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1929 New York City aldermanic election

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1929 New York City aldermanic election

← 1927 November 5, 1929 1931 →

All 65 seats of the New York City Board of Aldermen
33 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 66[a] 6[a]
Seats won 61 4
Seat change Decrease5 Decrease2

Elections were held to elect the New York City Board of Aldermen on November 5, 1929, in concert with other such contests as the Mayor, the Comptroller, the President of the Board of Aldermen, Borough presidents, County Sheriffs, and other miscellaneous questions. Democrats won a majority of 61 seats while Republicans won 4 seats, all in Manhattan. In addition to their victory in the Board Democrats won resounding victories in the other contests in what was considered "a Crushing Defeat to [the] City G.O.P. [delivered]" by Tammany Hall.[2] 3 Republican aldermen were removed from office by Democrats.[2]

Results by borough

Summary of results by borough[3]
Borough Democratic aldermen Republican aldermen Total aldermen
Manhattan 20 4 24
The Bronx 8 - 8
Brooklyn 24 - 24
Queens 6 - 6
Richmond 3 - 3
Total 61 4 65

Results by district

Manhattan (Districts 1–24)

District 1

Tammany[4] incumbent Martin F. Tanahey was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Herman R.[5] Hayunga and Socialist candidate Morris[5] Goldowsky.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 1st district[3]
 DemocraticMartin F. Tanahey, incumbent11,45079.67%
 RepublicanHerman R. Hayunga2,52917.60%
 Socialist Morris Goldowsky3922.73%
 Democratic hold

District 2

Incumbent Moritz Graubard defeated Republican candidate Harold H.[5] Rothman and Socialist candidate Dominick Lodata[5] to win reelection.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 2nd district[3]
 DemocraticMoritz Graubard, incumbent8,78668.09%
 RepublicanHarold H. Rothman3,70028.68%
 Socialist Dominick Lodata4173.23%
 Democratic hold

District 3

Incumbent Edward J.[5] Sullivan defeated Republican candidate Jack[5] Garbarino and Socialist candidate Ernest K.[5] Harrsen to win reelection.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 3rd district[3]
 DemocraticEdward J. Sullivan, incumbent12,92777.95%
 RepublicanJack Garbarino3,11818.80%
 Socialist Ernest K. Harrsen5393.25%
 Democratic hold

District 4

Incumbent Murray W.[5] Stand defeated Republican candidate Sol[5] Greenberg and Socialist candidate Samuel P.[5] Ulanoff to win reelection.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 4th district[3]
 DemocraticMurray W. Stand, incumbent9,83885.26%
 RepublicanSol Greenberg1,32411.47%
 Socialist Samuel P. Ulanoff3773.27%
 Democratic hold

District 5

Democratic candidate John J.[5] Mahoney defeated Republican candidate Thomas R.[5] Kearney and Socialist candidate Benjamin Blumenberg[5] to win the election.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 5th district[3]
 DemocraticJohn J. Mahoney13,24883.85%
 RepublicanThomas R. Kearney2,25414.27%
 Socialist Benjamin Blumenberg2981.87%

District 6

Democratic candidate Saul[5] Fassler defeated Republican incumbent Frank J.[5] Dotzler and Socialist candidate August[5] Claessens.[3] Dotzler also ran under the Square Deal Party banner and Communist Adolph Bassen also contested this seat.[5]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 6th district[3][b]
 DemocraticSaul Fassler6,48547.92%
 RepublicanFrank J. Dotzler, incumbent5,98344.21%
 Socialist August Claessens1,0667.88%
 Democratic gain from Republican

District 7

Incumbent Walter F.[5] Hagan defeated Republican candidate Lewis B.[5] Freeman and Socialist candidate David[5] Menin to win reelection.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 7th district[3]
 DemocraticWalter F. Hagan, incumbent10,32761.75%
 RepublicanLewis B. Freeman5,83634.90%
 Socialist David Menin5613.35%
 Democratic hold

District 8

Incumbent Louis J.[5] Wronker defeated Republican candidate Joseph[5] Marino and Socialist candidate Edward[5] Levinson to win reelection.[3] Communist Samuel Darcy also contested this seat.[5]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 8th district[3][b]
 DemocraticLouis J. Wronker, incumbent6,08459.69%
 RepublicanJoseph Marino3,11430.55%
 Socialist Edward Levinson9959.76%
 Democratic hold

District 9

Incumbent Dennis J.[5] Mahon defeated Republican candidate Morton[5] Baum and Socialist candidate Alexander[5] Fichandler to win reelection.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 9th district[3]
 DemocraticDennis J. Mahon, incumbent9,24759.82%
 RepublicanMorton Baum5,57036.03%
 Socialist Alexander Fichandler6424.15%
 Democratic hold

District 10

Democratic candidate Harry R.[5] Bell narrowly defeated Republican incumbent James A.[5] Hatch by a plurality of 67[c] votes, also defeating Socialist candidate Eugenia I.[5] Low.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 10th district[3]
 DemocraticHarry R. Bell6,93048.30%
 RepublicanJames A. Hatch, incumbent6,86347.83%
 Socialist Eugenia I. Low5563.87%
 Democratic gain from Republican

