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1995 Philadelphia mayoral election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Philadelphia mayoral election, 1995

← 1991
1999 →
Turnout39%[1] Decrease 22 pp
Mayor Ed Rendell.jpg
Nominee Ed Rendell Joe Rocks
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 232,798 63,131
Percentage 76.56% 20.76%

Mayor before election

Ed Rendell

Elected Mayor

Ed Rendell

YouTube Encyclopedic

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    9 563
  • ✪ Round 20 Seoul International v. Evanston (IL)
  • ✪ Senator Bernie Sanders' full speech at Zellerbach Hall


This is round 20; the last preliminary round in the 2019 NAQT high school national championship tournament. This game pits the 90 card against the 151 card for a spot in the playoffs. From South Korea, we have Seoul International School, and from Illinois, we have Evanston. Both teams are ready to go; best of luck to both teams. Tossup 1: This region would have been partitioned and partly annexed under the Allon Plan. Certain residents of this region may only leave or renter it via the Allenby Bridge. It was split into areas labelled “A,” “B,” and “C” under the 1995 Oslo II Accord. (Seoul) West Bank (JT) Ten. Bonus:In many traditions a person's death was confirmed by hitting them in the head with a mallet to see if they responded. For 10 points each— The Etruscan demon figure Charun ensured these participants in staged combat were dead by striking them with a mallet. gladiators historically that camera LAN yo confirmed the death of a holder of this office by calling their given name while tapping them with a silver hammer console console hope this dark slaw that God plays games with victim for the victims for the right to hit them in the head with a mallet in Neil Gaiman's American gods American Gods mister Chernabog ten points toss-up to following this battle Richard Lucien Paige was suspected of sabotaging equipment after he had agreed to surrender Fort Morgan during this battle Admiral Franklin Buchanan ordered the CSS Tennessee to single-handedly fight off the entire remaining Union fleet Union soldiers were told damn the torpedoes by a US Battle of Mobile Bay 10 bonus for ten points each answer the following about comedic literature in ancient Rome Juvenal wrote sixteen poems in his namesake variety of this genre which used scornful biting humor to critique his contemporaries its name survives as an English word to this day setter among the six extant plays by this early comedic playwright or Formio and the self tormentor Euripides Terence an ape loudest comedy you Cleo discovers a pot full of this substance this substance describes the title animal of a comedic novel by Apuleius earning gold for 420 this is toss-up 3 in juveniles each instance of this process is preceded by the release of juvenile hormone by the corpora alotta a pollicis precedes this process which is initiated by the steroid act ice zone and produces an exuviae this process occurs during transitions between end stars which include i'ma go pupa and larva to grow insects and other arthropods undergo for 10 points yes no more bozos on neck 5 for 10 points oh sorry prompt larval metamorphosis prompt no answer Nick 5 to grow insects and other arthropods undergo for 10 points what process of shutting an old exoskeleton yes no molting or act dices is what I mean ok I should have prompted you on that just like I promptly M it's alright I'm so sorry guys we will deal with that at the end of the game if it matters so please mark that down as a potential 40 points wing my sincere apologies it's been 19 rounds we will deal with that at the end of the game if need be and I will call the control room at half time to double check the resolution of that I sincerely apologize my apologies over here to this team as well all right both sides all ready to resume yes ok this is toss-up for this author wrote about an illiterate gatekeeper in Port Elizabeth who takes a daily foot bath for sores and who is called a sport cat by his half-brother Morris while preparing to meet at the land another of this authors characters remembers flying a kite with Sam whom he later spits on while demanding not to be called Hali for 10 points what playwright wrote the blood knot and master Herald and the yes who garden 10 bonus this national park contains an international border crossing at bow kiyose for ten points each what US national park is named for a major change of course in the Rio Grande Big Bend Big Bend National Park is in the state whose southern border with Mexico is demarcated by the Rio Grande Texas Big Bend National Park is the only habitat of the Chisos type of this tree of the genus Quercus a tree of this type appears only state quarter of Connecticut oak 20 points tossa 20 points toss-up five Adelia Rhea's and Brian Houston got married at this location with help of an organization known as its Angels for Black Friday 2017 cards against humanity' purchased land at this location to point yes us-mexico border 15 bonus this book opens by celebrating the shape-shifting yet marvelously constant story found in both an argument of Aquinas and the mumbo-jumbo of some red-eyed witch doctor for 10 points each name this 1949 Joseph Campbell book that describes Universal mythic archetypes Campbell coined this eight-letter term to denote the singular type of common journey into the unknown taken by many heroes answer jeremy monomyth in Campbell's three-part outline of the monomyth adventure this step in which the hero faces a series of tests