about it but it it seems really ability of the research uh... the extent to which program has positive evidence and negative evidence (hopefully not) because trouble prevention is a long term goal who would like to specially to look at the evidence uh... several years after the program has ended if it's not the program that is ongoing uh... throughout high school an effective subgroup that the program has what it takes to impact or students from varying backgrounds and challenges and last but not least implementation in research studies for example if the researchers did not find any effects of it because of poor implementation uh... and if they found positive effects could be because of outstanding candidates may be because of extra funding uh... now if you are not ready to identify the components of the program that you would like to have i may be a good place to start is weird what researchers have recommitted excuse for practices for trip of prevention uh... somebody move on to talk about practices and that is expert and our heads uh... synthesized if the evidence on package how to prevention programs at the state of the developer or organization that provides technical assistance for implementation of the program and out the best research they have identified uh... step-up happy says one day at last date which is the use of the persistence three targeted intervention practices at does advocates academic support in such a delivers supports and to school-wide practices which are learning environment and decrease and relevant instruction no you will find this information in the ideas fact these guys and you can find it also under doing what works website detected that your deputy dot com i'm gonna stop for the first factors i think the system and um... basically what the changes data systems to identify individual students anti-gay stuff talking about you would like to start hairy you would like to possible look at the may destroy data even before they arrived to high school and be ready for them as they come here and not and today airbus continuity monitor at those students who set aside a student at his school anyone's to collect data and uh... hostile understands if indeed you end to end the i'm convinced will not only a two day meeting attendance data uh... we feature uh... a lot of this high schools to teach and then website is foxfire center for student success in cincinnati ohio it's not done it in high school for students who have already dropped out of school or uh... that that very high risk of dropping out of school and it's not tentative uh... school of intervention seen means every thursday morning and what they do have a look at student data across object areas and also crossed areas of the student flights for example extracurricular activities what's going on at home and to gather the determined further action for collecting and analyzing student data and his mother has been so successful but the basic is now that the key to getting out of schools as well the second practice advance advocates and into means a stunning and does advocates to students at least of talking about and um... that key concepts that you would see us into doing what what's website include using the doubts or call me ted to invest in the students first nine academic success establishing a regular time just flew a day or week consistency here isn't keen and providing uh... you got advocates and guidance in training and one of the two of the provides many tools for implementation of one of them is a sense of connection to one forty bad advocates and um... basically what he does e peaks what their recent studies had found today his infected practices and breaks it down into action items and you dont advocates and the trainers can go over this list affection hired guns and look at what they're doing and what's tickets conceded to end friday in the future and what went on to the fetch practice which is a cabinet supports and what it means is provided to the next supports an enrichment to improve academic performance and you can do it in several different way is what uh... me such a command is provide extra study time interpreting it is for credit recovery an explanation and providing tv shows some groups support and noticed that it's not the only in targeted subject areas with also in the test taking skills of the study skills themselves this is a lot of work so uh... one of the dead resources or some of the reasons if you would find it doing little stateside is something that you can use for in services school to energize in mock debates unfocused teachers on vikhroli so for example you will see their multimedia over because the step shots are from screens of multimedia overviews uh... which you can uh... downloadable request from asl was sent his dvd and a highlight keep concepts for the staff to keep in mind for example be flexible in the database and ourselves using gation construction and also expect interviews and went on to the fourth practice which is social in beaver programs and what it says implement programs to improve students classroom behavior in social skills uh... you've got the specter practicing mentioned yesterday which is employees at that advocates of other engages that's because these one-on-one uh... connection just does wonders to students recognize students accomplishments this is mister b done very sensitively because the and there is currently and i expect as guided is in the making and it needs to improve students behavior in secondary schools and one of these things it says bear it if it's not said not set here is at the lessons that this is a very very sensitive about being singled out even if it's phrases so units took an honest and i recognize them back to be sensitive about social comparison issues because they made it can be rest about the the strategies to strengthen problem solving and decision making skills i'm healthy life headaches uh... watch out for negative peer pressure and establish partnerships with community-based program providers and other agencies david collaborative relationship with the community really a school it's is still much to expect this quick to do it by itself so given relationship really can help out you picking from your faces a concert you know it's already so a lot of south by sleepy hollow high school in new york and we have the honor of having the principle right here and she's going to tell us about the approach cell uh... in this regard uh... the u_s_ department of education is a very strong advocate uh... i'll deposit the beaver intervention support seats a response to intervention montag and destroyed has used it bust university tends to the system the most admitted students and to provide a distance supports it does take anti-christian case and the fifth practices environment uh... personalized and environment an instruction on process you can do it by extending blocks of time for instruction to have those instruction processed these established simone and communities established a meeting so the teachers we share information and get to know the students that the best way creates more classes and outside of court student participation in extracurricular activities which is something that consistently the research has shown to promote expensive connectedness to the school so because they are expecting that one of the unique things about this practice time is that those practices were derived from research about programs locate ants and have and reach practice into doing what was that site where the reset your center-right you can tell you we shall thick orange packets programs headstones practices so for example these change of getting environment practice hop has been pipe of attentive schools demonstration program career cantonese ann kellan development high schoolers and it can also tell you about sunday at the stuff high tides that uh... those studies have found for example or why is it so goods to implement this practice because teachers know what what do you think students because school is can focus morris unspecific challenges or if they can more closely monitor students or they can use more innovative teaching techniques and off from work report choices and the best practice is regards and construction providing customer construction twenty students and bs caleb's and and you can do it the by post in three days in offering business too uh... cottages provides students of the assistance and information about the demands of college partner with local businesses to provide opportunities for work-related experience and integrated kid any content with different skill base being so that students will understand winds it's so important to work so hard at school and either one of the high school in the free speech only doing what works website is the best unskilled university high school in ohio they offer a career and technical education community service which can teach something about their old uh... of beyond person in the community how he can be a productive citizen summer institute financially trustee to prepare them uh... and crime stories and i would like to and here with the salary that from a quote for the treaty inspired me from a teacher from city sleepy hollow high school uh... we have to be interviewed a couple of pictures from their humanities that team and they do something very special in the air the day identify students who need sympathies to the mediation and the repeat the creek room in a slump classed format which more differentiated instruction and she said and i'm taking a day to get out of context here but what she said they think can decide to get in the context and and that's their success she refers to hurt their students as baby find success is really out of old in this program not to try and push whatever this school is a measure of success meant to be we need to work with them to help them figure out for themselves what success in this to them and close again to work towards that success and this is what makes l lots of de france anything you would love to sell it does seem ames on best practices that there was talking about why all the what always about personalize individualize note to the challenges used a tactile tickets to the student and this is what this is listen to the students and then you can turn the trust and then there were more cards for you so i do have my contact information and uh... i would