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1954 Minnesota gubernatorial election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1954 Minnesota gubernatorial election

← 1952 November 2, 1954 1956 →
Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture (1961-1969).jpg
No image.svg
Nominee Orville Freeman C. Elmer Anderson
Party Democratic–Farmer–Labor Republican
Popular vote 607,099 538,865
Percentage 52.73% 46.80%

County Results

Freeman:      40-50%      50-60%      60-70%      70-80%
Anderson:      40-50%      50-60%      60-70%


Governor before election

C. Elmer Anderson

Elected Governor

Orville Freeman

The 1954 Minnesota gubernatorial election took place on November 2, 1954. Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party candidate Orville Freeman defeated Republican Party of Minnesota challenger C. Elmer Anderson.

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This is round 7, the last round in the morning prelims at the 2019 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament. This game pits the 75 card against the 107 card. From Minnesota we have Eden Prairie A, and from Ohio, we have Solon A. Both teams are ready to go? Best of luck to both teams here's tossup 1: Josephus wrote that this sect—a member of the ”four sects”—was supported by the common people, not the priestly class. Unlike a rival group, this faction believed in the Oral Torah and resisted Hellenization. The Book of Acts describes Paul as having been a member of this sect before (*) conv— Pharisees That's 10; bonus: A 2019 single by this band describes the sight of “wicked snakes inside a place you thought was dignified.” For 10 points each— A. “Harmony Hall” is a single off Father of the Bride, the most recent album by what indie rock band fronted by Ezra Koenig? Answer? Twenty-One Pilots. No, it's Vampire Weekend. B. The video for Vampire Weekend's 2010 single “Giving Up the Gun” features many cameos, including one by this middle Jonas brother who fronts the band DNCE. Derek. Joe. C. This much-debated punctuation mark titles a song from Vampire Weekend's debut album that insists that rapper Lil Jon “always tells the truth.” Question Mark. It's the Oxford comma. Nothing on the bonus; tossup 2: This body of water is the native home of both a prized whitefish called the omul and a freshwater seal known as the nerpa. This lake's Olkhon Island — Yes? Baikal. 15; bonus: The MSWeffect describes how these particles's flavor oscillations change when they pass through matter. For 10 points each— A. Name these particles that are detected in large water tanks at observatories such as Super-Kamiokande. Neutrinos. B. If the neutrino is its own antiparticle, then the COBRA experiment may be able to detect the “neutrinoless double” form of this process. Quantum tunneling. Beta Decay. C. Neutrinos display pronounced time dilation since they travel close to this speed, approximately 300 million meters per second. Speed of Light. Yeah that's 20; tossup 3: A self-portrait by this artist shows his face between the crucified Christ and the print Pot in the Form of a Grotesque Head. A painting by this artist shows a woman hiding at the foot of a green sculptural group depicting the Deposition. This painter gave Christ elongated arms — Yes. Gauguin. 15; bonus: Hermine introduces this novel's protagonist to drugs, a new mistress named Maria, and the saxophonist Pablo. For 10 points each— A. Name this surreal German novel whose protagonist Harry Haller reads a treatise on the title wandering animal. Steppenwolf. B. Steppenwolf is by this author, whose 1922 novel of spiritual self-discovery, Siddhartha became popular in the U.S. in the 1960s. Hesse. Yes. C. 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Wake Island. 10 points, tossup 7: In a remix of this song, Joell Ortiz urges ”American Express how you feel and take the credit”; that remix is the second track on a 2016 “mixtape.” In this song's first verse, a man quotes Mobb Deep's “Shook Ones Part II” to say he's “only (*) 19” but his “mind is older,” then spells his name. Stressed Out. Neg 5. John Laurens asks crowds to “rise up” in—for 10 points—what Broadway song in which Alexander Hamilton is “not throwing away” a path to fame? My Shot. 10; bonus: For 10 points each-answer the following about Interstate 93: A. Part of Interstate 93 was moved underground during the infamously-expensive “Big Dig” in this most populous Massachusetts city. Boston. B. Interstate 93 passes through Franconia Notch State Park in this mountain range of northern New Hampshire, which contains Mount Washington. Answer? Presidential... It's the White Mountains. C. In Franconia Notch, Interstate 93 was built with only one lane in each direction to preserve this natural rock formation on Cannon Mountain, depicted on New Hampshire's state quarter. It collapsed in 2003. No answer. It's the Old Man in the Mountain. 10 points; tossup 8: In a story whose title includes this given name, Beppo searches for a pearl by smashing plaster busts. Auberon Quin becomes King of England in a G. K. Chesterton novel in which Adam Wayne is known as a person of this name “of (*) Notting Hill.” Another character with this name employs Squealer and takes power after exiling Snowball. The antagonist — Napoleon. 10; bonus: For 10 points each—answer the following about Lindlar's catalyst: A. As a catalyst, it works by reducing this quantity. Activation energy. B. It catalyzes hydrogenation reactions using this silvery-white platinum group metal. Answer. India I'm sorry India. No, palladium. it selectively C. 