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1706 Establishment

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Model of the hull a 90 ship following the design of the 1706 Establishment.jpg
A model of the hull of a 90-gun ship following the dimensions of the 1706 Establishment.
Class overview
Succeeded by: 1719 Establishment

The 1706 Establishment was the first formal set of dimensions for ships of the Royal Navy. Two previous sets of dimensions had existed before, though these were only for specific shipbuilding programs running for only a given amount of time. In contrast, the 1706 Establishment was intended to be permanent.[1]

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Hi everyone I'm Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and today we are going to have a very interesting show we're going to be talking about Divinia water that I've actually been drinking lately and it's fabulous water and I this is not an advertisement I am we're going to talk to a couple and the names are Ralph and Jody Stanton and they're gonna share their story with us and then we have the originator of Divinia water who is Stephen settle Meyer unfortunately even though Kirsten his daughter her name's she works for the company and she was going to be with us but she something came up and she was unable to join us today but we've got all three these people with us here they are and and so it's great to have you guys with us and what I'm going to do is read a short bio for everyone and the vineya water is really quite fascinating and then what we're going to do is after I read the bio we might have Steve sort of introduced the water just briefly and then we can get right to the ruff-ruff story okay so first of all Stephen settle Meyer has over 20 patents to his name he's founded over five companies was the youngest recipient of the National Science Foundation grant when he received it at the age of 16 it looks like he has worked for Martin Marietta NASA the Colorado School of Mines and he is a prominent inventor he's invented fiber-optic television which was a predecessor to the High Definition television and under the mentorship of rostrum Roy at Arizona State and Penn State he perfected the state of water with his latest patented invention settle Meyers water was research by his colleague of it the very well-known dr. Gerald Pollack who concluded that settle Meyers water has the highest easy water signature he's seen and settled Meyers water is also highly energetic deuterium depleted and oxygenated at 102 percent he currently resides in Idaho with his wife and then we're just going to skip real quickly to Ralph and and Jody Ralph is going to be sharing his story of how Divinia water has helped him to basically get back into better health and I do wanna I'm gonna show a disclaimer actually before we get going after this so Ralph is a veteran of the United States Air Force he served in the Gulf War conflict in 1990 in 2003 he was hired as a security guard for the Idaho National Laboratory and three years later was trained and hired as a nuclear facility operator for one of IMLS contractors and on November 8th 2011 Ralph and 16 of his colleagues were exposed to an uncontrolled release of plutonium while working on-site at Idaho National Labs after the incident Ralph faced numerous health issues legal battles and he and his family's lives were destroyed today Ralph and Joe Jody are going to share their story personal discovery health and recovery after crossing paths with Stephen settle Myer and Ralph is 52 years old married to Jody for over twenty nine years together they share three kids three grandchildren and reside in Idaho as well so that is the short bio for all of you and it's lovely to have you here as I say what I'd like to do is I hope you're close enough to them to the mic Steve so if you could just talk a little bit about davinia water why we're kind of doing the show together today with this particular couple and and what you have to say about that this okay your voice is actually not picking up so perhaps the two of you could make way and then he could just get a closer into the mic all right sorry for the delay here and while we do this you know that's actually okay because I'm going to share my screen and and get a disclaimer you know we are not claiming to do healing here this is the kind of thing where medically we are not claiming to have any medical knowledge whatsoever I have a disclaimer at the end of the show as well but we just want to make sure that it's understood that this is simply going to be a sharing of what is in essence a personal story of a couple who has had the foresight and good fortune I think to be drinking Davinia water and and and and baby may be telling how the effects that they've experienced so that's that's really what's happening there so with that out of the way I'm gonna move back to our main screen with you guys and and let's let's let's go ahead Steve if you can kind of talk a little bit again about the water itself and and in your own background yes hi Carrie it's nice to be back on again and we did a previous show which we really enjoyed and it's done very well on the youtubes and on your site so it's nice to be back again thank you for hosting us my pleasure but we hope you're enjoying the water yes so the that Ralph is on today and why we're back on is that we discovered this water early we invented this water and it goes through 16 stages of purification then it's distilled then it goes through a patented process that actually changes the water so it actually has a different molecular structure than any type of water on the face of the earth some of the people that have studied it has been Penn State University Arizona State University Washington University their biology department UC Davis at the nuclear isotope labs there and we also have had a study done on it in India which will be released in the next several months so this water when we first started use it and we noticed it has some unusual properties could not be stored in plastic because of dissolves plastic and it would also have some it normalized people's health so we're not making any claims whatsoever on what it does for your health but we ran into into ralph and Joanie through a friend of ours that had been using them for her mother and they were in dire straits and they they did not have much hope of any other normal type of medicine or medical benefits that would helped it so they were kind of down and out we've become friends since then so this water has I could say unusual structure and why we call it easy water is that it's a short nomenclature for exclusion zone and that was studied by dr. Pollack at the University of Washington and when he found out as water changes itself when it's in the body and it rearranges the self on a molecular level so that it is more available to act like a battery in the body in fact the the water in your body is actually the battery that makes all the chemical reactions occur that's why within two days of being dehydrated you die basically your kidneys fail your livers fail your brain shuts down then all your organs start failing because they don't have any electricity to make them run anymore and it's the water that actually provides the electricity and it does that by separating the proton structure the hydrogen structure that is next to a cell so that it provides more of the hydrogen atom and electrons and it splits those and it allows those things to act just like the battery in your car that's you know without a better than your car your car doesn't go anywhere without the water in your body you don't go anywhere it's actually the battery in your in your body the other thing is that water people think water is just water but as most nuclear people know is that there's something called heavy water and everybody's heard of heavy water and how they use it in the nuclear industry and how it moderates the protons being able to flow through your body well heavy water is not good for humans because it's not bioavailable to be broken down so what happens is when the heavy water gets into your body in a large amounts it starts prohibiting chemical reactions that you need to carry on your life and so you want what's called light water light water is water that has only one hydrogen in it that the hydrogen only has one proton then it doesn't have a neutron heavy-water actually has an extra Neutron and your bunny cannot use that so if you drink too much of heavy water it actually kills you but they have also found out that if you drink what's called white water water that has a depletion of this heavy water in it or doesn't have as many parts per million in it that you actually has provided the benefits to people and so if people want to go on to do search for themselves they should lift up deuterium depleted water and they will find a lot of research on it now a lot of published papers so when ralph came to me he had a story that was pretty heartbreaking about the problems that he had and so one of the things that we suggested is that you try this water and see what he might do for his health and when he tried it he he thought that he had a positive effect on his health and he felt so compelled about how it has helped him that he wanted to get his own story out okay thank you and you know it's gonna be quite fascinating to hear that story so I think what we'll do at this point is is and thank you for that that was a great introduction I think that sort of starts to focus people's mind on the science really sophisticated science behind what you're doing if if we could bring Ralph and his wife Jody on the screen and let them tell their story then and we'll bring you back Steve in in a moment okay if you do a surgery right yeah and he I know and while you're doing that so I no problem I you know this is is obviously kind of working with the situation we have at hand and I see you've got the davinia poster on the on the wall behind you also if you go to my website Project Camelot portal comm you can actually click on this this show and you'll see that there's a link to the Divinia water site so if you want to investigate more about it on the website the cost of the water etc is all there so well here is Ralph Stanton and Jody Stanton so why don't you just go right ahead with your story okay well you like you said in your introduction you know it was a security guard and I protected special nuclear material and then I had a chance to retrain and become a nuclear facility operator in what is called the zero power physics reactor facility or zipper is is the is what it's known as anyway the reactor wasn't there all that remained was the metric tons of plutonium and uranium and basically what I did was I would handle and configure this nuclear material for customers such as the homeland security and the military and I needed a very high tier security clearance to do this work and much of it was pretty classified work that we did and the particular day that of the accident was when they brought out a plutonium plate which to describe these plates are about the size a Hershey candy bar if you will and they are protected with a stainless