be happy to answer questions at the end of his sensation thank you very much thanking an acceptance in indian coming stands but in ten min means she's gonna take a look at anson assistant in decision making since hi in progress um... for coming i think that's the top today about the topic ice-t_ to frequently but never speak to in sussex in such a concentrated manner so it was very fun for me to actually put together this information and i think about it and think about what i thought about it and when i was asked to talk about was selecting affected property interventions and what needs assessments school may want to actually used as they would like to go in selecting specific programs to meet the needs of their u in thinking about that i first reflected in pink tried think about what your health care and talk about in the practice chi in thinking about how they burst the strategies were that were out there actually doing dropout prevention so when i actually looking at trying to full lacked what kind of strategies a program and i actually trying to figure out how unique and i think the diversity in programs that are out there reflects just the diversity of causes for dropout and that you don't use that to lead drops out because there are a niche directory only two because they don't want to go to school they were a dropout for so many underlying causes in contributing factors that weight into that yet that there at the school things that they're not getting at the school the support that they're not getting that school environment maybe isn't meeting their needs theaters the family environment this isn't a priority there isn't the support of the family community maybe this competing opportunities within the community instruments that goes on in a case like that actually leave them to drop out business-like thing interventions tenancy ms easy and it didn't seem to be easiest higher wannabe any dropout prevention programs that the what works clearinghouse identified as being effective because we know that those eight interventions itself enough table students to succeed in to go to school but there needs to be a whole lot of other things going on in here and i think spoke really well for that and i think we're after inhabited amplified basically so i look forward to that improves in doing this uh... p i'm going to hone in on three areas that you might want focus on doing it needs assessment one is really looking at the polls will climb at this school is itself and then focusing in it on those high-heeled indicators how many of you were able to go to the presentation on early-warning systems a few of you and we'll talk a little bit about that how it's applicable and then lastly looking at why students drop out in the reasons for dropped out so the first school environment in school climate in himachal squandering school climate where payment acting hone in on examined three areas one is what is the learning environment like powell our students given the opportunity to learn is that personalized to meet their needs is the content next make arrests and i love that and not progressing elephant formals or for some students but if the recurring relevance for all students this school online sleep one of those conditions for learning provided so even beyond that learning environment one is that school environment wanted congress to make students feel how does it is it safe is it a good place and for each of these questions i've tend to think about ways that one could actually go about and arm think about it i think a crippling environment behind al gave us a really nice to on her presentation which was the adult advocate flexion she and i think that's a really nice actually way of developing payment action guides to develop that personalized relationship wonder one between our youth in our arm staff and i think that's a one bathroom weight another way of thinking about personalized ringing in first for academics purpose havier for dropout prevention in a really kind of came to a cheered model or an arts my motto and thinking about intact to these times that cell difficulty economically to make sure that we have enough services but at your school do you have mechanism where you have differential levels of service before all of your students academically a purely dropout and that you know americanism table students to go through those different levels of intensity can you identify you know if you're meeting service at are you meeting the needs of s student in if not do that too many more intensive are less intensive services do you have the means to them i think that's really important expecially when we think about it when we think about personalized impairment i think it's important i also think that every you've been that school need an adult should be engaged in their life but that also that level of engagement is getting also need to be very their we think of programs like if you're familiar with checking connector these kind of adult advocacy programs for that relationship is very strong in transit regular in that was a great programs and i think they all students could benefit but not all student absolutely need them to succeed in school in film making sure that we have a mechanism also to make sure that we can deliver that personalized attention at the level of the student needs and the fluid about it who needs it today at a very intense level may not be needs it tomorrow and to do you have a mechanism to insure that's happening next looking at river um... relevant instruction and again we continue to go back to visit i think it's been a lot of sessions here at the conference about on academic instruction and so i don't want to spend too much but i think one think about when we were actually evaluating it may think it's that topic that's probably for to victory deception in this part of the session but i did my cannot keep your point there's a lot of instruments outdated that are available you've got your weight the affect tonight for the record and the relevance unstructured but there's a lot of tensions and looking at these instruments i think although important re-evaluating evaluate how rivers and relevant construction yes and was touched by that regrets in relevant instruction we also need to be really candid about when we do that kind of what's going on and intentions to balance are really around teacher expertise cost arm one is gonna be resulted from acting is that information disputes have or on complimentary or is it actually actionable do you actually walk away and have mechanisms to prove that rigorous relevant structure and then also being able to look at kind of visit in looking at the galaxy is it actually a degree of fidelity not it is a real isn't black and white and then looking at each of quality next looking at conditions for learning i think providing not just those academic conditions for learning but that really safe impairment is key and we definitely know that that having that really safe environment and then continuing to teach students skills inappropriate skills with in that environment and not only the academic skills but i think also to develop their interest and motivation their self-management those kind of soft skills is still important tonight it doesn't it's still shocks me how many times they don't see that happening we do it so much in elementary school in middle school we start to lay off on the list in high school in expressing his thoughts that i think struggled we don't do it at all and one thing that often see it in very successful high schools almost uniformly do well this one is personal assistant into is the teaching not only of the academic but the value in that part of the soft skills and being able to infuse both within the curriculum and i think that's really important improved academic outcomes and i don't know that we are we think that those skills academic outcomes for this one i thought it wasn't i appreciated the on recommendation on this is there's actually toolkits out there that are publicly available to start to assess those conditions for learning and i think sometimes that's a hard intemperate come about and so i just wanted to highlight this one that's available to the website and it's the actual survey inotropic that out there that can not only help to do the assessment also provides resources that start looking at those actionable steps to improve the conditions for learning and wanted to recommend that so that's the first step is kind of the school environment yes looking at high-heeled indicators uh... i regret that i wasn't able to be here yesterday but in my time here today i'd have probably heard reference early-warning systems uh... high-heeled indicators probably ten times and ensure that witnesses batik u_s_ but i think that we continue to hear it coming out there actually use high yield indicators or an early warning system to identify youth that have needs in the school and short rising and falling sorry it looks like a definitely on beginning and i know a few of you guys going to the session just com for those that may not be familiar com out of the research from um... the contestants are private schools on and johns hopkins we'd be keen to see a convergence of research that's a different kind of really actionable on heaters incidents exhibit that are highly correlated with graduation and dropout these really cluster around and gauge main course performance and then this is cumulative one that uh... chicago is developed that we call the end of year indicator that um... brings together first performance and credit for a while like maybe some parts of my case that they were so highly correlated with proper in this light you can see that on it shows it breaks down confidence attendance patterns and graduation some the far left hand side that policy column he decisions that have been absent from zero to four days and then those students only um... part eighty-seven some of the students want to drop out but as that attendance moms still does likelihood of dropping out to look at what happens when it goes to on feisty days only sixty two percent despite some terribly printed like you guys uh... it's lots of ten to fourteen days on the forty one percent of the student-athlete but want to break away you see that strong relationship between actual attendants data that you can use for has and events for graduation the next five also