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Between Harry Potter and the Cormoran Strike series, Rowling wrote this 2012 novel about the death of local politician Barry Fairbrother. Answer. Hunting the Fox (?) The Casual Vacancy. 10 points; tossup 11: I'm sorry, tossup 10: The ”slaty” form of this property involves parallel foliation in a direction perpendicular to the direction of greatest stress. The “perfect basal” form of this property is displayed by biotite, muscovite, and other (*) micas, which can thus be peeled into thin sheets. Fracture is often contrasted with—for 10 points— Cleavage. 10; bonus: This book's author describes encountering “intense” lawn chairs, and ponders whether schizophrenia is a similar state of being constantly overwhelmed. For 10 points each— A. Name this 1954 work that chronicles its author's experience taking mescaline. Answer. Diary of a Madman. The Doors of Perception. B. The Doors of Perception is a work by this British author of Brave New World. Huxley. C. 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In the Golgi, a phosphorylated derivative of this sugar is added to proteins to facilitate transport to the lysosome. Mannose. That's 30. At the half, the score is Eden Prairie 170 Solon 105, and we're going into toss-up 12. Best of luck. This author wrote many stories in which patrons of a bar called the Angler's Rest listen to far-fetched tales about the relatives of Mr. Mulliner. A pig known as the “Empress” appears in this author's stories about (*) Blandings Castle. In another series by this author, Aunt Agatha and Aunt Dahlia complicate the life of their nephew, Bertie Wooster. For 10 points—what Englishman wrote comic stories about— Yes. Wodehouse. 10, bonus: Operation Canned Goods was a covert plan to create justification to invade this country. For 10 points each— A. Name this country that Germany attacked on September 1, 1939, sparking World War II. Poland. B. 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Name this state whose assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, and senate majority leader, Dean Skelos, were both convicted of corruption in 2018. Illinois. New York. B. This current governor of New York was criticized for ending the Moreland Commission and preventing it from investigating his allies. Cuomo. C. This Republican New York congressman, who was indicted for insider trading in August 2018, narrowly won re-election in November. Lamb. I'm sorry? No, Chris Collins. 10 points tossup 14. A politician who supported this action accused an opponent of letting his “Elliot side” take over before a failed 1980 referendum on it. Bill 99 and a federal Clarity Act were passed following a failed 1995 referendum on this action. A terrorist group that kidnapped James (*) Cross— Quebec secession. 10; bonus. Protanopia and deuteranopia are subtypes of this general deficiency. For 10 points each— A. Name this deficiency that is more common in males. Ishihara plates can test for this abnormality. Color blindness. B. In red-green color-blind patients, these cells that sense color vision are lost or abnormal. Unlike rods, they have high acuity. Cones. C. Both rods and cones synapse directly on cells described by this adjective. Cyclothymia is a milder form of a disease named for this one-word adjective. Answer. Bipolar. Yeah, that's 30; tossup 15. This poem describes singing voices that are “more distant and more solemn / than a fading star.” A group of figures in this poem are described as “shape without form,”— Yes— Hollow Men. 15. For 10 points each—name these family members of 20th-century American kidnapping victims: A. In 1936 a carpenter named Bruno Hauptmann was executed for allegedly kidnapping and murdering this aviator's son. Charles Lindbergh. Yes. B. In 1974 the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped this newspaper magnate's granddaughter Patty, who ended up participating in the group's robberies. Hearst. C. In 1973 this industrialist negotiated down the ransom of his 16-year-old grandson to the maximum amount that was tax-deductible. Paul Getty. 20 points; tossup 16: In 2014 this man was suspended for throwing his bat at Fernando Abad. This player said hustling wasn't his “cup of tea” during the 2018 playoffs, in which he became the last out in the World Series. After being traded to the (*) Dodgers in mid-2018, this infielder became a free agent and signed with a NL West team. The San Diego Padres gave a 300- million-dollar contract to—for 10 points—what former Orioles third baseman? David Ortiz. No, no penalty. Yes. Smith. Manny Machado. Tossup 17: During this scandal, Larry Flynt's campaign to expose Republican misdeeds led Bob Livingston to resign from Congress. One figure in this scandal was urged by a friend not to dry clean an incriminating blue garment. Monica Lewinsky. 15; bonus: For 10 points each—name these authors of works sometimes claimed to be the first English novel: A. The honor of “first English novel” has sometimes been applied to this author's books Moll Flanders and Robinson Crusoe. Dafoe. yes. B. This author of Clarissa charted the manipulative seductions and proposals of Mr. B in his sensational first novel, 1740's Pamela. Richardson. C. This female author, best known for Restoration comedies like The Rover, wrote about an African prince being sold into slavery in her 1688 novel Oroonoko. Demaurier. Aphra Behn, so 20 points, tossup 18: These objects absorb and re-emit gamma rays without recoil in the Mössbauer effect. The attractive pull toward one of these objects is reduced by factors of 0.35, 0.85, and 1 in Slater's rules. The symbol Z— Time. (Neg 5.) The symbol Zeff denotes these objects' ”effective (*) charge,” which is reduced by adjacent negative charges in an effect called ”shielding.” Electrons surround—for 10 points—what objects composed of protons and neutrons? Atomic nucleus. 