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12th Parliament of Upper Canada

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 12th Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 15 January 1835. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in October 1834. All sessions were held at York, Upper Canada. This parliament was dissolved 28 May 1836 by the new Lieutenant Governor, Sir Francis Bond Head. Head ordered a new election because the House of Assembly, dominated by reformers, had refused to pass any new money bills. The assembly also labelled Head a deceitful tyrant after he had invoked his right to consult them (the representatives of the people) only on certain specific matters. It was succeeded by the 13th Parliament of Upper Canada in November 1836.

The House of Assembly of the 12th Parliament of Upper Canada had two sessions 4 February 1817 to 7 March 1820:[1]

Both the House and Parliament sat at the third Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada.

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 15 January 1835 16 April 1835
2nd 14 January 1836 20 April 1836
Riding Member
Brockville David Jones
Carleton Edward Malloch
Carleton John Bower Lewis
Cornwall Archibald McLean - Speaker 1836
Dundas Peter Shaver
Dundas John Cook
Durham George Strange Boulton
Durham John Brown
Essex Francis Xavier Caldwell
Essex John Alexander Wilkinson
Frontenac Jacob Shibley
Frontenac John Strange
Glengarry Donald Macdonell
Glengarry Alexander Chisholm
Grenville Hiram Norton
Grenville William Benjamin Wells
Haldimand William Hamilton Merritt (Nov 1832)
Halton Caleb Hopkins
Halton James Durand, Jr.
Hamilton Allan Napier MacNab
Hastings Henry W. Yager
Hastings James Hunter Samson [2]
Huron [3] Robert Graham Dunlop (July 1835)
Kent William McCrae
Kent Nathan Cornwall
Kingston Christopher Alexander Hagerman
Lanark William Morris [4]
Alexander Thom
Lanark Josias Tayler
Leeds Ogle Robert Gowan [5]
William Buell (Apr 1836)
Leeds Robert Sympson Jameson [5]
Matthew M. Howard (Apr 1836)
Lennox & Addington Marshall Spring Bidwell - Speaker 1835
Lennox & Addington Peter Perry
1st Lincoln County Dennis Woolverton
2nd Lincoln George Rykert
3rd Lincoln John Johnston Lefferty [6]
David Thorburn (Feb 1835)
4th Lincoln Gilbert McMicking
Middlesex Thomas Parke
Middlesex Elias Moore
Niagara (town) Charles Richardson
Norfolk Francis Leigh Walsh
Norfolk David Duncombe
Northumberland Alexander McDonell
Northumberland John Gilchrist
Oxford Charles Duncombe
Oxford Robert Alway
Prescott Alexander MacDonell of Greenfield [7]
John Chesser (Apr 1835)
Prescott Charles Waters
Prince Edward John Philip Roblin
Prince Edward James Wilson
Russell Thomas McKay
Simcoe William Benjamin Robinson
Simcoe Samuel Lount
Stormont William Bruce
Stormont Donald Aeneas MacDonell
Toronto James Edward Small
Wentworth Harmannus Smith
Wentworth Jacob Rymal
1st York David Gibson
2nd York William Lyon Mackenzie [8]
3rd York Thomas David Morrison
4th York John McIntosh

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oh hello there hi everybody I hope you are okay on this Sunday afternoon yes we are here again with another live stream and you may have already noticed that I am in a very different place today later on I will show you around a part of my house that you've never seen before and there is a special reason why I'm up here today can you guess what it is also coming up today we'll talk about uses of the word foot and feet with mr. Steve joining in as well on the live chat of course you are more than welcome to join in as well yes we are all here together again and it's a brand new month yes November has arrived after all it's a Sunday afternoon it's just after two o'clock here in the UK and this is live English live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday afternoon this is live English is it really Sunday again I can't believe it dip dip dip do here we go again yes Sunday has arrived once more and that can only mean one thing we are live on YouTube oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really really hope so here we are all together again on the live English stream and can I just warn you that I am drinking coffee at the moment and normally whenever I drink coffee I get very very excited about everything around me so please excuse my behavior today if I get too excited but I am drinking some coffee at the moment in fact can I just finish my coffee do you mind is it okay let me just finish my coffee just a moment no hmm oh there is nothing like a cup of coffee to perk you up perk I love that word perk something that perks you up makes you feel a little excited and maybe happy I hope you are happy today so here we go lots of things to talk about today we have a special commemoration taking place tomorrow and also next weekend there is something special happening as well November is quite a busy month to be honest lots of things going on during the month of November so many many things happening hopefully I will have time to cover all of them today but first of all let's have a look outside what is the weather doing outside it is a very gloomy day today it feels very or terminal today very much like autumn it's damp it's quite cloudy and it's it's not cold that's the one thing I'm very surprised about today because it's not actually cold outside in fact it's quite mild it's about 13 degrees today so it isn't cold by any means but it is very damp so it does feel very old terminal let's have another view looking in a different direction you can see it's rather dismal dismal that's a great word by the way dismal something that is terrible something that looks very gloomy can be described as dismal so where was I at the start of today's lesson did you see where I was I was in a very unusual place and we will find out more about that later on also tomorrow as I mentioned earlier it is the 5th of November a special day and it all has something to do with this guy do you know who this guy is there is a clue there by the way so if you know who this guy is maybe you can let me know later on and all will be revealed also do you like playing sport now I'm not a big sports fan and I don't play much sport to be honest but there are some sports that I've never ever tried in my life there are some types of sport that I've never done so later today I'm going to tell you all the sport that I've never taken part in so all of the activities that I've never done in my life and I will be swapping my list with Steve's list so I will see if the things the I haven't done are the same as the things that Steve hasn't done talking of mr. Steve yes he will be here today at around about 2:30 did it get cold in here is it just me I think it's just you mr. Steve definitely so mr. Steve coming a little bit later on today also we have the live chat we will take a look at that very soon as well so many things to show you I'm I'm bursting with excitement yesterday we went for a lovely walk yes autumn is definitely here and look here we have some lovely mid autumn colors I absolutely love autumn I know I mention it every week especially during the autumn season I always talk about this particular season because I love it it's so colorful so here you can see some shots that I filmed yesterday during our walk into town and you can see all the leaves are looking quite magnificent I love the color of autumn and there you can see the leaves turning gold and brown and some of them look quite magnificent like those you can see and of course an autumn day wouldn't be complete without taking a walk through the leaves so there you can see all the leaves on the ground slowly rotting away and I couldn't resist yesterday taking a walk through all of the all of the leaves on the ground and I love the sound as well I love the sound of footsteps in the leaves as you brush them away so autumn is definitely here you can see for sure that we have a definite or terminal feel at the moment in the air and look at that Oh magnificent I absolutely love autumn in fact I think I will give autumn a round of applause well done autumn see you can see how much I love autumn and there it goes I hope you enjoyed that and of course we are here today live is live can be it wouldn't be a live stream without the live chat so let's have a look and take a peep there it is the live chat is now up and running but the big question is who was first on the live chat let's have a look shall we let's go back to the beginning of the live chat and take a look at who is first on the list Wow so many people are here already it's a very busy one today I have a feeling it's going to be very busy oh hello Tomic congratulations finally you are first on the live chat and of course just for you we have a special round of applause congratulations to Tomic you are first on the live chat I think it might be the first time that you've ever been first on the live chat so congratulations to you matrix is here you are second hello everybody and hello to you matrix Hwang is here also blue thunder Martha is here Belarusian and Pedro together again have you noticed her Belarusian and Pedro are always next to each other on the live chat and don't forget they are in charge today so please behave yourself or else Belarusian and Pedro might get a little bit angry connell is here as well hello Kunal thanks for joining me Olga and also Julia Fetty also go SIA Sarah rusty oh hello rusty rusty ax is watching in Germany hello there yes I do have quality few followers in Germany so are there any other Germans on today any anyone else watching in Germany today rustier wants to know so if you are in Germany please let me know Gregory is here as well hello Gregory I don't think we've spoken before halfway okay then yes hello Gregory welcome is it your first time ash to rush ash to wash Singh is watching but where where are you law is here as well hello to you Shekhar is here also Wow lots of people who appear to be watching for the first time okay then I'm very intrigued to find out where you all are also Francisco I think I've mentioned you already Hassam Hassam is here hello to Hossam watching in egypt also we have Beatriz oh hello Beatriz I remember saying hello to you last week so welcome back whence more to the livestream Stefan hello Stefan where are you razzle is here as well also we have pause positive positive oh I think that's positive positive to world watching in Ukraine hello to you as well na yeah and also Robert hello robert Tama where are you watching I'm very interested to find out today where you are watching so if you can please tell me where in the world where are you watching at the moment also Hangul I is here awesome thank you very much for that also we have Troy who is watching in China oh hello to China hello to China a big Niihau to you as well also Robert is here as well and also analytic brain hello to analytic brain thank you for joining me today and can I say a big special thank you to analytic brain yes I think you know what I am talking about there thank you very much you gave me a very big surprise just before I started my life's dream I was very very surprised and can I say a big thank you to you as well also to Kim Kim watching in Vietnam Sarah is drinking a cup of coffee as well just like me but I like to put some milk in my coffee to be honest so I don't like to have my coffee black I don't like it black I have mine with a little bit of milk hmm lovely very nice nice to meet you says Van Dido van ty doh thank you very much for that also we have Louie Mendez is here as well hello Louie and Sue cat welcome back tsukete and can I say once again how lovely your garden looks mr. Steve and I were both talking about your garden we are quite fascinated by your garden so if you don't mind can I ask you a favor please sue cat would you mind sending maybe a couple of other photographs of your garden because we are quite fascinated by it I will be honest mr. Steve and I have been both talking about your garden jur this week so we are quite fascinated by sue cats garden mad Cory says hello to