steel cladding jacket around them so if you imagine the Hershey bars the chocolate and the wrapper as the stainless steel and that that was a case stand and then it was airtight to protect the plutonium from coming out from being oxidized and going airborne and so anyway one day we went in to do a job on November the 8th 2011 and they went into the vault and they found a clamshell container which is about an 8 by 12 container that these plates were put in they pulled it out and it had a lid on there that the plate was wrapped bent and wrapped in plastic which we had never encountered before and so that raised a lot of red flags we stopped work twice we were still told to proceed so we put it into the workroom hood which is a it's a device kind of like that it looks exactly like a salad bar that pulls all of the air into it to keep the contamination inside of it if it event would happened and so anyway as I pulled this played out it was wrapped in plastic and I was told to start cutting through it and just turning it over just methodically cutting through it and my coworker right to my right said ha we've got powder so it looked like he said somebody had picked up some sand and just like you do at the beach and it was just coming out of the back which was a horrible sign and so the about five minutes later the contamination air monitor 15 feet behind us an upstream of the ventilation went off which meant that this contamination had to swim upstream of the ventilation to reach it the contamination air monitor is a lot like a smoke detector except or it's it detects radiological particulate in the air so it's the same thing and so we evacuated to the control room all 14 of us there was two others that got contaminated by us so it made 16 and we sat in there just kind of wonder and what just happened we didn't realize the extent of it and but we had one of the co-workers that was reading a remote monitor that monitored the cam determination air monitor that went off and said you must evacuate and it he said ok the cams just reached 500 dak which is just a reading of the Senate hearts I can't remember what dak it's been a little bit but it's just a measurement a very particular and derivative air concentrations what that stands for and so just to give you an example it takes zero point three reading of a dak before you have to put on a respirator if that she sent 500 back and so we knew that it was pretty mad but then a couple minutes later he said thousand bags and he went all the way up 2,000 back 3,000 back 4,000 back and I kept on up all the way to 40 657 back which was over 15,000 times the amount of airborne radiation that was required for us to wear a respirator so we knew we were in a lot of trouble because that was the reading 15 feet behind us and upstream of the ventilation and I was at Ground Zero where the point of the release was and so we were we were pretty at that point we we just knew you in trouble so anyway I lost all my clothes I was taken and given like surgery greens to wear if you will and and then I was taken to to the site medical facility and when it really hit me is when I walked into the site medical facility and I seen probably anywhere from six to eight Gurney's lining up there with ID drops on a white ID drapes hanging and that was when it really hit me just how serious this was and what was what was kind of crazy as the head nurse came out and made us fill out workman's comp paperwork before we were treated which was really crazy right anyway so I was put on the gurney and they took my blood from me which came back extremely irregular my blood was my blood cells and many other aspects of it were really bad shape and so after after that I was given the chelation treatment and then I was taken to another facility and I was given what's called a long a long a long count which they put you in a big shielded room and it's got a big machine that looks fun like an MRI machine if you will but very similar but they they have these little sensors that they aim at your lungs and they're able to detect everything 2:41 because americium-241 is a lot hotter than the plutonium-239 that we're exposed to but you can 60k Evie signature that comes out to 41 you can see so the plutonium you can't I had the misfortune of having twice the lung count as anyone else did but I think that was expected due to the proximity of the release and where I was and so anyway as the night went on I started feeling nauseous I started getting sick and it was just the start of radiation poisoning and as I as I I wanted to give Jodi a call so she could hear about hear this about from me rather than somebody else and so I used to fall in I called her and I told her that they had will pay because news that a nuclear installation after something like that it spreads in it that you know it went nationwide that night so anyway I gave Jodi a call and she was kind of a wreck but I finally got home at about midnight 12:30 so this is about 1213 hours later I walked in and I don't remember a whole lot about walking in but joining us you know Jodi is more she could tell you what it was like you know when I walked in he was 9 is brainy and he came in the first half in this are you clean can you be home ok yeah they release me home so that when I expected that things were gay he was ok any was just so sick you couldn't eat anything I was we went back to the bedroom and so exhausted we just got into bed and went to sleep for the night and he was up all night long throwing up and sick to his stomach and not just not himself mentally and we got ready for work the next day and I went to work in he had to go back out for some more testing and then next night he gotten home lives in the shower when I got home from work and I walked in and he got out of the shower as I garden and I asked him how his day went and he was telling me what had happened at 2:00 deciding and it gets more testing he was talking to me and now of a sudden he just quit talking and I thought well he probably walked into the other room and so I waited a couple minutes and three four minutes that gone by it seemed like forever I said well where are you and he said I might be hurt and I said why didn't you talking to me I said you're right in the middle of a sentence and you just quit talking and then I was talking to you so he didn't even remember that he was telling me things he just quit talking and it was right then that I knew we had a problem and it was like deeper than we thought right there's the next day I did go out and a co-worker and me were the only two that were found to have large lung counts with a marine semen in plutonium because the americium indicates the plutonium is there also because they were mixed together what thank you you know for this and you know it's very heartbreaking story and it seems that you've survived and could you tell at this moment how many years ago was this well I didn't have okay Phil so you know and Thank You Jodi for you know telling that part it sounds like it was quite a hard thing to do so you know just thank you for that I'm sure you know people will understand and appreciate that you would share that so at this time can you say you know I appreciate this quite a long saga you know what I'm saying and what I'd like to do is I can imagine you know doctor visits and all this kind of thing but how long after all of this went on did you feel that you were recovering at all and then how did you ever come across the water so that we can kind of get to that point okay well as I mean as time went on we knew that I mean my my health just kept going down the the doctors that we were assigned to the the the company doctors you know like I said we're we're telling us that the symptoms of blood changes vomiting nausea you know diarrhea all that were due to influenza and of course those four symptoms are due to doses of a hundred gram which is about 20 times the the federal yearly dose limit but we had it in a little bit less than five Nets so as time went on just with everything that went on my health got real bad you know I had bloody nose and about two years later started rolling up again I started to drink a lot of alcohol just to get to sleep because I could not sleep just because everything that happened in it's a 10,000 page novel so we're skipping a quite a bit that went on but due to all this it just it just kept getting worse and then in 2000 about 2014 Jody we have been buying vitamins and stuff from a health food store local health food store and Jody was able to she always wanted to find something that would benefit me and she was able to run into a lady there who worked there that had been buying water from Steve and so she gave Jody Hall Oh Steve's contacts and and Joey brought him home and was just wanting to try anything and so that's how we met Steve and by that time you know we were we were caught up in so much you know that our marriage was falling apart fourteen-year-old daughter had dropped out of school just everything was falling apart at that point in time but anyway Jody got the got the number we called Steve we went over and met Steve and you know Steve went over met his family great family Steve when I met him he was operating out of his his garage and he she was it came and I met him and he had this crazy hair going on kind of like that Nutty Professor in Back to the Future and just a just a great guy and took me back there and showed me his garage it looked like a laboratory it was it was crazy but anyway he told me of just a lot of a lot of things about the water a lot of good results that a lot of his customers had had a neat belt that it can help you and so initially I got on the water and I started the first thing I felt was my digestion and everything had just gotten better like three days after bloating that my stomach disappeared and buzzes because I wasn't going through the drive-through Seether Carrie it was established it was it was pretty pretty neat to feel that but I drank the water for probably just a few months and but at that time there was I just didn't think that even though the water had helped a lot of people I didn't know that it would help me with my my plutonium contamination internally because it gets into the bone marrow like it said the deliver and it just stays there and creates havoc and so I got back off the water and in 2016 my health just continued to spiral down and the nosebleeds were gushing I mean and I've never had nosebleeds before you know and just severe depression vomiting and I was and I was drinking pretty heavily at the time too and just to get to sleep and so me Jody had finally said this was probably late September 2016 she said she had had enough she took me to an internal doctor to internal specialist he did a blood panel on me and when it came back it came back that that I had liver issues and that my liver and bone marrow all of that was completely foolish iron and it was causing just a lot of problems but at the same time they felt strong enough that I needed to be sent to an oncologist at the Cancer Center and they sent me there they just sat hey look we're going to try to keep you as healthy as we can for as long as we can which