10; bonus: Pencil and paper ready. 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Best of luck all right? with 3 minutes and 12 seconds left on the clock the score is 220 for Eden Prairie A, 230 for Solon A and this is toss-up 19: A member of this ethnic group is the namesake of “Apoism”, the official policy of the Syrian breakaway state Rojava Yes— Kurds. 15; bonus: This character tries to organize a Seinfeld reunion as a ploy to win back his ex-wife Cheryl. For 10 points each— A. Name this protagonist of an HBO comedy series that began airing in the year 2000. More Trash?! Curb Your Enthusiasm. No, Larry David. B. The fictionalized character of Larry David appears on this show— Curb Your Enthusiasm C. At the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm's fifth season, Larry dies and goes to heaven, where he argues about a DVD storage system with an angel played by this star of Rain Man. Ray Romano. Dustin Hoffman. 10 points tossup 20: This author wrote a novel in which Mugo betrays a resistance fighter to the British, a fact he confesses years later during a celebration of independence, or Uhuru In another novel by this author, Jacobo is killed during the (*) Mau Mau Uprising some months after the show trial of Jomo Kenyatta. For 10 points—name this Kenyan author of A Grain of Wheat and Weep Not, Child. Yes. Kenyatta. No, no penalty. Ngogo. Spell that. NGO NGO. Incorrect it's Ngugi So that is no penalties on either side and this is tossup 21: According to Bernal Diaz, this lake's southwest was once separated by a 10-mile-long causeway from a more saline portion. This lake lay north of the freshwater lake Chalco, the site of ”floating gardens” called (*) chinampas The volcano — Lake Texcoco. 10; bonus: Rocks from the Bou Craa phosphate mines are shipped across this region via the world's longest conveyor belt system. For 10 points each— A. Name this contested territory where those rocks travel to the city of El Aaiún. Western Sahara. B. The Polisario Front rebel group currently disputes the region of Western Sahara with this country, whose capital is Rabat. Morocco. Yes. C. The Polisario Front proclaimed an “Arab Democratic Republic” in the Western Sahara named for these people. The name of this group derives from the Arabic for “people of the desert.” Berbers. No, Sahrawi. Tossup 22: A holder of this office was the addressee of the Scripta tuae letter. Under the Ottoman Empire, this office headed the millet of Rûm The Apostle Andrew is considered the first holder of this office, which oversees all 20 monasteries on Mount (*) Athos. Its current holder, Bartholomew I, attended the inauguration of Pope Francis. The ecumenical, the Patriarch of the East. Patriarch of Constantinople. That is 10; bonus: For 10 points each—name these prominent families of Renaissance Italy: A. Members of this banking family from Florence included Lorenzo the Magnificent and the popes Leo X and Clement VII. Medici. B. Francesco I was the first Duke of Milan from this family, whose other members included Ludovico. Sforza. C. Pope Paul III was part of this family, which ruled the Duchy of Parma and clashed with the Barberini. Borgia. No, Farnese. 20 points, tossup 23: This is the most common disease that worsens in the heat in an effect called Uhthoff's phenomenon. Scanning speech, intention tremor, and nystagmus form Charcot's triad for diagnosing this disease, Parkinson's. Neg 5. which is more common among women and at higher latitudes. This disease occurs when antibodies attack (*) oligodendrocytes which create the myelin sheath in the brain For 10 points—name this disease abbreviated MS. Time. Uh, go ahead. Time, it's multiple sclerosis. Tossup the last: A group of ten of these figures, including one who was supposedly orphaned and raised by monkeys, are known as the Ten Braves. These figures would often use an item called a happo, a hollowed-out egg filled with explosive powder. The (*) Koga Clan was one group of these people, whose other common weapons included a ”star” called a shuriken— Yes. Ninja. 10; bonus: The first of these suites includes “At Lake Wallenstadt” and “The Bells of Geneva” in its depictions of Switzerland. For 10 points each— A. Name these three suites for piano, inspired by three years their composer spent traveling through Europe. Answer. Pilgrimage of the years. I have Years of Pilgrimage. B. This Romantic Hungarian piano virtuoso, who inspired a namesake “mania,”— Liszt. C. Liszt's early works include a “Variation on a Waltz by” this composer and music publisher; the same waltz was the subject of a massive cycle of 33 variations by Beethoven. Brahms. No, Diabelli. So that is 10 on the bonus; final score: Final score is Eden Prairie 295 Solon 255. Excellent game both sides. Congratulations.


1954 Gubernatorial Election, Minnesota
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic–Farmer–Labor Orville Freeman 607,099 52.73% +8.71%
Republican C. Elmer Anderson 538,865 46.80% -8.53%
Industrial Government Ross Schelin 5,453 0.47% +0.19%
Majority 68,234 5.93%
Turnout 1,151,417
Democratic–Farmer–Labor gain from Republican Swing

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