you a hello to you you are not first I'm sorry about that or maybe it's your the first time is it the first time that you've been on here if it is please let me know ts is here hello TTS thanks for joining us hello to everyone and congratulations for your 12th anniversary yes during the week I celebrated my 12th year on YouTube can you believe it 12 years I've been making my English lessons oh my goodness now I really do feel old Robert says Guy Fawkes ah yes you might be right so who is this guy this guy is Guy Fawkes and in a moment we will take a look at a short video talking all about the reason why he is so significant also we have the live chat very very busy today it's lovely to see so many people here today Wow I can't believe it Troy says autumn is a very romantic season yes I think so there is nothing nicer than walking out on an autumn day walking through the leaves and looking around at all the beautiful colors that surround you I think so it is very cold in Bangkok at the moment very cool in Thailand hello from Italy from michelle cody mo hello to you as well Wow lots of people on the live chat I have a feeling it's very busy today Silvana hello mr. Duncan here it is raining well we have had some rain this morning here in the UK but at the moment it's just very cloudy very dull and as I said earlier quite dismal there look at that you can see that the cloud is very low today you can see in the distance there is a large hill and the cloud is literally scraping across the top of the hill so we have lots of very low clouds today it is very misty and murky here in the UK and there you can see some live pictures so these aren't recordings this is the view out of the window right now so as I promised we are going to take a look at an excerpt from one of my video lessons and in this lesson I will be explaining why Guy Fawkes is such a significant person here in the UK we have a tradition that involves lighting fires each year on November the 5th people light large bonfires to commemorate the capture of a group of men who were plotting to blow up the houses of parliament and kill the then King of England in 1605 Parliament was and still is the meeting place of the British government the plot however was foiled when Parliament officials discovered one of the plotters a man named Guy Fawkes guarding the Gunpowder this event became known as the Gunpowder Plot the celebrations take place every November fifth it is known as Guy Fawkes night large bonfires are lit and life-size effigies of Guy Fawkes are burnt on the fires fireworks are also let off and quite often food such as baked potatoes are eaten there is a rhyme that goes with this event - which begins remember remember the 5th of November gunpowder treason and plot I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot so now you know the reason why November the fifth is so important yes it's live English welcome if you've just joined me if you have just clicked on my picture and now you are wondering what this is all about this is live English every Sunday you can follow my live English streams every Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time you can see now under the screen the details are coming across as if by magic so every Sunday 2:00 p.m. it's live English it's live chat it is myself and also coming a little bit later on oh look look at this lovely photograph can you see look at this lovely picture ah isn't that lovely there we are together da so a little bit later on mr. Steve will be here as well on the live chat joining us also to talk about various things today we are going to talk about uses of the word feet and foot so there are many uses of the word feet and foot that you can use in English and mr. Steve will be telling us all about those words a little bit later on so lots of things to do today and as if you needed reminding we have the live chat and there it is on the screen right now I have a feeling that the live chat is very busy today so many people George is here hello George watching in Alicante in Spain I've been following your videos for four years thanks for them I have learned a lot and a big hug as well thank you George for that also Eric is here and also blue thunder Palmyra oh hello Palmyra did I say hello to you earlier I think I might have forgotten you I'm sorry about that tsukete says i have thousands of photographs of my garden yes could you please send maybe maybe two or three photographs to my email address now don't worry I won't show them on the live stream but I want to have a look at them myself because I'm very intrigued your garden looks amazing can I let you in on a little secret I do like looking in people's gardens and the reason why I like to do that is because it gives me inspiration it gives me ideas and also mr. Steve who happens to be very keen on gardening so we do like to look at other people's gardens just to get some some inspiration so that's the reason why so don't worry we're not going to come round to your house for a cup of tea so don't worry nothing like that is going to happen mr. Steve will be here in a few moments but first of all I'm going to show you something that I mentioned at the start of today's livestream I was in a very unusual place and now I am going to show you where I was would you like to see where I was yesterday I was doing something in preparation for some work that I will be doing next week oh hello there welcome to a very unusual part of my house can you guess where I am I am at the highest point inside the house this is the roof space otherwise known as the Attic so you can call this space the attic or the loft loft attic roof space but the big question is why am I here what am i doing up here well that's a very good question because during the year this place is used to store many many things some of the things up here have been in this part of the house since I moved here whilst other things are put up here temporarily one of the things can you guess here is a small clue yes my Christmas decorations we are just a few weeks away from Christmas that means that it is time to put the Christmas decorations up once more in preparation for the festive season so I'm collecting all of the bits and pieces that I will need including my tinsel also I will be fetching the Christmas tree from the loft and needless to say there will be lots and lots of lights some of the lights will be inside the house whilst others will be on the outside of the house so as you can see I have lots of things to keep me busy over the next few days as I prepare for the Christmas season tip tip tip to do it is a Sunday and already we are half an hour into today's live English stream I can't believe how fast it's going it's going so quickly talking of things that like to move fast here is a guy who is always dashing around he is such a busy man yes it is mr. Steve Duncan and everybody out there across the world in all the different countries watching us teaching you yes that's what we're doing today it is live English lots of English words mr. Steve has something special prepared but the big question is what is underneath this so mr. Steve is wearing a certain shirt underneath here but can you guess what shirt it is yes just before we continue we have also the mystery idiom because we didn't have one last week so I thought today we would have a mystery idiom and here it is today's mystery idiom can you guess what it is it is a well-known phrase in English but what is it so just say what you see what you see is what you say so there it is the mystery idiom for what that one is mr. Duncan talking of mysteries what is underneath this material perhaps there's nothing maybe maybe mr. Steve is naked no strangely enough I came down into the studio hmm as I usually do a couple of minutes before I'm due on at 2:30 yeah and mr. Duncan suddenly threw this shawl I said what it is it's like it's some kind of cloth what did I miss it is actually a sarong so wrong which actually it's quite cold in here today so I'm quite pleased oh yeah I'm but then mr. Duncan said we want to reveal your shirt yes we don't want you to just come on like that I don't know why it is a magnificent shirt that's why that far it should be hanging up in an art gallery I've worn it before yeah no well that's the reason why I'm so excited it's a story behind this shirt as well is there mmm it didn't let's just say the first time I wore it somewhere it didn't make a good impression oh I see no so someone said that the shirt didn't look good no because I was supposed to be dressed in a certain way and I was dressed in this shirt and I didn't I'll tell you when you reveal the shirt okay then well first of all we will have a look at the live chat would you like to have a look at Utley okay let's do it now then here's the live chat TF thinks I'm a kid I saw that already oh I see so TS TS says please let mr. dent mr. Steve be naked Oh Pedro thinks thou naked as well it would have miling it would appear that a lot of people think that you are naked you are not I can assure you now that mr. Steve is not naked underneath so shall we reveal it here we go I'm going to reveal it and I can say who's got it right should I spin around you don't have to spin I will reveal it put your arms down Steve you're making it very difficult for me here we go what people can't really see it 1 2 3 yes oh we've got it right it's the gray shirt with the lines on this well done ok yes quite cold in here so I could do with it on it is it is it is the shirt that looks like looks like a newspaper stand strangely enough you see I years ago the story behind this shirt I'll keep it brief because it might be bit boring it's boring yeah it's boring already I was going to a gala dinner let's make that the end no okay I do it now I was going to a gala dinner I was in a big quiet about 300 us in this choir and they were having a big night out at a posh place and what I didn't realize is that was supposed to be black-tie you were supposed to wear a dinner jacket so I bought this shirt and just turned up in this shirt and everybody else was in dinner jackets I felt very embarrassed and had to spend the whole night sitting there in just this shirt which is smart enough but not when everybody else is wearing dinner jackets so everyone else was was looking very very formal I didn't know it was a formal night as you were wearing that yes because I hadn't read the instructions properly what a mistake there we go so the live chat is busy let's get back to the live chat first of all how did Olga know she studied my clothes already well I've noticed that you only wear about five different shirts on the live chat or on the live stream so I've only known have noticed that you only were about five so they had a one in five chance of getting it right so for Tomic says it's a cool shirt why were your self kind I wasn't self-conscious mr. Duncan covered me up with that sarong because he wanted to to do a big reveal to do a big reveal suddenly reveal something and make a grand gesture about it I went to two but one two - I wanted to unveil yes don't know why and I want it before people have seen it before you can't buy this anymore but I look I love my sarong this sarong I bought this in Malaysia and can you see what is on it if I can turn it around properly can you see Oh everything is upside down no can't see anything mr. Duncan can't you see is it a fish it's it's a dolphin adult oh yes I don't think it's it's a big dolphin yes a dolphin so this is I this is my old sarong that I used to wear on the beach in Malaysia so there it is there it is anyone wants to know the make of my shirt is blue ink which is a rich I don't think it's a particularly that's not an expensive brand blue ink you're okay you want to sleep actually I do feel a bit I feel a bit sleepy today okay relax and sleepy so let's hope I can I can get into the groove I don't know the meaning of self-conscious if you are self-conscious it means you are very aware of your appearance so you are too aware so maybe you are worried about what