illustrates this with academic failure here you see on academic failure in the number of courses that students sales and its relationship to graduation and the same finally changed everything gpr encryption ratio fancy also wrote that arm another indicator which combines as i said core course performance tonight looked at the site previously that i did kind of um... lost five because the time it was for lady first performance any course and graduation in this indicator will appear quarkxpress performance and accumulating enough credits to actually go along seven tenth grade looking specifically at the main street i think it could be applicable to others and arm if you meet both of these criteria considered on track the end of ninety break if you mean misty reconsider off-track he only won a highlight this because they want to show you how these connection about data can be even more predictive and some of our other data like standardized testing in this graph you can just see that those students that had serious uh... math and reading scores or broken up into four quartiles on the far right of the graph is the students that are on the top or tyler that did the the twenty five percent of the students that did the best on that on standardized testing far left are those students that scored in the lowest quartile in the middle to for files and then he breaks up the data five those that are on an off track given the criteria that i just explained um... read our caller is on the those that are on track in the arm interesting and does that are on track manufactured by that name um... m watkins this rap clearly shows me is this like the standardized test scores on off-track status isn't much more predictive it also is really for me gives me hope because it does me and what i read into this is that given support actually be able to pass four courses and to get credits increases students likelihood people want to graduate so if we can get those students that academic support to sixty these students despite their academic on performance on standardized testing can go onto parchment that makes sense based on this earth on how you know the indicator flights that have been validated nationally definitely great schools if they can take you analysis of their own david text-align somebody not confirmed that there are these nationally validated thresholds that can be used and bring these important i'm not only important i think for actually identifying those individuals student after school that aren't in need of services and that's definitely a major component of the needs assessment but it also really important for being able to look at those patterns of data that are in schools so what's actually happening to save the date that data by maybe your demographics different classes is their patterns that for this algebra teacher verses that algebra teacher is their patterns vs does it take a printout of reverses ninth-grade algebra persistent great outdoor wind is going on what things make a change for the positive and negative infielder understand that within the last thing that i thought about when thinking about during its assessment data is actually looking at why students dropout still being able to do follow-up and looking at where why your students actually drop out and what i have given you in the slide is actually a study that did up follow-up with students it dropped out and ask them for the reasons that they dropped out and they clustered into these three areas i think it's important for schools to find out what's going on in their community in with their population and actually why students and leaving so we can help to nearly be able to prevent that some without further if you i'm actually excited to hear from our final presenters simona cast the sitcom her thank you and you still until in the rebel people to give you a combination of review of strategies and tools that you might be able to use in your home schools and mailed many of them are free head and build on lines there's a lot of resources that are out there now carole conklin um... it's going to talked about her experience in turning around her school and for the graduation rates and to put this to practice yet out that citizens topical pastime paraguay's many of them uh... for each of the session for each of the presenters are in the senate even if you don't have them alcee all him not to have tons and i promise won't have to have responded i'm a lot of people who do this reasons so much finds that there are no wide that's what wanted looks like from the air and uh... of perspectives out uh... it was really cool releasing you guys himself for a better word really correctly what we're doing and and the recurring themes monster presentation but i hope to see her with that uh... gave me hope really wants them uh... cell began i have here is a about howard passwords interactive dot lights on skins packed up he got some highlights in the courts have a great time uh... talking with you uh... again scene uh... this over and over again to make my goals with you today permanently to you give you an idea of what some of these unsuccessful research base uh... practices looked like um... and before we do that until i know i can give you a slide about demographics uh... but ice built like we needed to see kids and so and going to have you read my school um... this is about a two minute clip uh... prepared for instance and the only assignment that was given to them is a multimedia club uh... was to make me a hello video so we'll keep visit our school you know hot fall uh... five hearts plus more at pets haha past all hot half uh... costs stuff fluff five uh... process uh... fast five hi craft hot hahahaha hot all right cut k applied hot hahahaha hearts stuff cell i helped her uh... recruitment coastline mhm film school day uh... academic repair obviously working together allot of these research based strategies seven to may fifteenth i suppose i hope that's the bottom your unity that buster online from nanti immigrants who've just arrived in the country from all over the world to the children uh... italian instead compensates dan dan dot com it accused in get heated which was one of the uh... things i was hired to do uh... that democrats and espy with run him that so again we have a roughly a quarter worker for students to learn in this is the first second and third here uh... roughly a quarter mark fuhrman victims and weak totally again eliminate sounding uh... westchester county just north of new york city some of that neighboring town programming replace fight tap water id katie rested on ourselves as the to hear about 'em and so no matter how good we are doing we looked like crap in the newspaper towards helping he put up next week what some of these extremely affluent beaten acne but that's ok on pushing part so that the restricted in essence lifetime liked it because i did a lot of this uh... in new york state now is tapping into the back here's when i wanted to send there are a fantastic requirements and they have what you mean uh... octopus families with someone who was later is not sarah ferguson stuff based on what your part fellow i think we can talk to the extent of compared to everybody based on demographically unity thing ten uh... and in our the apparently certainly not because it means uh... because it's a gate opener for their it hopeful with a foreign language syntax compare those s_a_t_'s and marketing to kids to get them into programs uh... so i have to figure out what other phone put out there he said the basic metals i do things like hahahaha sent uh... s_a_t_ scores and compare statements hotbed level uh... and also uh... you think he managed company while i don't think that performing arts inspectors in new york is the statement universal music teacher something or other competitions this month and so level out there uh... locally the newspapers and statement scholar athlete teams we have an integrated apples overnight the airport use that to happen so i would agree with you uh... to take a look at and make it work for their don't beat yourself so that's just marketing ten you also heard our researchers talk about the need to have focus mission and have everybody working in the same place i absolutely want ten plus years ago when we started really race reforms substantive change and stop just figuring out how to fix what everybody was talents was broken uh... weekly and we've booked to take mission full rules that everybody gets and put the pictures of basic positive scabs everybody can agree upon and it was actually a faculty exercising school year at this is what we came up with on kennedy's inhalants more personal and that first-year i had t-shirts made for staff member so that we welcome students back wednesday we'd agreed to small orangeburg over the keys uh... everybody disappearing for an interview unifying in uh... for teachers to try to get some positive energy we spent time looking at the back at what's in the twenty-first century school and wheat needed support at the time is breaking ranks uh... was kidnapped and he has a skinhead sentencing richmond virginia two peterson late fifty indeed grandma's practicing use this is a bit so that we went through things like this and look at it he phrased you'll hear those threats through with the preacher the research now tells us and demonstrate our best practices uh... we adopted framework for uh... research uh... and systematic steps to improvement on and that point to know is that we didn't just wake up with someday or get a letter from some agents even said basically you must have been and it was just a constant looking for how can we do you mean and some of that culture of continuous improvement uh... sometimes has a force beginning but you really should never have termination point it should be in amsterdam process because the number of important that we are are sliding backwards uh... during an exchange fight currently are realized i have to be more than the visionary cheerleader i can't stand up and so anybody anything uh... but if i didn't work hard to nineteen mine collins my community my students have the skills to move forward which uh... community and in order to do that you have to figure out how to manage resources and you can always wait for somebody since that's a good deal of time reality resources and indian creek and then you really need to as much as i used to