that's a pretty sobering thing for doctor to say Tia and I truly figured it was the beginning of the end for me and then I was sent to an oncologist and he did a biopsy on my bone marrow and my liver and those came back and showed that I had very dangerous iron stores and that I was in the beginning stages of kidney and liver failure as well and you know what and that's not we're gonna make every possible chance to take every opportunity we have to get back on this water because he felt good be better before when he was on it and I thought we will hold from any avenue you can't we will stop going out to eat we will quit buying the clothes we will do what we have to do to afford this water because if you need something bad never want something bad enough for your health you're going to find a way to do it and that's where I would that I said we're going to get you out on the water and we did and it has made us it's not my but you know at the time again I promise Jody I'd do it but still I really didn't believe that the water would help my particular situation as it had some others at it had done some miraculous things for just because there was no known way to address initially they give you chelation but that's the that's the only thing that they address medical procedures that they would addressed to help get rid of those great nucleotides inside you and so but I did promise her and sometimes she can be kind of dominating when she wants something just like most wives can and so I you know I did it and then in January of 2017 I went to the oncologist yeah yeah right I think I just covered that bill before with the iron test and everything in February twenty-seventh I went back to get another blood test from from a doctor from another doctor and those blood tests after only four oh yeah I will be I'm sorry let me back up well me and colleges he told me that the only medical way to remove iron stores from the body was through chelation or through some bodies and so I told him I would do the four bodies and so I did about four phlebotomy then I went to the doctor about February 27th about a month later a month and a half later got some more blood results and only after four from bottom ease the it had cut in half my levels at cut in half of my liver and kidney started turning around now this was supposed to take 25 to 30 on bottom ease so at that point in time I asked I just got to thinkin that I've got to see if this is the water helping it because this should have been right around 15 full bodies to get me to where I was and only or I've gotten so back about a month later in March I went back to be oncologist and he came out and he had done an iron test that I asked him to do because I was I had gotten curious if some of that iron storage was actually plutonium and so he told me that he could do a test to determine if all of the iron storage was actually iron and he came back very surprised and he said hey Ralph her hunch was right and I said Wow okay and he said you've also got my blood specialist really he's blown away by your results he's just hasn't seen this and well what does that mean blown away by your results you mean in a positive way are they seeing something positive here or is this negative I well I think that they he had known about my exposure and then with my results that the the iron stores were actually half iron and they were a half another material which is there are studies that can be looked at how plutonium gets into your body in it and it uses ferritin and it uses iron and it stores it in the kidney or in the liver and the bone marrow where my bi biopsies were showing heavy iron content and so now we knew that there was another material and that this had never been done or documented before where medically and the waters not medically but it never been documented that the anything radiological ever able to be brought out of your liver or your kidneys my levels were cut in half in a very short time and so what I did was I stopped all the poo bottom ease and the only thing I did differently was I used the water but I I just I had an open mind about it but I didn't stop eating fast food I didn't stop drinking I was still drinking quite a bit and just wasn't as smart as I should be but I kept doing it and so we got to May 27th which was the moment of truth and they came back and they told me that my liver and my jimmies were fully functional and that my ferritin and iron levels /you no other material were just slightly above normal and when we got those results we were just because it defied it defied the medical community and I told my I revealed for the first time to my doctor that I had been doing had been drinking the binya water and he was he had never heard of any other way to reduce those levels other than the phlebotomy and the chelation and saw that they had asked me if I could combine but it was it was just a great it was a great day it was a day that Jody and I and our family or our kids we're just able to get a second chance and so this ruse May 20 this year you say mate well 7th of this year so yeah here we are in well almost end of July and and so basically you're you're talking about something really that's going on right minutes so you feel that have you had any subsequent tests and any subsequent you know results since then I assume that you kind of realized that the water was very responsible for the result you were getting deep so have you since the 27th of May or what was your what's the story so far well in in June just after that I had back surgery so I'm just five and a half weeks out right now back surgery and so my doctor wanted to do a whole nother blood panel and I think he's going to do it in September again because he didn't want the healing of the the back - you know how sometimes it can mess with the blood but the blood cells and with the you know the pain medication and things like that we wanted to make sure that that was all long gone and everything in returned to normal so we could take blood tests and I don't I don't drink anymore so this will be the first test without you know any alcohol and it's it's really ongoing research and I'm a guinea pig but this has been a happy guinea pig you know yeah and it made a it just made a believer out of me and and there's a lot of people out there that are suffering that a lot of thousands of people out there that went through radiation accidents and things like that back when the nuclear weapons were being me sure and you know just I would like to get as many results as I can and see if I can't help some of these people that's yeah really wonderful now I just am curious I assume that Jody you're also drinking the water yes so are you noticing anything for yourself just you know on top of it and also you said you know that there seemed to be some mental problems that were associated with you know in other words sicknesses is affects the whole body the mind everything so would be curious to see if you also felt that it had affected perhaps the water drinking of the water making you more mentally stable so that would be a question question for for you Ralph but but Jodie first go ahead I have more energy my mind is more clear the fog is gone I'm a lot quicker I'm a lot sharper I I have more energy i man have a lot of energy anyway I'm not the Energizer Bunny but this is like ended up I don't need it but I feel much better my digestive system is better I feel better I can see what it's done my best friend I'm sorry that's okay no that's fine thank you because I know I couldn't help him and I've seen the results and I've seen the fogginess from him go away and help him absolutely it can help me and it has its I feel so much better being on it but if it can do that for me and I can I couldn't see was done for him yes I have my best friend back our family's back we're good at second chance that's very lovely thank you for that well yeah wrong Ralph and would you agree that you feel how your mental state and you know that just your ability to think clearly etc it's it's it's in good shape now over this time oh yeah yeah I was very you know I had all the symptoms you know yeah yeah look at the cipa antisocial to where I was very social before I mean I just turned into I you know it's a hermit I didn't want anybody you know anger all that which is part of it it it's all gone I mean as right and my body is functioning the way it should and I you know I feel good I used to be tired all the time you know what I take two or three hour naps you know when I come home or or something just because I'm just exhausted but I don't even take naps anymore it's just I'm just able to go and go and go and get out until don't tell Bob you know 10:00 11:00 at night without any tiredness so it's really changed me and I I would have never believed it I hear ya now what I wanted to know was I and you know is this kind of goes back to the to the accident and all of that but have you looked at the situation as to why the accident happened it wasn't negligence on the part of you know were there any charges filed I mean you know in other words you were exposed it sounded like quite a strange exposure like why it happened that way and so on did you ever look into that or has anyone ever done that yeah there is actually a big report on it it's about a hundred 40 or 50 pages long but yeah there's a lot of reasons why it happened I mean they like for instance three out of four of the exhaust fans that are responsible or keeping the contamination in the hood were not working is designed the they took an upstream alpha detector which is it's it's like a cam like we're talking it's like a contamination air monitor but it monitors the radiation and the exhaust ventilation coming from the hood where the material went airborne so it would have been sucked into there it would have hit the sensor immediately and then it would have triggering us to evacuate immediately instead of waiting around for five minutes and a huge cloud of plutonium's breathing it in right yes that was removed due to the cost of repair or replacement also the plate that I told you about with the stainless steel cladding that was used to protect my right and so the company also had been warned three years prior to that by an expert in independent review safety chairman who came to the top nuclear operations management and warned them that there were known plates that were currently in the zippered vault so every time that we went into the vault to go give one of these for one of our customers we're just playing Russian roulette and on that day we lost we did not they did not pass the information down to us and so so have there been lawsuits and that sort of thing gone yeah yes there has there was two lawsuits that were recently I shouldn't said recently I want to say back in March it seems like this year 2017 they they were they were filed on falsification of the doses and so those were settled out of court and then I had a whistleblower lawsuit that was settled out of court year okay well good for you yeah so all right well that's very interesting what I'd like to do I'd like to bring Steve back on now okay um and and and I want to bring you guys back in a