people will think about your appearance or the way you dress or the way you look so you are self-conscious it might cause you to be very shy when when going outside or perhaps you will avoid going outside or meeting other people so if you are very self-conscious if you feel self-conscious it means you are too self-aware you worry about what other people will think of you and I used to be like that in fact I still am a little bit like that mr. Duncan bit self-conscious I worry about what people think of me what do I look like how do I sound like I got like that I can't believe for a moment that you are self-conscious you sit sideways to say that so you must have wanted to make an impact yes did you see how much I moved there yes I don't normally move that much a significant move meaning that you were actually quite excited about what you're about to say I was not as I seen you move sideways and talk towards me in that way mislead okay if I get really excited I actually spin around completely I've seen that I'm not self-conscious Martha it's just that it was mr. Duncan's idea he wanted to put that on me I didn't it was mr. Duncan's idea so in fact you've made me self-conscious now everything woody thinks himself I'm not he's not self-conscious but everything you see is my fault so everything everything that happens in my English lessons and also on the live stream I have to take full responsibility yes Kaiba said she's late or he's late but high anyway but now you've got to be busy you because we can't expect people we're on for two hours you can't expect people to be here for the whole two hours you know I love how observant people are Olga says I remember that Sarang you kept it on your chair we did your livestream sitting down who said that Olga Olga normally normally this is on my chair where I do my editing so this this normally sits on my chair it's it sort of comforts me so yes well spotted I must admit I think I think my view is a very observant you've got that's got a bit of sentimental value hasn't it that it still smells of the beach ts said that if you go to Malaysia she's going to kidnap you and take you to Indonesia I don't like the sound of that you'll have to have a bodyguard I think oh yeah we're not planning to go back to Malaysia are we well not now not not now there's a chance and B being kidnapped oh dear ts is actually in Indonesia yes I know oh I'm actually answering ring sack on the line I see yes I'm not answering you I'm answering my lovely viewers also we have do a Sina who is watching in Vietnam a lot of people watching in Vietnam next weekend by the way it is worth mentioning that next weekend it is a special day because it's Remembrance Sunday next week I believe it is next week and that's one of the reasons why many people at the moment in the UK and in certain parts of the world are wearing these poppies and I have actually made a lesson all about the reason why people wear the poppy and there is actually a lesson on my youtube channel and there you can see it playing now on the screen so there is an actual lesson where I talk all about the reason why we wear the poppy and the actual link is underneath this live stream it's underneath so if you would like to watch that video later you are more than welcome to do so so that's what's happening next week and the reason why many people are wearing poppies at the moment that's the reason so now everyone knows something I wanted to talk about today Steve yes sport ok sport Sport sport and there are many different types of sport did you know that fishing fishing is a sport yes a slow one yes when you go when you go fishing you you you try to get a fish out of the water and you you you bring it in and then later you will eat it I think the sport lasts about a day with fishing and then because I've my dad and I used to go fishing and these tasks sporting events and you sort of start in the morning and finish later on and I think it's the the person that catches the biggest fish or the most weight of fish will win but I think normally it's who can catch the biggest fish and then they weigh it and then you win a prize so yes fishing has been a sport for some time yes it's quite interesting that they call it a sport because you always think of sport being something that's very active so the person taking part is moving and doing lots of things but the only thing moving when you go fishing all the fish no people sit on riverbanks and they take the sandwiches with them and they have a tub full of maggots to put on the hooks for the fish bait bait and they sit there all day and then the winner and that there is a prize it's quite it's quite hotly contested is it so yes you have something a very fast sport like a hundred meter run which is over in nine seconds or something under what the world record is but it's under ten seconds and then you've got fishing which lasts all day so without the too extreme oscy I've never I don't think I've ever heard anyone compare running in a marathon or over a hundred meters - to fishing it's very interesting that's a very interesting point about sports but there are sports that we've both tried such as football because we did this at school and rugby although they wouldn't let me play rugby they I'm not joking I know I've told this story before but people don't believe me I was not allowed to play rugby at school because they said that I was too fragile mm-hmm but I've seen pictures of you and you were you were like a skeleton you look like a skeleton I was like a stick insect yes so you know you could have broken your bones very easily yes so they would they wouldn't let me play rugby so they said no you can't play rugby you're too fragile you filled out a bit now though as we know yes in certain places talking of which yeah my diet is going very well today today viewers be the judge of that well what about my view what about my thoughts I've got my thoughts I have good news to report on my diet I weighed myself today and I have lost one pound that's good one pound that's half a kilogram but at least it's going down yes but mr. Duncan okay mr. Duncan let me put this in perspective okay so was it three weeks ago that you announced that you would be losing a stone between that period and the end of the year well it's not the end of the year yeah well mr. Duncan a pound in three weeks I would not say is a particularly strong effort and particularly as if you weigh your siz if you weigh yourself at different points in the day your weight will vary by plus or minus two pounds anyway well I must admit I did have a food that's too bad a margin of error that I do just before weighing myself I did have a poo so maybe I've tried that it doesn't make much difference I think it does I suppose it depends how big pues that's right if it's a very big poo you might lose more weight so did you weigh yourself me after a poo three weeks ago I can't remember so you could have been you know he's great it's got to be an equivalent equivalent since so so I've got to lose a little bit more weight but I have been more active over the last couple of weeks so at least I've lost a pound yes but that's within the margin of error that you could get in any one day weighing yourself and you know the machine itself could be off by a pound two event in fact you could have actually put weight on I don't think that's a good enough effort mr. Duncan thank you for thank you for your support Steve and you've got to stop buying chocolate and tubs of ice cream and so you you know you're not I don't think you're doing well enough mister don't people say this is all I hear when Steve told is that when Steve talks this is what I hear listen mr. Duncan listen to advice you don't listen to advice you're a bit arrogant it's the same it's the same thing with putting washing liquid into the washing machine what sorry foams up everywhere it doesn't it does it firms up every because you put you don't measure it you just chuck a load in you don't off talk for and he blames it on the saying oh there's something on the towels it's not you never measures it so you know he won't listen you won't listen to people this is become a this is almost a regular thing now every week you complain about berating you mr. Duncan and he's very sort of joking oh it's boring me I think I might click away can I can I click away from my own live stream I could take over I think we both know that's not happening you wouldn't let me here is something we are trying to do anyway this is something that that we did last week do you remember where we went for a cup of tea last week and we've decided that we want to start new trend oh yes do you remember when I was yes last week we were having a drink of tea and mr. Steve started doing something very unusual hmm and I was quite mesmerised by it I couldn't take my eyes of what mr. Steve was doing and now I think we are going to start a new trend so the next time you see someone sitting with a cup of tea tell them that this is what they should be doing so there it is the new trend that we are trying to introduce drinking your tea with a spoon a teaspoon because that's why they call it a teaspoon they call it a teaspoon because you drink your tea with the teaspoon so this is something we are trying to introduce as a new trend around the world so next time you go out for a cup of tea don't forget to take your spoon with you and there Steve looking very happy with his his new style of drinking tea so there it is that is our new trend and I'm hoping that we will introduce this in 2019 so next year 2019 the big trend will be drinking your tea with a spoon and that was created by us so don't forget don't forget where you saw it first you saw it first here but the reason I was doing that mr. Duncan it was because the tea was very hot and I wanted to drink some tea so I just started drinking it with a spoon okay so that it would be it would cool off a bit quick and I wouldn't burn my mouth yes so it looked like I was drinking soup but in fact it was tea we don't have a tea spoon so that we can drink tea your tea spoon sugar to stir your tea yes you use the tea spoon to stir your tea you don't normally drink with it but we are changing that yes the new train no this is our new trend that's the reason why I mentioned it so this is the new trend for those that missed it you can see how hot it was the steam coming off it yes but this is the new trend for 2019 and this was introduced by us so there is Bri there is proof now although it was my idea it wasn't I was doing it I was doing it and then you said I'm gonna film that because that's very unusual okay yes you didn't tell me to do it I was doing it yeah that's not the official story it is okay then I will see you in court so there it is something to start next week when you are out and about and hopefully it will be the big trend of 2090 yes everybody do it in restaurants cafes everywhere they go and see what reaction you get yes so drink your tea with a teaspoon instead of drinking it directly from the cup do you like fire mr. Steve I like fire do you like fire I like it do I do you like it but it is fire something that you'd like what you can like fire can you yes I wouldn't say that I like fire I like a fire in a fireplace yeah like a fire there is there is something interesting I always think about fire it's it's strangely sort of hypnotizing when you see a fire burning you you feel drawn towards it well right now we are going to take a look at an excerpt from one of my full English lessons where we talk all about that very subject andum can you see what I'm doing today I'm preparing to light a fire I have some old wood and garden debris to dispose of to start a fire you need some dry material this will light easily paper is the most common material used or small pieces of wood will also do the job the material used to start a fire is called kindling you use kindling to start the fire kindling establishes the fire there is also the word Kindle which means to start a fire kindling is a noun while Kindle is a verb