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← 174  175  176 →
Cardinalone hundred seventy-five
(one hundred seventy-fifth)
Factorization52 × 7
Divisors1, 5, 7, 25, 35, 175
Greek numeralΡΟΕ´
Roman numeralCLXXV
Base 364V36

175 (one hundred [and] seventy-five) is the natural number following 174 and preceding 176.

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Ordinarily we'd think of the beach as a place to relax and enjoy yourself. There's not always the best place for that though, as we see in this list. Here are five of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Number One: Maho Beach Maho Beach in the Caribbean is definitely amongst the most dangerous beaches the world has to offer. It is 300 km from Puerto Rico and right by the Princess Juliana International Airport, literally right by it. The air-planes fly just 10-20 feet above the beach! The airport runway is really short - it's only just over two thousand metres - so planes don't have much space to land. Of course, adrenaline junkies and photographers can't get enough of the place despite the warning signs situated all over the beach and even in the bars. Should air from the jet engines drop into the sea, there is a real danger of death, but the people still keep coming to see this awesome spectacle. Number Two: Brazilian Beaches We've heard of the solar radiation coming off Brazil's beaches, but how about radioactive sand? Researchers say that the white sand of the beaches running up the Atlantic coast is naturally radioactive. This is the case from just north of Rio for five hundred miles to the south of Bahia. It's because the sad has been eroded from Monazite which is formed from the element thorium - a naturally radioactive element found in the mountains running along the coast. Guarapari beach sees the highest radiation level. The safe limit of radiation is 20 millisieverts a year; the beach here measures nearly 175! Number Three: Reunion Island Our next dangerous beach is around a hundred miles off the south west coast of Madagascar. Reunion Island has officially been owned by France since 1946 although its known to have been home to French settlers ever since the end of the sixteenth century. 20th December is nationally celebrated each year, marking the abolition of slavery in 1848. It is situated above a hot spot in the crust of the earth and sees rainfall on a world record scale. It is also famous for its sharks. There have been 7 deadly attacks since 2011, with nine other people injured. When we put these numbers into context you can really see the scale of the problem: there are just sixty five attacks involving sharks each year! Obviously, the high risk of being mauled by a shark has affected the tourist industry to the island which was once a tourist hot spot. Last year registration for surfing fell by three quarters demonstrating just how serious the problem is for the local economy. Number Four: Shield Bay Shield Bay in Russia is said to be perfect for surfing, that is if you ignore the risk of radiation poisoning. In order to surf there you have to apply for a special permit. The problem is caused by disused nuclear submarines which leak radiation into the water. The potential for radiation poisoning was demonstrated when a whale died in 2002. It had only been in the waters around the bay for a couple of months. When the body was tested it was found to be so radioactive that the carcass itself was declared a nuclear waste site. Surfers' paradise? Perhaps not, although the fact that you can apply for a permit to surf there suggests that some people actually want to. Number Five: Siargao/Mindanao Islands It might sound cool to adventure off the beaten track, away from the tourist areas, to remote places. Places less like Siargao - a tourist hot spot in the Philippines - and more like the Mindanao Islands perhaps. Well, maybe not so much. These islands are used by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a group who, in 2000, declared war with the President of the country. Since then, just in one area, nearly half of the population have had their houses completely devastated and nearly 20% of people are aware of the execution of people who have witnessed crime. Tourism is massively discouraged, for fear of being taken hostage, either by the terrorist group or the pirates that frequent the beaches in the area. Thanks for watching! if yo enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe


In mathematics

175 is an odd number, a composite number, and a deficient number. It is a decagonal number,[1] a 19-gonal number,[2] and a centered 29-gonal number.

175 is an Ulam number, and a Zuckerman number. It is the magic constant of the n×n normal magic square and n-Queens Problem for n = 7.

In base 10, raising the digits of 175 to powers of successive integers equals itself: 175 = 11 + 72+ 53. 135, 518, 598, and 1306 also have this property.

In astronomy

In geography

In the military

In movies

In music

In religion

The Bible says that Abraham lived to be 175 years old.[3]

In sports

In transportation

In other fields

175 is also:

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