minute or you know just because of the way the mic is over there that you know we got to shuffle you guys around but sorry about that but if if Steve will come back on so that I can ask him a few questions as to what he might think about all of this and what's going on it'd be nice to hear from him so Steve can you hear me okay yes okay okay great so that's a really an amazing story and you know I takes a great amount of courage for both those people / you know Jodie and Ralph to come forward in this way I can appreciate and it's it's a lovely you know service they're doing here for Humanity to bring awareness to something that they feel might have made all the difference in into whether he well perhaps lives or dies and what the quality of life let's say so I was just curious in terms of your monitoring of his situation and obviously I guess you're in touch with other people that make reports to you I would assume right yes that's good so what would you say just in terms of you know it's kind of funny because he talks about not sticking with the program so to speak he didn't take the water all the time and then he eventually kind of started sticking to it sounds like the beginning in January of 2017 really and in a serious way and and that's a pretty quick result that he got also they're not doctor already seen some some notice changes in I guess it sounded like February and certainly then in May in a big way so what would you what do you think about that what do you have a thought as to what took place yes I do and we do get a lot of reports back this is a interesting because it's not like the normal water where you drink it because you're thirsty or that's where stuff I'm sure you saw D in Aquafina and Nestle's don't get full cups every days it you know my liver is going back to normal just because I'm drinking this one and we get a lot of that now we're making no claims we we don't say this is going to help you one way or another and all we do is advocate that you drink a certain amount of water and then you get blood test to see what results might happen and anyone who has somewhat of a serious condition I always say that get your blood test from your doctors I'll look at them for you and kind of explain it to you maybe what's happening I'll help you now I even help you plot it for instance if you look at some of the blood markers and you see it was at a certain level say here and that indicates that the normal range is here normally it just keeps going up and up and up so you're in liver failure for a kidney failure and you might have to have a replacement so all I knew is tell them that if you get a look at it and we plot it so we do a plot of it and if it keeps calm down down down and it goes back to normal then your health has been normalized again so any of the people who drink the water who has a condition that they would like to improve we we say that we'll look at a blood test for you if you know if you want us to and we'll plot him out for it and we'll give them to you we can't make any recommendations one way or another we can't tell you what's going on but it's pretty easy to look at a picture and go in and talk to your doctor and say you know I was here and now I'm down here and the doctor usually will indicate or tell them that there's improved so that's what I advocated with Ralph is that he was in pretty bad condition he was in liver failure and kidney failure and as he said the doctor said we'll make it as comfortable as we can where you don't live the rest of your life which is kind of a death sentence to somebody that you know will make you fit okay but there's nothing that we can do for you and so I got with Ralph and ridiculous numbers I said drink the water be an advocate of it for a certain period of time we'll look at your numbers the numbers don't lie and if you're improving you're improving all right more okay now was there anything for the people that might be interested in buying the water and I see that you know the prices actually come down to you know a lot you know and you have have available on the website is there any directions that you give to people in terms of quantity per day or you know if what if they drink other other forms of water like during the day there they're not at home they don't have access they didn't bring the bottle with them so to speak they go out and you know eat out and drink and so and so forth so if they're drinking other waters there they're drinking other things and so and so forth do you think that makes a big difference or is it just that you know having this added to their diet so to speak it really seems to make a difference well the people that we believe need this we advocate that they only drink this water and the reason is is because all the other waters are just so bad they found out in the western part of the United States almost 60 and I just saw the already beginning today 60% of the people that drink tap water drinking water contaminated with plutonium uranium period that's radioactive and that's sixty percent of the people the other that West is this after Fukushima or you know because we definitely know there's a rise in the radiation since then do you have any thoughts on that that is because the Fukushima is added to it but remember back in the 50s and 60s out of Nevada they blew up a thousand bombs out there thousand nuclear bombs up there in the desert the blue in the atmosphere they blew it underground they glued on top of the ground and all that dust all the radioactive material is filtered down the demographers and it's sitting down there and it's just there I mean man is made a big massive of the West out here because that's where we did all the testing so anytime like Fukushima happens it just keeps adding to it and of course with machine has some of those fumes I just got another article today did you see the molten blob of work melted through the earth and went down to the ocean where is this I know them through the earth okay where where is this that you're talking about this Ashima I'm sorry oh it was okay ah okay you get pictures now they're looking at pictures of this big blob of nuclear stuff that's nothing rattled kind of on it yeah it's incredible so it's just now sitting there of course they used to dump nuclear materials on an ocean they would put them in cans to take him out and throw off the ship the it would sink to the bottom of the ocean and then those cans Russell erupted and all that nuclear material was released writers there are reactors right now we've gotten you know testimony from actually nuclear physicists in very various people who looked into this we have a there's a reactor somewhere in the East in Eastern Europe forget the country but it's uh it's leaking and they're not reporting it and there's various other reactors I think some reactors even here in the United States that they're not reporting I know they've had some problems with the one down here to the south of me as well oh yeah yeah you know we've opened up a can of worms and we don't know how to put the lid back on it we now have produced more material than we know what to do with and it's just not something you can marry and get rid of because when you do bury it you gotta remember water washes over it and that water goes into our aquifers into the oceans and then we turn around and drink it saying you don't get rid of it we've got a whole bunch of very bad material that we've collected and filling to a small quantity and we don't know how to get rid of it right now absolutely so is there anything else before we we bring Ralph and Jody back on the show over here is there anything else you want to say about the water that would you know just for people to be aware of anything about the you know all I know I interviewed you I think it was really at least a year ago maybe and have you done anything different to the water are you coming up with different ideas about it art or is it all that you know pretty much you figure it out and it's it's set your mind we've not figured out this is the tip of the iceberg okay but our problem is is that the people that are drinking that are so dependent upon it that we don't want to change it at this point and we've doubled our capacity and we're double in the Union in the next point and we're moving ahead with a twelve and a half million dollar venture Rajon fund so that we can start opening these centers up in different cities and it looks like Los Angeles will be the first one where we're actually going to put in a water center so that no longer do we have to shift the water people will be able to be that mobile so that would reduce the cost of the water about 50% again when we started getting into that so we keep working working working trying to bring this water cost down when we get to the point where we have enough centers and enough of the cities then I'll go back to research again on this water and we'll tailor the water to things even more because this water actually can be tailored to do different things for different products for different people so but right now just because we know it works and because people are dependent upon it we're afraid to change it so that bankers you know you when it works you don't screw around with it right yeah I hear you so with you know the investigation I I assume that I'm not the only show you've been on and have there been other people who have tried to investigate your water or come along and and you know so on and so forth in other words are there other reported stories about it is it being covered at all in the mainstream you know press is not really the mainstream press but there's the conference I go to every year from the international water conference on the biology physics and chemistry of water and it brings together the top scientists in the world and I'm talking about all the Nobel laureates as a departments of academia water researchers you know very famous people and one of the people did a study on it out of India they're sending it over in India they've gotten very interested in it because it's on the reports and they're doing it on harder culture right now and I can't tell you the results right now but in four or five months I'll be able to release them it's just say it's very very interesting I did put out a press release that this water was being studied by them which is a consortium of physicists and particle colorist and a lot of phd's studying it for the effects of it on plants and they are studying after the anti-cancer property is that the plants seem to exude wind grown with this water so there is going to be a big report on that coming out and there's also now some research that we're starting to look at with some of the top research scientists and doctors in the United States on telomeres because we believe that might have some effect on telomeres so we're starting in the research side at this point and hopefully if I have any positive results I'll be back on your show to let you know that it affects telomeres okay what is that I'm sorry but what is a telomere whenever your DNA in your cell replicates itself there it is a strand of the DNA at the very end that wouldn't it it separates and creates a copy