I will use a match to start the fire I will strike the match and light the paper this will start the fire the paper will ignite the word ignite comes from the Latin word for fire we sometimes use the word pyro to describe something related to fire for example a person who is addicted to starting fires can be called a pyromaniac the most obvious part of a fire are the flames and smoke can you see the flames the movement of the flames cannot be predicted flames move randomly we can use the word lik to describe the movement of a fires flames the flames licked around the doorframe a flame flickers we can describe the flame on a candle as a flickering flame a flame can shimmer flicker glow dance the fire I'm lighting today will be safely contained this container is called an incinerator you burn things in an incinerator the inside of the incinerator will become very hot to keep the fire under control I must put this lid on it now the fire will burn steadily and remain safe the small hole in the center of the lid allows the smoke to escape in a controlled way just like the chimney on a house wood fires are fun to watch but they can also be very dangerous especially if they get out of control after the fire has gone out there is normally some debris left this gray looking substance is called ash this is all that is left of what was burned you can also put out a fire using water this action can be described as extinguish you extinguish the fire you put the fire out you have extinguished the flames the fire has been put out here we go it is Sunday it's just coming up to three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon and we are live as live can be from the UK for the house for those who are wondering what were you saying Steve's about to say we were looking at the live chat while that video was playing yeah and it's been getting very hot and very interesting and exciting all sorts of things going on lots of comments yes Pedro's been flexing his muscles yes Pedro has been kicking people out of the room yes why because we didn't see it so I don't want to done to the head room I don't want to see it maybe it's something really horrible yes well I think I think some applause I think some claps and some applause are in our do for Pedro so so just for Pedro for kicking the horrible person out of the room although we don't know what was going on the people can't see a message okay I'm clapping yes I don't know which livestream you're on on an unlined stream today so jamelia says your metabolism slows down with age that is true when I was young I had a very high metabolism so I used to eat lots of food as a child but I would never put any weight on so yes maybe Jamelia maybe you are right there I think so ana says mr. Steve you are an elegant person why do you slurp your tea with the teaspoon a few people have said Pedro said as well you know the comment in the fact that I was slurping I can tell you now everybody watching I was not slurping because there was no sound to that video but while it was being played mr. Duncan here in the studio made the slurping noise himself it's true it was he was doing it yes it was me it wasn't me at all while the video was playing he was the microphone was on and he was making a slurping sound Harry can't attend it was me but it wasn't okay Steve Conda Eric says another trend will be drinking soup without a spoon so maybe you will slurp your soup from the bowl instead of using a soup spoon thank you Christina a nice comment about my shirt yes it's nice it's very eye-catching satury know says when I was younger I used to practice boxing in fact I was a very small size and other people would beat me up so my mother sent me to a boxing gym to practice boxing and then things got better so I think maybe saturino was the one doing the hitting so if anyone said anything bad to you or picked on you you would punch their lights out I think so estinana says can we see mr. Duncan's massive hole sorry Oh in his trainer in his trainers I wasn't sure where that was going then estanislao says I want to see the hole in mr. Duncan's trainers I'm always amazed by how much people notice when they are watching my videos it's the trainer's I'm thinking of you've had those for about 20 years haven't you I have not had those had them for a long time I've had them for about 10 years there's literally no tread left on them but you're a bit like me you don't like to throw something out if it's still serviceable no well well back that's just laziness I think so wrong sack said the sick of the traffic in Bangkok I saw that so that that chimes with me I was stuck in traffic on Friday okay nothing to do with anything but I'd mention it's what we call is what we call apropos of nothing Kemal says I'm very happy to join the show hi sorry someone's going to correct me apropos apropos of nothing oh it looks like people were saying something against his words against our teachers no bad direct that's for not very nice Thank You Pedro once again Pedro is like a bouncer at the door of a nightclub yes and also Belarusian is the female bouncer so a bouncer is a person it stands outside a nightclub and they will stop unpleasant people from getting in so yes so Pedro and Belarusian are today's administrators and moderators on the live chat so please behave yourself perhaps we could give Pedro instead of instead of a spanner by the side of his in blue we could have like a a big trench in or o'er or a baseball bat yes something more appropriate mind you if you got hit on the head by a spanner that would be quite painful I think a spanner is pretty good it's very suitable Luis says that Pedro would be the new Brazilian president well with with that attitude he might hey drover president apparently we drink tea in Brazil but not like you so many people drink it as medicine when they are sick ah in glaze in glaze Aveda well you you aren't you starting to drink something at the moment to help you stay asleep well yes yes I yes what should I say okay so there are all sorts of different teas herbal tea yes but which one are you taking now camomile so apparently camomile camomile tea camomile tea is very mild tea camomile tea spelt CH a.m. it starts like that okay write it down then alright then you carry on talking I'll see if I can remember how to spell camomile Steve is now going to spell camomile use that one okay this is good isn't it if you've just tuned in hello hello this is YouTube in 2018 this is what it looks like isn't it great YouTube is amazing you can actually watch a person in a completely different country talking to you live in high-definition it's amazing and if you feel like it you can also you're cheating I'm cheating yes Steve is cheating he got the box is that spelled it incorrectly yes there's no CH if there's no CH there's no wrong there's no H in chamomile it's just see a see am om il e so it's like camo and then mile yes exactly camo mile sounds like it's something that you drink on the road okay there I'm going to do something special here and you can see how posh that that that camomile tea is camera mile infusion yeah so there it is camomile can you see it there on the screen hold it very still there it is so camomile camomile and apparently this is supposed to help you sleep it's supposed no it doesn't mr. Duncan oh alright well it could do camomile tea is supposed to relax you if you're feeling a bit frayed around the edges a bit tense so soon and you want to relax camomile tea is supposed to be soothing it's supposed to contain chemicals ingredients not chemicals are the wrong word chemical molecules that will help you relax ingredient I think I preferred chemicals it's supposed to contain ingredients natural ingredients that help to help you to relax yes and I'm not sure if it works or not I think it's more psychosomatic what I think I think it's more sort of a bit in your mind to you you think it's going to soothe you you drink it and it's all in the mind I think so you believe that it works so it works and I believe that it could work and it doesn't really but what I find surprising is is that Steve doesn't have difficulty falling asleep because Steve can sleep anywhere but sometimes you you feel disturbed in your sleep so you wake up and then you can't get back to keep breaking up with things on my mind and then you can't get back to sleep now so I go to sleep sort of hard eleven wake up at about four o'clock so if only had about four or five hour sleep and I can't get back to sleep again it's something that's started it's quite annoying so I went out yesterday to the chemist and brought some well they're herbal sleeping tablets okay containing I wasn't intending to reveal all of this what's in those tablets mr. Duncan just these then valerian okay al I better not smell it now this is making ah this is making me falsely aan it might be ER Sumerian tablets stop trying to spell things but I took that one last night and I still woke up but I feel very sleepy today so I think it's I've got I'm a bit hungover okay from this so-called natural sleeping aid which I looked up on Wikipedia and it said that I've heard of valerian for years it's supposed to help you sleep but according to Wikipedia there's no study showing it actually works like most of these terrible remedies you do a clinical trial with them and it shows that they don't actually work at all well most things tend to have different results even even medicine that is recognized as having some some benefit sometimes it will help people and sometimes it won't so it so it depends valerian valerian yes oh we've got valerian Matt's got valerian in his garden I always thought it was a planet from Star Trek that's Vulcan the planet valerian it sounds like a planet yes you can't you can grow it in your garden it's got quite nice flowers I think it's sort of pinky flowers valerian I think yes camel is a diuretic reduce infant information on the skin and the stomach says suit cat what don't know that stomach is ch so yes well I didn't know it's so it makes you go to the toilet camera mile then as a diuretic makes you wee a lot ok and yes but yes well that's maybe I should keep on taking it then there we go somebody else has said it's for your stomach as well okay Sara says from the dred says it for for sleeping rollin and your stomach the only trouble is if you have a big glass of chamomile tea before you go to bed you likely to wake up wanted to go to the loo so it's going to sort of counteract the you know what - you don't really drink too much before you go to bed because you wake up in the night yeah ready to go to the toilet that doesn't make sense so you take something to help you sleep but the thing that you take makes you want to we in the night so it's higher etic well the worst thing is you might wake up in the morning in a pool of your own wee-wee well you well you said you would have had a good night's sleep if that happens because if you wee in your bed there's probably something wrong with you yes did you ever wet the bed no I never did I never did but I had a I had a cousin that did rule Ange enough it was quite shameful thing if you went when I was growing up people always talked about other children that wet their bed you do a wee-wee in your bed now this is common with young children so so children often will will now and again they will have a little accident in bed well they go to bed in the next morning they wake up and they're all wet because they've had a wee wee in the night yes and they it's like a dog it needs training urinate in the house but they used to say they used to be a negative connotation with bed if you were a bed wetter I always remember when I grew up my people people would talk about certain I had a cousin that used to wet the bed apparently and there used to be told all your cousin wets his bed you know something bad yes but now I think what was his name let's say what his name what I want to I want to I want to know who it is I think it's often associated with sort of nervous disorders yeah if you wet your bed as a child