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17th Arizona Territorial Legislature

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arizona Territorial Legislature
16th 18th
Jurisdiction Arizona Territory, United States
Members 12
House of Representatives
Members 24

The 17th Arizona Territorial Legislative Assembly was a session of the Arizona Territorial Legislature which convened in Phoenix, Arizona. The session ran from February 13 through April 13, 1893.[1]

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Rene had been married for a long long time Her favorite part of being married was the weekend when she was with her two horses On the weekend Rene was at the stables from morning until dark. She fed groomed and rode her horses She was an excellent Rider she would ride the horses bareback on Saturday, and then she would saddle them up on Sunday Rene loved parades she's to say a parade isn't a parade without a horse Rene loved parades almost as much as she loved her horses she belonged to an email list of volunteers for parades She regularly checked out the state website list of parades to see if there were any new parades that she didn't know about All the state parades were organized in her computer In the parade's file she listed the date drive time and distance parade time contact people and other details She felt were important she knew the parade director of every town within a four-hour drive She never stayed overnight. She always left the parade in time to get her horses back to the stables before bedtime She had to feed them before they turned in her horses seemed to like parades, too They knew a few tricks that always impress the children Rene was very generous with her time and her horses But owning horses wasn't cheap she had to rent the stables and there were always veterinarian and feed bills Rene knew how to cope with expenses though her vet always gave her a ten percent discount for paying cash She always bought the no-name generic feed for the horses Her vet had told her it was just as healthful and tasty as the brand-name stuff She always bought economy gasoline and on parade days Rene always packed her own lunch and ate with her horses Ann and Bob were in love they were gonna get married in July They had known each other since they were in the third grade they were both 20 years old true Love was something that Anton Bob knew everything about there was hardly anything they disagreed about Even when they disagreed they settled the disagreement and such way that both were totally happy This was truly a match made in heaven they had already made plans for the wedding He was gonna be a big wedding every relative from both families had already been notified about the date all their friends knew about the big day the Invitations were already printed the priest the church the reception hall and the limousine service were ready to go Nothing was being left to chance This is going to be the happiest day of their lives Anne had gone to several wedding websites for ideas and help of course She had also consulted her mother grandmothers aunts and married friends about how to plan the perfect wedding Each one of them tried to tell her that there was no such thing as a perfect wedding There was always at least one thing or more usually one person that made the wedding a seeming disaster at the time But of course like the disaster that happens on one's vacation that incident or person would be what makes the wedding more memorable oh You should have been at my wedding said Aunt Mabel to Anne My brother James was in charge of the Rings that Kyle and I were going to exchange On the wedding day James presented the ring to Kyle who put it on my finger an hour later at the reception I took the ring off to admire it and read the inscription I Gasped the jeweler had spelled my name Mable as in table my name as you know dear is spelled Mable as in label So I went to the ladies room and cried for almost half an hour. No one could console me So the moral of the story my dear chimed in and prudence is to make sure that uncle James Isn't in charge of getting your rings engraved not that you would have a problem How could anyone misspell your name it only has three letters and two of them are the same? And prudence you know that isn't true said am half the people I know spell my name with an e But Uncle James is not in charge of our rings, so I'm not worried Chelsea was a saleswoman she worked for a medical equipment manufacturer to sell medical equipment to Hospitals, she drove all over Los County five days a week. She was not the world's most law-abiding driver When all the freeway lanes were at a dead stop, she was scoot along the emergency lane She rarely met a stop sign at an empty intersection that she obeyed She usually slowed down enough to make sure the intersection was clear and then zipped on through She usually talked on her cell phone while driving While driving in yacking she would often drink a soda, or eat a sandwich Her hands legs and mouth were always busy while she was driving. She was born she often bragged to multi-task One Friday afternoon Chelsea had to show a customer how to operate a new device the customer was a slow learner So Chelsea ended up leaving the hospital half an hour later than she had planned Then of course she got stuck in Friday evening rush hour She was gonna be late for her date But the nearby mountains blocked her cell phone from calling Sebastian and telling him She was already irritated and things seemed to be getting worse Then all the traffic stopped Chelsea drove immediately over to the emergency lane and continued driving along it she was making good progress She couldn't believe she was the only one in the emergency lane Usually several cars would follow her lead then she saw the red flashing lights in her rearview mirror the Officer pulled her over and walked up alongside her car he was young and good-looking Chelsea felt better Do you know why I pulled you over ma'am yes officer? I'm illegally in the emergency lane Is there a reason that you are in the emergency lane? Officer my husband left me for another woman I'm pregnant I have morning sickness day and night I'm just trying to get to the nearest drugstore to buy my medicine She looked at him imploringly with big sweet innocent eyes He looked at her for a long moment then handed her license back Okay, ma'am. Take the first X that you come to I hope you'll be feeling better. I'm Anthony by the way Thank you so much officer Anthony The officer walked back to his car and Chelsea drove on this was the second time that excuse had worked for her She had one more errand to do before she got home. She had to mail a package She got to the mini mall at 7 p.m.. No parking was available except for the handicapped space Chelsea whipped right into it she would only be a minute she told herself All she had to do was run into the mailbox store get the package weighed and pay the clerk There was no line in the store everything was done so quickly that she was whistling while she walked back out to her car Then she stopped whistling there was an envelope on the windshield She opened it slowly. She knew what it was but not how much it was She screamed when she saw the amount a dog started barking Joan's job is to use American Sign Language to enable instructors to communicate with English-speaking deaf students she went to school for three years to get her certificate According to Joan learning ASL was not that difficult, but learning to be an excellent interpreter could take a lifetime Three years after enrolling at Pierce College Joan graduated as a certified ASL interpreter Plenty of job opportunities were waiting for her she likes the college environment so she applied for a job at Newton Community College a school with 28,000 students there are 22 hearing-impaired students at NCC Joan has worked with most of them. They are very friendly with her often. They invite her to have a cup of coffee after class They talk about school and about what they hope to do after graduation Sometimes the women talk about personal things especially about how hard it is to find mr.. Right? Joan agrees without him saying she herself has given up on finding him they also talk about their favorite movies books and music Even deaf people can hear music many are good dancers Joan is one of the four interpreters on campus to our full time Joan works part-time She accompanies a deaf student to class The student sits in the front row Joan usually sits near the teacher facing the student She signs as the teacher talks If the class is less than 90 minutes long. There's only one interpreter per student if the class is longer There are two interpreters per student, and they alternate one interpreter will sign for 20 minutes, and then the other will Joan will go back to school soon. She wants to become a certified French sign language Interpreter she already speaks French fluently her mom taught it to her Her mom also taught Joan that American men are hopeless She frequently told Joan that only a French man knows how to make a woman feel like a woman Joan idolizes her mom and takes her advice to heart It will take Joan about three more years to get certified What then then she will leave, California? Moved to Paris find a romantic French boyfriend and live happily ever after That's her plan Because Debra had just bought her new laptop computers She decided that she must start cutting back on some expenses if she could Her long-distance phone bill was one expenses sprang to mind She was paying almost $30 a month to horizon her local phone company that $30 covered her residence line and various taxes surcharges funds fees and services It also covered her local phone calls those two locations within 12 miles But she was paying another 40 to 80 dollars a month talking to her best friend and to her boyfriend Both of whom lived more than 12 miles away from her, but how could she not talk to her best friend and to her boyfriend Could she tell them she was having budget problems, so could they please call her in the future Could she just called them less often a lot less often fortunately for Debra she found the solution a month later when she tearfully Discovered that her boyfriend and her best friend were seeing each other behind Deborah's back Debra saw them kissing in his car outside of a restaurant that all three of them liked to visit occasionally Debora immediately called horizon to cancel her long-distance service The female customer service representative asked if she was sure she wanted to do this Deborah said yes, I'm sure all men are jerks the representative agreed enthusiastically with her Deborah was only on her new computer for a week before she discovered computer dating a service that promised Ladies you will get to choose from hundreds of men in your own zip code area new selections every day only 29.95 a month As much as she hated her ex-boyfriend ever knew that not all men were alike Maybe mr.. Right was waiting for her on her computer screen Maybe he was living only a block away, and she did happen to have $30 available there was a new movie at the theater called Why don't you love me as much as I love you? It started the young and handsome tad Biff and the young and beautiful Jenny Lopez Barbara invited her sister Laura to the movie both of them were big fans of tad Even though both of them were well over 40 Barbara had picked the 5 o'clock show on a Tuesday evening Figuring that the crowds would be thin for Barbara thin crowds meant fewer annoying people The lobby was almost empty there was only one man at the food counter buying popcorn for his young son As they walked by Barbara said what a cute little boy? What's your name? I am Benton, and I'm almost five and a half years old the boy said proudly Barb and Laura walked inside they picked their favorite seats right in the middle of the whole theater there was no one within 20 feet of them the theater darkened and the movie started a few minutes later some people sat directly behind Barb and Laura Barbara couldn't believe it the theater was 90% empty, but these people had to sit right behind her she hoped that they weren't loud obnoxious jerks a minute barbra felt a bump on the back of her seat then another bump then another Someone was kicking the back of her seat? Barbara tried to ignore the kicking, but it wouldn't stop Steam started coming out of Barbara's ears and nostrils she turned around and yelled Stop kicking my seat right now you jerk It was Benton. He spilled his popcorn wet his pants and started bawling His father yelled at Barbara for yelling at Benton and Barbara yelled back at the father for not controlling his son The father took his son out to the lobby to minister to him and Barbara resumed watching her movie You didn't miss a thing said Laura Benjamin was sick. He didn't know how he got sick He was feverish and tired he had no appetite his stomach hurt more often than not At first he shrugged off the symptoms figuring he had picked up a bug that would go away in a week or so But it didn't it lingered after three weeks. He dragged himself to dr. Barkley the doctor did a few tests then he asked Benjamin if he had gone camping and drunk unsterilized stream water Benjamin said the last time he had gone camping was in the army many years ago the doctor asked if Benjamin had eaten at any fast food restaurants in the past month or eaten from one of the many lunch trucks in the Los Angeles area Benjamin said that he ate fast food or lunch truck food every day at noon That's probably the source of your illness you have hepatitis A And you most likely got it from a food worker who didn't wash his hands thoroughly after using the bathroom it happens a lot Holy cow I'm not gonna die am I the doctor told him not to worry a Viral infection that attacks the liver hepatitis a kills only about a hundred people annually in the u.s. He told Benjamin to see him every two weeks and to be prepared to take up to three months off from work That he could rest rest rest There is no cure for hepatitis A Fortunately most people survive only a few don't and there's another good thing about hepatitis A dr. Barkley said once you get it you're immune to it for the rest of your life a routine check of the main building on the rest in peace' Cemetery in Santa Fe turned up thousands of cardboard boxes Containing the remains of cremated people an inspector from the state's cemetery and funeral Bureau found a boxes stacked neatly in various rooms of the cemeteries main building Instead of having names of the departed most boxes simply had dates inscribed on them The dates went all the way back to June 14 1930 the owner of the cemetery mrs. Marbles said she had just bought the property a year ago She said she had never even been in many of the rooms of the main building She said that she had bought the cemetery solely for its land value As we all know she said God keeps making people, but he's not making any more land It's only a matter of time before all this land is gonna be needed for the living When that happens this property will be worth at least 10 times what I paid for it I'm already in discussions with several condo developers The inspector said that it looked like most of the remains were from the 1930s to the 1970s He figured that the people were probably homeless people whose bodies were never claimed at the funeral homes The funeral homes cremated the bodies and then gave the remains to the cemetery for proper burial He said that even though these remains were up to 75 years old. They would be buried with dignity and respect After all he said all of these people had relatives at one time they might even have children and grandchildren living right here in Santa Fe for All I know one of them might even be mrs. marbles grandpa a Women's activist group based in Fresno said it is probably not going to protest as it had planned The group called boobs not bombs occasionally rallies throughout the state to protest such things as environmental destruction Equal rights for women and an end to the war to get media attention. They usually remove their blouses and bras We didn't do that originally said Diane boxer But we never got any media coverage either as soon as we took our tops off we got nationwide coverage All of a sudden we were on the 6:00 and 11:00 o'clock news Unfortunately, it just shows the shallowness of men who run all the media nationwide We are concerned with issues and they are concerned with tissue But nowadays even the wrong media coverage is better than no coverage About 20 members of the group had planned to protest the governor speech today He is trying to drum up support for his proposition requiring school teachers to pay for their students books But when governor arnold heard about a protest he called the state's attorney general The governor knew that no one would pay attention to his speech if there were topless women nearby The Attorney General told the group that their display Would cause multiple auto crashes and corrupt innocent? Wide-eyed children? He said that if they dared to go topless. They would be hauled off to jail we have held 15 protests statewide and Have yet to cause one accident or corrupt one innocent child? scoffed boxer These are wonderful ladies, but they do not understand someday they will understand said Governor Arnold Everything I do I do for the people According to geologists a huge earthquake will probably hit, California Within the next 20 years if it hits a populated area the number of deaths will greatly exceed the 1070 deaths caused by her Kaine Katrina in Louisiana three California quakes between 1987 and 1994 killed more than 100 people and caused billions of dollars in damage from 1994 to 2000 the state spent several billion dollars Reinforcing bridges overpasses and buildings, but budget problems have halted these repairs today more than 1,000 schools and hospitals Not to mention thousands of other government and private structures throughout the state do not meet earthquake standards Many of these buildings will collapse like a house of cards if they are in the immediate area of a quake As usual the state is between a rock and a hard place if schools use their budgets to reinforce their buildings They will have little money for teachers Classes will be discontinued Everyone's priority of course is to keep the schools open All we're doing is crossing our fingers set a state legislature, but that's exactly what they did in Louisiana They could have fixed the levee system for about ten billion dollars But they didn't they just crossed their fingers Now it's gonna cost a hundred billion dollars to rebuild New Orleans Here in California. We're saying that we can't afford the ten billion dollars But where are we going to get the hundred billion dollars to rebuild everything afterward? People never learn. They always close the