of itself it wants to protect it so that it it actually does it the telomere is a part of a DNA strand at the very end that allows you your DNA to replicate itself without going bad and when every time it replicates itself it gets shorter and shorter and shorter though and by the time the two telomeres go to zero then that means they're replicating themselves or won't replicate themselves and that is what is an indication of what end of life is that you cells can't replicate themselves excuse me to repair themselves anymore so a telomere is a section of that DNA that protects your your cells when they replicate themselves and the longer the telomere is the longer you're going to live the shorter the telomere is the shorter years okay that's very interesting so you're saying that there's a chance what you're thinking is that this water might be actually able to affect that you and we're gonna start some studies on that within the next six months and and the effect of this water in stem cells because there seems to be some indication that it is helping things regrow so again we're not making any medical things we're doing is it's taking a look and doing some research on it I say this to us there is some indication that will help us understand maybe why this water is effective and what it's doing okay uh so is there any pushback are you getting any pushback you know from the powers that be so to speak I can't remember whether you have had in the past but is is you know what I'm saying with that question I'm getting stonewalled obviously by the they don't even want to listen to it they don't have time to it they're not educated in it they have no indication whether this would work or not they're they're used to someone goes in with a symptom they look it up in the record they've been taught what they know so then you view this step this step this step you give them this drive this drug this drug and that's the end result and so doctors are not in the tearing of disease there in the leaving levy aiding of the symptoms of the disease and so and they just don't have time they're just so inundated seriously doctors want to talk to me about it because they are extremely interested in it because his doctors thought he was going to send there's no way that this result had been produced by anything we could have done or given them so it's probable the water that might be helping them returned back to a normal state and they want to look at it possibly for use with some of their patients now we do have four doctors on this water now that are drinking it themselves and they have advocated it for their patients already so we have four doctors that are attending some of their patients they should be drinking this water along with their normal habit of how they treated okay so I was just curious whether or not do you need any kind of special license or you know it's just something you might need in the future in order to you know advocate this as any kind of a healing anything type of thing yes the FDA rule say state that if you make a claim if I claim that this outreach is going to help your kidneys then it's a pharmaceutical for me to make that claim I have to do it a clinical study and of course clinical studies are millions of dollars and I actually even put in a proposal to the National Institute of Health to do some research with it and they turned me down on it because they said it would be unethical the tested on humans that has a disease that might into ended mortality I said where all the diseases they have doing the perfect ality that if they live longer isn't that the point of it but there are some ethics that they are concerned about with trying this out demons so yes yes very strange well it's it's part and parcel of the medical establishment as we know okay well I thank you so much and I it's it's really great to have you on the show like to bring Ralph and Jodi on the screen here if you don't mind do that shuffle again and thank you for that and just probably going to try to close this down but we might have some questions for the from the audience and and so if just and again thank you very much for your your testimony your story here I want to know if there's anything you want to add to what you've told us here today just that we're just glad our paths cross the stage because you know that's the only thing that gave us a second chance okay that's really about it all right now there may be some people out there with questions related even to what happened to you someone is asking actually in the chat and I was thinking this as well what about the other victims did you share we are experienced with the water for example and has anybody else who is you know part of the accident you know the the 16 other people are 15 other did did you are you in touch with them at all and did any of them find out what you've been doing to try to deal with that yes I am in touch with a couple of them and they I've told them I told them about my medical symptoms but I haven't gone into everything with them right now because I don't I don't just don't see him but every you know four or five six months once in a while I'll run into them but I'm hoping too especially after I get the next blood results and because like I said this is ongoing and but no I haven't you haven't okay um what about friends other people who might have have health issues have you talked to them at all about what you're doing yes okay yes we have been and there are friends that have purchased the water oh yeah and so yes my mom actually purchased the water and she's had a lot of things that have been eliminated sheep her ankles and her feet have been swelling for four years and now a way to help that put the socks on and they didn't work and they've done a couple different things but she got on the water after she realized the success of Rous it's had with it and her ankles and theater so much better she doesn't even wear the socks anymore right then she had a stroke and the doctors were were pretty they thought that it could it should have been a lot more serious but the blood clot or whatever was blocked and it seemed to dissolve which you know was just kind of one of those things that they will see okay very interesting all right so just looking in the chat to see if there's any other questions and real quick here and other than that I think you know we'll sort of close down the show it would be great for you I think to communicate with the other victims of the disaster once you feel you know in a situation where you could do that I don't know if that would be a problem but it you know it certainly seems that you know I obviously you said you were like the most kind of got the biggest because you were closest is that kind of what happened but nonetheless I'm sure some of these others may be having some serious issues as well or they are having serious issues yes okay all right well again thank you again for coming on the show and sharing your fascinating story thank you Steve settle Meyer and Kirsten for organizing this and and davinia water and for just being this wonderful invention really that steve has I guess patented and again I think the website it's actually linked on my on my my page but I can let me see if I can get the link do you know the name of the link to I might be able to pull it up here and put this on the screen as well just for people but it's I'll actually put this link in the chat so people can you know we do any honor comm oh oh that'll take you to the same place yeah all right well good to know so yeah it's a fascinating this the whole story and I think water is so much more important than people have given you no credit to to that you know for human I you know well being and so I've always been investigating and been interested in different waters and I'm I think it's great water myself so and that's just my personal opinion it's not a medical opinion and I'm not trying to sell anything here either we are going to be advertising and do and have actually for a couple years now had a an ad on our website for Davinia water and so you're welcome to find the link there as well to click on but it'll be on this show and on this you know on the text below it it's there so thank you again for watching and everyone have great weekend and thanks guys lovely to have you on the show okay okay so take care and we'll just close this down here and I think I'll be back over here yes so anyway thanks again for watching and I want to say that um I'm going to be in Ireland as many people will know it's it's actually kind of middle of September I'll be doing a short tour a two-day tour of Irish ancient sites with Maria Wheatley in case you're interested and want to join us we had a very fabulous tour of the UK ancient sites and people were very happy I can say Maria is is very knowledgeable and she's a great guide and I myself am contributing my knowledge of Kundalini and portals etc so we're kind of a good team together when we do these tours and then you can buy a ticket on events on my events website on the events tab on my website and also there's a banner there for the miles Johnston basis conference just had a fascinating discussion with Myles yesterday and so you should watch that video it's it's quite entertaining as well as contains a lot of interesting knowledge and the day before that I think it was I was talking to John Lear doing an update with him he is been helped by a lot of people donating to his cause his mortgage was doubled and and he hadn't has no air conditioning he I think they have gotten some units for some of the rooms now of course this is an ongoing situation so if he can help John Lear that would be great I have heard recently that Jim Marrs is experiencing some major health issues so please do keep good thoughts in your in your heads and in your hearts for Jim Marrs as well he is a wonderful researcher author and he's been investigating things in this sector and has I think you over ten books fabulous guy he's been interviewed on Camelot several times so I'm sure you can find his information and go to his website I hope he has donation set up there but I would be lovely to keep to sort of support Jim Marrs during this difficult time that he's having and that's it so I'll have some more people on next week I can say that Shaun David Morton has reported to a friend in Europe that he is okay because he's on the run he disappeared and the word is that he is okay he's trying to look into his options I guess in dealing with this the sentence that he was given in the US and uh and so that's the only thing I I know about what's going on with him but I thought I'd let you know for those of you that didn't see the Twitter so it's a good way to keep in touch with Camelot is subscribed to our Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube subscribe to our Facebook those are the best ways and subscribing to my facebook page which is Kerry Lynn Cassidy on Facebook in all of this is linked on my website so it's easy to find if you want to do so so that always also helps support Camelot so let's see take care and it's just an ongoing story and we'll have more guests next week okay take care bye bye