at least it used to be I don't know whether it still is but I don't know do people talk about bedwetting these children wetting their well I think people still wet the bed mmm I think it still happens I don't I don't think it's been banned I think it shows that you you're a bad parent I think because you had your child nervous I don't know maybe I'm wrong I think I've wet the bed once or twice and that's only in the last week unless says oh but give tip them Louie Ibrahim says that mr. Steve definitely wrote the bed I know I didn't I was not a bed wetter yeah I had good bladder control when I lie I bet I bet you used to wet the bed all the time Oh Stanislaw says I recommend to smoke super skunk if you want to sleep that's a thing that's a form of marijuana is that illegal well I think you can probably buy it from a drug dealer well I think that might still be illegal actually do you know I read there was one herb that definitely was very good for a sort of nervousness and helping you sleep called karva ka VA Carver hmm supposed to be good for all sorts of sort of nervous things which calms you down helps you sleep but unfortunately in the UK and most of Europe it's banned from sale it's a natural plant which comes from I think it's like Hawaii somewhere like that oh why why but it's sort of yeah it's from South Sea Islands sort of sighs sea island areas and they drink it there as a sort of relaxant and I think it's I think it's like a mild form of marijuana but you sort of drink has the same effect on you yeah but it's banned in this country because well that's I think you've just explained why no it's not that reason apparently it was associated with liver damage and death oh okay but they discover that that in fact it wasn't that there was real no evidence for that and you can buy it in Germany you can buy it in America and you but you can't buy it in this country and I was looking online to see if I could buy some but you couldn't you can't buy it in the UK well and what's it called karva ka va I thought that was a cheap champagne is that cheap champagne if you get very cheap an awful champagne isn't that car but ca va okay Carver I think it's like Polynesian islands and that they used to boil it up and drink it wasn't so not Hawaii well it's I think it's South Sea out what we would describe as South Sea Islands okay Polynesia I don't even know if that name that city exists as a country do you have one of those old old globes or one of those old atlases that that sort of you know people from 2000 years ago used to use to navigate their way around their back garden Oh blue thunders admitting they used to wet the bed yeah some people do there is no there is there is no shame in wetting the bed sometimes at night you might have a very exciting dream or maybe you are running away from someone and you are terrified and you will wee-wee in the bed so there yes Matt Matt Matt Kay boom in the UK doctors are allowed to prescribe but it's not been around from now yes they can I think that's coming now but it's medicinal so that means it's had the the psychoactive ingredients removed so you're not going to get a high from it but there are other constituents that have health benefits um it's quite an incredible plant but of course yes I did say to you should I get some marijuana mr. Duncan Oh that'll help me sleep and you said no mr. Duncan because it's actually quite bad for you I think it's it's also illegal you could only get it on prescription you can't just buy marijuana in the street that's that's wrong that's bad I know people where I can get it from okay thanks I'm so very good I'm not going to do it my not smoking drugs you don't you do realize by saying that my my credibility and reputation has just gone down the gutter no my credibility might have done yes but by association smoking tea and now I'm thinking it no I'm not I'm not going to be having any purpose drugs I'm so pleased sorry are you trying to get his actually taken off YouTube no it's just I think Steve is trying to sabotage my career we don't do drugs we don't take drugs we don't buy illegal drugs from any now I didn't say my deed because you're not actually allowed to do this on YouTube you know that don't you well I illegal drugs talk about it or promote it I'm not promoting it people have been I'm saying I'm not going to do it good but you kind of you kind of said you were just a few moments I didn't I didn't I said I'm not going to good we're not going to okay I'm chill out yes smoke some weed no I mean no no we're not we're not smoking weed it's not happening oh we're gonna start with cigarettes first and work our way up yes I don't even I don't even smoke cigarettes anyways well they've made it legal in Canada yes it's now legal in Canada fantastic whoop-dee-doo so we're talking about Sporto well I like to keep my youtube channel we're not promoting anything sheppy why we talk about it the more you go on like this and more people will think well I think I think he's on the drugs now so I'm just high on life mr. Duncan high on life we are talking about sport today sports we've never done so we're going to take a look at some sports that I've never done in my life what's what's wrong now nothing sports you've never done well that's just any sport isn't it what I did what's wrong now no nothing's wrong written you seem to be pointing at the live chat well Inglis said mr. Steve was just pretending which I was yes but but you two sometimes YouTube does it doesn't know that they take everything too seriously these days so lots of people lose their YouTube channels so for for various small reasons so you have to be so careful now where that thunder said that you might hear what I really sound like you just moved back oh you're getting more and more in front of me oh right okay blue thunder might be sending as a sending as an audio tape of his voice an audio tape this is you do realize this is 2018 we don't have audio tapes anymore we then have videotapes or or windup gramophones ts says have you ever played badminton I used to play a lot of badminton I tell you what of it I'll tell you which sport I've never played do you know which sport this is there were those two hunks but it's definitely not you or me squash this is squash yes so you'll either call it squash is it because you squash the ball against the wall I'm sure it might be that I'm not quite sure I don't I don't actually know so I'm just doing a bit of producing here and producing this show as I go along so yes so squash there it is so squash is a very interesting sport squash people have a strange of view of is with that camera it's no stranger than the normal view trust me so squash is even a capital S in the middle but because it's a sport well now in the middle towards the end you've got squash squash yes but it just looks better when you write it down okay what so that here it is this that the game is squash and this is a game I've never played before Steve I've never played this but apparently you have I have yes I played them all okay that so try not to jump ahead so squash is a game that's very competitive and it always looks very exhausting when you see people playing squash I feel tired just watching people play squash so when you watch people do it it's very it's very energetic energetic and active and oh my goodness I I can't stand it I really competitive sport yes it's also very aggressive well I know what sports aren't competitive so there it is the first sport that I've never done so I've never played squash ever in my life I've never done it never played squash ever but Steve has so there we go yes fab linton TS as mentioned so the course is very popular battement is very popular in Asian countries isn't it badminton I think so yes so across Asia I think bagent is very popular in competitive sport but that's not squash I know I'm about badminton so why did you mention badminton because TS mentioned it on the live stream oh I see is that is that the one with the shuttlecock that's the one is that where you have to knock the shickel shuttlecock yes it's quite a safe sport so you don't you don't get sort of badly injured if the shuttlecock hit my knees one hit me in the eye once that was a bit painful but yeah yes it is and i babbling tonight I like tennis as well sort of more gentle games over I would say okay here's another game that a lot of people seem to enjoy I don't like it I don't play this game but there are a lot of people who do enjoy it can you guess what it is Steve I don't think that's very hard to guess really no way sure football that's yes it's it's golf obviously it is golf I've never played golf in my life ever I've never played golf and between you and me I think it might be on my top 5 list of the most boring games or sports to watch so golf I've never played it have you played golf yes I have oh dear because my father was a very keen golf player golf course a very good sport because you get lots of good exercise you're out in the open air it's marritza very good way of keeping fit and active and lots of people play it but you've got to be in in the UK certainly but in the UK so gold is seen as a bit of an elite tests Paul yes so it's seen as being played by people with high income yeah so wealthy people yes that's the word you're looking for wealthy people you say people that liked to show off their wealth they normally join a golf club and golf clubs in the UK they're probably the same everywhere but you've got to is they're very expensive to join and you've got to be seen to be joining the right Club so the one that's more exclusive so there might be golf clubs everywhere there are municipal ones where I think you just pay to go in but most of them are privately run and owned and you have to have a quite a good income to be able to get into them it's very hard to join golf clubs in the United States they have lots of prejudice yeah in the USA so certain golf clubs are very elitist because they only want people have a certain certain types of people to join they don't want riffraff going well joining I wasn't going to say that actually that wasn't what I meant that is what we mean then well that that might be what you mean but what I mean is they can be very racist all right so they don't like they won't let black people join or even Jews there that can you believe that if you're Jewish it's very hard to join a country club or golf clubs and know that mr. dink it's strange right in America yeah United States of America where did you read that it's it's it's quite well-known knowledge as you know that yes so there can be quite prejudiced and elitist I think golf clubs so I'm not a big fan of golf some of our neighbors like to show off they like to carry their golf clubs around it's a big show-off sport so if you have you have a set of golf clubs on your shoulder you're saying I am wealthy enough or I have enough money to join a golf club irritates what you would call an elitist sport yes in the UK yes definitely so Golf is seen as a sport that is very upper class upper class or high class wealthy people it's basically a sport for rich white people yes let's not let that beat about the bush let's not beat around the bush unless your golf ball has gone in there when I say wealthy it's sort of middle class people upwards make your mind but yes and there's a lot of snobbery associated with the type of golf clubs you've got yeah yeah and they would have a brand name on them and which club you join and it used to be I don't know if it is now but certainly a lot of business used to be conducted on golf course yes okay I don't think it is now other people used to okay take a take a customer out for golf and they do deals on the Golf Course okay I've gone through my word yet well that's why I'm doing that I'm doing that just to say what being annoying for goodness sake so here's another one okay did you notice there we managed to talk about golf without mentioning Donald Trump that's amazing does he play golf oh you've got a golf club in Scott this does he play gold he's