barn door after the horse escapes because of alleged widespread voting fraud Arizona has become the first state in the Union to require that voters show proof of US citizenship to register or rear edge astir to vote Arizona residents must now show a birth certificate or passport Re registration is required whenever a resident changes addresses This requirement will cause problems for citizens who have lost their birth certificate or who don't have a passport These problems will be settled in time said Barney Fife an election official Our priority is to prevent non-citizens from voting over 3000m voted Illegally in the last governor's election Voting is a vital right that belongs to citizens exclusively not to every Tom Dick and Harry That is just immigrated to this country Critics of the new law say that it will disenfranchise Thousands of legitimate voters mrs.. Thelma Mae agrees she just moved to Tucson from Phoenix She has to re-register now in order to vote that has no birth certificate or passport I've been voting all my life. She said I voted for JFK in 60 But I'm on my third marriage. I do hope it's my last which means that my last name has changed three times The Biloxi hospital I was born in was destroyed by Hurricane Camille in 1969 All its records including my birth certificate Ended up in the Gulf My only copy of my birth certificate was lost when my drunken first husband fell asleep on the sofa smoking a cigarette The entire house burnt down I've lived in Arizona for the past 25 years I've never even set foot outside America and now I've got to prove that I'm a citizen of the United States a Drunk driver speeding along in his SUV on the 60 freeway last night killed three four people in a sedan the sedan had slowed to a crawl because of construction work on the 64 lanes were merged in the to the Department of Transportation crew was making repairs to a three-mile stretch of highway Hundreds of bright orange traffic cones guided the merger for heavy-duty trucks were parked in the emergency lanes their brightly glowing Signs said slow be prepared to stop construction ahead a vehicle traffic had slowed to about three miles per hour Missing all of these warnings the drunk driver going at least 50 miles per hour Plowed into the sedan the sedan driver a computer programmer was a recent immigrant to America In the passenger seat was his wife and in the backseat where his six-year-old daughter and his eight-year-old son It was 9:00 p.m.. The family had been at a restaurant to celebrate the little girl's birthday They never knew what hit them the impact of the collision caused the sedan to explode in flames Somehow the sedan driver managed to crawl out of the car seconds after the explosion third-degree burns covered much of his body His chances for survival are slim his life. As he knew it is over His loved ones were burned beyond recognition The car was a skeleton of metal The 28 year old drunk was not only unhurt but was able to escape from his smoldering SUV and run away leaving two whiskey bottles behind The police tracked him down this morning He claimed that his brakes had failed a police spokesperson revealed that he has four prior convictions for driving under the influence a 20 year old man driving under the influence and at excessive speed early yesterday evening along New York Drive Died after clipping another car buddy Allen was dead at the scene of the accident Apparently he was not strapped into his seatbelt at the time He collided with a car in front of him Allen was doing about 60 miles an hour on the 35 mile an hour street when his SUV overtook and hit a car driven by Steve Froman from Ana scratch golfer had just finished an unpleasant round of golf He had lost $20 on the 18th hole He said he was doing the speed limit when he happened to look in his rearview mirror and saw an SUV Coming up on him fast Certain that he was about to get rear-ended from and managed to get halfway into the adjoining Lane The speeding SUV had promised new sedan, then hit a curb and became airborne Allen flew out of his SUV landing on grass near the base of a light pole from and break into his stop saw Allen land on the grass But the unthinkable happened upside down, but also flying through the air the SUV struck the light pole and dropped straight down landing squarely on Allen from and ran over to the SUV He could see both of Allen's feet from and tried to rock the SUV back and forth so that it would roll off Allen Not succeeding he dialed 9-1-1 on his cell phone police and paramedics arrived within a few minutes from and was still trying to roll the SUV off the victim when they are The police told him to move back Four of them rolled the SUV off Allen the paramedics did not even check for a pulse They knew a dead person when they saw one one of the police officers Congratulate you from and on his attempt to save Allen. I wasn't trying to save him said Froman I was going to give him a knuckle sandwich for damage in my car a Group of parents is soon in the clover Area School District after it added intelligent design to the curriculum presented to a high school biology students Intelligent design the parents argue is false science. It is simply a clever phrase for creationism Creationism is based on the book of Genesis in the Bible It is the belief that in six days God created the universe and all its creatures including Adam and Eve the first humans School district officials believe that evolution is merely a theory and a flawed one at that They argue that if students taken biology must learn about evolution these students must also learn about intelligent design There are two sides to every story said Darrell Scopes a district official Darwin's theory of evolution is just that a theory not one scientist has ever proved that it is valid The whole idea is absurd Darwin wants us to believe that all Earth's animals from ants to elephants have one common ancestor the sponge How ridiculous is that who would worship a sponge? We decided that our students must be aware of the true facts as described in Genesis God created the first man Adam in his own image from one of Adam's ribs God then created Eve God put Adam and Eve in charge of the earth and all its creatures Adam and Eve were perfect humans But then they listened to the evil serpent and ate the forbidden fruit and life for them and us their children has been far from perfect ever since That's a beautiful story that we all learned as children But even more important. It's a completely true story according to the 2000 u.s.. Census 39% of people who live in phone you do not speak English at home In las casas a city in southern california 79% of residents speak little or no English at home or at work To combat this problem los Casas is instituting a program called loved my English program funding will come from government grants and corporate donations The program has two goals one is to improve residents English so that they can get better jobs The other is to provide more qualified workers for corporations throughout the country We are desperate for good workers who speak English said Sidney Rove of containers limited We have nationwide truck routes for good drivers, and we need salespeople in almost every state We want everyone in las casas to speak English said ivan libby Administrator of the school district they don't have to speak fluent English of course just survival English how to give and get directions order food visit the doctor read labels on food and medicines the basic stuff Once they're able to read and write more English, they'll be able to get better work And they'll be more confident We hope this confidence will inspire some of them to go on to get their high school diploma And perhaps even get a degree from a community college or university currently most las casas residents qualify for only low-paying jobs In fact the pay is often so low that residents need to work two jobs to make ends meet This program will help them get better paying jobs not only in California, but also nationwide The district will mount a huge advertising campaign to alert residents to the free program Love my English will be offered at various sites and times to reach as many residents as possible Charles a 29 year old painter tried to beat an 83 car freight train across the railroad tracks yesterday and lost Fortunately for Charles and his two friends the train hit the bed of his pickup truck the force of the impact Separated the rear of the truck from the front the rear end of the pickup flew about 200 feet west of the front end the Train traveling at 50 miles an hour through an industrial District it was fully loaded with appliances and new vehicles from the East Coast There were no mechanical arms or flashing lights at the railroad crossing Only a stop sign on either side of the two-lane road and the accident occurred at 4:30 p.m.. On a sunny afternoon Charles and his two co-workers had stopped at a neighborhood liquor store at about 3:45 There they had bought a case of bottled a beer that was on sale for 995 By the time they got to the railroad crossing. They were all feeling good. They saw the train coming and they heard the horn blowing When the police arrived all three friends were sitting on the ground under a shade tree about fifty feet from the front end of the truck None of them were even scratched the train and crew suffered no damage or injuries I was gonna stop said Charles, but Tommy told me that the train wasn't even close He said that if he was driving he could drive over the tracks make a u-turn drive over the tracks again And then drink a whole beer before the train arrived The engineer just shook his head they think it's exciting But it's just stupid the engineer said these guys might be in jail for a little while But I guarantee you within a year. They'll be out drinking and driving and racing trains again the police charged Charles with driving under the influence running a stop sign causing an accident Reckless endangerment and littering broken beer bottles were all over the place they charged his two friends with drinking in a moving vehicle and littering the City officials said there are no plans to install flashing lights and mechanical arms at the crossing partly because not enough accidents occur there and partly because the city does not have sufficient funds to pay for such safety equipment a Zoo employee was bitten by an African puff outter a large poisonous snake He was trying to put the snake into a bag so that it could be moved to a new snake house The snake handler was wearing heavy gloves and thick boots But the adder sank its fangs into the man's neck The handlers squeezed the snakes neck tightly forcing this to withdraw its fangs He then put the snake into the bag and tied the bag he called 911 to report that he had been bitten by the adder When paramedics arrived at the new snake house neither snake nor man was there The paramedic started walking back toward the old snake house a few moments later And they found a handler lying unconscious on a pathway Curiously the bag with a snake still in it was covering the man's head and part of his chest The paramedics handed the bag to another zoo employee who delivered the snake to his new home They then transported the handler to the City Hospital later a Hospital spokesman said that the handler was in good condition He said that Viper bites can cause a lot of tissue damage in the immediate area of the bite if not treated properly and quickly But it looked like this victim would recover completely the zoo director said that this particular adder had a nasty reputation This was the third time in six years That it had managed to bite someone fortunately the previous two victims also recovered fully in The future the director joked they might call the bomb disposal unit to handle the snake the pounding was driving Edward crazy a new neighbor had just moved into the apartment below him the Newcomer was deaf or seemed to be because he played his stereo loud enough for the whole building to hear Edward went downstairs and politely told the newcomer that his stereo was too loud He asked the new tenant to turn the volume down and keep it down as long as he lived in the building The tenant appeared surprised and embarrassed and said oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was that loud Edward returned upstairs Feeling good because he had taken a stand and politely let the newcomer know that loud music was not going to be tolerated The next day all was quiet and Edward continued to be pleased with himself The following day Edward thought it must be the fourth of July because it sounded like the marching band was playing on his street of Course it wasn't the four of July, and it wasn't a marching band. It was the new neighbor who was playing his music loud again Edward was not one to repeat himself feeling that each time he did he merely diminished the value of his words So he did what he always did with offensive neighbors namely grin and Barrett eventually they would move away or He would in Los Angeles that summer a woman had complained to her upstairs neighbor That he was playing his drums too loud and too often the drummer Repeatedly ignored her he told her to stop whining one day the woman walked upstairs and shot the drummer in the head She was sentenced to 20 years in prison The drummer won't bother anyone anymore with his drums But the woman probably wishes that she hadn't used her gun There aren't many things worse than living in prison Instead of using a gun she could have moved to another apartment or even to another building for the next 20 years The only place she'll be moving is to the bottom bunk or the top bunk It was Perry's 32nd birthday his wife Amanda had promised him something special Perry couldn't imagine what it might be he already had everything he needed or wanted Whatever she was gonna give him. It was definitely going to be a surprise She had not asked him whether he wanted anything, and he had not dropped any hints Suggesting that he was hoping for something in fact his plan was simply to watch TV and ignore the event There was certainly nothing interesting or exciting about turning 32 when he got home from work He changed into his shorts and a t-shirt and took their dog pretty boy for a walk when he returned Amanda had also gotten home from work. She gave him a kiss and told him happy birthday He thanked her and asked what the surprise was she told him that it was on the pillow in the bedroom He went into the bedroom and found a brightly wrapped package with a big blue bow on it He brought it out to the living room Why don't you try to guess what it is Amanda suggested? Okay, Perry replied. It's not a motorcycle or a houseboat. It's not my Christmas bonus It's not another pet. I don't see any air holes in the wrapping, and I don't hear any sounds Well, maybe it's a turtle Amanda smiled Yes, that would explain the silence But Turtles still need to breathe Perry's said it's not a book or a video or a CD is it No, you're not even close remember something special Well, you've got me Perry said puzzled Something special in a box that was only about one cubic foot He told Amanda that he gave up She told him to unwrap the box after opening it all he found was a little rubber doll What's this he asked it's our first baby silly I'm pregnant Amanda beamed it was as usual a hot and sunny July 4th Independence Day 8 year old Jeffrey was excited about the annual parade he wanted to see everything And he wanted to see it now, but the parade wouldn't start until 10 o'clock His mom Julia tried to keep Jeffrey in check She made him clean his room and take the dog for a walk When he finished those chores she walked with him to the parade route Which extended about two miles along Sierra Madre? Boulevard the parade as usual was wonderful it started with the high school band and a marching drum band Then followed about a dozen government dignitaries and convertibles smiling and waving at the people They were usually lying to after that there were clowns jugglers exotic cars racing cars and classic cars interwoven among the cars were Boy Scouts Girl Scouts students representing various elementary schools The local mountain rescue squad and local Realtors thrown out free candy with their business cards attached Three bands played music from their rolling truck beds the parade contained more than 500 participants And lasted two hours flags balloon and trash receptacles were everywhere the sidewalks were full of spectators Leashed to their owners about two hundred dogs also attended the parade most of them sniffing barking at and playing with one another The final part of the parade was the fire trucks blowing their horns and spraying all the kids who ran out into the street yelling and laughing Jeffrey ran out with about 20 other kids and got totally wet his shirt clung to his body Water was squishing out of his shoes when he finally came back to the sidewalk a huge smile was on his face That was great mom he exclaimed Did you see that when I grow up? I'm gonna be a fireman a 58 year old grandmother in Massachusetts won one of the biggest prizes in US history 294 million dollars if she had taken the 26 year payout Doris Stevens would have received 11 million dollars a year for 26 years before taxes Mrs. Stevens decided to take the lump sum payment people who take the lump sum get paid within 60 days But their total payment is reduced by almost 40% Mrs.. Stevens lump sum was a hundred sixty-eight million dollars, but after the federal tax was applied She received a hundred ten million dollars That's the amount that mrs. Stevens got to put in her purse recently divorced Mrs.. Stevens says that her ex-husband has already called her to ask about a loan She laughed I wouldn't lend him a quarter to call the police if he was getting robbed Let him borrow money from his new young girlfriend who makes him so happy What does mrs. Stevens gonna do with her windfall? Well the first thing I'm gonna do is to help out my children and grandchildren of course second I hope to revolutionize the house cleaning industry a house cleaner for her entire life Mrs.. Stevens says she's going to establish National house cleaner helper corporation her corporation would focus on giving seed money to various individuals and research firms To develop more efficient and more powerful house cleaning solvents and tools When was the last time you saw something new in housecleaning mrs. Stevens asked they keep claiming They've invented new products that remove any and all blemishes But they still haven't invented a product that removes an ordinary ballpoint ink stain from your ordinary white shirt This industry needs some new products. I hope to revolutionize the cleaning world So that my sisters will have an easier time of it in the future We've all spent too much time on our hands and knees if men had to