one her like that action plan requirement that central office my apologies salam state people all those forms to fill out everything completely is this afternoon having plan acid stops along the way to do a sentencing and so that tire package has been something that has served us well and it's something we do intrinsically in and radar don't make a big deal uh... forcing over the past time ten twelve fourteen years we have time put forward modernity better in keeping with that vision when twenty first century high school possible many of which we now know from research is that the other invalidated by all means best practices uh... so it's like having the kids archrival kind of electives comparably what put into place argument with career internships uh... between extracurricular activities that uh... allow kids than community to build pride in pursuant to this are likely to happen to hosting the potential death after reader when we bring schools in from all over the place onto the g_a_t_t_ bypass and get things done bahut conference of mayors have been arrested yet uh... i'll talk about some of the at-risk programs and a little while building the product connections feels bad is another thing people come in c_s_ all the time we moved to using time for creative again winona for going to be blocked which was indeed gatekeeper for truett specialties in my book he can only take people so far important to me usually wish to change the structure so much informed by it was initially made the flat tonight a bit of walks and use that as an organizational timeframe me at least sought transformation teaching and learning and engagement and while everybody was worried about that with the english and math point where there's some benefits and things like physical education we actually started his house and kids actually bothered to take your pick that and they could just tell us what the neglect anymore we would have had a great for twenty-five nuts and we take kids not about making course and they tried to get back nine tenth grade boys love nothing better now we put kids on a bus it worked out a deal with the wider taken sweating in nineteen eighty-two taken downtown interested and involved in back and and ready to have class again look at the whole picture it's not just that was about or academics we started to look at ways to sharpen knives ourself an elite learning environment not just know partners and programs or certification program but for programs and services office and sell one of the things we would have to raise the fifth expressed which a lot of apartheid with physics is the first person to use and then as the foundation of all kinds human beings biology distri and we got the stadiums in those disciplines and many of our students take to in three years of college level science uh... as a result either to the a_p_ program wadsworth unleashing uh... with the state university of new york or syracuse university or places like that uh... again just pick up a few things we heard about community connections with the problem with the hospital who was struggling to get bilingual nurses or mail nurses so we said hey we got half of the people of the house and uh... we got a lot of bilingual people that have allowed to work with us excelled at the start of the career uh... of career exploration initiative with the hospital within ninth-grade some programs for kids who are interested almost like here winning there first they had been travel around hospital in different careers and then they hire them on the eight th and then we have had for several years ago partnership with hospital just accepted situation to go to the west chester community college and speak in prison innocently feels uh... we have another program which is on obvi that works that's fine freedom out pretty guarantees not one that i spend a lot of times that history was made to order the taxpayers wildlife particularly care i think grant funded program every time we hear the good person who's pregnant or parenting we work with them and we support them in getting a high school diploma we help them with childcare we help them with making the necessary connections or wellness care we followed through delivery and keep them through high school uh... we even take the kids cpsc uh... to help with early intervention in their children as well anyway i think that's a long time tell you that lots of neat wonderful programs uh... but but it's not as if they're all factionalized it's all about creating which productive and personalized environment for the children sir on reform which it doesn't happen monthly it's not pills it's not a quick fix it's one shifted in time and it's only standing here eighteen years after that i can see it you black really reformed screw didn't yet for example it is we're going along the way we just kind of did without right and we saw pockets of me and we changed things as weak and we got pasted i have not down to a guarantee that the faculty meetings if i find one of course all of whom there to look at me meeting i don't like it how featured this would give you that right promise you this which tribe little bear conceivably to you it's a wonderful time little private time problem on so i would encourage you know as you look at reform not to be overwhelmed by it but it may be thinking about uh... what one of the researchers have visitors from r_n_c_ uh... instability rape lately he said youtube these programs better than anybody i've ever seen in her life men i'll tell you that right critical somali chose to visit your local started to do with school which wants to stop him so delwip with them and wonderful similarities that day and small little pockets in small groups just and stopping those little problems and that making success with that and you know what i said you wouldn't have to get better youth and mold pilgrims to those little needs assessment in triumph often and they take hold in eighty three and simultaneously your changing the culture and shifting opinions not with one of felt you know uh... i can't everybody's reading the coolidge making the walk together and having twin everybody over buddy little strategic waiting to be surprised how far you organization uh... with that get creative don't be afraid to fail roll up your sleeves and do it together so i don't think you need something selected samples of these practices that you've heard before about using data about repair about uh... engaging in motivating part of our personalization and uh... the whole notion of of leadership and uh... powered organization so they take you through five ha went over the years appropriately this stuff inaction today everything in our schools and admits have on strengthening student management is one easy way to get people on where to using data and untrue really turning around by newschool because if you don't have a safe place for people to work and learn and sometimes were fighting against staff that's not clear people see kids to dress a certain way and as soon their thoughts for their movements whether gang members or fill-in the blank not owns no it and you know jesus even have those perceptions so if you look at the data and he is happy okay we're going to really target behavior for many years over for reform let specific information about what's really happening and we're gonna sit together with the company analyzing guggenheim translated attack in to deal with was not confined to that something you're most recounted faculty member states hot now you know fit the bill given what they want excel we've absolutely moved in that direction on interview that would uh... to with website talks about that innova more detail so in a monthly basis anna we look at major and minor infractions everytime students referral in made orchid assistant principal myself interact with the student behavior we fill out one of those referrals and it entered into the database so we keep track of the number of referrals by grade level by month uh... back on board and once a month which is sub-committee meetings uh... we take a look at somebody speaks despite let's say in misuse of technology ninth-grade well that tells us intelligence is directing direct intervention he also gave me confidence especially when i have invited parents union members board members sisters with me to go out there people saying you know what similar weapon at this point that you have there was one final or two thoughts or he got me knocked down and you can start to track and change and how to find uh... your department and if you are keeping an eye schoolwork you get that it gives you the places where you want but your interventions and picture in the area richter uh... i charles advanced placement and hoping to ruminate honors courses ought to share with uh... pretty passionate about that on i was invited the early two thousand maybe two thousand want to to do a presentation column with blood uh... making the case for open enrollment expected a small incident when like this imprint people speaking but found about half of them we're passionate about involvement the apparatus laid out and fun and died that it would be the ruination true academics as we know in our country and it made for a very exciting presentation on st p_e_ as a way to be able to showcase my school again financial stand to shock people in my school and outside my school what these kids can do and for kids to better themselves amongst everybody else who had cancer standards there was a reverse content we have been as we could go to right away and it was an infrastructure for teacher training it was unusual invalid in itself that's why we start there and it also drove the conversation about the feeder program what we found out over the years it's that time were with its profits this well-meaning teacher of the gifted and talented and very great who directed more advanced placement kids identified without word based on who made the cottonwood she'd picked out the twelve cases often it's all about something suddenly anyway uh... i'd have a whole a promising here which i will be able to go through within about how to take-out initiative like that to break down those police systems to make the paradigm shift to get the teachers are word to help kids and everybody understand what the expectations are end of the tough questions uh... and how to plant is work doing something different because of all you do