Dimensions for ships had been established for the "Thirty Ships" building program of 1677, and while these dimensions saw use until 1695, this was merely because of the success of the 1677 ships and the lack of perceived need to change them. Dimensions were then laid down for the 1691 "Twenty-seven Ships" program to build seventeen eighty-gun and ten sixty-gun double-decked ships of the line, though the dimensions were abandoned before the program was complete, with the final four eighty-gun ships being constructed with three gun-decks.[1]

The origins of the formalized 1706 Establishment can be traced to February 1705, when Prince George of Denmark, the Lord High Admiral at the time, ordered the Navy Board to determine a set of dimensions for second-rate ships. Though the second-rate ships appear to have been the central focus of the Establishment, the Board was also directed to consider dimensions for ships of the third- (80 and 70 guns), fourth- (60 and 50 guns), and fifth-rate ships (40 and 30 guns). Because of their rarity and power, first rates were not addressed by the Establishment and were given individual designs, whilst smaller vessels had a low enough cost to allow experimentation. The Navy Board used existing ships considered to be the best in their respective classes as the bases for these dimensions.[1]


The Navy Board produced sets of dimensions for ships from forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, and ninety guns (they decided against doing so for thirty-gun ships). After a last-minute adjustment created by Admiral George Churchill, the dimensions were sent out to the dockyards together with an order that they were to be strictly adhered to, and that they should apply to rebuilds as well as new ships. The implementation of the Establishment - the first of many - began an era of notorious conservatism in naval administration. Though there would be no significant technological changes until the following century, the naval architecture of the 1706 Establishment slowly became more antiquated for the early eighteenth century.[1]