do housecleaning You know that they'd be inventing more powerful products every week Chris loved to shop at thrift stores almost a month ago. He bought a popular word game That uses little chips of wood with different letters on them as he was purchasing it The clerk said oh look the game box hasn't even been opened yet That might be worth some money Chris examined the box and sure enough it was completely enveloped in factory sealed plastic When he looked at the box cover he saw that beneath the name of the game and the description was a copyright date of 1973 You should put that up for auction on the internet and see what happens the clerk said Yes, you're right Chris agreed I think I'll give that a try the rarity of something is part of what increases its value And I can't imagine there being very many unopened boxes of this game still around 30 years later Maybe it's worth millions Well, if it is don't forget who told you about the wrapper the clerk smiled No problem. You're getting a percentage of anything over $10 Chris said The game itself was priced at only a dollar ninety-nine and the clerk gave Chris the usual 10% senior discount You've got yourself a deal partner. She replied laughing At home Chris went online to several auction sites looking for his game. He couldn't find it anywhere on the auction sites Then he typed in the name of the word game and hit search The response was five thousand five hundred forty three sites containing that name or parts of it Chris examined the first ten sites and found a site that listed people looking for various versions of the game Over the years the game had been produced using different chip sizes colors materials and even fonts In addition different game boards were produced over the years Themselves consisting of different colors and fonts the game board had never changed in size or material most of the game seekers seemed content with used games only a few even mentioned fresh unopened games Those who wanted on open games all promised top dollar Chris emailed all of them telling them what he had Two weeks later Chris went back to the thrift shop He said to the clerk. How are you doing partner? She looked at him for a second, then recognized him and said oh hi partner I've got something for you. He beamed I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be Millions Maybe if I waited another twenty years, but by then the plastic wrapper might have rotted off Here's your share. He handed her three $100 bills Wow she Exclaimed thank you You've such a nice partner how much did you get for it? One thousand I hope that you're okay with 30% Okay, I'm thrilled. I never expected to see a dime. We'll have to do more business together You got it partner Chris smiled Philip is 55 and blind he has been blind since birth He says he does not feel like he is missing anything because he cannot imagine What sight is like he can smile rose, but he cannot tell if it is red white or blue It does not matter to him. He enjoys the beauty of the scent itself People sometimes take pity on him, but he tells them he is a contented man He does not feel cheated by Mother Nature the doctors Never figured out why he was born blind, but his life is not a bed of roses It is difficult for him to travel. He cannot drive of course he travels by bus at home He cannot just look out the window to see what the weather is like and then dress appropriately He can't look at the clock on the wall to see what time it is He uses his Braille watch or a special radio for that He must always put everything in the same spot in his apartment if he doesn't I'll spend forever looking for it he laughs Philip can look for and look at but he cannot see He says strangers often correct themselves when talking to him. They'll say I see Meaning I understand But then they think they've been rude, so they'll correct themselves and say I mean I understand Philip has never seen a good movie or a bad TV show he has no idea What a sunset or a full moon looks like He is a musician he plays the saxophone But not in a band Four times a week he travels to old town in Pasadena on the bus in the afternoon he gets off at the bus stop, and then finds his way across the street to the cap a Hat store on the sidewalk in front of the cap is his spot. He Unfolds an aluminum chair and assembles his sax after taking it out of the case He sits down and starts warming up He puts a hat Upside down with change in it on top of the case The change keeps the hat from blowing away. He says it also lets people know where to put their donations I Usually spend about four hours here. I learn from 10 to 30 dollars One evening I made almost $100 Another evening someone stole everything I guess he needed it more than I did When asked how he counts the bills? Philip said that's why a blind person always needs a sighted friend The old house was sold a new house was yet to be purchased so Randy was gonna rent for a while He was moving from Virginia to California the move would put some memories behind him he was looking forward to a fresh start Randy and Nora had gotten married six years ago. It was the first marriage for both of them Eight months after the marriage Nora found out she was pregnant that was good once She started getting stomachaches They figured it was the new baby, but then she miscarried the stomachaches however continued in fact They got worse. It wasn't a simple stomach. Ache it was liver cancer Then it was stomach cancer lymph gland cancer breast cancer and brain cancer it never stopped spreading There was little hope but Nora battled the daily pain with smiles and few complaints after five years of doctors hospitals chemotherapy and surgery Nora lost the battle More than 1 million dollars was spent on medical bills more than 10,000 prayers were said By family and friends all to no avail The only time that Randy asked the doctor for his honest opinion the doctor said she might have 6 months Nora died 7 days later just before she died she silently squeezed Randy's hand The mover took 6 hours longer to load the moving van, then he had estimated originally Randy wondered how much extra this was going to cost him after the mover and his crew had departed for California Randy noticed a 3-foot long scar in his new hard would floor It looked like the crew had dragged his heavy metal bed frame Randy hoped the new homeowner wouldn't complain about it too much He wondered how many damaged goods were in the moving van The phone rang it was the California bound a car transporter He told Randy that his truck was in Alexandria at fifth and main, and he would wait for Randy there Randy walked out to his car in five minutes. He was at fifth and main he gave the transporter the ignition key and watched him drive his car up the ramp onto the truck there were five other cars already on the truck the Transporter said I'll call you in nine days and drove off Randy hailed a cab 11 days later in Santa Monica Randy got the call The transporter said he would be there in three hours five hours later the transporter arrived Randy watched as the transporter backed his car down the ramp the car was filthy The transporter explained that bad weather had slowed him down tornados rain and dust storms No locusts Randy wondered Randi drove his car to the car wash while sitting in a chair waiting for the car to be finished He saw a pretty young woman waiting with her boyfriend They were talking and laughing then they stood up they kissed and she went across the street Watching her Randy thought about Nora squeezing his hand Erin and her best friend Amy flew into San Diego last week They are both in their mid-20s and both are nurses who live in Georgia. It was their first visit to California and they were excited they Visited San Diego's world-famous zoo and fell in love with a giant pandas. They are so cute, Erin said Then they drove north to La Hoya's so that they could glide off the cliffs 100 feet above the beach That was scary exciting fun Anna expensive They went to a local beach to get a peek at nudists, but no one was there. That was a major disappointment Erin joked after shopping in La Jolla they headed north to Los Angeles They saw the Hollywood sign and visited many places in Hollywood and Beverly Hills They hoped they would see lots of actors and actors homes If they got lucky, they would get some autographs and maybe even some photographs of them standing next to a movie star But they were disappointed a minivan took them on a tour past actors homes But no actors were outside their homes The homes themselves were barely visible They were often hidden by tall gates fences walls hedges or trees later however Erin and Amy were able to put their hands and feet Into the handprints and footprints of movie stars at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood They went to Venice Boardwalk just south of the Santa Monica Pier Because the boardwalk is famous for its Muscle Beach weird characters and paddle tennis The boardwalk is one of the best places in California for people watching The girls enjoy talking to the colorful locals they were also surprised At how many people they talked to were Europeans visiting, California After Venice they went sunbathing on the beach just north of the Venice pier they even got to hang out with some real California surfers the surfers tried to teach them how to ride a board in the water That was difficult, but fun They took plenty of pictures to show their friends back home Erin and Aimee drove to Burbank the next day to watch the taping of a Jay Leno show But the line was so long that they decided to pass on it instead they went to a mall and had a great time shopping They flew back to Georgia with souvenirs photos and wonderful memories But next time said Aimee. We're not leaving until we see some real live ders Her plane had just landed in CityVille Inside the airport Patricia went over to Acme car rental and asked for the cheapest car available She needed a car for 48 hours Because it was the weekend there was only one car available an SUV Patricia was an environmentalist SUVs which are big cars consuming a lot of gasoline Offended her greatly, but she needed something to get to Baker a town. That was a hundred miles from the small airport So she went to rent me instead. I need a car for 48 hours She said and I don't want her an SUV I want something small and cheap they told her they had just the vehicle for her a 1998 Fiat it was only $30 a day including insurance and other incidental fees All she had to do was pay for her own gasoline Patricia was very pleased $30 a day was a good rate even for a weekday She signed all the paperwork, and they gave her the keys The Fiat was a four speed Four-cylinder two-door beauty the paint tire and interior were like new he was comfortable Even though the air conditioner was not the frosty Estiga in and drove north it was a two-lane road all the way to Baker with only one town between the airport and Baker That town was Norris 40 miles from Baker Patricia didn't make it to Norris the car refused to run 30 minutes after she had been driving it Fortunately her cell phone was able to connect back to the rent me desk my car stopped running And I'm out here in the middle of nowhere and the hot Sun She said that doesn't make any sense said the clerk you did put gas in the car before you left town didn't you? No of course not yell Patricia. Why would I put gas in the car before I even got out of town? Well why do you think you got such a good rate? we save money by having a customer gas up instead of us having to put gas in the car I Was in a hurry so Patricia Well sometimes you price for being in a hurry said the clerk Will send a man out with some spare gas for you if you'd like Of course I'd like said Patricia. How long will it be? The clerk told her it would be within the hour. He didn't tell her that there would be a $50 service charge for Delivering the gas or that the five gallons of fuel would cost her $7 a gallon She would get that bad news when she returned the car to the airport in CityVille The seal population just south of Monterey, California Is making life difficult for the surfer population? There have been several incidents in the past month of surfers being bitten or attacked by seals Scientists think it is merely a result of overcrowding Over the past 10 years the seals have made their Beach bigger to suit their growing Population the seal loving activists say that the surfers should surf elsewhere they say that the surfers are infringing on the seals territory and making them nervous and irritable Sometimes when there are too many surfers they actually caused the seals to leave the beach this the activists say deprives nature-lovers of the opportunity to Enjoy watching and listening to the seals the activists argue that this area should be off-limits to surfers Surfers of course don't see it quite that way They think that is good if the seals get hit in the head with a loose surfboard occasionally Because that will teach them to stay on their rocks and stay away from the surfers part of the beach They shouldn't be allowed to have their rocks in our Beach too exclaimed one blonde tan fin 16 year old Who refused to identify himself? All these seals think about is me me me They need to learn to share can't someone just train them to clear out of here from about 1:00 to sunset They could come back here and stay all night in all morning that makes sense to me The Park Service is going to hold a public hearing on the issue they know it's going to be a tough issue to settle the neither the activists nor the surfers seem willing to compromise a Similar issue in San Diego was settled in the seals favor Surfers were prohibited from using the seals area Mysteriously the seals eventually vacated that particular area and the surfers were allowed to return Chad had worked hard all his young life, and then his father died Unknown a chat and almost everyone else his father was a very rich man who hadn't lived like one The will disclosed an astounding amount of money his father had accumulated during his lifetime Chad the sole survivor was now rich beyond his wildest dreams It was as if he had won the state lottery So there was only one thing to do ever since he was a little boy living in her 19 foot trailer Chad had dreamed of living in a big house with a big yard and a big dog Well now the dream would come true Chad called up several Realtors and invited each to his tiny apartment so that he could tell them about his dream the first three Realtors pretended to believe that Chad Could afford the type of house He described to them they all said they would give back to him They didn't two weeks after talking to the third realtor Chad met and talked to a pretty female realtor She said she would find him one of the best and biggest houses in the state a month later She called to tell him that she was going to pick him up and drive him to his dream house When they got there it was even better than Chad had imagined it was a three-story 42,000 square foot behemoth there was a two lane mile long Driveway there was a 10 car garage The mansion had porches balconies fireplaces gardens and all kinds of trees it had a heated swimming pool a lighted tennis court a Gymnasium a bowling alley a theater a muse Crona in a ballroom It had four master suites each containing a huge bedroom two bathrooms a living room kitchen and dining room Each suite had its own temperature controls there were two staircases and three elevators in the house Each elevator big enough to hold a grand piano The main kitchen had five refrigerator freezers lined up side-by-side The formal dining room seated 60 next to it were a menu planning room and a silverware room In the basement was a huge wine cellar the living room easily had a space for eight or nine sofas and as many coffee tables the Library next to the reading room had enough shelving for almost 10,000 books the property. Also had two guest houses It had everything except a big dog Chad took it a month later. He bought for Great Dane puppies and a year later. He married his realtor Alvin was walking down 6th Street on a hot sunny day when he saw smoke Coming out of the street. He could smell the smoke, and it was getting thicker. It was coming out of a storm drain Alvin used his cellphone to call the fire department The storm drain is on fire. He said the fire department asks for his whereabouts, and he said he was near 6th and main They said they'd be right there to investigate the situation Alvin didn't have to be anywhere so he waited for the firemen to arrive He was curious himself as to what could possibly be burning beneath the street as far as he knew there wasn't anything beneath the street except concrete and everyone knows that concrete doesn't burn a fire truck arrived a few minutes later Are you the man who called has the driver Alvin said yes? By now Alvin could hear crackling sounds like wood burning The fireman didn't seem to consider it an emergency. What do you think it could be Alvin asked the driver? Oh? We know what it is. We have to take care of a problem like this every few months. It's the homeless people in their houses Homeless people have been living under the streets for years using their knowledge of the storm drain system They set up their own bunkers beneath the streets these living areas frequently contain tables Mattresses chairs and sofas the residents often borrow electricity by connecting to a live wire above ground to power their own lamps and even TVs underground either this borrowed electricity or a discarded cigarette causes an occasional fire Albin watched as a couple of firemen lifted a manhole cover and descended beneath the street with a fire hose a few minutes later the black smoke turned white Shortly afterward the fireman reappeared with a homeless person who seemed to have just been woken up Catherine invited Nelson to dinner the previous semester she had been a student in Nelson's grammar class But she had to drop the class because her son Kendall was having a problem in school the problem was that he wasn't studying Catherine had decided that Kendall needed more motivation she provided that motivation by watching him like a hawk She also restricted his use of his Gameboy. He was allowed to play the computer game only on weekends Nelson was getting to be an old man. He had been teaching various subjects for over 30 years he Could have retired several years ago, but he loved teaching. He said his students gave him something to look forward to every day He said he planned to teach until he dropped dead in the classroom Nelson accepted Catherine's invitation he decided to take a little gift to Catherine to show his gratitude for the invitation, but he couldn't think of what would be appropriate Opening his kitchen cabinet. He found a perfect gift an Unopened box of tea in a kitchen drawer. He found some fresh