is my kids and that everybody has already defined they're not going to do valentine as it stands well don't bother what else are you going to do with preteens rejections summer academy you know agree outlining the course is that true prior uh... you also can start to take a look at how you can get kids into a page from alternative routes for example i have a large group of uh... exp students who come to us that we teach heritage that uh... supposed suggests that wanted lee because they're fluent but merely working reading and writing something carter what do when the kids broker-dealers as we have the strength of the date of language support regarding status it intensely or these are kids who you know i'm worried about baking the data graduation requirement animus against the big picture still continue to be fluent effectively the refund and take it easy spanish voters panini sampling and of course study at had achieved greater in one area even if they can't do it at work anyway we catholic worst and seven years uh... here move from one hundred twenty three kids taking tests two hundred sixty four on having two thirty exams administered up to three fifty a_b_c_ distribution of the time they also take a look at the percentage of kids who are getting free or higher and how many have been recognized as being scholars and uh... that this is just one example on an initiative and we spread from there uh... with other comments affiliations uh... and we look at mountain high and making college connections for our our wheat distinct for example this year you try to keep determine students poisoning sold-out crowds right looks really hartsfield seniors with hit me up in the early that it is the graduation requirement mode summoned looking for a high so we decided many of these kids traditionally go to the community college we will use the existing for community college to get you into a course without having to take that remedial course have to pay for debit credit that that's going to be archive anthony keith off the beaten path bday had been found to be sent to work i did have the teachers even taken on a bus to go together to w_t_v_t_ placement for him hotmail celebrated when they won't have time kicking in allotment he or want you to the country or justin's dropped so it didn't work at all his perspect uh... you heard a little bit before about our humanities program gathered for them realtor talking about this is one of my favorites we have like everybody else project european trip and i think it's every and you know what what baby unified school the teachers in the middle school faculty who could tell me and so i always use the budget and unexpected english nine or world history nine global studies which is what we can in new york at select committee on you know today and fires floods that would be to start to be held accountable for colored so that meant we really need to try to get around for years cell accounting changes that would to try and i've told them but at the equivalent of five to two five day contract five period forty five minutes or the equivalent land into plots so i kept their class size uh... validity fifteen kids he's we have to keep them for two years yet that they've been involved and communities and we didn't have any money so i think that the district uh... texas city the time that it would be sending repeats on by setting up this new place thanks for the guided tour of the extension because we started to look at who was in there jeff flock that were mostly temperatures they were mostly pointed mostly hispanic or black enormously capable interesting cell if i think something different with those kids he'd be out of town self we've used him as a teaching assistant we had people yes in support with them as a targeted intervention hypotheses regulates features in there in the mid to late part of their career who said i think that you tried owner to these kids we give them some literacy training and uh... we have a team meeting that before they police talks were pretty counselor school social worker applications to principle to keep working interventions together talked a little bit about the findings our findings have been significant in terms of where those kids governor fifty-year in terms of high school completion and successive eleventh and twelfth grade postini so we don't necessarily carry them indiscreet behavior warriors we get to the election nine ten and then we watched in support of in less efficient ways and well uh... there are definitely roadblocks and we've been around the last thing i can tell wing and before we open enough questions up the whole notion of personalization if there was nothing that i found right now before he went to school it was personalizing maybe the suspects and when i got to be clean ellsberg here today that there was no kidding walked into our under our roof who was that number appeared where bathtub and if that's where you begin than the rest is really crazy uh... son started since just like that for breaking ranks work uh... and homeless and advisory kinds of things came up so we developed something called community uh... which is a time and place built into the high school we've changed all those things they don't have time to do is give recant and com fifteen years ago they would throw things at me and grief appetite was making teens another crap or to actually happened i was not that they were getting paid for above the teachers ready to do this and he started small and uh... recreate it once a month activity the left of the time two staff members to every homeroom between cotton and that would stand with those kids for four years of high school so we paired people together without legs nicely and he traveled over the course of the four years and in order to decide what we were going to do with that time uh... we're planning council in place which is strictly except and kinda broke the paradigm of the department estimates self and sexual abuse imposing everything or just having union on in their advisory group you can't beat the gatekeeper disney planning council is doing a lot of determining landing esteem moving and making a huge difference so i called here alive living breathing evolving calendar that would be stupid this year and on you'll see that we did it twice now plans for nine ten eleven twelve and have to tell you taking the asme reaches two times a month and now for next year this day i think it's very uncertain times that you would be because there are things going on test so we're seeing he is from this kind of environment and we have a place to talk about static dot what to do about cyber bullying you know how to study for tests are what to do about the rightists in all the rest of us personalization however is not just about delia it's about how you teach so while we're doing office every year we have initiatives that become our are the focus of the faculty sometimes in strategies for working with the all-out sometimes its vocabulary uh... sometimes and stuff but i noticed a silencer so uncertainty the one that we did this past year when i looked at my teacher evaluations overall in the end of year and the frequency casting for improvement that i was making women into classes was trying to get teachers chapter individual instant so that they weren't just teaching law but it was stopping and still what madeleine countries to thinking about it well you're definitely didn't in into the eleven seeing what uh... and sell how'd we do that that became a focus in on here uh... and what we do what we started initiative like that either to prevent the honor roll like whom god has yet to dallas policy is another thing that we already have you have the linkage was very cold and his golden and important so when reading see if you are checking for instance dot we said here's how it's complements what we can do it backwards design what we've been doing differentiation how it fits into prison and people really pretty so eighteen years from when i started when i had to figure out how much happier dvds so i could hopefully have a job the following year there's no way that they would keep me if i could manage this raucous faculty city activities were daily tracking and i have teachers for them and share practice in department sign up to show that they are doing this year uh... with checking for understanding or how many is with this edition doing something in the apt and everybody getting excited about wanting to go see each other it is ob it's great last i was in the evening but i think is the essential recipe for at least successful high school you have to care about to put yourself out and uh... at the time and take it uh... dot sas dot constantly to raise the bar right you gotta believe yeah you didn't happen some of them hard to reach and you've got to realize other kids have to cancel sent people in front of him i'd refused to accept anybody twenty-two teaching today sulfide indeed even up and find the kernel of what happened in head start uh... antwerpen and uh... site of what's really important and uh... measured monetary dreamin make happen and know that everyday your hard work i'm sorry for the speed of doesn't it thank you carol that's wonderful and still and one thing that i've learned a lot about and went and since i've been hearing the having opportunities talked to many of you is that you have a lot of things share as well so one thing i was hoping that we could do is to take a couple questions but then also i'd love to hear about the kinds of working here do you mean to and change that comes first against improve graduation rates and i know that at least as some of you indicated you had early-warning systems and that would be great another question i don't know what i throw up to the grave is you know what kinds of things are percolating in your mind points you hear uh... are our panelists me away what things comments at the to the top and think might you be need to be addressed that's you know i think one thing that carol just talked about that i really liked is that she didn't adding michigan's and for the second part mission e she waste building coherence in the existing initiatives and showing what it meant she in within all the things that were regulated and so it's at that's also something to be taking a at anyone else could command i don't know if that was the question but what i would say to you is don't miss the