trials or adversaries comes between departure and return answer testing initiation 10 points toss-up six and the 1200 settlers from the city built Constantinople neighborhood of galata in the 1990s Genoa 15 bonus for ten points each answer the following about the unsolved mysteries of prime numbers this conjecture states that every even integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two prime numbers gold blocks Goldbach's conjecture it is believed but not proven that there are infinitely many pairs of twin primes that are prime numbers that differ by this value yes with Chandra's conjecture is that there is always at least one prime number between any two numbers of this type twenty toss-up seven the Conway chain ABC is it equivalent to an expression involving C of these symbols the three argument Ackermann function can be conveniently expressed using these symbols Graham's number is defined recursively using the number three and these symbols yes prompt upward arrow 10 bonus this book argues that Caesar like authoritarians will dominate politics at the end of the Faustian or europe our European high culture for ten points each inning this book by Oswald Spengler which posits that cultures have a predictable lifespan much like organisms the decline of Europe the decline of West the kind of the West Spengler uses this gods name to refer to greco-roman high culture Friedrich Nietzsche discussed a dichotomy between the realm of this God and that of Dionysus answer Apollo Spangler equated democracy with this other form of government in which power is held by the wealthiest citizens oligarchy I know it's tossed I see plutocracy nothing on the bonus toss of eight john curtin held this office during world war two and oversaw the 1942 adoption of the statute of Westminster 1967 the holder of this office disappeared while swimming at Chevy ah yes Prime Minister of Australia 15 bonus for ten points each answer the following about the phrase met so come in the sonnet met so come in which opens by declaring half of my life is gone is by this American poet of the wreck of the Hesperus west Longfellow the literary journey journal met so commend publishes works by female poets in poets in this literary movement which promotes a return to original to traditional poetic structures and rhymed verse classes new formalism the poem and the journal both derived their title from the line Nell Matsuda Chaminda nostra Vita which opens this Italian authors Divine Comedy Dante that's ten toss-up nine the existence of this phenomenon is the subject of the epicurean paradox Immanuel Kant's a religion within the balance of reason alone discusses a radical form of this phenomenon the Odysseys try to justify the existence of this phenomenon often by invoking free will for ten points a namesake problem addresses why an omnipotent God would allow the existence of what phenomenon yes that's ten bonus be proposed use of this punishment prompted a 2019 boycott against the Beverly Hills Hotel for ten points each identified this form of capital punishment enforced by authorities in several Islamic countries particularly for adultery stomach stoning the new punishments are parts of efforts by hasanul by HUS and all bull kaya the Sultan of this country to enforce strict Sharia Saudi Arabia Brunei in Brunei stoning is also applicable for those who participate in this other action which was made legal in Ireland in 2018 by the repeal of the Eighth Amendment abortion 20 points toss-up 10 this character sings salute demure shots at puree outside the home of his beloved this man partners with a character who sings the song of the Golden Calf to when the love of a woman who sings is a read ma voix and her jewel song this character kills Valentin after Valentin discovers this man impregnated Marguerite yes vows 10 bonus fight daniel Nathan's won a Nobel Prize for his work with these proteins for 10 points each name these enzymes eco RI is one of these enzymes cuts plasmid at a specific nucleotide sequence I don't think answer it's a restriction enzyme eco RI cuts DNA at these sequences what the words described by this adjective the double helix of those sequences is the same forwards and backwards Romek yes the ends created by restriction enzymes can be described by two adjectives depending on whether one DNA strand overhangs the other give both adjectives smooth and jagged no sticky and blunt okay so ten points toss up 11 an oxide of this element has been used to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia as atoms of it can inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase this element is found with sulfur in the ores or orpiment and rial gar this element which comes in a tetrahedral yellow allotrope and a metallic gray a yes phosphorus make five and a metallic gray allotrope is often combined with gallium to form a 3 5 semiconductor for 10 points in this group 15 element that is poisonous yes arsenic for 10 this plays authoress strenuously objected to a 1984 American Repertory Theater staging of it that changed its setting from a high window droom to a subway tunnel for 10 points each inning this one-act play featuring Homme a blind man who cannot stand and his legless parents nag and now who live in trash cans Waiting for Godot endgame which is which is by this absurdist Irish playwright of Waiting for Godot Yeats I'm sorry eats no Samuel Beckett Beckett an endgame ham is completely dependent on this servant who spends much of the play threatening to leave ham Schicklgruber I'm sorry schicklgruber I know