Individual ship types

90-gun second-rates

General characteristics for 90-gun second-rates[1]
Type: 90-gun second-rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 1551 bm
  • 162 ft 0 in (49.4 m) (gundeck)
  • 132 ft 0 in (40.2 m) (keel)
Beam: 47 ft 0 in (14.3 m)
Depth of hold: 18 ft 6 in (5.6 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 680 officers and men
  • 96 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 26 demi-cannon (32 lb)
  • Middle deck: 26 culverin (18-lb)
  • Upper deck: 26 demi-culverin (9 lb)
  • Quarter deck: 12 6-lb
  • Forecastle: 4 6-lb
  • Roundhouse: 2 6-lb

Seven existing second-rates were rebuilt to the 1706 Establishment, including three whose reconstruction was ordered in 1704-1705. These first three were the Marlborough of 1706 (rebuilt from the old Saint Michael), Blenheim of 1709 (rebuilt from the old Duchess) and the Vanguard of 1710. The other four ships were the Neptune of 1710, Ossory of 1711, Sandwich of 1715 and Barfleur of 1716.

These ships were originally armed as 96-gun ships under the 1703 Establishment of Guns. They were re-armed as 90-gun ships under the 1716 Establishment of Guns, with heavier 32-lb and 9-lb on the lower and upper decks (the middle deck 18-lb were unaltered), but with one pair of 6-lb removed from each of the partial decks above to leave:

  • Quarter deck - 10 × 6-lb
  • Forecastle - 2 × 6-lb
  • Roundhouse - nil

80-gun third-rates

General characteristics for 80-gun third-rates[1]
Type: 80-gun third-rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 1283 2994 bm
  • 156 ft 0 in (47.5 m) (gundeck)
  • 127 ft 6 in (38.9 m) (keel)
Beam: 43 ft 6 in (13.3 m)
Depth of hold: 17 ft 8 in (5.4 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 570 officers and men (360 in peacetime)
  • 80 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 26 24-lb
  • Middle deck: 26 12-lb
  • Upper deck: 22 6-lb
  • Quarter deck: 6 6-lb

Eight of the older type of two-decker 80-gun ships were rebuilt as three-deckers under the 1706 Establishment - the Boyne and Humber launched in 1708, the Russell in 1709, the Dorsetshire in 1712, the Newark and Shrewsbury in 1713, Cambridge in 1715 and Torbay in 1719. In addition, two new ships were built to this specification as replacements for ships lost in 1707 - the Devonshire and Cumberland both being launched in 1710.

The ships were initially armed with 80 guns as per the 1703 Establishment of Guns, as shown in the table at right. The 1716 Establishment of Guns replaced the 24-pounder guns on the lower deck by an equal number of 32-lb. It also added one pair of 6-lb to the upper deck, removing one pair of 6-lb from the quarter deck.

70-gun third-rates

General characteristics for 70-gun third-rates[1]
Type: 70-gun third-rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 1069 bm
  • 150 ft 0 in (45.7 m) (gundeck)
  • 122 ft 0 in (37.2 m) (keel)
Beam: 41 ft 0 in (12.5 m)
Depth of hold: 17 ft 4 in (5.3 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 500 officers and men (255 in peacetime)
  • 70 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 26 24-lb
  • Upper deck: 24 9-lb
  • Quarter deck: 12 6-lb
  • Forecastle: 4 6-lb
  • Roundhouse: 4 3-lb

Following the loss of four 70-gun ships in a single night during the Great Storm on 27 November 1703, four replacements were ordered from the Royal Dockyards just three weeks later - the Northumberland, Resolution and Stirling Castle being launched in 1705 and the Nassau in 1707. Another four were ordered in 1705-1706, again from the Dockyards - the Elizabeth and Restoration launched in 1706, while another Resolution and Captain were launched in 1708. Subsequently, two more ships were newbuilt (the Grafton and Hampton Court, both launched in 1709) and three rebuilt from existing third-rates (the Edgar and Yarmouth in 1709, and Orford in 1713) by contract; and another five were rebuilt in the Dockyards - the Royal Oak, Expedition, Suffolk, Monmouth and Revenge.