looking wrapping paper He wrapped up the box of tea expertly Friday evening he drove over to Catherine's and rang the doorbell Once inside he presented his gift Catherine made a funny face She said she loved the wrapping paper Then she unwrapped the tea and made another funny face she said Nelson I gave this tea to you when I dropped out last semester, and I wrapped it in this paper Nelson gulped his face turned a little red He told himself he had better remember to actually buy gifts in the future he apologized to Catherine She smiled and said it's okay. It's the thought that counts yes And I really like this tea Hemp is a strong cane like plant Known throughout the world for its durability and versatility Hemp is used to make ropes blankets paper and many other useful products in the United States however The hemp industry and its supporters struggle for legitimacy the US government is concerned that hemp producers Might grow hemp to sell as marijuana Hemp follow a variety of the cannabis species Contains less than 1% of THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana? To get high from hemp a person would have to smoke about 10 hemp cigarettes as a result of its concern the US government discourages the production and use of hemp and its products in America instead it approves the destruction of millions of trees annually to Produce newspapers and hundreds of other paper products that get thrown away every day All those paper products can be made from hemp Hemp was discovered in Asia thousands of years ago. It is cultivated worldwide Hemp can grow quickly to Heights at 15 feet or more in many different climates and soils It needs little care to achieve its full growth Hemme matures in one growing season it's used in many products from paper to beauty products to clothing Like bamboo it is used in the construction industry Hemp is healthful to its seeds produce a nutritious flour and oil Despite all house beneficial and non drug uses the US government continues to argue That the use of hemp might lead to increased use of marijuana Marijuana says the government is the gateway drug to more dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin Apparently the government believes that hemp could be the gateway drug 10 cigarettes to get high - the gateway drug marijuana one joint are often less to get high while focused on the individual dangers and societal decay that might result from 10 hemp cigarettes The US government does little to prevent the thousands of deaths injuries and illnesses caused annually by tobacco and alcohol - the most addictive dangerous popular and profitable drugs in the world In fact the government also does nothing to discourage Gambling as most states now have state lotteries and many states have gambling casinos All three industries contribute to the government's bottom line Perhaps hemp producers could win government support if they just focused on demonstrating how much money That hemp production Products and sales could contribute to government coffers if you could combine 100 of the best minds in the history of mankind into one super brain With that super brain be able to fully know and appreciate all the wonders of the universe Probably not the universe is simply too big too wondrous, too fantastic for even a superhuman to know and to appreciate imagine an ant crawling all over an elephant That ant has little or no idea of what that elephant is all about imagine a tiny fish swimming next to a giant blue whale That has little or no idea of how complex and magnificent that blue whale is Similarly we humans. Do not know nor will we ever know all the wonders of our universe It's just too big and our minds are just too small For example many of us take the Sun for granted sometimes we even complain about it. How many of us marvel at it? Wondering about a seemingly infinite power and energy Yet the Sun is about one of uncountable billions of stars in the universe and each is remarkable in many ways and in its own way just As there are billions of different? Heavenly bodies. There are billions of different earthly bodies look at all a variety We have here just on our planet. We have 7 billion people And they all look different How can that be? So many cats and dogs and cows look alike yet. It's rare that we find two people who look exactly like each other Look at all the different birds and fish we have the different two-legged four legged six legged and eight legged and more legged animals we have and all the different and beautiful plants and All of these creatures are doing their own thing what a marvelous world we live in Yet if you point out how fantastic a plant or an animal or even a rock is to someone? How often will that person respond by saying so? Sadly too many of us are too busy with our ant lives to appreciate the elephant or too busy with our fish lives to wonder at the blue whale Like the ants and the fish we all have our jobs to do and if we don't do them our Existence and our survival are threatened So many of us have to ignore the wonders that Mother Nature has presented us as we focus on the hard work of just surviving but Even when we have free time we continue to ignore the wonders of the world instead focusing our attention On activities that lacks and please us it seems that the only time we marvel at nature is when it gets angry and ugly but even then we still have no idea and never will of how angry and ugly nature can get Researchers are discovering more and more about the inner workings of the brain through MRI and PET scans both scans produce images of active inactive Healthy and unhealthy areas of the brain These images are helping doctors treat brain dysfunction In the United States drugs have been a most common treatment for people with brain dysfunction While even better drugs continue to be developed Drug-free remedies are now thought to be possible because of new research with DNA and stem cells But some scientists think that even these remedies might be unnecessary they think that many people with brain dysfunction Can fix themselves by simply training their brains? Computer software is helping people with Alzheimer's practice repetitive memory games These games improve their memory enough that some become functional again Other brain disorders may also be treatable by using repetitive exercises born with cerebral palsy Sarah had a useless right arm Researchers immobilized her good left arm Thus forcing the five-year-old to use only her right arm for a few hours a day in less than a year Sarah's right arm became functional It sounds almost too simple and too obvious said one researcher for years people have used repetitive training to become better at games sports and other activities Why has it taken us this long to? Realize that we can also train the brain simple repetitive practice may restore normal brain function for many patients of all ages Have you ever been bitten of course you have we are all surrounded by creatures that might or do bite Such creatures include angry humans day or night you might be a victim. Even as you dream peacefully with your head on your pillow Bedbugs might be nibbling away at you During the day they relaxed inside pillows and mattresses Waiting for your evening arrival, so they can enjoy their nocturnal bedtime snack, which is you? But bedbugs don't kill people an insect that does kill people is a mosquito the deadliest insect in the world Its malarial bite kills a couple of million people every year other insects like bees and wasps Kill about 60 people in the United States every year Walk outside and you are a target for man's best friend dogs bite about 4 million Americans every year about 100 dog bite victims Visit u.s.. Emergency rooms every day many bites are terrible a vicious attack on a young woman in France led to the first face transplant To avoid the dogs near or on the sidewalks in your neighborhood you might want to hike into the desert or the woods There you run the risk of bytes from rattlesnakes scorpions And blood sucking ticks not to mention the occasional bear wolf or mountain lion Safely back at home watch where you go in your house or garage Shy, but deadly the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider make themselves comfortable in quiet areas of your closets or garag One buy from either of them can make you very sick about six Americans die every year from such bites Another bite to worry about is a rabid animal bite any warm-blooded animal can get infected with rabies Rabies is a virus like Ebola but more of a killer than Ebola rabies kills about 50,000 people Worldwide annually in the u.s. About 20,000 people get treated for rabies annually, but only one or two persons die Many people get rabies from their cat which in turn got rabies from a wild animal Make sure you take your pets to the vet to get rabies vaccinations those shots will save their lives and maybe yours And the next time you take a bite out of something like a crisp juicy Fuji apple Remember that something somewhere sometime is waiting to take a bite out of you the two-week vacation at the end of summer school ended Friday Kevin had gone nowhere during his vacation He had the money, but he hated to travel alone He used to take vacations with Matt his youngest brother, but they had a big argument at the end of their last vacation Each of them had spent the last three years Waiting for the other to apologize Kevin did not feel good about being on non-speaking terms with his favorite brother But he was not going to ask for forgiveness when in his mind this whole misunderstanding was his brother's fault So Kevin summer vacation was spent in his own backyard As usual he had planned to clean up his apartment? As usual two weeks later his apartment looked just as it had two weeks before He did do one thing new and different during his vacation he went to a new coffee shop called Pete's on Foothill Boulevard It served 25 varieties of delicious coffee at reasonable prices and the staff were genuinely friendly The coffee shop how to do it yourself counter near the entrance on the counter were lids straws and wooden stirrers There were wrapped to protect your hand from the hot coffee inside the cup there were also individual servings of sugar sweetening Xand creamers Kevin used the lids and wraps, but drank his coffee black The shop was air conditioned at a slightly chilly temperature about 8 small round tables were inside Outside were for bigger tables each had four white metal chairs around it and several big umbrellas provided shade Even on hot afternoons there was usually a pleasant breeze. He's Kevin visited the coffee shop four times during his vacation He always sat at a table outside by himself and read the free daily paper each day. He was there He read most of the newspaper articles while he enjoyed two cups of coffee Between articles he took breaks by watching the nearby traffic and pedestrians The coffee shop was next to a huge parking lot the lot was for customers of Ralph's blockbuster Bank of America Baja Fresh See's Candies and several other stores Kevin considered his outdoor seat the perfect place for one of his favorite activities People watching the coffee shop with its excellent location and coffee had helped make his vacation a pleasant one But he knew in his heart Had his brother been there to join him just one day His vacation would have been a perfect one. It was a summer day Derek was wearing shorts, but no shirt He was listening to the radio and using his computer The TV was on but the volume was muted the fan was on medium speed Because low speed was too low for his hot apartment. He dared not use high speed Because loose papers on the tabletop would start flapping or flying everywhere The fan was far enough away to barely stir the papers, but close enough to cool him off suddenly Derek's stomach growled loudly He didn't feel all that hungry, but he decided that the squeaky wheel should get some grease he went over to the refrigerator Absent-mindedly he opened the freezer door Inside the freezer were six empty ice cube trays He shut the freezer door and opened the refrigerator door. He scrutinized the shelves milk pickles olives butter diet soda and Unopened jar of strawberry preserves that he must about two years ago Ketchup mustard three bottles of water a few pieces of hard candy and some single wrap cheese slices How could a whole refrigerator have nothing worth eating Derek wondered? He opened the vegetable bins? Nothing was in there except some red onions half a head of green cabbage and two apples that had soft brown spots His refrigerator contains some food, but it was food that didn't look the least bit appetizing Only if he were really starving would he eat any of it he thought of the C rations? He used to eat in the army only when he was almost starving did he open his sea rations Then he wolfed all the food down and enjoyed a smoke afterwards Derek went back to his desk and resumed using his computer and listening to the radio His stomach growled again, but he ignored it he decided to wait until he was really hungry Then he would walk down to the fried chicken place five minutes away and get some food that was finger licking good But no cigarette for dessert Bret was moving into his parents home his mom had recently died of cancer Five years after his dad had died in his sleep His sister had kept or sold all the furniture in their parents house Which was in the same town she lived in? She was upset that their parents had left the house solely to bread She had told Bret that he should do the right thing and give her money for her half of the house He had hired two movers at $40 an hour They worked hard and fast Brett was Impressed with how they had maneuvered their large truck into a tight loading area Movers seemed to know lots of tricks some good some not so good Bret was a bachelor But in the last 30 years he had accumulated a lot of stuff into various apartments he had lived in The movers were there for the big stuff the bed chest of drawers would mirror refrigerator computer desk coffee table dining room table TV's Stereo sofa, and of course the books Earlier Brett had packed more than a thousand books into cardboard boxes and sturdy paper bags More books than he would ever have time to read unless scientists discovered a cure for the aging process What a day that would be the movers were finished in only four hours Brett gave them each a $10 tip he wondered if that would be an insult or a compliment They smiled and said thanks. He would never know he told them he would meet them at the house in a few hours The apartment now looked a lot bigger But there was still a lot of work to be done all the big things were gone But there were lots of smaller things the kitchen cabinets were still full of dishes Plastic ware and canned and packaged food all the towels bedding and clothes were still in the bedroom and bathroom in the living room and hall closet where his golf clubs fishing rods and Toolboxes he was going to have to pack all this by himself and then make many car trips to his parents house He had thought about asking his best friend for some help, but then decided against that Jerome had helped Brett make his last two moves a friend can ask just so many favors from a friend Before a friend loses that friend Especially when it comes to helping a friend move or taking a friend to the airport Brett decided if worst came to worst he'd just pack all the remaining things and then hired the movers again His phone rang it was his sister During a thunderstorm the previous evening Lightning had struck her house Starting a fire that burnt the house down Before the fire department showed up Luckily she her husband their daughter and their cat escaped unharmed But they were gonna need a place to live while their house was rebuilt gabriel was running late He had a two o'clock appointment to give blood in a gymnasium of the community education center on Hill Boulevard at least he thought he had one. No one had ever called him back to confirm his reservation Probably a confirmation call wasn't even necessary he thought He didn't feel comfortable giving blood nowadays no matter how much they talked about the unlikelihood of getting infections as far as Gabriel was concerned if anything involved humans it also involved the possibility of human error But he was willing to take the risk because he liked to think that this was his way of giving back to his community When he started his car he knew the gas station would be his first stop after the gym He wouldn't have time to gas up before his appointment Because long gas lines were a daily problem as people tried to beat the rising gas prices Gabriel parked his car and walked into the gym. No other donors were there Six staff people identified by there give life t-shirts were inside the gym He walked over to Landrieu the staff supervisor I have an appointment at two o'clock to donate my blood. He said Well, we're ready if you are said Andrew smiling. I'm ready willing and able great. Just fill out this form Gabriel filled out the form in just a few minutes and then gave it back to Andrew Andrew gave the form to Alexis who asked Gabriel to sit down at her table She asked him if he liked the new forms He asked what was new about them. I don't have to ask you about 30 questions That I used to have to ask you so they say both. It was time She asked Gabriel to hold out his hand which finger do you prefer? She asked as she unwrapped a needle that she was gonna prick his finger with to get a blood sample oh It doesn't matter. They're all the same to me. Where is everybody the last time I was here the gym was full Gabriel said. I don't know it's not even 2:15 yet I'm sure it will start to get busy shortly. We're hoping that everyone shows up Alexis said Maybe you ought to give away free t-shirts To encourage a good turnout Gabriel suggested or free gas to guarantee one Alexis said smiling Blair need her to break from the indoor life Sometimes it seemed like he was in his apartment 24/7 He had recently found a perfect outdoor cure It was a new coffee house on Foothill Boulevard that served 245 kinds of coffee and tea He liked it because the coffee was good and the place was never overcrowded The coffee house was only a 10-minute walk from his apartment Blair took the walk there were three female customers in the coffee house None of them was young and pretty Blair was a little disappointed. He preferred to see good-looking women while he was drinking good tasting coffee He ordered a large coffee of the day which was a dollar 70 he gave the clerk $2 He put the change in the tip jar and took his coffee outside Blair preferred to drink outside That way he could watch the traffic on the street. He liked to spot old Cadillacs that look similar to his own He sat at a table under an umbrella open his book and began reading the book was a