opportunity into the year to get people excited about a new beginning and what you can do and if you provide options uh... within a certain umbrella ask them what they feel ready to tackle and then what they need to do in order to achieve it and give them a bit of a chinese menu of what you can really stick with the liver and ask them what happens weather uh... i can tell you we debate that is the faculty over time uh... might thinking is i don't really want to hold anybody back in freshman year at all by one of them who very an awful the back and senior year salaams you know what their pros and cons with everything but what i'd moved to overtime is having meetings with the kids and their counsellors and their families letting them know realistically what they're trying is to completion and where they are in the chart but i don't really want to keep them from access to more because you can strategically if you know sometimes the if if any of maturation happens over the summer between tenth and eleventh grade and the thing you said a hundred and fifty times now seeing sam magically the hundred and fifty first so at that point i mean there are some sophisticated credit recovery phase you can do to enhance them so that there's still the camera for what they do this but you're not holding them back from exposure to the new learning to the increased rager to the next set of things they have to overcome and often you know i wasn't necessarily there ten years ago i was more upbeat you know they gotta finish and then move into the next but i think i'm a believer in the latter final believer most of all of the fact that no one answer is right for everything ms xo research has shown that actually flooding students back because of course stayed there uh... is asleep resell because they're invariants utilize this stuff is steve you actually increased their chances of dropping out of school because of that so trying to figure out how you could it monitor their attendance provide summer school in other ways to keep the med school is actually better tentative isle of when the research that supports up with it contact no one of the things into the community meetings was to to pull a special community meeting room for some of the kids who are really struggling and news that activity puri time a couple times a month to really work with them around those uh... around those themes and feature pack alistair ask about your summer programming you mention summer institutes and i'm wondering do you have one give multiple different communities students summer programming g_m_ your business partners coming in how long the summer programs that well um... depending on the air in the money in the crampons sometimes it's polluted we do have a summer program and it's a pretty basic one in terms of comp credit recovery and for kids who've failed or need regents prep which is our stadium uh... and we take tuition payers and from neighboring districts to help subsidize that and then what i do any addition to that is have some special stuff uh... for example i have an open door for a levels so that as the women friends move into the more transit party cabinet don't speak english somebody on the street or in the building in the neighborhood will say hey let me take you up to this lady at school and they bring 'em up and we start teaching them english and getting the maverick acclimated from from day one we also wanted things i didn't mention his for those e_l_ else that arrived like at seventeen and they don't have a credit for a prayer of learning english to the level that the need that the english exam requires for an exam we don't turn away we have an on-site g_d_ prep program for spanish-speaking students in our building now i have to report the ms dropouts unwise on my stats which just canceling but anyway aren't we still we get them through they can come to physically baking taking this is a second language class they can go to the probably could be kids so we have a adi d you ongoing program in the last summer as well and then we've had um... either depending on the air institutes of four kids who want it going to an honors class or anything in spanish speakers who have not been so there's some pretty cheap done to kind of ramp about to get the mentally already and to help them with their summer sign it so they hit the ground uh... running this user uniting twelfth school death uh... mysteries about what happens with kids during the transition if you work on work you're doing with the kids that you know we're going to struggle before they get there not just share one idea that we've been doing how we collagen stern identified those kids and then allow them to take courses for credit during the summer before they start high school and then when they get to high school they can not take an elective class and have more time during the school day to work on basic skills doesn't know the captive justify it's at great but it's actually a variation on work within two weeks for a long time for twelve years i was the middle school principal and the high school principal district so i had the luxury of being able to make sure that stuff happens uh... and we still do an awful lot of that will be targeted graders and we bring them and then engine they're similar things because word reversed place i've got to make sure that the people are paying twenty five thousand dollars in taxes are getting their money's worth do and so on what we try to do is enrichment classes for kids who are on or about grade level as well so that summer is not necessarily seen as a punitive or a bad thing sacraments he cracked i'd just have a question for team won in the room does anyone have a workable definition four rieger and relevance as it relates to academic that we keep throwing that out there but of course i have my own definition doesn't mean just the right one comment to you accused of the time the research that you have to take contractility better this time i think i'm not gonna go out and do what i want to know what you what you think that definition we have examples i'm giving back and she owned what it is but what does that mean writing if we had to be fine as educators what was that i would start with where young gal finished alone for us in our school it's about the making of meaning for kids to that what they're being asked to do in school everyday matters it's relevant to them here now in the near future so that's how i would define relevance that it's not imposed upon them extrinsic but it's about helping them intrinsically see what they're doing as relevant to their here and there now in the future have been meaning what are worthwhile endeavor uh... is where i can with relatives still reader we would like to see uh... educating non-performing students in our company is renewed each and bank also is bringing them to the highest standards possible they can be chest as ready as any other students taking be held to the scene high expectations his antecedents in terms of events we would like to c would like them to see the connection between school in real life and so them to see how they're going to grow become productive had digication have that job have defended the and everything they want for themselves and house policemen to help them obtained them when it passes with them no i just looked like if you could share a little bit of information you said that to you put them through intensive credit recovery an eleventh and twelfth grade and i would like to know what types of credit recoveries statically you have offer the students there simply harlem the into the credit recovery can be kind of customizing individualistic if we know sometimes i'll have a kid i'll just sit through the first half of the chorus here the next year uh... we do have uh... funded by the twenty first century uh... money that we have hate credit we call it an after-school academy we only had enough money to do so much so i only run it in the spring uh... because that's enough time for kids to you know again he needed to kind of ramp up to do what they need to do the same thing with this summer uh... also during the school day uh... in lieu of study hall sand in lieu of we our teachers assigned duties so um... i've gotten teachers to voluntarily uh... opt to do an academic center duty which is stunned sort of not teaching kids they don't have to the way i define it they don't have to submit a lesson plan but it's a great anything that you have to work with the kids who show up so i'll use that where teachers will send supplementary assignments are department had a sense of the mantri simon's to those area those academic centers during the school day and will work with kids on that and get the materials back or what you saw some online payments on to help so i don't find online works i'll personally with kids who work in the a_t_r_ relax motivation they were really need somebody who puts their arm around him and and shows them how to do it so there's lots of it's it's really a customized klan there's not a one size profits off but by the time eleventh and twelfth but if you can keep them impeachment school nineteen ten and you can mapped out a four-year plan in america what different legs it takes that of sell them that they can finish on time you know with summer with the next two course here they're with coming in early with staying late with maybe an academy class their they're ready to hear it you can come hope their interest account aren't they our troops would really like what you're saying about the or whatever the truth is a certain sense of belonging rather personal relationships personalization are there specific things that you do to target your most at-risk students with those relationships it's a great question there's no kid uh... that is is a throw-away kid and i guess i'm all about myself um... and known to have my science projects every year you know the ones that mike everybody else is just had it with uh... either the system has less to do discipline when they get to a certain point how to put them i'll take them on and that you tried it is figuring out so it's really there's no magic than in they only magic is that no matter who they are and where they are on the content on that there is somebody in someplace in that building who will love them and care for them no matter what i have i'd expelled kids from school and superintendents herein weren't embracing