it's close so nothing on the bonus and that's the half one sixty sixty-five I'm going to call the I'm going to call the controller and check on the resolution of that issue it's a brick it doesn't even have the Internet it doesn't even text it makes it receive calls and that's it nobody can you bother me with text alright so we're gonna go ahead and resolve this now it's a procedural issue within resolve it at half time and I'm sure you guys would like to know what the actual score is that's just confirmed this is that would be for them all right the resolution to the procedural issue I am going to read a stop for Seoul international solely for Seoul solely for Seoul international so evanston you may not buzz because you are a missed that question you may only earn ten points on this toss-up no matter where you buzz on it because your original buzz on the first toss-up would have been for ten points if you answer this toss up correctly and again anybody maybe buzz I will read you the associated bonus do you understand what is going on yes okay here is your replacement toss up India this will be toss up twelve on the you can do so just go ahead and mark out to the side that this was a replacement toss up for a procedural area error for toss up twelve I'm going to read them toss up 12 to replace that toss up I messed up the procedure on and then if we need an extra toss up at the end of the game and it's close enough that extra toss up I will go get an extra toss up you will not be denied toss up 24 because we're using one for this replacement you understand yes of course if it's if it's within 45 points and we need the extra toss up we're gonna get the okay so just make a note out to the side of 12 but that's what's going on there and you let me know when you're ready ready sorry yeah I apologize for generating more work for you yeah yeah what happened was I heard metamorphosis over here prompted and I heard it over here and I'm used to just denying something when I know you should have gotten a prompt for that just because he just like he got a problem for that so all right yes all right all right this toss-up is a replacement toss-up for Seoul international being read off the clock all right here is your toss-up this is toss-up 12 a president of this African country built the largest church in the world in his home town and urged development of France a freak the first head of state ever tried by the International Criminal Court was this country's former President Laurent Gbagbo Gbagbo over actions in a civil war that started in 2002 and featured French Intervention Felix who fete Wayne he led for 10 points what nation whose capital is Yamoussoukro go ahead quote to do fois that is 10 and your bonus for 10 points each answer the following about Andrew Jackson's secretaries of the Treasury Jackson used a recess appointment to briefly link this man's secretary of the Treasury later as chief justice this man oversaw the Dred Scott case it's an obtaining yes cainy was succeeded by the screamer governor of New Hampshire in 1836 this man issued the specie circular requiring the government land be paid for in gold or silver nickels middle I'm sorry middle I know Levi would bury Jackson's first secretary of the Treasury Samuel Ingham previously represented this state in Congress James Buchanan and David Wilmot also represented it Illinois no Pennsylvania Pennsylvania so 10 points on the bonus and now we'll get an actual halftime score all right are we vote are both sides ready get the second half yes all right still anybody's game best of luck to both teams all right 9 minutes on the clock at the half the score is 194 Seoul International 1 180 sorry at the half the score is 184 Seoul International 60 65 4 Evanston and this is toss-up 13 in the iliad this man commanded 350 soldiers from mill from Malabo iya until he was replaced by Ajax the lessers half brother made on after the seer Helenus revealed the achæans would need one of his possessions this man was retrieved from limnos where he had been abandoned due to the foul odor of a snakebite for 10 points ting this hero who after lighting Heracles his funeral pyre was granted Heracles his bow and arrows yes no no penalty yes after course velocities 14 the super tunic a robe in the blunted sort of mercy or two of the 441 objects in this collection an ampule s shaped like an eagle in this collection is used to hold oil which is poured into a 12th century Ridge silver spoon also in this collection this set of objects includes the Cullinan diamonds the largest of which is part of these sovereigns yes English crown jewel that's 10 bonus this achievement was first obtained by Sir Barton in 1919 for 10 points each name this achievement which a thoroughbred wins all three of a season's major u.s. horse races answer Grand Slam uh no it's the Triple Crown I think that's happening because yeah yeah I just bend it outward a little bit to end all right sorry that should I know we need to replace them and we will before the the playoffs all right so it's the Triple Crown of racing all right the second jewel of the Triple Crown is this nine point five furlong race held at Baltimore's Pimlico racecourse that is sometimes called the run for the black eyed Susans answer Philadelphia Derby Preakness 2018 s Triple Crown winner justify is descended from past title holders such as Seattle Slew War Admiral and this race horse that won the 1973 Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths answer yes that is 410 toss-up 15 in a story from this collection a man has