self-improvement book Blair had been reading it on and off for about two years He hadn't noticed any improvement a woman was approaching the patio Blair looked up to see if she was attractive she was and she was by herself He returned to the book as she passed by him Blair kept looking at the pages, but his mind was on the woman a few minutes later She came outside holding a cup of coffee and sat at the table right next to Blair's Her chair was so close to his that he could have reached over and touched her on her right shoulder There were four other empty tables on the patio why had she sat at this one so close to him Was she looking for a boyfriend? Was she hoping that he would say hello? Blair went back to his book, but he wasn't reading the words. He was thinking about the woman What could he say to how could he break the ice? What was a good line? What blend are you drinking your perfume smells nice? Weren't we in the same art class But maybe she wasn't interested in him at all, maybe she just wanted to sit and drink in peace Yet, why would she sit so close to him his thoughts were whirling around? He finally hit upon the right approach as soon as she finished her drink He'd asked her if he could treat her to another one that would be a nice gesture on his part And if she said no then no harm no foul he'd go back to his book But at a different table Just then her cell phone rang she answered it. Then laughed then started talking animatedly That's got to be her boyfriend Blair thought But from the moment she had answered the phone it didn't matter to Blair if she had a boyfriend or not Because she was speaking another language Blair was not interested in a girl who didn't speak English he went back to his book in his coffee It tasted good, and his mind was clear. It was early morning January 17th 1994 Jim and his wife Alicia were asleep in their house in Northridge, California Suddenly the loudest Thunder they'd ever heard seemed to explode right through the ceiling the floor in the walls They were thrown on to the floor the dresser on the other side of the bed crashed onto the bed Which was shaking and bouncing violently? paintings and a mirror flew off the bedroom walls Their bedroom windows broke and the walls cracked as the foundation of the house moved Their cat took off through a window and didn't return for three days their two dogs Covered their heads with their paws Jim and Alicia scrambled to pick up the dogs and get out of the house Fearing that the roof and walls were going to collapse on them They breathed easier once outside and saw their neighbors also running out of their houses Jim and Alicia were only a half from the epicenter of the earthquake Despite the wreckage to their home Which they had just bought they considered themselves lucky to be alive They thought at first that they had just lived through the big one the one that scientists had said for years was gonna destroy much of the Los Angeles area but this wasn't the big one it was big, but not nearly as big as the one that's yet to come the Northridge quake was only 6.8 on the Richter scale 10 is maximum there have been many earthquakes stronger than the Northridge one the strongest quake ever recorded Nine point five occurred in Chile in 1960 an earthquake in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 produced a tsunami that traveled at over 300 miles per hour to hit, Indonesia Sri, Lanka India Thailand and neighboring countries killing 230,000 people The underwater earthquake was measured at 9.0 And it produces much energy has 1,000 atomic bombs each whole number on the Richter scale equals 10 times the energy of the previous number That is a 3.0. Quake is 10 times as powerful as a 2.0 Quake quakes are measured on instruments called seismographs Earthquakes usually occur where tectonic plates meet about 30 of these plates cover the earth? They are several miles thick and huge an area most of the Pacific Ocean sits on just one plate earthquakes occur when one plate strikes another or slides beneath another either action produces a huge amount of energy that travels upwards to the surface of the land or upwards to the surface of the ocean floor a Powerful ocean earthquake produces a tsunami a fast-moving wave that can be anywhere from a few feet high To as much as 100 feet high as in 2004 it is well known that various kinds of animals act oddly. Just before an earthquake occurs researchers hope to discover how these animals Can actually detect an earthquake and which animals are best at accurately detecting earthquakes? They'll use that knowledge to try to create an early warning system to save human lives Humans will never be able to take the power out of an earthquake But maybe someday with the help of animals and technology they can take the surprise out Holding his open-faced motorcycle. Helmet in his left hand Jack told his friend the party was good the next time you've got him and buy more women his friend said sure Like it's my job in life to set you up with women Are you okay to drive every time I saw you you had a beer in your hand You can stay here tonight if you want Jack said thanks, I didn't have that many beers I paced myself. You got to know you limit when you're on a bike He said good night put on his helmet got on his motorcycle and drove off Traveling at about 60 miles an hour on an omlette Two-lane road he missed a curve and drove into an open concrete culvert he lay next to his motorcycle for 20 minutes before a truck driver noticed the wreckage a half-hour later Jack was lying on a gurney in the local hospital Moaning in pain. He was unaware of his condition or whereabouts The emergency room doctors gave him no medication. They needed to examine him thoroughly before taking him to surgery His jaw was broken as were all three bones in his right leg Part of his femur was protruding through his thigh, and there was a deep hole in his shin. Just below his knee Dr. Kildare wanted to amputate Jack's leg just below the knee He said the hole in the shin was so deep that infection would be inevitable He figured amputation then would be better than amputation later Dr. Welby disagreed he said Jack was young enough to heal rapidly with little possibility of significant infection Since dr. Welby was in charge jack was allowed to keep his leg Dr. Kildare would just have to wait for another banged up motorcycle rider the day following surgery jack achieved consciousness briefly in his hospital room He didn't notice that his leg was suspended and completely immobilized He didn't notice that there was an IV tube and needle taped into the back of each hand He didn't notice that his jaw was wired shut All he noticed was that a beautiful young nurse was looking at him. He tried to introduce himself But he had no idea what his name was he went right back to sleep It was a sunny cool Christmas day in Sheepshead Bay Dom had just gotten off the Q train. He started walking back to his apartment He approached the fruit and vegetable market at 17th Street and Avenue Z Outside was a huge stack of pineapples they were a dollar fifty each or two for two dollars What a deal Dom thought? then an idea struck him Why not buy a pineapple for each neighbor in my corner of the building? He thought he was new in the building He didn't know a single neighbor Giving them a pineapple on Christmas Day might generate some communication So he bought six pineapples one for each of his five neighbors and one for himself he carried home six plastic bags containing six fresh delicious Hawaiian pineapples When he got to his floor he quietly placed a pineapple in front of each of his neighbors doors He opened his door He was about to take his pineapple inside and slice it open when he had another thought If his neighbors saw no pineapple in front of his door. They would assume that he had bought the pineapples they might be grateful or they might think that he thought he was a big shot because he had given them a pineapple or They might feel resentful because now they owed him you or maybe even a gift in kind He decided he was better that his pineapples be anonymous gifts. He left his pineapple Just to the side of his door he'd collected later Five hours later. He opened his door. He looked at his neighbor's doors all the pineapples were gone He looked down, so was his Jerry parked alongside the winding road next to his favorite golf course He got out of his brand-new Honda and took his clubs out of the trunk. He closed the trunk and stood there Admiring his new car. He carried his clubs to the clubhouse He rented a pull cart and paid his greens fees he walked out to the first tee Nobody was on the fairway in front of him. He hit his drive and started walking up the fairway The first fairway was next to the road. He could see his car as he walked uphill Suddenly he heard tires screeching. He heard somebody yell something He looked up the road a car was speeding downhill. It was going way too fast Jerry watched in horror Please don't hit my new car. He prayed the driver of the speeding car lost control the car crashed into Jerry's car a Fence separated the road from the golf course Jerry ran over to the fence. He watched the driver get out of the car He was laughing The driver started running down the road Jerry climbed over the fence and ran after him another golfer called 9-1-1 Jerry couldn't keep up with the driver. He lost sight of him Jerry trudged back uphill to his car It was totaled he looked in the other car on the passenger floor was a bottle of whiskey he saw a marijuana cigarette in the open air stray Several police cars drove up to the golf course a policeman interviewed. Jerry Jerry saw a police helicopter searching for the driver Jerry called his wife. She arrived in her car he put his clubs and a few things from the Honda into her car tow trucks The two wrecked cars away Jerry and his wife went home The police found the driver a day later they charged him with various offenses leader the driver went to court He told the judge he had had a flat tire The judge made him pay a small fine Jerry couldn't believe it when he heard the news from a police officer Jerry said that guy didn't have a flat tire. He was speeding He was drunk on whiskey and high on pot he totaled two cars if I had been in my car I'd be dead he left the scene of the crash he ran from the police. He had no insurance He lied to the judge and nothing happens to him The officer said yeah Some people have all the luck on the other hand if you had been in your car And he had killed you. He probably would be in jail right now So which do you prefer? Shelley was working in her Manhattan office one night for the first time No one else was in the office at about 9:00 p.m.. She heard a scratching noise She got a little scared she looked around Hello, she said loudly is anyone there nobody answered the Scratching continued she got up from her desk. She walked over to where the sound was coming from she looked in a trash can She saw a small rat. He was trying to climb up the side of the plastic trash can but it was making no progress Its claws were useless on the hard plastic How did you even get into there? She asked the animal? Shelley was thankful that it was only one rat and that it was a small one She was glad it wasn't one of the big rats. She had often seen on the subway tracks She picked up another trash can she slid that trash can Into the trash can with a rat in it she walked down stairs carrying both trash cans She went over to the doorman's desk. I have something for you. I think it's still alive she said She gave him the trash cans he pulled out the top a scan He said well one down how many to go there are dozens of rats in this building They're most active that night She said well, this is my first rat, and I hope it's my last what happens if one of these things bites me She went back upstairs a week later. She was working in her office around lunchtime The heat was on in the building. She smelled something it wasn't a good smell At first she thought it was a co-workers body odor then she thought it was a co-workers lunch Then she thought it was a dead animal She walked over to her managers desk Something smells really bad. I think there's something dead in our office. She said he said I hope it's not mr. Evans he's getting up there. I can't smell anything where's the smell coming from? She led him over to the heating vent near the windows He put his nose down near the vent pew he said as he jerked his head back He called maintenance a worker arrived a few minutes later. He opened the vent he found two dead rats inside Shelley's manager said boys Shelley what a good nose you have how about coming up to the 10th floor with me and sniffing around Maybe we have dead rats up there, too smaller than your fist your muscular heart Just goes on and on it will beat more than 60 times a minute for 70 years or more yawn So what most of us take our hearts for granted even many Hardy people hardly notice their hardy hearts your heart beats 60 times a minute or 3,600 times an hour what physical thing can most of us do 3,600 times in one hour blink Maybe but after a while we'd probably get tired of or bored with the constant blinking Tap our fingers on the desk. Nope jump up and down certainly not But your heart keeps beating minute after minute hour after hour Every day it pumps almost 2,000 gallons of blood through our blood vessels The average bathtub can hold about 50 gallons of water filled to the top without anyone sitting in the tub So your heart pumps about 40 bathtubs of blood every day Unbelievable give your heart a pat on the back And unlike your head or your feet or your back your heart does all this work without ever complaining You never know that it's even there Your heart is such a reliable silent partner that people forget to care for it For many people the first indication that their heart isn't functioning properly is death a fatal heart attack over 650,000 Americans die annually of some kind of heart disease Our hearts keep us alive, but they're also our number-one killer cancer kills 560,000 stroke kills 143 thousand and accidents kill 118 thousand Americans annually like accidental deaths many heart disease related deaths can be avoided if people simply follow the advice of health practitioners Unfortunately many people seem to listen to a little voice in their head that says it won't happen to me so These people keep on smoking and drinking they keep on eating salty snacks and fatty meat And they keep on exercising by getting off the sofa walking to the fridge and Grabbing another sugar filled soda ever wonder. How your pretty little eyes work? Light goes through the pupil Which is the black hole in the center of your eye the light becomes an image on the retina? Which converts the image into nerve impulses your brain reads these impulses and tells you what you are seeing The image that the retina receives is upside down, but your brain reverses it to right-side up. That's it in a nutshell Or in an eyeball if you'd prefer In an experiment years ago brave researcher or special lenses that turned everything upside down He had no idea of his brain would be able to reverse everything after he stopped wearing his special lenses After stumbling around for a while he became used to the lenses because his brain corrected the images To conclude his experiment. He stopped wearing the lenses After a while to his great relief his brain returned his vision to normal Your pupils get bigger as a light source gets dimmer But they also get bigger if you see something like a delicious meal that interests you Your eyes are bigger than your stomach is an expression parents use When a child fills his plate with more food than he can eat People with vision problems are usually nearsighted or farsighted Nearsighted people see clearly only objects that are near Farsighted people see clearly only objects that are far away Both groups that people need corrective lenses glasses or contacts People whose near and far vision is good have 20/20 vision people with poor eyesight Might have 2040 vision, or worse that is a person with good vision can see an object from 40 feet away as Clearly as a person with poor vision can see the object from 20 feet away No matter how good their vision is when they are young? most people will need reading glasses when they get old and We can thank an Italian for inventing glasses and an American for inventing bifocals Just as there are only seven colors in the rainbow There are only six basic colors for people's eyes amber blue brown grey green and hazel Brown is by far the most common color with blue a distant second Sometimes people mistakenly say that their eyes are black, but only their pupils are black not their irises Occasionally you will meet a person whose eyes are two different colors It was a perfect day in Los Angeles So perfect that even Shakespeare had he lived another 370 years might have said he himself had not the words to describe it Everyone's experienced such a perfect day at least once The Sun was shining and soft white clouds were parked in the deep blue sky the temperature was perfect For shorts and flops not cool. Not warm Just perfectly in between a lazy breeze occasionally stirred the leaves on the trees Such a day isn't typical Most days in LA are quite hot most evenings are quite cool even nippy Also inland weather is not always the same as beach weather Burning up in Pasadena you hop into your car and drive toward Santa Monica Thinking of diving into the refreshing cool ocean Once you near the 405 however you remove your sunglasses What happened do you think where the Sun go you wonder as you eye the gray sky? Roll up the windows and turn the heat on in your car This doesn't happen most of the time But it happens enough that you learn to always pack a warm jacket and long pants for a trip to the beach June is a peculiar month. It's preceded by about two months of hot weather and Followed by about six months of hot weather But June itself is usually cool with a month-long grey sky, that looks rainy, but it never rains Although many locals find June weather to be refreshingly cool The local TV weather people complain daily every June day. They ask when is the June gloom going to end? They like to say June gloom it rhymes sort of and it makes them feel clever eventually of course the gray June sky reverts to a blue sky with its yellow Sun and high temperature For the next six months the local TV weather people Complain about how hot it? Is they ask when will this weather cool down? They get excited if the temperature drops five degrees. They get excited if they learn about a faraway Pacific storm They tell viewers that even though it's battering the coast of Japan He might soon bring la relief from the Sun and the dry weather of course it never does They fill up There are a lot of time by pointing to every little city on the la map