got a golf day let's go does Donald get a golf club means doesn't it does Donald Trump like golf we caused a lot of controversy at the time because okay okay let's just leave it at Mary John maybe not mr. doom yeah it's on the screen there it is it's on the scroll K croaking what what what right it's on the screen yes here's a sport yes here's a sport that I've never played Bert mr. Steve has played in fact I can let you in on a little secret where mr. Steve used to live his parents had a croquet law no he didn't yes you did it wasn't croak your your snooty little friends used to come round and they used to play croquet in mr. Steve's back garden in fact I have I have a photograph taken in mr. Steve's back garden and this is is it this is an actual photograph taken in Steve's back garden showing people playing on his lawn so there it is there is proof I'll mr. D'Amico so there it is that's a made-up picture made-up picture that's so that's that's what is not well it's it's a it's a painting isn't it that's a data that is a representation of what used to happen in the back of mr. Steve's house so there they are and you can see mr. Steve is the one in the blue dress it's a gentle summertime sport for for sort of nice people it's a sort of a gentle you know you it's summer it's hot and you want to go outside and have have a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine or something with you've got water with ice in it a bit of squash and you all want to have a bit of fun as a family and play a nice gentle sport that people of all ages can play from the young to the to the older person in the family and you put these hoops in the ground and you yes you and it's it's quite a gentle sport yes there it is Mary so Harriet there it is that's the that's the the scene in mr. Steve's garden the place he used to live in and there's this mr. Steve that's mr. Steve in the blue dress and there's Steve's dad and and that's the rest of Steve's friends they're all playing croquet at the back of their house oh it's it's seen as a sort of a sort of snooty sort of upper-class sort of it's the sort of thing you'd normally play you know if you'd have to have a large lawn area to do that I think so posh house yes it's a bit like golf yeah it's sort of crazy the golf is so croquet is sort of you know that the men have gone out playing golf and the women and the children stay at home and play croquet oh I say it's sort of bit like that okay if you say so Steve I'm not isn't isn't a croquette isn't isn't isn't that the same spelling for what would be potato rolled up and fried a croquette no there's no - I doesn't know sir tea at the end right anyway good people saying on the live chime so glad that we're keeping there's a bit of antagonism between us today oh no there is I'm not antagonize I I'm feeling super duper analytic brain can I once again say thank you very much for the thing you did earlier I I was quite amazed thank you very much oh right if you mentioned this already well yes I just said again so I wasn't on early oh no just just I said again mr. Duncan was gobsmacked I was very glad MACT my my my gob was very smacked here's another sport I've never tried but it is it is one that lots of snooty people like to do snooty people snooty people or people with money sailing skiing yes now skiing is a very strange word the curse it is one of the few words in English that has two eyes next to each other haven't you got two eyes next to each other hilarious sir there we go sting it's a very strange word that look at that it's got two eyes two eyes look - so people who'd go skiing skiing is seen as a very elitist pest time it is in the UK because we don't you've got to travel abroad to ski really in this country we don't have any while it's Scotland do have ski resorts but they're not that good no you know if you want the best ski resort which you've got to go to Switzerland that's it or the French Alps yes it's so you go to the French Alps and Switzerland and you take your family and you live in a little log cabin and then you have all of this this equipment skis and so it's just to get there is expensive so I think if you live in Switzerland or if you live in France it's probably not quite so elitist but I will tell you latest it's just yeah you've got to have some money to be able to go on a skiing holiday okay although there are dry ski slopes I've done some scheme but only because I was up in Scotland once ok it was quite good fun I can tell you if you don't it certainly makes your legs ache if you've never done it I couldn't walk it the next day still you're like still ache I did skiing for a day and I couldn't walk properly the next day I thought I thought you're gonna say that your legs still ache from the skiing you did years ago wow that's incredible so skiing I've never tried skiing don't for two reasons one I can't afford it and two I would be very worried about falling over and breaking something people break legs when they go on skiing holidays that's very common to break a leg and worse as well people at school they used to go on a skiing holiday and inevitably they wonder they would it wouldn't come back to school because they'd broke their leg so they'd be off for six weeks ski resorts always have a small hospital nearby and a lot of plaster of Paris finally here's his now that this is something I'm going to show you now Steve so this is this is now this looks like something for catching large flies with or something for catching butterflies with but if you sent it isn't do you know what this is Steve what's it do I know what it's called well do you know what it is the object I don't know what it's called now well it it is used in this particular sport I've never ever played this sport that is the sport is lacrosse lacrosse lacrosse well that scent that that no I've ever played that one I'm just going to write them down French like crosses that bit like well it sounds I could you would put that in the same category probably as it looked quite a dangerous sport if they've got those helmets on yes it looks quite dangerous so there is lacrosse so there is another sport that I've never played a few have played it no no so so there is one sport that neither of us has ever played never played hockey played many sports at all so it's not surprising that's it so I'm pretty sure if if at my school we played lacrosse they wouldn't let me well lacrosse you'd have to go to a posh school to play lacrosse ah so it's another sport that's very elitist oh definitely there are actually think that I should imagine lacrosse is played in and all the best public schools in private schools rather in in in in England yes I would imagine yeah it's a sort of a posh it looks like a more dangerous form of hockey yes well you don't actually let the ball go up posh girls am I talking about mixed up okay I'm enjoying your inner monologue it's so no well lacrosse you see you don't let the ball touch the ground as far as I know so you have to catch the ball in the net and that's the point you you throw the ball or you you swipe the ball and then it flies through the air and then the other person has to catch the ball in the net alright and then that's it that's the sport so but it does look a bit rough because mmm everyone has to wear I've got bars on their helmets I've got helmets and also face shields so something covering their face so I would imagine that the ball must be very hard maybe that's the reason why so there we go I hope you enjoyed that that's something different so sports that we've never played ever in our lives black grass no I didn't know much about that nope back to the live chat Steve we have a wonderful Anna says here in Italy in the Alps that's right a wonderful places to practice skiing I'd love to go I'd love to go to ah I did go on a sort of a two-day skiing holiday many years ago in Scotland I did enjoy it but I said I couldn't I couldn't walk the next day it wasn't just the skate I've had many holidays where I couldn't walk afterwards mr. Duncan well that crust was played for the native Indians in America I didn't know that volleyball volleyball that yes volleyball that's played by ladies I think that I think men play volleyball do they that's that's where you you you you hit the ball with the with the tips of your fingers so you you delicately oh do you play volleyball on the beach is that what you play on the beach or you you do it like this you play volleyball so men's it men play volleyball oh yes yes I think men are hunks on the beach play volleyball all the women look at them okay yes exactly yes it's a spectator sport for the beach volleyball isn't it I certainly put a net up on the sand and all the most attractive people go and play yes and everyone's looking at them well women's volleyball is always very very the right to look at attractive because there's a lot of going up and down like that so if if you're on the beach and you're wearing a bikini and you're doing this all the time you can imagine that there must be a lot of men watching I think so imagine say I think so of course men play volleyball says English yes what do you think about chess oh dear what chess is a sport again actually that's probably an even potentially that can go on for days so that that's an even slower sport than fishing chess is very very boring and I'm talking about the seat sorry yeah sorry oh I don't think about the sport and the musical English says yes then you would call it beach volleyball if it was volleyball on the beach makes sense do i watch sports ingress no I don't my father used to love watching sports and lots of men all over the world probably not just in the UK but on a Saturday afternoon in in the UK there's all the sports programs are on because all the football fixtures are taking place whatever is the sport for that time of the year whether it's football tennis cricket there's all golf there's always some sport on and Saturday afternoon is when men you like watching sport just sit by the television for hours on end and just watch sport and they don't want to be disturbed and they might have a drink get them out of a smoke my dad used to love just sitting there well it was relaxation he'd been working hard all week yeah he liked sport and he just sat there all afternoon watching sport from from about that's what from about probably I would say just after lunch all the way through to about five o'clock all the football results would come in around five o'clock and they they used to come up on this telly printer thing do you remember that mr. Duncan all the football results used to come up on this this typewriter when we were growing up but it sort of this thing we're going down all the results would be printed out live on the screen oh so exciting I've never ever heard anyone get excited do you remember that it was like it like it like an industrial-sized typewriter okay on the screen and they're all the results is to come up and it made this noise yeah like a typewriter do you actually mean an electronic telly telly printer a probably revised that's probably what it was we have these words down yes I'm just about to do that but you doesn't got time to do the morning you just you just keep going off onto other subjects excited I'm lightening up now I think my sleeping pills have worn off yes or something else is kicking in I had a cup of coffee at the start of today's live stream so I'm feeling very exciting Tomic says you are both so ignorant ah Tomic is telling us off you are so ignorant you know it's it's not the first time that someone said that to us we are a bit when it comes to sports we don't know much of things you see we don't we don't mind being called ignorant about sport because we tell people that we don't know much about sport you are both ignorant in terms of sport women play only volleyball with the tips of their fingers and what about spikes and serves with speed of more than a hundred kilometers an hour well I must admit I've never played volleyball that much to be honest I remember the ball at school