his healthy tooth pulled after fainting due to a fear of dentists Mary Ann Bell wears a necklace made of human tongues in a story from this collection which features such characters as kurt lemon and its title story Ted lavender is shot while memories of Martha distract lieutenant Jimmy Cross for 10 points ting this Tim O'Brien collection about soldier yes use that carried 10 bonus for ten points each inning these composers who works with notable peddle points this German composer included a pedal few in the third movement of a German Requiem answer Mendelssohn Brahms this Ricard vogner Opera begins with four minutes of our patient's over an e-flat pedal point prior to a scene in which al brake rejects love and steals the title substance answer during dusk Rheingold basses hold a low E at the end of this romantic composers motet verga Jessie floor wits allegedly here at a cymbal crash in a seventh symphony to mark when he learned of vogner's death answer Schubert I know Bruckner so nothing on the bonus toss-up 16 this artist's nude man holding bottles was one of his many tois way on or three chalks works a portrait of louis xiv is boxed up in this man's depiction of an art dealers place of business this artist of a curse Saints shop sign showed a statue of Venus overlooking a line of couples approaching a golden boat in one of his fete gallant paintings for 10 pointing this rokoko painter of the embarkation for sithara yes what 210 bonus salt tooth instabilities are commonly observed inside these devices for ten points each need these devices whose large to sample found at the ITER reactor uses magnetic confinement answer colliders it's a tokamak tokamaks can find this state of matter which is often models the conducting fluid plasma yes the magnetic field of most tokamaks comes from one of these devices at their center an ideal example of the stuff of this device produces a constant interior field and zero exterior field yes alright that's 20 toss at 17 this character survived an assassination attempt at the hands of commander Creon Kashyyyk thanks in part to general tarfful in a 2017 film this character de troyes destroys a tree of sacred texts on the island of auch - with a bolt of lightning as yes Yoda 10 bonus the second of these speeches accuses their target of violating the 346 BC piece of flock of flock Ortiz for 10 points each inning the searing the series of speeches intended to inspire athens to resist the encroachments of Macedon okay go Philip en discourses I know the philippics the Olympics were delivered by this prominent Athenian order supposedly rid himself us to stutter by speaking with rocks in his mouth two moths the man this Roman orator condemned Marc Antony in a series of 14 speeches also called philippics in reference to demosthenes Cicero that's 20 toss up 18 William WOD questioned and obtained a confession from this man who was captured by Thomas by Thomas Niven after a letter was sent to Baron Monteagle this veteran of the 80 years his war was recruited by Robert Catesby as part of a plan to an Essex 10 bonus Democratic Democrat Jared golden defeated Bruce Poliquin in the state's rural 2nd district in the 2018 congressional elections for ten points each inning the state represented by Susan Collins and angus King in the Senate New Hampshire a no Maine golden is the first congressman elected via this method in which lower ranked candidates are eliminated and their votes reassigned to the next candidate on a voters ballot answers elimination it's called ranked choice Maine voters approved Instant Runoff voting after this former governor who once referred to a hypothetical drug dealer named d-money won two elections with only a plurality of the vote Paul LePage nothing on the bonus toss at 19 with a Dutchman this physicist names the theorem implying that classical physics cannot account for diamagnetism the reduced mass of the hydrogen atom is sometimes taken into account when calculating this man's namesake radius his improvement on the Rutherford model successfully explained the emission layer 10 bonus the British colony of fast a Basu Toland comprised this modern-day country for ten points each in this country completely surrounded by South Africa it lies southwest of Swaziland let's do two like San Marino and the Vatican City will sue two as an example of this type of territory completely surrounded by another country okay unclear well sue two occupies a set of Highlands enclosed by this mountain range and a stern extension to be great escarpment it was named by Dutch settlers for a mythical creature they yet the Drakensberg 20 points toss-up 20 an author with this last name who was repeatedly called gentle-hearted and samuel taylor coleridge's this lime tree bauer my prison collaborated with his sister mary on tales from shakespeare a poem named for this animal describes a tender voice that made all the vales rejoice and asked us the title creature dost dost thou know who made yes like Nick five who made thee for ten points what animal is addressed in a William Blake poem paired with the tiger yes lamb ten bonus some astronomers believe there may be more of these asteroids than there are in the entire asteroid belt for ten points each in these asteroids that share Jupiter's orbit around the Sun asteroid ball answer an asteroid belt know that the Trojans Trojan asteroids occupy two of the set of five points named after a French mathematician they are the equilibrium points in the restricted three body problem for Jupiter and the Sun answer Coulomb look launch point while