and telling you it's temperature Even though the temperature for one city is rarely one degree different From that of another city it must be a boring job to be a weather person in LA Mid-december through mid-march is often rainy and chilly It's jacket and umbrella time rain excites the local TV weather people they get to remind viewers in their best parental voice to Remember your umbrellas watch out for traffic and drive carefully Pity the poor people who don't watch TV They probably forget their umbrellas walk into traffic and crash their cars every rainstorm another expression weather persons wear out during the rainy season is Storm warning. They love to say that even though it rhymes less than June gloom Sometimes however no storm follows the storm warning You don't have to watch TV news for long and winter to realize that the weather people are like the boy who cried wolf When a big storm hits LA every TV station sends at least one reporter out into the streets The reporter stands in the street near the biggest puddle he can find The raindrops hit the puddle the camera zooms in on the raindrops hitting the puddle The camera zooms in on vehicles back and forth windshield wipers the camera zooms in on people Holding umbrellas are folded newspapers over their heads Another reporter is sent to a nearby stream the camera zooms in on the raindrops hitting the barely flowing stream And on the reporters feet has he stands ankle-deep in the stream two hours later He is still standing only ankle-deep in the stream But the camera zooms in anyway The mild-mannered stream hasn't become the angry river that the TV station producers had hoped to bring you But there'll always be more storms Hopefully that reporter uses an old pair of shoes and didn't catch a cold Local TV weather persons do their best to make weather, which is boringly predictable ninety percent of the time in LA interesting Not only do they fail ninety percent of the time, but also Aside from NBC's Fritz who Riley presents the weather and never displays the slightest bit of excitement They make themselves look a little silly his girlfriend wanted to have two babies one boy and one girl She wanted to have the boy first and the girl a year later. That way they could grow up together He said that was okay with him. She said what do you mean okay? It shouldn't be okay with you You should say that you want two babies just as much as I do if you don't want two babies as much as I do Then forget it He said forget it You mean that we won't have two babies unless I really want to have two babies She said yes, that's right. If you don't really want two babies then we won't have two babies Okay, he said then let's not have two babies Are you sure about that she asked he nodded his head? Yes, I'm sure we can't afford even one baby Okay, she said goodbye What do you mean goodbye he asked? She told him she was gonna leave him. She was gonna find a man who wanted to have two babies with her Even if he couldn't afford even one, baby He told her that he was just kidding of course. He really wanted to have two babies with her Even though they couldn't afford even one, baby Too late, she said you already told me how you really feel I don't want my babies to grow up with a daddy who never wanted them in the first place a Daddy who puts a dollar before a diaper Emily asked her husband, if there was any news He shook his head She sat down on the sofa and took off her shoes She put her feet on the coffee table She picked up the remote and turned on the TV. It was six o'clock The news was on three channels. She didn't want to see the news the news depressed her He was usually about accidents and murders there was too much bad news on the TV news She found a talk show to watch it was Ellen she liked Ellen Ellen was a comedian. She told good jokes She showed animals doing funny things she gave expensive gifts to her fans occasionally this show was a rerun But that didn't matter to Emily all she wanted to do was relax watching Ellen helped a little Emily's husband has just lost his job Her only child had dropped out of high school Even worse he had left home. He told Emily. He would call from time to time But he hadn't called even once Tomorrow would mark two weeks since he'd left home She told her husband who was sitting in the easy chair. I'm worried sick. We don't know where he is We don't know if he's even alive Her husband says she shouldn't worry He had done the same thing when he was 17 But when he found out how hard it was on the road he returned home and finished high school She said I know you've told me that story before Your story has a happy ending, but this is PD story He could be lying dead in a ditch right now Killed by a drunk driver or stabbed by some homeless person that wanted his jacket The police haven't been any help, I can't concentrate at work. I can't relax at home I can't sleep at night. She started weeping Her husband handed her a tissue. He sat next to her on the sofa and put his arm around her He said it we alright Everything's gonna be okay. I'm sure Petey's safe. He'll probably call tomorrow He might even show up tomorrow tomorrow is two weeks right I was gone for only two weeks myself Maybe like father like son Come on, honey chin up She snuggled up close to him and went to sleep on the sofa. It was a warm sunny day Marcia put a hat on to keep the Sun out of her eyes She needed to visit her bank. She had to withdraw some money from the ATM She started walking down to the corner there were four buildings at the intersection of Lima Street and Sierra Madre Boulevard One was her bank just north of it was a fast-food restaurant A dry cleaner was catty-corner to the restaurant and a small one story office building Was catty-corner to the bank Long before she arrived at the corner She could smell the fried chicken The restaurant was open seven days a week and the odor of fried chicken was in the neighborhood daily She didn't mind the odor of deep fried birds She still a poultry and fish Even though she had recently sworn off red meat Her diet change had occurred suddenly about a month ago She was walking to the post office on Baldwin Avenue She smelled something that she guessed was a dead animal the odor seemed to be coming from the dumpster ahead of her on the left Ordinarily she would hurry by the dumpster, but because there had been several incidents in the TV news recently about People leaving dead babies in dumpsters she decided to investigate this one lifting one of the two plastic lids on the big dumpster She held her breath as best. She could and peeked inside with only one eye open She didn't see a dead baby. She was grateful for that Instead she saw a dead cat maggots, she guessed were busy eating at its flesh and guts The site almost made her gag She quickly dropped the lid walked a few steps upwind and took a deep breath of fresh air Marshall loved cats. She had to over own their names were spot and - Spot had a white spot on his black face And - like - - around spot and the entire apartment they were brother and sister And she had gotten down for free when they were kittens The cat and the dumpster had probably been run over she thought People drove too fast in her neighborhood and cats were occasional victims. She never let spot in - out of the apartment They weren't going to die in the street. They're only acquaintances with the great outdoors Was when they sat on the window ledge in her living room a couple of days after viewing the unfortunate cat She was at a restaurant with a couple of friends the restaurant served a variety of delicious hamburgers She had tried and liked all of them She ordered a hamburger medium rare as was her liking when the waiter brought everyone's orders They all dug in she bit into her burger and then spit it out into a napkin She couldn't eat her burger, and she couldn't sit there and watch her friends eat their burgers She made up an excuse gave a friend enough money to cover her meal and tip and left the restaurant When she had bitten into her burger. She immediately pictured the dead cat That was it for her. She refused to eat red meat anymore She didn't want to risk seeing that cat over and over fish and poultry were alright, though She could still enjoy both without thinking of the dead cat she promised herself that she wouldn't lift the lids of any more foul-smelling Dumpsters just in case they contained a dead fish or chicken Much worse of course would be if she actually saw a dead baby. How might that affect her desire to have children? Lisa got into her car she hoped it would start Twice in the past month the car had not started the first time she turned the key It started the second time she turned the key, but that made her nervous Sooner or later. She might have to turn the key three times then four times then 400 times Sooner or later of course might occur the worst possible time in the worst possible place Besides using the car for school and personal errands. She needed it for work without the money from her two jobs She couldn't pay her bills She had called her mechanic. He said to bring the car in when she had time When was that she wondered? She said? She'd call him back? She had two jobs her day job was at cos a popular clothing store on Foothill Boulevard Has a new hire She was at the bottom of the ladder her assignment five days a week was to rehang clothes on hangers She worked near the dressing rooms Customers were allowed to take a maximum of five clothing items into the dressing rooms They were given a tag with a number on it The number matched the number of items they were taking into the dressing rooms They returned the tag with the items To a worker when they exited the dressing rooms the tag number in the number of items had to match of course Lisa was not the worker who handed out and retrieved the tags She was the worker who hung all the tried on clothes back onto the hangers Large signs in the dressing room said please hang the clothes back up on the hangers But most customers ignored the signs When she didn't have any clothes to hang up She kept busy folding clothes picking clothes off the store floor. Where people had just dropped them under the racks and Rehanging them on the racks or putting clothes in their appropriate sections on the racks small medium large she also patrolled the store picking up trash or out of place items that had been moved around by customers and Looking for spilled liquids that needed immediate mopping up Eventually she hoped to work her way up the ladder to be a cashier her boss Whom she had caught on her a couple of times had already offered her a cashier job, but there was a catch She had to go out to dinner with him. She had demurred. He was in a word creepy Further he was fat with a pockmarked face and a thick mustache which he stroked far too often. She Didn't know which he loved more Himself or his mustache after finishing her day at Casa Lisa usually drove to her night job She was a waitress working 4 nights a week at a 24-hour restaurant called Lenny's on Huntington Boulevard She worked there from 6 p.m.. Until midnight most of her customers tipped her well Older men gave her the biggest tips many of them asked her out, but they were all too old for her Younger guys asked her out - but she was particular She refused them all waiting for the right one to ask her she had seen the right one once But he was with a girlfriend She guessed she hoped that sooner or later their relationship would end she didn't mind waiting She was so busy even if he did ask her it would be hard to fit him into her busy schedule But of course, she'd find a way to fit him in When she wasn't working she was taking weekend college classes slowly, but surely She was gonna get a degree She wanted to get married eventually But she also wanted to be an independent woman before and during marriage But that dream wasn't gonna work out if her car didn't work, right That dream wasn't gonna work out If she got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time and got robbed mugged or worse she especially worried about being stuck at midnight at Lenny's with its poorly lighted and sometimes empty parking lot Her mechanic wasn't open on weekends, but since he was the only mechanic that she knew and trusted She decided to ask her boss for a day off from costs Then she could still drive to Lenny's that night after her car was fixed. She would miss only one day work. That wasn't too bad Her boss would probably give her the day off without pay of course She only had to worry about one thing her boss might give her the day off but on one condition That she have dinner with him She knew what her response would be she would say yes, but on one condition that before dinner He shave his mustache off many Americans Don't understand the food labels or nutrition facts on the packages of their processed foods And the labels contain important information about what's in the food? Including the amount of salt which is a very popular additive Even though health practitioners and the federal government itself Tell consumers to watch their salt intake Processors continue to add salt to packaged food Salt occurs naturally in many foods for example raisins as sweet as they are contain the tiniest bit of salt For many other foods that may already contain salt naturally Processors add more why for some foods particularly meat salt works as a preservative for some foods salt is added to increase thirst many bars offer free pretzels and peanuts to their patrons the Salty pretzels and peanuts increased the patrons thirst they order another drink and another The pretzels and peanuts aren't really free they're part of the cost of the drinks The most common reason to add salt is simply to add flavor to the food so that consumers buy it again Consumers select many packaged foods with added salt while shopping in their supermarket parents often bring their kids along while shopping Kids think shopping is fun But parents can also make shopping a learning experience as in the following dialogue between a mother and her son Read the Nutrition Facts label to see how much salt is in this box of chicken noodle soup Mom, there's no salt at all in this soup. Yes. There is just look where it says sodium another name for salt oh Okay, why doesn't it? Just say salt. It says sodium 800 milligrams 33 percent I know what milligrams are but what is 33% mean? That's how much salt is in one serving and that's the percentage of salt that one serving contributes to your 100% daily need for salt now look near the top of the box to see how big a serving is One serving size is two tablespoons Okay, I got it if I eat two tablespoons of soup. I'll get 33% of my daily need for salt Yes, that's right, but that's only half the story how many servings are in one container Let me see there are 16 servings in one container I think I understand mom there are two packages in this box Each package is equal to one container if I eat a whole package which I always do because I love chicken noodle soup I'll eat eight times two tablespoons or eight times 33 percent or let me see about 260 percent of my daily need for salt, but mom that's too much salt, that's enough salt for two and a half days You're a clever boy. Yes, that's too much salt So can't we just buy salt free chicken noodle soup. That's an easy solution problem solved Yes, if we can find it Many products don't have a salt free version and the ones that do have a soft free version usually charge more than for the salted version That's crazy it has less salt, but it costs more money Yes, it's a crazy world, honey Well, I'll fix that When I grow up, I'm gonna be President And I promise there will be cheap salt free chicken noodle soup for everybody mom You're a good boy Barack. He woke up He went into the bathroom and turned on the light nothing happened. He used the tankless toilet. It wouldn't flush He turned on the water to wash his hands in the sink No water came out. No hot no cold He went back into the combination living room bedroom kitchen of his studio apartment He opened the blinds to let more sunlight in he went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer door The food in the freezer was cold but not frozen He opened a refrigerator door the light didn't go on the food was still cold He turned on the kitchen water nothing came out None of the lights worked the TV and his radio didn't work his computer didn't work his cell phone didn't work He looked out the window Vehicles were moving on the street below, but nobody was gassing up at the corner gas station Drivers were honking madly at one or another in the intersection the traffic lights weren't working What in the world is going on he wondered just? Then he saw the traffic lights start working. He heard his refrigerator motor kick in two lights came on in his apartment He tried the water. He was working in both a kitchen and bathroom. He turns TV on to a 24/7 news station they were reporting the sudden end of a nationwide Electricity shutdown they were trying to contact mayor's governor's Capitol Hill and government agencies as to what had caused the shutdown They were time to determine if the president was going to make a nationwide speech about the shutdown Meanwhile they speculated among one another about the who what when where why and how? after half an hour the who took control of all of America's computers every side displayed General Electric's Underneath those words was the drawing of a pig on a plate with care stuffed in its mouth on a tip of its curly tail Was a two pronged plug Beneath the pig appeared this message as it was being typed America is an electricity Pig Eventually you're going to poison the whole earth with the pollution caused by you're unrestrained use of coal nuclear Plants natural gas and oil to produce electricity Our earth will become unlivable Do you think is your biggest right to destroy earth and everyone on it? The power outage that America just experienced was only six hours a mere wake-up Call I know what your electricity usage in kilowatt hours is daily nationwide If your usage doesn't go down ten percent by seven days from now your next outage will be 24 hours You've got the brains America. I'm giving you the motivation a kick in your big fat electrically heated and cooled but Every year, I'm gonna kick you again Next year is gonna be a 72-hour kick you have 10 years to figure out how to derive 100 percent Of your electricity from water Sun and wind with no pollution if you fail I won't just shut down your power grid. I'll destroy it You'll go back to living like the first Americans and the rest of the world piggish nations Will suffer the same fate at the same time So all of you find a solution to end your pollution Save our earth save ourselves I know you can do it and don't try to find me or you'll regret it One minute later the message disappeared Holly