was very soft no likes women's volleyball oh yes we like yes I totally agree women's volleyball is very interesting to watch no it's just that we don't we know about sport it's just that we think what I think what Tomic means is that we're we're we're not taking sports serious yes or that were not experts on volleyball but we're not I don't even know why we started talking about it really I think it was you that mentioned okay well we don't we don't know everything about we don't know about everything there is one primary to tennis there is one problem about women's volleyball I don't I'm reading the live chat below they're all breasts in glaze you're really throwing me today there is one problem about women's volleyball I don't know why but I don't pay attention to the ball exactly ah he's not watching the ball okay no he's watching something else and Jeff made a good point athlete's foot if you play any form of sports you always end up with athlete's foot yeah because you have to go in the changing rooms and get changed you put your feet down and a fungus gets in your foot feet and that's it yes so you get all these little mushrooms growing on your feet no that's not what it is mr. Duncan talking of feet talking a feet yes don't don't say anything else Steve look we're on track I'm trying to get us back on track talking of feet thank you Jeff Jeff's got his back on track talking almost talked and talking of feet we have some expressions to do with feet and foot feet and foot believe it or not there are many expressions in the English language connected to feet and foot and Steve is now going to show us some of those expression I am I've got them divided into expressions and idioms connected with feet yeah that expression is in the foot no you don't know your mic you might be the first one where you might have to edit some of this you see so it's the first one think on your feet think on your feet think on your feet that means that you need to I don't want to do that mr. Duncan no I don't like that's just slowing everything down there you go it's very oh it's very annoying I don't like this to think on your feet to make decisions quickly without time to plan beforehand if you want to work in live TV you need to be able to think on your feet if you need to if you want to be able to do live streams on YouTube so you have to keep you have to think on your feet well yes you have to think on your feet yes exactly I just want to make decisions tickly so when I change the camera you see think on your feet take any feet move it down there so everyone can see I'm actually demonstrating the the phrase well sort of think on your feet yes so it's something might go wrong somebody might not go according to plan and mr. Duncan I can't do that I can't do I can't multi I can't do two things at once mister don't you you must think on your feet yes so if you suddenly said to me talk about this subject I'd have to suddenly rapidly think quickly on my feet no time to plan about anything so when when something happens and it's not going according to plan and you have to change and adapt to a new situation then that means you're thinking on your feet quick you will have a quick brain to think and and and and decide what to do right now what's mr. Duncan gonna do now and find your feet if you find your feet that means you become familiar or confident with a new situation or experience you find your feet he's only been in the job for a week give him chance to find his feet so you might be doing things wrong at first but you just need to it's settling in would be another way of you an equivalent phrase to that find your feet what do you what are you laughing at mr. Duncan laughing at everything I'm just happy today I'm so happy oh you could he doesn't have to be used in the negative you could use it in a more positive way he's only been in the job a week but he's already found his feet so it's already got used to it knows how to do it got quickly into it I can use it in the negative and the positive it's amusing because because it's something that that when you think about that expression finding your feet it's it's almost absurd it's absurd it is but cursor you can find your feet very easily there they are down there but if you couldn't be as it just means to get used to a situation a new situation to find your feet to adapt in a way here's another one to keep your feet on the ground keep your feet on the ground if you say to somebody somebody's keeping their feet on the ground it means they're being sensible and practical hmm about a situation so here's an example I know you have just inherited a lot of money but make sure to keep your feet on the ground or it could cause a problem so what you're saying is if suddenly you had a lot of money you might go out spending it wildly on all sorts of things hmm no keep you keep your feet on the ground and just just be practical and be sensible I'm very excited about the new project at work ah I always have to get a project there's always a project it work but I need to keep my feet on the ground or I will lose my way in the project will go off track so you might be excited you might be you might try all sorts of different things but in fact you know keep your feet on the ground can you think another way of using that phrase mr. well it's also if you become famous so maybe you are enough oh sorry keep your feet on the ground if you become famous then you might lose control of the things that you do maybe you spend all your money and you you think you are more important than you really are confident and arrogant so yes so normally the advice is if you become famous you must keep your feet on the ground remain level-headed that's it you might get a promotion at work and you might become a manager and you get very arrogant and you you talk badly to to all your employees that you used to work with and you get overly confident to you you know just step back keep your feet on the ground cold feet do you ever get cold feet mr. ding I mean I'm getting them at the moment cold feet if you get caught if you get cold feet it means you suddenly get a loss of confidence a loss of courage or you might change your mind over something so mr. Duncan might say oh I'm not sure if I want to go live today I'm getting cold feet yes because he's feeling a bit nervous or a bit actors suddenly what doesn't he thought it might be a good idea but then suddenly he's changed his mind or you might be a particular subject you might want to talk about a controversial controversial subject on the live stream and you might get cold feet and thinking that might not go very well we won't talk about that they've put the marriage off isn't it it is an example they've put the marriage off for now as emma has got cold feet the whole thing so you going to get married to somebody then you suddenly have doubts about the person you're gonna get married you might have cold feet you get cold feet get cold feet you can drag your feet or drag your heels that sounds that one's quite obvious probably to do something slowly because you don't want to do it do something reluctantly or postponing something do something without enthusiasm so you don't want to do something and what you do is you delay hmm you drag your feet so if you're dragging your feet then you're slowly moving towards something for example I suspect the government is dragging its heels or dragging its feet over this issue so they might want to introduce something the government but they they don't want to do it so they put all sorts of delaying practices in place and that means that they're dragging their feet so maybe you're planning to get married but you don't really want to get married and so you keep putting the wedding off you keep putting it off you keep delaying it so we can say that you are dragging your feet mr. Duncan doesn't really want to get married he appears to be dragging his feet yes so you probably were initially enthusiastic and then when you'd have time to think mmm I'm not sure about that so you delaying delaying tactics procrastination you could use that as an equivalent phrase if someone's dragging their feet they're procrastinating they're putting something off and something else you can't do on YouTube now to get one's feet wet or to get your feet wet that means to start a new activity or a new job for example so you've had plenty of you've had plenty of time to think about what to do it's now time to get your feet wet so you dive in so sometimes if you want to do something new a new task maybe you want to play a new sport and you've read up about it but eventually you've got to you you can't keep reading about it and looking up and trying to work out how to do something the only way of doing it is actually to dive in and start doing it so you've got to get your feet wet it's equivalent to if you want to swim you can't avoid getting your feet wet you've got to get wet if you're gonna swim so you means you've got it you've got to actually dive in and do it isn't that right mister that's good yes I like that one to get your feet wet to try thing to to do something it is an activity that you're not sure about so you have to get your feet wet yes you can't keep reading up about it and thinking about how to do it you've just got to start it at some point and do it right so that's feet now we're looking at foot me with this mr. Duncan oh I'm with you I've got an email coming through here from let me just have a yeah not the Queen no it's actually from blue thunder has sent the picture oh and there is blue thunder how lovely I'm always curious to find out what my viewers look like and there there is blue thunder oh yeah we can actually make that appear on the small camera underneath so thank you very much blue thunder for your picture so there we get look at that we can make that look very clear on the camera so thank you very much to Blue Thunder she's sticking two fingers up to us there we go thank you you've got a blue top on as well blue thunder thank you very much for that and headphones yes so good see just to prove that we are careful doing doing that to English people because it's a and French people they don't like that expression do they don't like that that yes it's it's kind of well it has different meanings in different places if you stick two fingers up two people in the UK it's like old like Steve's doing now it's an insult in the you the worst one is is that one we can't do that you can't do that you see well no you can't nobody do you understand the terms and conditions of being on YouTube now no that's that's offensive you could you could lose your YouTube channel if you'd if you did that really well yes I think I'm telling you now there you go so there you see see I'm doing it but you can't see it but you but you kind of know what I'm doing but yeah if you do that on YouTube they will take your channel away so lovely to see blue thunder Thank You Blue Thunder you don't look very old have noticed one thing there you you you don't look very old you look much younger than than us are young very attractive listening listening to a sorry phone sir what'd you just say then I just said yogin attractive okay attractive I thought she looked very attractive in that in that picture right oh I didn't know there are so many things wrong with what mr. Steve just said I can't I can't begin I will tell you afterwards all of the things that you said wrong there I dropped my foot in it don't to drop your foot in it drop your foot in it I've never heard of that expression Avenue you can put your foot in it put your foot in it yes yes there we go so then we're going into expressions with foot and I'm going to look for that one first okay this is going well five minutes well there's a new one if you if you if you put your foot in something your foot in it you make a mistake you make a mistake bilenda yeah a serious mistake like failing to recognize the gender of one of your viewers couldn't tell I'm sorry I'm sorry she's just getting worse by the second I apologize bluefin