District 11

Democratic incumbent Morton[5] Moses defeated Republican candidate James W.[5] Hyer and Socialist candidate Ephim H.[5] Jeshurin to win reelection.[3]

District 12

Democratic incumbent John J.[5] Barrett defeated Republican candidate Adolph[5] Hartschuh and Socialist candidate Barnet[5] Fenster to win reelection.[3]

District 13

Democratic incumbent Patrick S.[5] Dowd defeated Republican candidate Frank C.[5] Erb and Socialist candidate Morris[5] Caspe to win reelection.[3]

District 14

Democratic incumbent James F.[5] Carroll defeated Republican candidate Charles J.[5] Bartunck and Socialist candidate George[5] McMullen to win reelection.[3]

District 15

Republican incumbent Joseph Clark[5] Baldwin defeated Democratic candidate Thomas M.[5] Russell and Socialist candidate McAlister[5] Coleman to win reelection.[3]

District 16

Democratic incumbent Edward[5] Cassidy defeated Republican candidate John[5] Stamp and Socialist candidate Bruno[5] Wagner to win reelection.[3]

District 17

Democratic incumbent William[5] Solomon defeated Republican candidate Irving[5] Levy and Socialist candidate Bernard[5] Schub to win reelection.[3] Communist Libertad Narvaez also contested this seat.[5]

District 18

Democratic candidate Timothy J.[5] Sullivan defeated Republican candidate Morris[5] Cohen and Socialist candidate Nathan[5] Zughaft.[3]

District 19

Republican incumbent Fred R.[5] Moore defeated Democratic candidate Edward F.[5] Kelly and Socialist candidate Max[5] Kleinberg to win reelection.[3]

District 20

Republican candidate Frank A.[5] Manzella defeated Democratic incumbent Edward T.[5] Kellyand Socialist candidate Otto[5] West to win reelection.[3] Communist Gaetano DiFazio also contested this seat.[5]

District 21

Republican incumbent John C.[5] Hawkins defeated Democratic candidate William H.[5] Austin and Socialist candidate Ethelred[5] Brown to win reelection.[3] Communist Fanny Austin also contested this seat,[5] as did Citizens' Committee of Harlem candidate E. Hortense Warner.[5]

District 22

Democratic incumbent John B.[5] Henrich defeated Republican candidate James B.[5] McEvoy and Socialist candidate George F.[5] Meyer to win reelection.[3]

District 23

Democratic incumbent Joseph R.[5] Smith defeated Republican candidate Alexander C.[5] Woodward and Socialist candidate Fred[5] Hodgson to win reelection.[3]

District 24

Democratic incumbent Charles J.[5] McGillick defeated Republican candidate Matthew W.[5] Hughes and Socialist candidate Benjamin[5] Kaufman to win reelection.[3]

The Bronx (Districts 25–32)

District 25

Democratic incumbent Curley was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Adler and Socialist candidate Gross.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 25th district[3]
 DemocraticCurley, incumbent22,48874.08%
 Socialist Gross3,12510.29%
 Democratic hold

District 26

Democratic incumbent McDonald was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Lunney and Socialist candidate Wisotsky.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 26th district[3]
 DemocraticMcDonald, incumbent10,29559.84%
 Socialist Wisotsky1,3377.77%
 Democratic hold

District 27

Democratic incumbent Hanley was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Wurster and Socialist candidate Wechler.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 27th district[3]
 DemocraticHanley, incumbent24,50472.09%
 Socialist Wechler2,3186.82%
 Democratic hold

District 28

Democratic incumbent Sullivan was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Preyss and Socialist candidate Marshall.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 28th district[3]
 DemocraticSullivan, incumbent11,13768.72%
 Socialist Marshall9355.77%
 Democratic hold

District 29

Democratic incumbent Donovan was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Kirschner and Socialist candidate Conan.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 29th district[3]
 DemocraticDonovan, incumbent26,71463.83%
 Socialist Conan6,09014.55%
 Democratic hold

District 30

Democratic candidate Kinsley defeated Republican candidate Ruffolo and Socialist candidate Painken to win the election.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 30th district[3]
 DemocraticKinsley, incumbent35,43470.05%
 Socialist Painken4,7949.48%

District 31

Democratic incumbent M. Gross was reelected, defeating Republican candidate H.L. Gross and Socialist candidate Fassberg.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 31st district[3]
 DemocraticM. Gross, incumbent14,42471.84%
 RepublicanH. L. Gross3,83019.07%
 Socialist Fassberg1,8259.09%
 Democratic hold

District 32

Democratic incumbent Alford J. Williams was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Hale and Socialist candidate Deutsch.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 32nd district[3]
 DemocraticAlford J. Williams, incumbent16,91568.46%
 Socialist Deutsch1,6646.73%
 Democratic hold

Brooklyn (Districts 33–56)

District 33

Democratic incumbent Patrick J. McCann defeated Republican candidate Lewis and Socialist candidate Belsky to win reelection.[3]

District 34

Democratic incumbent McGarry defeated Republican candidate Amadel and Socialist candidate Schachner to win reelection.[3]