no Trojan asteroids have been found in this planets l4 and l5 points its progeny two less tow and Calypso occupied the l4 and l5 points of one of its other moons answer Saturn for I heard two answers at once happen what's your answer Saturn yes for 10 tell us up 21 this author of the high price of bouillon posited that the choice between tax financing and debt financing doesn't affect consumer spending in his namesake equivalence a book by this man presents the law of rent and describes a theory of trade exemplified by English cloth and Portuguese why yes Carter 10 bonus in 2017 this man spoke out about having me beings having been sexually harassed by a film executive named Adam Bennett for 10 points each name this actor who played the title character's father month I'm sorry Terry Crews yes Cruz plays Terry Jeffords on this sitcom that stars Anton yes in 2014 crews replaced Cedric the Entertainer as host of the syndicated game show which he hosted for a year before being replaced by Chris Harrison Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 30 plus at 22 in 1977 the ceremonial post of deputy president pro tempore was created for this senator while a mayor this man defended a civil rights platform of the 1948 Democratic National Convention when he ran for president this man shows not to reveal accusations that peace talks in Vietnam had been sabotaged by his opponent Richard Nixon for 10 pointing this Minnesota senator who was Lyndon Johnson's vice president yessiree 10 bonus in this man's namesake book he rests in suruc ion plant until he is killed by a worm for ten points each inning this prophet who is swallowed by a great fish while trying to escape God's call Jonah God calls Jonah against the people of this Assyrian capital city coordinate Nineveh yes when Jonah grows angry that God did not smite Nineveh Garga argues that its people must be pitied since they can't tell the difference between these two things answer go good and evil no their left hand in the right hand twenty points and that's timeout yeah okay yes wait 27 seconds not just set the answer because I honestly I thought we were because it will mainly have two more tally marks but the powers in the next which player negative the lamb jack thank you we want to make sure we had it in the right line English like if you give one of your teammates 20 bucks they might let you ascribe your neck to Ashley all right yes right India are you ready yes yeah with 27 seconds left in the game the score is 234 Seoul International and 234 Evanston and this is toss up 23 absolute best of luck to all of you this compound is used in the xanthoproteic reaction to test for aromatic amino acids that test issues the sulphuric acid catalyst normally used to add this compound to benzene historically this compound was called aqua Fortis or strong water due to its due to its efficacy and metal etching this acid is mixed one times Florrick tonight employs hydrofluoric five is mixed one two three with hydrochloric acid to form aqua regia for 10 points what monoprotic strong acid has chemical formula hno3 yes that's it I'm sorry nitric acid for Ken bonus pencil and paper ready three adults and three children are sitting in six chairs arranged in a single line with each chair having exactly one person for 10 points each and how many different ways can the six people be arranged if there are no further restrictions answer no answer 720 in how many different ways can the people be arranged if the youngest child must be in the leftmost seat answer 20 in how many different ways can the people be arranged if the order must go adult child adult child adult child you have 10 seconds thirty-six for 20 points that's the game final score is Seoul International 260 Evanston congratulations to both teams on a fantastic game sometimes I feel like we see if we got one more awesome sunny just a little bit more than like or that one bonus we've got like just more corners what does it mean for you to be not only the first international team but now the first international playoff team then we can make the statement that like curry representing South Korea by South Korea Centauri not the other one huh anything that you want to say back to your supporters at home love you all I'd like to thank the Academy and of course the director great opportunity yeah thank you to which there Harvey because of our school wouldn't let us take one of our teachers so we have which there Harvey's more than a teacher with this trip this your first month yeah I was recruited into it as Wow Wow so how do you like it at - oh yeah yeah I was here for me he and him we're here for a mock trial competition last year in Atlanta as well yes and took place in those hunger centers Wow okay so what are your expectations for the playoffs are you just is this just gravy right now or are you guys and thank you guys so much for joining us for postgame for all of our luminary matches if you want more content check this out at na qto Facebook Twitter and Instagram and obviously if you have any content that you want to share with us share with us act in a cutie with the hashtag HSN CT and we'll see you for the next one in the playoffs playoff time is coming we'll see you there

Election results

Philadelphia mayoral election, 1995[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Ed Rendell 232,798 76.56%
Republican Joe Rocks 63,131 20.76%
Consumer Lance Haver 6,782 2.23%
Socialist Deborah O. Liatos 1,365 0.45%
Turnout 304,076
Democratic hold Swing


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