walked down the Sheepshead Bay on a cool winter day to enjoy the view from the wide walkway near pier 10 she sat down on one of the many benches facing the bay a Group of young people walked by four abreast man man woman woman Holly thought that was odd our dad walked by pushing a stroller the rock music he was listening to was louder enough for the baby to hear - Holly saw the baby waving its arms was it dancing a teen girl would died bright red hair Startled Holly as she zoomed by silently and illegally on her bike Holly figured it was just a matter of time before she injured or killed a child or an elderly person a Dad walked by with his little girl saying don't do that it looks stupid Another little girl walked by asking her mom repeatedly. What's that? two older women walked by arm-in-arm Holly wondered why men never walked harm an arm a Woman walked by pushing the flimsiest stroller Holly had ever seen it had four tiny wheels Holly hoped that there was a dog not an infant inside the stroller Missing Holly's feet by inches an old lady whizzed by on her big red four wheeled motor cart Holly didn't even know the name of the vehicle it wasn't an electric wheelchair, and it wasn't a car But it looked like a small car it looked like something that belonged on Emmons Avenue. Not on the walkway Holly hoped but only little that the old lady would collide with the red-haired teen a little girl in a pink bicycle helmet slowly pedaled by on a pink bike with pink training wheels Her parents walked behind her An old couple slowly walked by the man was using one of those aluminum adjustable canes they stopped and sat down on a bench next to Holly they bashed in the Sun not saying a word a skinny lady in red coat walked by she had a strange gait as if she had polio or some kind of hip injury a Threesome walked by speaking Russian they were talking animatedly Holly didn't speak Russian, but she knew that they were talking negatively about one of their relatives a mother pushing an empty stroller with her young daughter walking alongside Stopped at the metal railing that bordered the length of the walkway Mom pulled a bag of sliced bread out of the back of the stroller She tore up a slice into pieces and started throwing them to the Ducks in the water her daughter watched and pointed at the duck's Mom gave her daughter a slice of bread her daughter tore off a piece and ate Then she resumed pointing at the ducks while munching on their bread The old couple got up and resumed their walk except now. They headed back home They still hadn't said a word to each other Holli wondered are they not speaking because they're in love and words aren't necessary Or are they not speaking because just one word will start an argument He received an invitation to an interview for a New York City agency job He'd taken a computerized test for that job about 16 months ago He went to the agency's website and looked at the job Responsibilities he groaned the job involved tons of paperwork He thought about the pile of statements receipts and other papers in his apartment that he hadn't organized in months Nevertheless he decided to go to the interview He had taken computerized exams for several other New York City agencies Even though he had passed those exams he had not received invitations to job interviews yet He figured he would accept this particular opportunity, and see how it played out But the first chance he got to jump ship to another interview and another job He would jump he went to the interview Two workers asked him about a dozen questions and marked down how he answered each question He was in a room were three other applicants were also being asked the same questions by other workers at other tables Sometimes he was able to listen to other answers. He used a couple of those answers for his own answers The final question was why do you want, this job in truth of course? He wanted it because he was unemployed and he would take just about any job that he could get Instead he said my parents would be very proud of me to be an agency employee Plus this job would enable me to give back to my community And it would make my life meaningful purposeful and fulfilling He was proud of his response Somehow he passed the interview and was accepted into the training program in fact as best. He could determine Every person interviewed was accepted He figured that the program had to have a high dropout rate to accept a hundred percent of the interviewees His three-month training class started a week later Class was tough from day one all trainees received two huge Notebook binders each containing about 600 pages at the end of the first week He promised himself that he would not be the first to drop out Every day the instructors presented more rules and regulations that students had to understand and memorize all the students busily highlighted various sentences in various colors in their notebooks Some rules and regs seemed to him to contradict one another He constantly raised his hand to ask questions several times. He asked classmates Do you understand all this stuff? Most of them admitted they didn't he not only didn't understand many of the rules and regs But also couldn't remember one from another Despite his studying. They were all jumbled together in his mind on Friday of week 7 even though no one else had dropped out he told the lead instructor. I'm finished There's too much information being presented too fast for me She said I understand it's only gonna get more difficult, so it's probably best that you quit now Frankly I had figured you would be the first to go I'm just surprised you hung in this long bob walked into the conference room a representative from the credit union Was offering workers a chance to win $500 that sounded good to Bob When he walked into the room a young man was sitting down at the big table When he saw Bob walk in he grinned and said hey, buddy Bob wasn't anybody's buddy He said hey buddy how you doing buddy I came here to win that $500 buddy Can you help me do that buddy homme buddy? Bob was tired of saying buddy he hoped that the rep was tired of hearing it The rep said sure buddy have a seat. Let me get some information from you the rep asked your name Bob said buddy the rep asked and your last name Bob said buddy The rep looked at Bob buddy buddy Bob said yes, buddy the rep typed in buddy Buddy he has several more questions Then he asked your mother's maiden name Bob said buddy the rep said buddy again Oh, I get it. You're trying to tell me something. I shouldn't call you buddy, right That's okay my bad What do you want me to call you Bob said you're sharp how about the M word or the S word? The rep stared blankly then asked second letter Bob said slowly M is for mister and s is for the rep jumped in sir Okay, I got it. You're right sir. Let me type a note to myself Don't call old guys buddy Bob said, thank you buddy a police officer visited a former dog owner Someone had shot and killed her four-year-old pitbull the officer knocked on her door Opening the door Beulah said she's exactly as I found her. I didn't move a thing where's your tape? Where's your photographer? He said excuse me She said you know the yellow crime-scene tape the forensic photographer don't you watch TV? He said ma'am with all due respect to your dog It doesn't get the tape and photography treatment Maybe the president's dog would now can I see your dearly departed, please? She led him into the backyard the officer asked did your dog have any enemies? She said not that I know of Sugar was a sweetest thing this side of a candy store She wouldn't hurt a fly all these know-nothings always badmouth pit bulls, but if they'd met my sugar They'd want her young uns the officer said well, you know three one one has received complaints about her barking for over a year She said yeah sugar barked a bit, but that was because she was happy besides Nobody chewed her dog just because it barked Well, maybe a crazy person crazy people will do anything But if you knock on enough doors. I'm sure you'll find the killer and the real reason they shot poor sugar I'm gonna have a funeral for her out back here. Would you like to come it might be worth your while? Killers like to show up the funerals. You know they like to admire their work It's part of their sickness you could arrest him before he kills again The bag of clementines was cheap three pounds for only $4.99 The usual price was two or three dollars more What's wrong with them? He wondered? Maybe they had seeds. He looked at the label on the bag It said may contain an occasional seed he could live with that He bought a bag over the next three days. He ate all the clementines He'd had to spit out about three seeds. He went back and bought another bag back home. He offered to peel one for his wife She declined the first 28 had at least 30 seeds his tongue got tired from all the seed work He called the 800 number on the label a friendly woman in Florida answered He told her about how many seeds he'd just spit out She apologized she asked for his address on the cost of the bag. She said she'd sent him a check for $4.99 He thanked her It's nice to deal with people who do the right thing he thought he peeled another Clementine It didn't contain a single seed that's odd. He thought he peeled another one it didn't contain a single seed either He told his wife about the seedless clementines She said you still have time he has time for what she said time to call him back and tell them to cancel the check He said no that would just complicate things Besides who refuses free money during his radio talk show with a popular host said Well once again nobody of color was nominated for an Oscar why I'll tell you why because the Academy Consists of nothing but old white guys. That's why? Okay, Bob in Staten Island go ahead Bob said first of all old white guys is disrespectful How would you like being called an old brown guy? Second you're saying that old white guys never vote for people of color That's not only false. It's racist Third this country was founded by old white guys in case you forgot They wrote the First Amendment, which allows you to say what you just said Then there are the old white guys who fought in World War two without them You'd be speaking Japanese right now I guess you forgot about that too, and what about the old white guys who created our national transportation and communication systems health care system and power grid Finally old white guys created lightbulbs motion pictures air conditioning elevators planes vaccines TVs computers Cadillacs Walmart's and McDonald's these are just some of the things that have helped to make America the greatest country in the world The country that everyone wants to come to then when they get here some of them like you Complain about the very people who made this country worth coming to You badmouth them yet you enjoy using everything they created You've made a small fortune in America yet you constantly talk about how great your home country is so why are you here? Go back home Make room for people who appreciate old white guys and everything they've done The host said I'm not going anywhere, and I don't know old white guys anything Everything they created they built it on the backs of slaves and other people of color Maybe you forgot that little fact She took the mail out of her mailbox back inside her third-floor apartment She looked at the return addresses on the envelopes junk junk junk She said to herself as she through each unopened envelope into the trash But she opened one on hope he was from the New York Times It was a first-time subscriber offer the introductory price Was much cheaper than newsstand a regular subscription prices only eight dollars for eight weekend issues She called the 800 number The rep said delivery would start that weekend Saturday morning she opened her door there was no paper She called the 800 number the rep said that he would call the delivery service you should get your paper by noon He said at 1:00 p.m.. She called the rep I haven't gotten my paper She said the rep said really okay. He won't be charged for it the next morning She opened her door there was no Sunday Times She called the 800 number The rep called the delivery service the rep called her back The delivery service said a lot of papers were damaged. Don't worry. You won't be charged the Following Saturday she opened her door there was no paper She called the 800 number the rep said well You know it snowed last night a lot of people in Brooklyn didn't get their paper. Don't worry You won't get charged the next morning. She opened her door at 7:00 7:30 8:00 and 8:30 There was no Sunday Times at 8:30 She called the 800 number the rep said he would order a redelivery at 12:30 She called the 800 number the rep who answered said you know there's a note here that says you have a locked lobby - Means they can't get inside your building so the delivery is not to your apartment door It's to the area right outside your Lobby She said you mean they left the paper downstairs, and all this time. I've been looking for it outside my apartment door Why didn't someone tell me that in the first place? I'll go downstairs and check the Paper wasn't downstairs. She went back to her apartment and called the 800 number The rep said he would give her credit for the day's paper She said he what the times is now over for for a trial subscription Why in the world would I pay full price for a regular subscription I'd be calling you every week about missing or stolen papers Just cancel my trial subscription. Please if I want to read the times I'll go to the library Cory stood inside the drugstore on Ocean Avenue. It was 30 degrees outside He kept looking north for an approaching b49 bus The drug stores automatic doors opened a man about 30 stood outside He did a slow dance at the doors He looked exactly like a puppet on strings Held by a novice puppeteer his head went this way and that as did each arm and leg Slowly. He made his way through the doors once he got inside. He smiled he was wearing only a sweatshirt and jeans But he didn't seem to notice the cold He said to Cory who had been trying to be invisible Excuse me. Do you know where I can find the Bain News His speech was too loud, but clear Cory said the only place I know is the news box across the street the man said yes, I know but it's empty. Do you know why it's empty? Cory said well, it's Thursday the paper comes out on Friday the man said no It's empty because someone stole all the papers. That's why it's empty someone always steals all the papers The man awkwardly and slowly walked back out into the bitter cold Cory resumed looking for his bus a Lady who had witnessed everything said that is why I don't believe in God No loving God would allow one of his children to be that broken Cory said But if that man doesn't know better is he really broken It was a sunny day all over the world including the half that was opposite the Sun this had never happened before Scientists were astounded. Then the sky everywhere turned black the whole earth As dark as the inside of an inner tube flashlights car lights and street lights did not brighten the blackness a bright light appeared in the sky for all to see a Voice said we've been watching you you are a world of bullies. You need to learn to be nice to your neighbors We're gonna start with world leaders, then work our way down the power ladder We're gonna take the aate out of EA rth We're gonna replace hatred and hurtful with nice if you bully others You'll suffer horribly and publicly then the light went out and the Sun reappeared over half the Earth's surface some world leaders scoffed They didn't believe the light had any power other than to turn the entire sky black or blue One world leader Darth the world's most feared and most macho leader Immediately attacked the country that was his Western neighbor the attack lasted all of five minutes Then Earth's entire sky went black and the light reappeared dangling in the life for all to see was Darth Suddenly he started screaming after about half a minute. He stopped. He begged please don't hurt me again I'm sorry. I'll never do that again Then he started screaming again. This time his screaming made dogs bark and cats howl Finally Darth stopped screaming He begged and promised some more the light released Darth back to earth From then on there were no more Wars National leaders worked out their problems through conversation and compromise ordinary people started doing likewise Every year for the next 20 years the light reappeared it congratulated leaders and followers on their improved behavior But it reminded them we see all of you all the time Then a replay of Darth screaming in agony Appeared for a full minute and the light disappeared in the 21st year the light failed to appear one of the first to notice this was Darth when Holly was little her dad gave her a box of crayons Holly's first drawing was of her sleeping cat Kitty was black and white after using the red yellow green and orange crayons But not the black or white ones Holly proudly showed her drawing to her mom She said that's nice Holly. What is it? Holly said? It's kitty her mom said it is sho to Daddy, honey Holly showed her drawing to her dad. He said that's nice. Honey. What is it? She repeated? It's kitty? Holly had drawn the insides of kitty brain and test ins heart and other parts She had drawn the insides because she had a type of x-ray vision unknown to her parents until that day Holly saw only the insides of living things when she looked at her parents faces for example She saw bone cartilage tissue muscle and blood vessels the only time she saw her parents real faces Was when she saw their reflections or their pictures Holly had always asked her parents why do you look different in pictures now they understood her question Holly became an accomplished anatomical artist before graduating high school She went to college and eventually orna medical degree while in med school She drew pictures of anomalies in the heads or bodies she could see through clothing of some of her instructors and classmates all of them needed treatment some needed life-saving surgery after graduating med school she became doctor lifesaver using her drawing skills special vision and medical knowledge She examined nearly 12,000 people a year for the next 30 years She referred those who had tumors diseases and other abnormalities to specialists she knew after 30 years She learned that she herself had brain cancer The operation that removed her cancer also mysteriously removed her x-ray vision But Holly was happy to have gained normal vision She retired eager to spend the rest of her life with her husband kids and grandchildren None of her kids or grandchildren had inherited her x-ray vision, but her oldest grandson had Microscopic vision if he wanted he could see the microbes on doorknob