District 35

Democratic incumbent Dermody defeated Republican candidate Giffone and Socialist candidate Nemser to win reelection.[3]

District 36

Democratic incumbent Cunningham defeated Republican candidate Wolters and Socialist candidate Kritzer to win reelection.[3]

District 37

Democratic incumbent Molen defeated Republican candidate Printzlien and Socialist candidate Rosen to win reelection.[3]

District 38

Democratic incumbent O'Reilly defeated Republican candidate Reilly and Socialist candidate Rubinson to win reelection.[3]

District 39

Democratic candidate Ryan defeated Republican candidate Sachter and Socialist candidate Tuvin.[3]

District 40

Democratic candidate Richard J. Tonry defeated Republican candidate McPartland and Socialist candidate Cummings.[3]

District 41

Democratic incumbent Kiernan defeated Republican candidate Isnardi and Socialist candidate Block to win reelection.[3]

District 42

Democratic incumbent Weber defeated Republican candidate Surpless and Socialist candidate Weisberg to win reelection.[3]

District 43

Democratic incumbent Campbell defeated Republican candidate Feldman and Socialist candidate Wolfe to win reelection.[3]

District 44

Democratic incumbent Sahner defeated Republican candidate Klein and Socialist candidate Breckenridge to win reelection.[3]

District 45

Democratic incumbent Allen defeated Republican candidate Stewart and Socialist candidate Kurinsky to win reelection.[3]

District 46

Democratic incumbent Fenn defeated Republican candidate Skelton and Socialist candidate Smith to win reelection.[3]

District 47

Democratic incumbent Hartung defeated Republican candidate Devitt and Socialist candidate Laider to win reelection.[3]

District 48

Democratic incumbent John Cashmore defeated Republican candidate Wirth and Socialist candidate Sarasohn to win reelection.[3]

District 49

Democratic incumbent Reich defeated Republican candidate Mayers and Socialist candidate Chatcuff to win reelection.[3]

District 50

Democratic incumbent Hart defeated Republican candidate Ricca and Socialist candidate Sadoff to win reelection.[3]

District 51

Democratic incumbent McCusker defeated Republican candidate Zito and Socialist candidate Morris to win reelection.[3]

District 52

Democratic incumbent McGuinness defeated Republican candidate Campbell and Socialist candidate Babetskye to win reelection.[3]

District 53

Democratic incumbent Hilkemeier defeated Republican candidate Moehringer and Socialist candidate Mailman to win reelection.[3]

District 54

Democratic incumbent Rudd defeated Republican candidate Lachman and Socialist candidate Dann to win reelection.[3]

District 55

Democratic incumbent Ott defeated Republican candidate Greene and Socialist candidate Epstein to win reelection.[3]

District 56

Democratic incumbent Morris defeated Republican candidate Hower and Socialist candidate Breslow to win reelection.[3]

Queens (Districts 57–62)

District 57

Democratic incumbent Lenihan was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Austin and Socialist candidate Herman.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 57th district[3]
 DemocraticLenihan, incumbent28,26359.17%
 Socialist Herman1,6353.42%
 Democratic hold

District 58

Democratic candidate O'Connell defeated Republican candidate Schuler and Socialist candidate Schoenbaum.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 58th district[3]
 Socialist Schoenbaum1,8932.57%

District 59

Democratic candidate Gallagher defeated Republican incumbent Buss and Socialist candidate Magerlin.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 59th district[3]
 RepublicanBuss, incumbent13,62045.51%
 Socialist Magerlin8372.80%
 Democratic gain from Republican

District 60

Democratic candidate Posthauer defeated Republican candidate MacDevitt and Socialist candidate Cherkas.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 60th district[3]
 Socialist Cherkas-0.00%

District 61

Democratic incumbent Schwab was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Roeding and Socialist candidate Stanley.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 61st district[3]
 DemocraticSchwab, incumbent21,30567.26%
 Socialist Stanley9533.01%
 Democratic hold

District 62

Democratic candidate Deutschmann defeated Republican candidate Timms and Socialist candidate Smith.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 62nd district[3]
 Socialist Smith8943.09%

Richmond (Districts 63–65)

District 63

Democratic incumbent Corcoran was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Roach and Socialist candidate Ferwerda.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 63rd district[3]
 DemocraticCorcoran, incumbent8,62755.15%
 Socialist Ferwerda3142.01%
 Democratic hold

District 64

Democratic incumbent Kaltenmeier was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Volkhardt and Socialist candidate Mattson.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 64th district[3]
 DemocraticKaltenmeier, incumbent10,16465.30%
 Socialist Mattson3562.29%
 Democratic hold

District 65

Democratic incumbent Dalton was reelected, defeating Republican candidate Winant and Socialist candidate Airola.[3]

1929 New York City aldermanic election, 65th district[3]
 DemocraticDalton, incumbent6,80756.85%
 Socialist Airola2692.27%
 Democratic hold


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  2. ^ a b Vote percentage includes the Socialists but does not account for such minor parties as the Communists.
  3. ^ a b Erroneously given as 70.[3]


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