them or were crying together and i'm saying look you know you can come back next year are expected to be back next year this is when you cross the line fronts alcohol or weapon that can happen in school and they're not welcome here but that doesn't mean i'm not gonna follow you and track you at that alternative school and and i want you back i want you cross the stage and i want to give you a diploma uh... so it's just extensive knowledge in that and do what you got to do with that sometimes income recommended that sometimes you fight with their mother you know to set some limits on it's it's really depends and i've got a step that that believes that way the guidance counselors uh... you know we got high ratios with ford have counselors for to strive nine hundred kids and we have one assistant principal i have no jeans and no security a trade at all that stuff in for teaching assistants a long time ago because when they're successful and their theory achieving academically that stuff goes away so don't have a great deal of disappointment soooo we've done it uh... actual program walk up before school programs and you know we know that once the child has a sense of belonging date date typically seems to be better right but we're not really sure if it's uh... the chicken or the entire uh... what we're guessing in what seems to happen is a lot of the students that would be well anyway yourself selecting intervals end soon you know intimate is just a question for anybody compound better can we cats are milstead risks to dance involved in those programs and to increase their sensible well you know one of the dvd example the mental health with our english language learners and ka i'd they inspire me every today consultant action going to school dealer and i and uh... usc indeed uh... av hot with barely walls and windows that you learn not much of anything and then all of a sudden pages take u_n_ when he went to whatever high schools and even start learning about the roman toilets and global studies are they must implement had with the things that we've been trying to teach them soap cell with a radio substance to it as can be intimidating to walk through the door one of the things we did it to the states and the copy s_l_ center and we encourage them to bring in some screen camp or something from their home whether it's you lay your you know that we do our own d_r_i_ or uh... israel or you know um... uh... pick a place and switches this collection of stuff that they come and we got one of those somebody was on a plane and sawant skyway though the wall mount you know that's it further prepared our story member of their wanted him to ask me dot who would buy one and so we do we put that on the wallets as they walk in they find their place in the world and they let us know where the problem we circled the country and to teachers have donated their offerings for the farmers and we can't let the top of the loss of the east authenticity no with working for so immediately when they're lost or confused or they have no idea what somebody's talking about a anytime during the day that's the place they go and that's the place where we have the afterschool center so it's a comfortable safe and we wrote a grant so that we actually feed them snack in the afternoon because our vision was to have a kitchen table like the we used to have a real home and mom is getting a milk and cookies accompany with their homework and so some people are paid in and we get community volunteers who come in so it's just sort of finding i think that the home-based a place that person doesn't have to be fair to say but they know they belong and then she started building a out from there think it's going to come back listening in and out the details to be able to talk with one another and hear about what they're doing and we'd love to hear about what your guests have we'd like it at times register and scientists have another question she brought up something early on and that was held and phys ed koch and uh... more and more on my grant writer pipe traded profession displacements money out there for phys ed and health and wellness activities that that government level how much have you seen the health and phys ed programs helping you with behavior issues politically questionable if they can i think we kids are physically phil admit have healthy out not on they're less likely to be talking about i really believe that so some of my hard-core science projects that aren't even allowed to come school during the day i'd give them a pass to go to the weight room which i keep open after school disappear in america and i think it's physical healthy kind of place it it does make a difference for them um... so i do think i do think that's important and uh... i have to think some of the prevention work we doing out there in new york really require to take twenty weeks to help it easily in tenth grade it's a step in the pocket uh... and so community meetings wise and building intercept curriculum try to work and other topics and then with our counselors to some preventative work that uh... i think i'm hoping first lady's you know entire be city in some of that other stuff will translate into hell and prevention activities that uh... that will help us with our allies clean so and and eleven intercepting got to make people laugh and wondering if folks could gather at different tables and we went to dlisted time with you and in the past talked about all the good things we've heard about and and talked about the kinds of activities you're doing you're planning to do and and then uh... maybe share that with the group in about five ten minutes


Election Result

West Sussex County Council Election Result 2005
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Conservative 46 +6 65.71 43.17 192,328
  Liberal Democrats 17 -2 24.29 32.72 145,767
  Labour 7 -4 10.00 17.76 79,139
  UKIP 0 0.00 2.98 13,283
  Green 0 0.00 2.28 10,145
  Independent 0 -1 0.00 0.84 3,761
  BNP 0 0.00 0.20 888
  Monster Raving Loony 0 0.00 0.04 192

Results by electoral divisions


Kingston Buci
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P A Graysmark 1,674 36.9
Labour Co-op Mr A P Bray 1,315 29.0
Liberal Democrats Mrs J Goldsbrough-Jones 1,065 23.5
UKIP Mr M C Henn 256 5.6
Green Mr V Tilsley 227 5.0
Majority 359 7.9
Turnout 4,537 61.9
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr C R Albury 2,201 37.4
Liberal Democrats Mr R T Burt 1,799 30.6
Labour Mr K G Bashford 1,470 25.0
UKIP Mr L W Parsons 413 7.0
Majority 731 6.8
Turnout 5,883 59.5

Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr R B Dunn 2,106 43.3
Liberal Democrats Ms D G Martin 1,377 28.3
Labour Co-op Mr D J Yates 1,155 23.7
UKIP Mr D M Pledge 227 4.7
Majority 729 15.0
Turnout 4,865 63.4
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr C R Williams 2,359 47.1
Liberal Democrats Mr A C Stuart 1,055 21.1
Labour Co-op Mr N R Sweet 965 19.3
Green Ms M A Martin 430 8.6
UKIP Mr P R Drayton-Morris 202 4.0
Majority 1,304 26.0
Turnout 5,011 70.0
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mrs V M Woolhead 1,635 40.0
Liberal Democrats Mr S H Martin 1,230 30.1
Labour Mr P Berry 1,226 30.0
Majority 405 9.9
Turnout 4,091 61.1
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr K G Eade 1,966 40.1
Labour Co-op Ms A Lowe 1,423 29.0
Liberal Democrats Mr A J Mortimer 959 19.5
UKIP Ms J C Greig 317 6.5
Green Ms S E Board 243 5.0
Majority 543 11.1
Turnout 4,908 64.0


Angmering & Findon
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr O V Wingrove 2,454 50.2
Liberal Democrats Mr T J Richards 1,847 37.8
UKIP Mr P Russo 588 12.0
Majority 607 12.4
Turnout 4,889 66.8
Arundel & Wick
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr D N Britton 1,723 37.5
Liberal Democrats Mr D E Leggatt 1,254 27.3
Labour Mr D F Dyball 1,206 26.3
UKIP Mr H F Whitaker 411 8.9
Majority 469 10.2
Turnout 4,594 64.9
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr S E McDougall 1,684 30.4
Labour Mr S Holland 1,661 30.0
Conservative Mr B W Widger 1,600 28.9
UKIP Mr J R W Spencer 598 10.8
Majority 23 0.4
Turnout 5,543 58.9
Bognor Regis East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr F R J Oppler 1,331 32.0
Labour Mr M G Jones 1,228 29.5
Conservative Mr D M Machonachie 1,206 29.0
UKIP Mr A Otton 398 9.6
Majority 103 2.5
Turnout 4,163 55.2
Bognor Regis West & Aldwick
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr R B Brown 2,171 46.1
Liberal Democrats Mr B Dodd 1,860 39.5
UKIP Mr I A Fraser 679 14.4
Majority 311 6.6
Turnout 4,710 61.9
East Preston & Ferring
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P C Evans 3,781 57.2
Liberal Democrats Mr J M Richards 1,464 22.2
Labour Mr H E Miller 1,015 15.4
UKIP Mr P V Skinner 348 5.3
Majority 2,317 35.0
Turnout 6,608 69.8
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr G G Blampied 2,371 45.2
Liberal Democrats Mr M J Harvey 1,663 31.7
Labour Mr J B Cosgrove 727 13.9
UKIP Mr A J Richardson 482 9.2
Majority 708 13.5
Turnout 5,243 68.5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr D R Whittington 2,775 49.9
Liberal Democrats Mr I S Menzies 2,055 37.0
UKIP Mr J Dunning 728 13.1
Majority 720 12.9
Turnout 5,558 65.5
Littlehampton East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Dr J M M Walsh 2,132 37.1
Conservative Mr G M Tyler 1,837 32.0
Labour Mr M J Thomson 1,246 21.7
UKIP Mr R H East 524 9.1
Majority 295 5.1
Turnout 5,739 62.3
Littlehampton Town
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Mr G K O’Neill 1,399 37.1
Conservative Mr A W Gammon 1,016 26.9
Liberal Democrats Mr D M Jones 903 24.0
UKIP Ms M E Lees 452 12.0
Majority 383 10.2
Turnout 3,770 53.5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mrs C A Freeman 2,528 49.0
Liberal Democrats Ms R A Kissell 1,181 22.9
Labour Mr S B McConnell 989 19.2
UKIP Mr A C Sutcliffe 459 8.9
Majority 1,347 26.1
Turnout 5,157 63.6
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr M W G Coleman 3,263 47.7
Labour Ms P P Nash 1,468 21.5
Liberal Democrats Mr G C Burt 1,450 21.2
UKIP Mr S D Porter 649 9.5
Majority 1,795 26.2
Turnout 6,830 68.1
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P T Moor 2,817 46.1
Liberal Democrats Mr A S D Lauretani 1,971 32.3
Labour Mr A J Dines 904 14.8
UKIP Ms J A Penn 413 6.8
Majority 846 13.8
Turnout 6,105 68.0


Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr T M E Dunn 2,377 40.5
Liberal Democrats Mr R A Gowlett 1,922 32.8