The ships were initially armed with 70 guns as per the 1703 Establishment of Guns, as shown in the table at right. Under the 1716 Establishment, a thirteenth pair of 24-lb was added on the lower deck, while the demi-culverins (9-lb) on the upper deck were upgraded to 12-lb. An extra pair of 6-lb was added to the quarter deck, while the 3-lb were removed from the roundhouse to retain the total at 70 guns.

60-gun fourth-rates

General characteristics For 60-gun fourth-rates[1]
Type: 60-gun fourth-rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 914 294 bm
  • 144 ft 0 in (43.9 m) (gundeck)
  • 119 ft 0 in (36.3 m) (keel)
Beam: 38 ft 0 in (11.6 m)
Depth of hold: 15 ft 8 in (4.8 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 365 officers and men (240 in peacetime)
  • 64 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 24 18-lb
  • Upper deck: 26 9-lb
  • Quarter deck: 10 6-lb
  • Forecastle: 4 6-lb

Four 60-gun ships were newbuilt to the 1706 Establishment - the Plymouth launched in 1708, the Lion and Gloucester in 1709, and the Rippon in 1712 - while four existing 60-gun ships were rebuilt to the same specification from 1714 onwards - the "Lyme", Medway, Kingston and ''Nottingham.s

As per the 1703 Establishment of Guns, the ships were initially armed with 64 guns as shown in the table at right. The 1716 Establishment of Guns replaced the 18-lb on the lower deck by 24-lb, and reduced the ships to 60 guns by removing one pair of 6-lb from the quarter deck and another pair from the forecastle to result in a composition of:

    • Lower deck: 24 24-lb
    • Upper deck: 26 9-lb
    • Quarter deck: 8 6-lb
    • Forecastle: 2 6-lb

50-gun fourth-rates

General characteristics For 50-gun fourth-rates[1]
Type: 50-gun fourth-rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 703 6894 bm
  • 130 ft 0 in (39.6 m) (gundeck)
  • 108 ft 0 in (32.9 m) (keel)
Beam: 35 ft 0 in (10.7 m)
Depth of hold: 14 ft 0 in (4.3 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 280 officers and men (185 in peacetime)
  • 54 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 22 12-lb
  • Upper deck: 22 6-lb
  • Quarter deck: 8 6-lb
  • Forecastle: 2 6-lb

Eleven new 50-gun ships were built to the 1706 Establishment (all as replacements for fourth-rates lost during the war years from 1703 onwards) - the Salisbury launched in 1707, the Falmouth, Ruby, Chester and Romney in 1708, the Pembroke in 1710, the Bristol, Gloucester and Ormonde in 1711, the Advice in 1712 and the Strafford in 1715. Another existing eight ships were rebuilt to the same specification - the Dragon in 1707, the Warwick and Bonaventure in 1711, the Assistance in 1713, the Worcester in 1714, and the Rochester, Panther and Dartmouth in 1716.

These vessels were initially armed as 54-gun ships to the 1703 Establishment of Guns (see table to right). Under the 1716 Establishment of Guns, they were re-classed as 50-gun ships with the following armament:

    • Lower deck: 22 18-lb
    • Upper deck: 22 9-lb
    • Quarter deck: 4 6-lb
    • Forecastle: 2 6-lb

40-gun fifth-rates

General characteristics For 40-gun fifth-rates[2]
Type: 40-gun fifth rate
Tons burthen: 531 694 bm
  • 118 ft 0 in (36.0 m) (gundeck)
  • 97 ft 6 in (29.7 m) (keel)
Beam: 32 ft 0 in (9.8 m)
Depth of hold: 13 ft 6 in (4.1 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 190 officers and men (130 in peacetime)
  • 42 guns (1703 Establishment):
  • Lower deck: 18 9-lb
  • Upper deck: 20 6-lb
  • Quarter deck: 4 6-lb
  • Forecastle: nil

Fifteen 42-gun ships were newbuilt to the dimensions of the 1706 Establishment - the Ludlow Castle, Gosport, Portsmouth and Hastings launched in 1707, the Pearl, Mary Galley, Sapphire and Southsea Castle in 1708, the Enterprise, Adventure and Fowey in 1709, Charles Galley in 1710, Launceston in 1711, Faversham in 1712 and Lynn in 1715. Two similar ships were built on speculation by the contractor William Johnson at Blackwall and purchased by the Navy Board - the Looe in 1707 and Diamond in 1708. A further 40-gun ship was also built nominally to the same specification - the Royal Anne Galley of 1709 - but she emerged longer and leaner than the others.

The ships were initially armed to the 1703 Establishment of Guns (see table to right). Under the 1716 Gun Establishment, they became 40-gun ships, with an armament as follows:

    • Lower deck: 20 12-lb
    • Upper deck: 20 6-lb
    • Quarter deck: nil
    • Forecastle: nil

30-gun fifth-rates

While no formal set of recommendations for 30-gun ships was produced by the Navy Board in the 1706 Establishment, a de facto set of dimensions was adopted, which were used for the construction of two new 32-gun fifth-rates (Sweepstakes in 1708 and Scarborough in 1711), while the Bedford Galley was rebuilt to slightly smaller dimensions in 1709:

  • Tons burthen: 416 1794 bm
  • Length: 108 ft 0 in (32.9 m) (gundeck)
    90 ft 0 in (27.4 m) (keel)
  • Beam: 29 ft 6 in (9.0 m)
  • Hold depth: 12 ft 0 in (3.7 m)
  • Complement: 145 officers and men (110 in peacetime)
  • Armament: 32 guns(1703 Establishment)
    • Lower deck: 4 9-lb
    • Upper deck: 22 6-lb
    • Quarter deck: 6 4-lb
    • Forecastle: nil

The 1716 Establishment of Guns altered their armament to 30 guns:

    • Lower deck: 8 9-lb
    • Upper deck: 20 6-lb
    • Quarter deck: 2 4-lb
    • Forecastle: nil


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