please YouTube please please if it's an honest mistake please don't take the channel away from me it's all I have this is all I have in my life I have not I have nothing else Pedro and Belarusian if only you could I'm sure you can't get rid of me unfortunately Hoshi yeah it's just me in the bird that's it that's all I have I have you I have the birds and that's it well I still think you look very attractive right so we're talking about feet okay right when you write down put your foot in it write down put your vision because that's an expression I've got nah I'm actually going to write mr. steve has put his foot out can't tell people's ages anyway well mr. dunk is doing that at the foot if you're at the foot of something at the foot of something that means you're at the bottom the lowest part of something so you're at the foot of the hills you're at the bottom of the hills you're at the foot of the bed you're at the bottom end of the bed the foot of the page the bottom of the page if somebody says you're at the foot of something that means you're at the lowest part yes or the end or the end exactly yes so you can be at the foot of the bed I've just said that means well that's where your feet are isn't it at the bottom end so though just put your foot put your foot in it I just put my foot in it so Steve Steve Dutch I do all the time Steve didn't recognize the anyway if you make a blunder if you do some smake some stupid mistake over something you put your foot in it so for example if you were if you weren't supposed to reveal some information about for example two people getting married if somebody said to you oh we're getting married but don't tell anybody we don't because we haven't announced it yet and then you go out and by mistake you just happen to mention oh I've just heard dozens that you are getting married hmm you put your foot in it that's later blend another good one is you might go up to a lady in the street that you know and say oh oh I believe congratulations are in order oh and she says what do you mean you say though oh it looks like you've got a baby on the way there and she says I'm not pregnant I'm just I'm just a bit overweight you put your foot in it yes put your foot in it and that almost sounds like it's something that's actually happened to me have you noticed that and that almost seems to be something that's actually happened where I've assumed that a woman was pregnant but she was just a little bit overweight mr. Duncan blue Thunder is sent an audio message for you well I can't open that and share it because I don't have any any way of doing that don't you well no okay no I won't be two or minutes to get about eight words in eight expressions in mr. Duncan one foot in the grave one foot in the grave foot in the grave that means near to death that's it that's how I feel every morning when I wake up near to death but sort of said in a humorous way yeah though he's got one foot in the grave got one foot in the grave you have it sort of said done in a humorous way isn't it I don't think anyone is going to find that funny if you say to someone you look like you've got one foot in the grave it's a bad thing it's sort of said jokingly isn't it okay but it means somebody who looks like they could die any minute they might look under well I might look unwell unwell or you could say I feel like I've got one foot in the grave if you feel old and tired out you might say oh I feel as if I've got one foot in the grave put your best foot forward put your best foot forward or put your best feet forward until encouragement make a favorable impression by trying extra hard you you really try hard to show your best point so for example don't forget to put your best foot forward in the job interview someone might say to you you go for a job interview and you you've got to show off your best points talk about what's what's so good about you in that job interview put your best foot forward don't put your best feet forward I want to impress my new boss at work so I'm going to put my best foot forward all week and get some good sales in put your best foot forward get off on the wrong foot if you get off on the wrong foot it means you get off to a bad start or you begin something badly or incorrectly normally in relationships with other people meeting someone for the first time maybe someone for the first time and you have maybe you talk about a subject and use sort of almost started arguing you could say that that relationship got off to a bad start or got off to on the wrong foot I always remember that scene there was a Ricky Gervais SPRO Graham and he goes on a date a blind date with a woman and the first thing he starts talking about is it is the necklace that she's wearing and then he starts talking about women's breasts and she gets really upset about it and who says look I can see I can see that we've got off on the wrong foot yes it just means that you've probably accidentally or by yes by accident said the wrong thing to somebody when you first meet them and that they get a bad impression on you and you can say that you've got off on the wrong foot and you can actually say look I'm sorry we've got off on the wrong foot let's start again I didn't mean that yeah you could say a project started on the you can say the opposite of that you can say something started on the right foot so that means it started off well so you could say a project started on the right foot but then went badly wrong a week later isn't that right mr. Duncan so you can say the opposite that something got off on the right foot but you can say you got off on the wrong foot just that's it you started off in a bad way let's let's forget that and start again no but you can start off on the right foot hmm and then get off on the wrong foot that's it later on foot the bill foot the bill I hope the YouTube subtitles get that right if you thought the bill means that you are you're paying the bill foot and it usually refers to a big expense or a big bill footing the bill yes but it means a large expense so for example you might go to a party and they spent Lloyd's but a lot of it there's a hundred people there sand in an expensive restaurant and you might say well blimey this is quite an expensive party I wonder who's footing the bill for this who's paying for a thing is footing the bill who's paying for it all you hit my car I'm not going to repair it it's up to you to foot the bill hmm but foot the bill I'm not sure if the YouTube subtitles are going to actually translate that right I hope it comes up is foot the bill foot foot foot the bill not fu teeth the way you pronounce it mr. Duncan foot the bill yes take care of the bills it's using an expensive one that's that one more get your foot in the door that's a get your foot in the door I mean the literal meaning of that is a doors opening and you're trying to prevent it from closing by putting your foot in here what it means is you're succeeding with the first step mister what you've done what you just done there mr. Duncan nothing succeeds of the first step so for example you want to work you want to work in a particular company and you want to do a certain job but you can't do the job you want to do but you'll take any job just to get into work for that company so you've got your foot in the door so you might want for example you might want to be a Salesman on the road but when you first apply for a job with that company they'll only let you go on the phones and head office but you've got your foot in the door hmm you might start off with a lower paid job than you want but you've got in you've got your foot in the door so you start at the bottom and you work your way up so at the beginning you put your foot in the door what Steve doing look I can't I can't have this live stream go on too long all right ok ok here we go this is this one last one this is the one Steve is so desperate to show have your feet in both camps have your feet in both camps you say you've got an interest or in two opposing things so it could be two groups you might for example I've worked with both teams but I can't decide which one to go for I guess I have I've still got a foot in both camps mm-hmm yes you could be going out with somebody you could be going out with two different people you can't decide which one to marry and you might say that some of you might say to you you've got to make a decision you can't keep your feet in both camps forever you might say that your loyalties as well if you're loyal to one group of people but also another yes and you might say that you have feet in both camps because you are loyal to both parties but the potential is that it could cause your problems oh yes you don't have to make a decision definitely which one to go anyway it's time to say goodbye yes bye oh oh I got excited then I thought that was I thought that really was a quick look at the live chat before we go the live chat before we are over running a lot today we are over running yes there it is then there's the live chat Steve fine no I haven't upset anyone so it's fine huh not as far as we know mr. Duncan forbade us to give the number in the chat so we communicate in FB I would imagine FB is Facebook right I think one or two people on the live chat have mentioned starting a chat group on whatsapp the only problem is that these things start off very active but then over time they start to drift away and disappear so yes there have been many English groups that have been formed over the past few years and they always end up just disappearing or fading away so people are very excited at first and then over time it all just fades away or Jeff mentioned a foot fetish yes that means somebody who's got a sexual interest in in in feet yes bit of a fetish there's if you look on YouTube there's lots of apparently so I've heard so I've heard there are videos of people just putting their feet by the camera and that's it few people have mentioned as well one foot in the grave is was a comedy television program in the UK called one foot in the grave which obviously some people have noticed and watched and find quite funny Tomic says he finds it hilarious Oh as soon but we don't often appreciate that we're exporting our comedy shows across the world I was sure that Tomic isn't just finding the expression funny maybe he is maybe he is but there is a program called one foot in the grave there was a TV show a comedy show about an old man who was very moody and cantankerous he was a comedian and he would always say I did believe it whenever he got angry about things so yes okay let's wrap up that's it let's go then we're gonna have a cup of tea and a tea cake and a tea cake all of that sounds very very good thank you very much for that thanks for your company for the past two hours in five minutes I can't believe that two hours and five minutes we've been on Wow we will see you next Sunday for those who aren't too sure when we are on next we are on next Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time so that is when you can catch us live the next time next Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time thanks a lot Steve thank you ta ta for now I've been a while I say ta ta for now that's your phrase it so I can out bye for now I don't own it bye for now I don't own it see you next Sunday see you Steve are you evading me out or I just know I will use my superpowers again down there what what are you doing down there Steve bye I can't get rid of him see you next week this is Mr Duncan saying thanks ever such a lot for watching me. Tomorrow by the way is bonfire night there will be lots of fireworks lots of fireworks going off lots of bonfires being lit so that's happening tomorrow on November the 5th I will see you next Sunday this is mr. Duncan saying thank you so much for watching me today thanks for tuning in and I hope you've enjoyed it and of course you know what's coming next yes you do until next week oh it's been a very busy one today hasn't it... ta ta for now 8-)

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