Labour Mr J Baker 841 14.3
Independent Mrs C H Phillips 375 6.4
UKIP Mrs A R Denny 347 5.9
Majority 455 7.7
Turnout 5,862 65.6
Chichester East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr A R H Smith 2,191 40.8
Conservative Mr S I King 1,765 32.9
Labour Mr B Earnshaw-Mansell 1,047 19.5
UKIP Mr A S Preater-Cole 368 6.9
Majority 426 7.9
Turnout 5,371 59.2
Chichester North
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr M N Hall 2,628 48.7
Conservative Mrs H A Flynn 1,884 34.9
Labour Mr D Morrison 593 11.0
UKIP Mr M A H Mason 290 5.4
Majority 744 13.8
Turnout 5,395 68.4
Chichester South
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr A D Chaplin 2,244 40.5
Conservative Mr A P Dignum 2,034 36.7
Labour Mr M J Few 891 16.1
UKIP Mr N D W Sitwell 374 6.7
Majority 210 3.8
Turnout 5,543 65.3
Chichester West
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Ms M L Goldsmith 2,446 39.4
Liberal Democrats Mr J R Campling 2,051 33.0
Labour Mr R J Hastings 875 14.1
UKIP Mr J McCulloch 367 5.9
Independent Mr A J Phillips 268 4.3
Independent Mr R I Apel 202 3.3
Majority 395 6.4
Turnout 6,209 68.9
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Lt Con T Pemberton 3,022 52.3
Liberal Democrats Mr K V Rowsell 1,848 32.0
Labour Mr B R D Hollowood 616 10.7
UKIP Mr D E Denny 295 5.1
Majority 1,174 20.3
Turnout 5,781 70.5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Ms N J Hendon 2,222 38.5
Independent Mr A M Shaxson 1,653 28.7
Liberal Democrats Ms J R Fowler 1,612 28.0
UKIP Mr P J Cole 280 4.9
Majority 569 9.8
Turnout 5,767 68.1
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P W J Moffatt 3,524 54.2
Liberal Democrats Mr R Cooper 1,968 30.3
Labour Ms J Miller 651 10.0
UKIP Ms V A Moran 354 5.4
Majority 1,556 23.9
Turnout 6,497 69.7
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P E Jones 2,155 40.2
Liberal Democrats Mr J E Shade 1,386 25.9
Labour Ms M M Lawson 1,214 22.6
UKIP Mr B A Smith 605 11.3
Majority 769 14.3
Turnout 5,360 64.6
The Witterings
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr J M Daws-Chew 2,339 45.3
Liberal Democrats Mr A G Wells 993 19.2
Independent Mr R J Norris 755 14.6
Labour Mr P J O’Sullivan 632 12.2
UKIP Mr R L Wilson 450 8.7
Majority 1,346 26.1
Turnout 5,169 66.3


Bewbush, Gossops Green & Southgate (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Mr C J Mullins 3,674 23.8
Labour Mrs J C Sully 2,856 18.5
Conservative Mr B K Blake 2,763 17.9
Conservative Mr H S Bloom 2,707 17.6
Liberal Democrats Mr J C Bonner 1,526 9.9
Liberal Democrats Mr D C Wise 1,142 7.4
Green Rev M D Liles 747 4.8
Turnout 15,415 54.8
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Mr J McGough 1,861 45.5
Conservative Mr M T Head 1,291 31.6
Liberal Democrats Mr M R Scott 723 17.7
UKIP Mr D A Hardman 212 5.2
Majority 570 13.9
Turnout 4,087 49.2
Ifield, Langley Green & West Green (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Mr J Mortimer 3,906 25.5
Labour Mr J G T Smith 3,173 20.7
Conservative Mr J I Denman 2,295 15.0
Conservative Mr C J Skinner 2,075 13.6
Liberal Democrats Mr B J Hamilton 1,411 9.2
Liberal Democrats Mr K J R Osborne 1,175 7.7
BNP Mr G W Baldwin 673 4.4
Green Mr A S D Graham 586 3.8
Turnout 15,294 55.7
Northgate & Three Bridges
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Ms G D Joyce 1,719 36.8
Conservative Ms B J Burgess 1,546 33.1
Liberal Democrats Mr D J Barry 1,049 22.5
BNP Mr R N Grice 215 4.6
Green Mrs M F Liles 143 3.1
Majority 173 3.7
Turnout 4,672 60.1
Pound Hill, Worth & Maidenbower (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr H E M Smith 5,532 29.1
Conservative Mr D G Dewdney 4,804 25.3
Labour Ms J Skudder 2,307 12.1
Labour Mr E M Sully 2,218 11.7
Liberal Democrats Mr E Reay 1,853 9.7
Liberal Democrats Mr P S Bannister 1,528 8.0
Green Mr B T A Liles 782 4.1
Turnout 19,024 63.4
Tilgate & Furnace Green
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr D G Crow 2,302 40.6
Labour Mr W A Ward 2,127 37.5
Liberal Democrats Mr R J McMurray 963 17.0
Green Ms V Dore 283 5.0
Majority 175 3.1
Turnout 5,675 63.5


Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr O J Davies 2,950 50.6
Liberal Democrats Mr G F H Lawes 2,078 35.7
Labour Ms S Morton 797 13.7
Majority 872 14.9
Turnout 5,825 66.5
Bramber Castle
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr D R Deedman 3,056 48.8
Conservative Mr A N Whall 2,473 39.5
Labour Mr P Hilditch 737 11.8
Majority 583 9.3
Turnout 6,266 70.4
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr L H Barnard 3,381 61.8
Liberal Democrats Mr F W S Taylor 2,086 38.2
Majority 1,295 23.6
Turnout 5,467 67.7
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P C Catchpole 2,546 44.4
Liberal Democrats Mr L J C Crosbie 2,374 41.4
Labour Mr R E Chapman 815 14.2
Majority 172 3.0
Turnout 5,734 68.7
Horsham Carfax
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Dr N P S Dennis 3,018 51.6
Conservative Ms E A Ostacchini 2,013 34.4
Labour Ms K J Goddard 815 13.9
Majority 1,005 17.2
Turnout 5,846 67.9
Horsham Riverside
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mrs M E Millson 3,015 52.0
Conservative Mr N R M Lowson 1,915 33.0
Labour Mr J D Thomas 873 15.0
Majority 1,100 19.0
Turnout 5,803 67.3
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mrs P A C Arculus 3,826 63.7
Liberal Democrats Mr D B C Wright 2,177 36.3
Majority 1,649 27.4
Turnout 6,003 68.2
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr W J Hellawell 2,751 45.5
Conservative Mr J W Charles 2,347 38.8
Labour Mr R M Wilson 946 15.7
Majority 404 6.7
Turnout 6,044 64.3
Southwater & Nuthurst
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr B R A D Watson 3,057 48.4
Liberal Democrats Mr P J Stainton 2,608 41.3
Labour Mr T C Parker 646 10.2
Majority 449 7.1
Turnout 6,311 69.0
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr F T Wilkinson 3,767 58.8
Liberal Democrats Mr A G Hughes 1,619 25.3
Labour Ms P J Banks 1,020 15.9
Majority 2,148 33.5
Turnout 6,406 70.1
Warnham & Rusper
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr M P S Hodgson 3,217 56.5
Liberal Democrats Mr T H Pearce 1,645 28.9
Labour Ms J A Battersby 832 14.6
Majority 1,572 27.6
Turnout 5,694 67.3

Mid Sussex

Burgess Hill (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mrs S Knight 4,940 22.4
Conservative Mr A J Barrett-Miles 4,677 21.2
Liberal Democrats Mrs J M Henwood 4,627 20.9
Conservative Mrs J A Landriani 4,445 20.1
Labour Mr I Renshaw 1,495 6.8
Labour Mr A L West 977 4.4
Green Mrs M J McGregor 930 4.2
Turnout 22,091 67.9
Cuckfield & Lucastes
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mrs A M Morris 2,633 53.0
Liberal Democrats Mrs I Balls 1,556 31.3
Labour Mr D W Davies 423 8.5
Green Mr P B Wemyss-Gorman 354 7.1
Majority 1,077 21.7
Turnout 4,966 72.8
East Grinstead (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mrs M E Collins 4,802 23.8
Conservative Mrs M M Ball 4,680 23.2
Conservative Mr A G Bass 4,449 22.0
Liberal Democrats Mr A N Brock 4,138 20.5
Labour Mr S D Fallowell 1,257 6.2
Labour Mr D A Irvine 875 4.3
Turnout 20,201 66.6
Hassocks & Victoria
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Dr C E Wilsdon 2,818 42.9
Conservative Mr S K J Bell 2,632 40.1
Labour Mrs A P Piercy 697 10.6
Green Mr D M Hammond 423 6.4
Majority 186 2.8
Turnout 6,570 69.9
Haywards Heath East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr A J De-Mierre 1,779 36.3
Liberal Democrats Ms J Brown 1,615 33.0
Labour Mr P J Henry 1,504 30.7
Majority 164 3.3
Turnout 4,898 67.6
Haywards Heath Town
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr B Hall 2,096 39.4
Conservative Mrs M N Baker 2,052 38.6
Labour Mr R Goddard 846 15.9
Green Mr P P Smith 324 6.1
Majority 44 0.8
Turnout 5,318 70.0
Hurstpierpoint & Bolney
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P A D Griffiths 2,816 53.8
Liberal Democrats Mr N C S Cook 1,479 28.3
Labour Mr M P Uhlhorn 745 14.2
Monster Raving Loony Mr P B Berry 192 3.7
Majority 1,337 25.5
Turnout 5,232 70.7
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr P A C Coote 2,533 48.5
Liberal Democrats Mr E A Matthews 1,312 25.1
Green Ms C W Edminson 805 15.4
Labour Mr M Briggs 578 11.1
Majority 1,221 23.4
Turnout 5,228 71.9
Lindfield & High Weald
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mrs M D Johnson 3,586 52.0
Liberal Democrats Ms A Lucraft 2,045 29.7
Green Mr P E M Brown 646 9.4
Labour Mr J M Crawford 613 8.9
Majority 1,514 22.3
Turnout 6,890 73.5
Worth Forest
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr W E Acraman 3,208 53.4
Liberal Democrats Mr G E Knight 1,327 22.1
Labour Mr R M Burgess 1,025 17.0
Green Mr M B Weller 452 7.5
Majority 1,881 31.3
Turnout 6,012 68.5


Gaisford (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mr P E Green 5,012 24.0
Liberal Democrats Mr D R M Lissenburg 4,238 20.3
Conservative Mrs M F Lermitte 3,452 16.5
Conservative Mr J L Rogers 3,413 16.4
Labour Mr J S Gardiner 1,736 8.3
Labour Mr J M Turley 1,465 7.0
Green Ms M Hillcoat 1,117 5.4
Independent Mr I D Sandell 426 2.0
Turnout 20,859 58.4
Goring & Northbrook (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr K C R Mercer 4,024 21.5
Conservative Mr S G Waight 3,766 20.2
Liberal Democrats Mr N C Rodgers 3,279 17.6
Liberal Democrats Mr R T Rogers 3,078 16.5
Labour Mr A Bignell 1,384 7.4
Labour Mr N T Duffy 1,302 7.0
Green Mr A M Stace 698 3.7
UKIP Mr R G Bater 628 3.4
UKIP Mr C M Woodward 515 2.8
Turnout 18,674 61.0
Salvington (2)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr C A O’Neill 5,265 28.1
Conservative Mr C H Stevens 5,061 27.0
Liberal Democrats Mr M D Donin 3,404 18.2
Liberal Democrats Mr K D R Sunderland 3,191 17.0
Labour Ms H Rennie 1,797 9.6
Turnout 18,718 62.7
Worthing East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrats Mrs I C Richards 1,866 41.9
Conservative Mr M Saheid 1,764 39.6
Labour Ms A Saunders 828 18.6
Majority 102 2.3
Turnout 4,458 57.5
Worthing Pier
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr C B Roberts 1,678 40.4
Liberal Democrats Ms C B Brown 1,434 34.5
Labour Mr P H Barnes 694 16.7
Green Mr D H Colkett 351 8.4
Majority 244 5.9
Turnout 4,157 52.5
Worthing West
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Mr J Livermore 2,357 45.22
Liberal Democrats Mr A S Rice 1,295 24.8
Labour Mr B F Slater 820 15.7
Green Mrs L Colkett 392 7.5
UKIP Mr P A Ruddock 266 5.1
Independent Mr J D Robers 82 1.6
Majority 1,062 20.4
Turnout 5,212 60.5


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