Expectations were that Arizona would soon achieve statehood.[2] Following the constitutional convention authorized by the previous session, Territorial Delegate Marcus A. Smith had submitted an Arizona statehood bill that had passed the United States House of Representatives but was blocked in the Senate by Republicans who did not wish to grant the predominantly Democratic territory two new senators.[3] The Democratic party won control of the Senate during the 1892 elections, removing the ability of Republicans to block the legislation, and Smith would submit a new statehood bill in the next Congressional session.[4]

Oakes Murphy had been promoted from Territorial Secretary to Governor following the resignation of Governor Irwin[4] With the inauguration of U.S. President Grover Cleveland imminent, candidates were vying to replace Murphy as the legislative session began. L. C. Hughes would be sworn in as territorial Governor on April 12, 1893.[5]

The Apache Kid
The Apache Kid

Of concern to the citizens of Arizona Territory was the Apache Kid, who had become one of the most feared outlaws of the prior decade.[6]

Legislative session

The legislature convened on February 13, 1893. During the 60-day session, 91 laws were passed.[7]

Governor's address

Governor Murphy gave the address on February 14, 1893. It began by the Acting Governor expressing his desire for this session to be the last before statehood.[2] A large portion of the speech was dedicated to territorial finances.[8] With the rapid increases to the territory's population, governmental services needed additional revenue to support educational and law enforcement needs.[9] Murphy criticized practices that allowed assessed property values to remain the same over multiple years despite steady gains in real values.[10] He was further concerned that the majority of the funds for territorial schools was derived from taxes paid by the gambling industry.[9]

In the area of proposed legislation, Murphy sought to regulate the railroads "wherever the people's interests are concerned"[11] He asked to have the employment of women in saloons prohibited while seeking to require a "high license" for the sale of alcohol as an alternative to prohibition.[11] The Acting Governor additionally wanted to replace existing the territory-wide regulations on gambling with local option laws.[9] He desired to create a licensing requirement to practice medicine.[11] Additionally, Murphy asked for a law prohibiting Indians from carrying weapons off the reservation and wanted to move the territorial prison from Yuma to a more central location.[9]


In a move intended to prepare the territory for statehood, the session created a board to regulate the dentistry profession.[7] A reform school was authorized to be built in Flagstaff.[1] Similarly, a territorial library was authorized for Phoenix while a museum for preservation of the territory's archeological artifacts was authorized to be built at the University of Arizona.[6] The session passed a law requiring canal owners to remove sunflowers and cockleburs from the banks of the canals.[7] Finally, in a bill introduced by George W. P. Hunt, the session authorized a US$5,000 bounty for the capture, dead or alive, of the Apache Kid.[1][12]

Concurrent activities

As the session was in progress, efforts were underway to have a new governor appointed. Territorial Delegate Marcus A. Smith wrote to President Cleveland on March 22, 1893, saying "The Legislature in now in session and will adjourn on the 13th of April. The newly installed Governor must have several days in which to make a judicious selection of the important officers under his appointment. The Federal Statutes ... provide ... that the Governor of the Territory, by and with the consent on the Council, shall name the Territorial officers. When the Legislature adjourns there will be no Council to act in harmony with him."[13]

The new Governor, L. C. Hughes, was not nominated until April 4, 1893, and, following confirmation by the U.S. Senate did not take office till the last full day of the legislative session.[14] Unlike the 15th Arizona Territorial Legislature, the legislature did not extend the session to allow the new Governor a chance to make officer nominations of his own choosing.[15]


House of Representatives[16]
Name County Name County
Frank Baxter (Speaker) Maricopa M. E. Hurley Maricopa
S. P. Behan Yavapai Robert N. Leatherwood Pima
A. D. Brewer Graham J. A. Marshall Maricopa
J. W. Bruce Pima Luther Martin Apache
D. A. Burke Yavapai Charles Mehan Pima
J. D. Cook Yavapai James Reilly Cochise
W. T. Day Pinal H. C. Rogers Maricopa
R. C. Dryden Apache Henry D. Ross Coconino
D. M. Field Yuma C. F. Schumaker Pima
M. Gray Cochise George Skinner Graham
Thomas C. Graham Pinal David Southwiick Mohave
George W. P. Hunt Gila Austin C. Wright Cochise
Name County
George W. Cheyney Cochise
Foster S. Dennis Mohave
Andrew J. Doran Pinal
E. J. Edwards Gila
John J. Hawkins Yavapai
John Lorenzo Hubbell Apache
W. M. Lovell Pima
F. R. Nellis Coconino
T. G. Norris (President) At Large
M. J. Nugent Yuma
Charles M. Shannon Graham
W. T. Smith Maricopa
  • At Large Council member chosen by entire territory


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